How To Start Trading Penny Stocks In 10 Easy Steps 2018 | Mubarak Shah | Skillshare

How To Start Trading Penny Stocks In 10 Easy Steps 2018

Mubarak Shah, Penny Stock Trader & Teacher Extraordinaire

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15 Videos (1h 48m)
    • Lecture 1: Welcome!

    • Lecture 2: What is a Penny Stock?

    • Lecture 3: Where To Start Trading Stocks

    • Lecture 4: #1 Reason Why Traders Lose Money And How You Can Avoid This

    • Lecture 5: Find Out Why Investing in FaceBook/Twitter/Apple/Google Will Never Make You Rich

    • Lecture 6: How To Double Your Money In a Single Trade - Real Life Example

    • Lecture 7: How To Get Rich Trading Penny Stocks

    • Lecture 8: How To Choose A Broker

    • Lecture 9: How to Start Virtual Trading

    • Lecture 10: How To Virtual Trade

    • Lecture 11: What Is a Pump & Dump?

    • Lecture 12: Major Mistake Made By Beginners and Advanced Traders Alike

    • Lecture 13: Don't Aim To Trade

    • Lecture 14: Intro To IPO Trading

    • Lecture 15: Why It Is Vital To Trade In A Chat Room


About This Class

***UPDATED FOR 2018***

Now join the exclusive 7,615+ group of students who have changed their financial lives by taking this course to LEAVE THEIR JOB, ESCAPE THE 9-5, AND WORK FROM HOME MAKING MONEY ONLINE BUYING PENNY STOCKS!

If you are like the average person, you know that there is money to be made outside of just working 9-5. But the problem is you just don't know how.

You have probably heard of people making a killing in the stock market but the problem is 90% of traders lose money.

But that does not have to be you. Anybody can make money in penny stocks if they do it the right way.

If you're tired to hearing about these crazy riches to be made in the markets but can't find any reliable source of information and learning to be able to share in those riches, THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

You can be on your way to leaving your job and knowing how to make money for yourself, but not by yourself, because you can get InPennyStock expertise every step of the way.

These are the same strategies that the 10% who make money use to make money day in and day out.

This is the ultimate video collection that will tell you everything and we do mean everything you need to be successful in the penny stock market.





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Mubarak Shah

Penny Stock Trader & Teacher Extraordinaire

Mubarak Shah, Penny Stock Trader & Teacher, is the founder and owner of InPennyStock, one of the fastest growing educational Penny Stock Trading community sites.

At InPennyStock, Mubarak teaches a diverse array of students, both advanced and new traders alike, about the most effective and profitable strategies for penny stock trading and goes into depth about the most up to date and successful trading methods of 2016.

Mubarak found his true passion in trading and the stock marke...

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