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How To Start Living A More Natural Lifestyle...The Easy Way

teacher avatar Jennifer Oldham, If I can do it, you can do it!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Living A Natural Lifestyle with Jenn Oldham

    • 2. Becoming Self Reliant

    • 3. Using Essential Oils

    • 4. Raising Kids In A Natural Way

    • 5. Reducing The Toxic Load In Your Home

    • 6. Taking Care Of Yourself

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About This Class

Jenn Oldham has committed herself to living a more green and natural lifestyle for over a decade. As a result, she has saved a lot of money and enjoyed great health. It's actually pretty simple--as green living should be! If she can do it, you can do it! Let her show you how.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify items in your home that may be hurting your health.
  • Understand exactly how to use the most popular essential oils to promote a healthy and natural lifestyle.
  • Build your parenting toolbox with Jenn's personal hacks on how to keep sickness away from your kiddos, eat nutritious meals, and get better sleep.
  • Make your own non-toxic household cleaners.
  • Take your self-care to the next level.

What are you waiting for? The knowledge of how to save more money and enjoy better health is just a click away. is where Jenn shares more in-depth tips, tricks, and hacks to natural living. Stop by and say hello!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jennifer Oldham

If I can do it, you can do it!


Looking for a mom who will keep it real with a focus on natural solutions? You found her! Hi there! I'm Jenn Oldham. Let's connect and learn from each other. You can find out SO MUCH more about me and how I live a green lifestyle (with kiddos!) at

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1. Living A Natural Lifestyle with Jenn Oldham: Hi, I'm Jen. And over the last 10 years, I have been traveling the world and educating people on how to live and natural lifestyle. I've really learned over the last decade how to take my health into my own hands and rely on my own self and become my own natural living health guide. I'm passionate about this because I think far too often were really reliant on other people . The Internet, whatever toe, learn how we should live our life and instead of relying on our own intuition and natural resource. Is that air right at our fingertips? So I have four Children and they've done really classy things, like like shopping carts or an abundance of other disgusting, nasty things. And what's great is I don't freak out when stuff like that happens, and I'll tell you why I have not had to visit a doctor in over four years for a sick child . None of my kids have ever been on an antibiotic. This natural lifestyle that I live has saved us thousands of dollars, and that's why I'm so passionate about helping other people learn what I've learned. So I have several videos to show you this natural lifestyle. I'm gonna show you how to live a really green clean life. Make your own cleaners do things that are gonna be safer for you, healthier for you and save a lot of money. I'm gonna show you how to take health care in your own hands. I'm gonna show you how to take care of yourself, especially as a woman. Sometimes life becomes really stressful and we have a lot on our plate. I'm gonna show you how to relax and really enjoy life. 2. Becoming Self Reliant: All right, so we're gonna talk about being self reliant. When my husband and I first got married, we were dirt poor, like we were growing our own food and bottling it. Any gift that I ever gave was homemade Christmas presents, homemade. We didn't have any money and I learned to be released Self reliant. And it's something that I've become really passionate on educating other people about. But the first thing that I'm gonna tell you to dio is to be humble. Are you willing? Toe, Look deep into yourself and see what needs to be changed and maybe be open to other ideas on how to make those changes happen. Not gonna teach you anything that's radical or crazy or anything like that. We'll leave that to the other people. I'm just gonna teach you simple ways to be self reliant in an easy way. I have a question for you. Do you think it's possible that there are things in your home and things that you're doing that you think they're helping you but are actually hurting you? Here's an example. A lot of us are using a lot of hand sanitizers. Anti bacterial soaps did you know that some states have actually banned the use of anti bacterial soap because they should were shown to be detrimental to our health. There's a lot of things that we have in our homes that we do not realize are damaging either to our health, to our immune system, toe brain health or whatever it is. And they're actually hurting us. So I have a job for you. I want you to walk around your home and nets includes going into the bathrooms, opening up the George, going under your sinks where you might have cleaners on. I want you to look at those products and think, What? I'd be OK if a two year old child were to injustice. If they were to put it all over their body, they were putting it in their hair. You know what would happen if a child were to come into contact with this? If that would make you nervous, I invite you to get rid of that product. Get rid of it. I realize we have things like scissors and knives. Obviously we're putting those things out of reach cause we need those. But we have a lot of harmful chemicals in our homes. They're really dangerous for kids. And this is where humility comes into play and being willing to change. Now I have other courses that can show you how to make some alternative cleaners. And things like that are gonna be safe. But right now, this is about identifying areas of weakness, things that you need to change in your home to be healthier. And ultimately you're learning how to be more self reliant. 3. Using Essential Oils: So the reason my family has been so healthy over the last eight years is because we've been using essential oils in our home. You may have heard of essential oils before you may have not, so I'm gonna give you a really brief description of what an essential oil is. An essential oil is an extract that comes from a plant. They have a lot of different compounds, teach essential oil, meaning they can do a lot of really great things for your body. Most of the medications that we use have synthetic forms of what you find an essential oil . So you're using the real deal when you're using an essential oil. What I love is that it's safe. It's cost effective, and it's going to rock your world when it comes to your health. This is the reason my Children have not been in a doctor's office for being sick in over four years. This is the reason that none of my Children have ever been on an antibiotic for being sick is because we use natural remedies in our home. Now there are a lot of different options for essential oil brands and companies that you can use. I'm not gonna focus on the brand that I use today, but what I want to focus on is making sure that you are finding a good quality company. So I'm gonna recommend a few things. First of all, I want you to research the history of that company. What have their owners been involved in? You want to make sure that you're working with the company with a good history. You also want to make sure that you are using a company that ethically sources their essential oils. You're also want to make sure that you using a company that tests their oils. It's important to know that you are using a good quality product without any synthetics, toxins, fillers, weeds, anything like that. You want to make sure you're using the highest quality possible. And there are a lot of companies out there who are listed or marked as having 100% pure 100% organic, and they can be 100% synthetic. I'm gonna tell you right now, don't buy here oils from Walmart there absolutely 100% synthetic or the oil that's advertised is not the oil that's in the bottle. For example, Peppermint at Walmart is really co ordinate oil. So if you want corn mint oil that synthetic by peppermint oil from Walmart, you don't want to buy oils that are gonna harm your body. So do some research on the company that you're gonna be using. All right, So I'm gonna talk about my top 10 oils. These air oils that I will never be without first I want to talk about is lavender. Take the lid off for you. The first thing that I like lavender for is anything that has to do with calming. So whether it's I've got a skin irritation going on or I need to have a good night's sleep and I need to be calmed. Lavenders might go to oil. You can just take a little drop. You can rub it directly on your skin. It's very safe for your skin. It's also gonna reduce the visibility's of blemishes and stretch marks. It's also really good to help you get a rest full night's sleep. You could just take a drop put on the back of your neck could put some on the bottoms of your feet. You could even put a drop on your pillow. The next oil is frankincense. Frankincense is the cellular health Ninja oil. This is just going to help your body to function better. It's really good for head tension. It's really good for any sort of discomfort that you've got going on in your body. It's going to keep your body working on a cellular level, and that's where but he starts is at a cellular level. You want to make sure things are going well at the cellular level. So frankincense, you can actually take this oil internally. So again, when you're choosing your brand of oil that you want to use P sure that you're using the top quality and you want to make sure that it is safe for ingestion and they will market on the bottle of essential oil. Now, this is an oil that you can use internally, and you can even just put a drop under your tongue. It does taste like you are sucking on a pine cone, so that might not be an enjoyable flavor for you, but realize that the health benefits are incredible. You could also rub this on the bottoms of your feet. You'll hear me talk a lot about feet because you have a lot of really great pours on the bottom of your feet. That will help the essential oil to be circulating within your blood stream within about 30 seconds. So feet is a good place. Back of the neck is a really good place. Smelling the oils is a really good place, and frankincense is also good just to drop under your tongue. Lemon oil. This is my favorite oil for cleaning. I use this all the time. It's also really good for detoxifying your body this again, an oil that you can take internally. It's also a really good oil that you can use for any sort of seasonal threat. So if you use lemon oil, lavender and peppermint together and you do three drops a day, it's gonna be good for any of those seasonal discomforts or threats that you're dealing with. But lemon is really detoxifying for your body. It smells incredible. Seriously, you guys, any time you smell any sort of a Citrus oil, a smile kind of just pops up because it's really good for your mood. And again, as I mentioned, essential oils or smells, I should say, affect your mood quicker than anything else. So when you smell something, it can put you in a really good mood or you're like, Oh, my gosh, I hate that smell. That means that my dog didn't go outside when it needed to go. Bathroom. Whatever. And it can change your mood quickly, so lemon oil will be really uplifting for your mood, which is really great. Also very detoxifying. Put a drop in your water. Um, lemon oils, awesome melaleuca or tea tree oil. Same thing. Different names is really good for your skin. This is one that you can put on any blemishes that you have on your face on all even. Just put on my face right now for you, so I'll just kind of put it if I have any spots or issue going on really good. It's also good if you've scraped or cut anything on your body. It can just be good to help promote healing in your body quickly. I also use this to keep my little kids. Here's healthy. I will just put a drop on my finger and rub it right behind years. In fact, if I want to make sure that I got good your health going on. I will just put a drop on my finger, rub it behind my ears. You don't want to put essential oils in your eyes. We're in your ears or anything like that. It's also really good for my health. This is really good for stinky shoes. So if you've got a son, particularly with stinky shoes, you can put a drop in their shoes and they'll thank you, and you will think them for not having stinky shoes anymore. So oregano. This oil is like the immune Support Ninja very good for immune systems. And I would not recommend putting this under your tongue because it's very hot. So this is one that I would get an empty gel capsule from a health food store. Put a drop in the empty gel capsule, and then you could ingest the oil, and it's gonna be really good for your immune system. This also works really well with tea tree oil for keeping shoes not so stinking. So one of my favorite oils for just immune support peppermint. We talked about that being good for seasonal threats. It's also really good for any sort of stomach discomfort. It can be good for any sort of a key or tired muscles. It can also be really good to wake you up, keep you alert. So if you wake up in the morning and you're like, that's Monday and it's six AM, I want to die. Spell some peppermint. Just don't put it in your right cause then you'll be really awake So peppermints really good for waking you up. And it's also really good. If you've been out and it's hot day and you're feeling overheated. Putting a little bit of peppermint in a water bottle and spring it on or putting a little bit down your spine along your back will help to cool your body off. And it's It's a really great oil. I also like there are four blends of oils, meaning that they have put several single oils together to accomplish the purpose for blends that I want to talk about. The first is called Breathe. This is an oil. There's incredible for respiratory support. Now, an essential oil diffuser is incredible. You don't want to put these in your humidifier cause it can clog and break your humidifier , but the breathe oil you can put in a diffuser you could put on a cotton ball, put in a car vent, just gonna help to open up their airways and help you to breathe well and just help that respiratory system. You can also put a little drop on your chest on guard. This is a blend of oils designed to keep you very healthy. Now what I love about on guard is that I use this. If I'm going to be around anybody who might be feeling a little bit under the weather. I don't have to wait to be under the weather myself. I can use this beforehand, and if I do happen to not be feeling so well, so the on guard is really great. If you ever have a tickle or a if your throats bothering you, you can actually put a drop in the back of your throat. You could put it on the bottoms of your feet, and this is really good in a diffuser smells like Christmas in a bottle, and I know that it's not Christmas year round, but it's got some good cinnamon clove orange that smells amazing. really good to just keep that immune system solid. The next oil is deep blue. This is going to be really good for any aches and pains. This is a topical use only oil. So you're going to do this if you wake up in your backs bothering you or if you have you slept funny and you're like it hurts to turn my head at all. So you would use a little bit of that deep blue, right on location. Really great oil for just feeling better now digest in Is that will you want to use? If you're ever having any stomach discomfort, there is a brand of over the counter medication you can purchase. That hasn't really cute advertisement. And they do a little dance with what their medication is good for and how it can help your stomach health be better. That's the same as what this essential oil will do right here. It's just really good for all overall digestive health and digestive support. So if you ate something that's bothering you, you've got some stomach discomfort, things like that. This digestion is really good, and this is again You could put it in a drop of water, or you can just rub it right on your stomach and it will help you to feel better almost immediately. 4. Raising Kids In A Natural Way: E. I have four Children, and one of my claims to fame with my four kids is that none of my Children have ever been on an antibiotic for being sick, and I have not visited a doctor with the sick child in over four years. So we have really good health in our house, and there are a few simple tips that I follow that I want to talk about. The 1st 1 is healthy eating. I grew up with the mom who is a dietitian, and so we learned a lot of really great healthy eating habits that I have been able to pass along to my kids. My biggest tip for you is not to worry about eating perfect. All of the time we follow the 80 20 rule in our house, so 80% of the time we eat healthy 20% of the time. We enjoy our food that we're eating, so I want to let my kids have cookies and sugar and things like that. But just not most of the time, we do a few simple things like they have to have a vegetable with lunch and dinner, and some kids might be really picky, and the one thing that I really want to let parents know out there is picky is something that is taunt. I do have four kids. Some of them are naturally better eaters than others. But they have learned when I put a vegetable in front of them, they eat it. Kids are not going to starve themselves. They will eventually eat what you're offering to them, and you'll find things that they really don't like. And that's OK. I know that one of my kids really doesn't like carrots, and so I don't give them carrots. I find another healthy alternative that I know that he'll like. But the rule is they have to have a vegetable at lunch and at dinner, and I do simple things like instead of putting syrup on their pancakes, I'll put applesauce, a sugar free apple sauce on their pancakes. Not an artificially sweetened applesauce, but just a natural one. So when you're shopping for your kids food, you could just do simple things like look for organic produce or things that are natural or the Annie's brand is something that I really like, just things that are more natural and good for your kids. Now. Another thing with having my kids be healthy is getting good sleep now. I love my babies more than anything. I'm not one to coddle them once they reach a certain age. Because what I've learned is that they get a better night's sleep. I'm a better mom, and they're easier to manage during the day. So bedtime is bedtime. In our house, we don't have games. We don't do this huge bedtime routine. They hop into bed and they go to sleep. We, of course, have our little, you know, evening devotional that we dio and they need to brush their teeth. But we don't read 86 books, and we don't seeing 47 songs. It's not that bedtime is bedtime and my babies at a year old I'll stick him in their crib, and if they need to cried out, they cried out. Unless, of course, I can tell something is wrong or if they're sick or something like that. But really, I encourage bedtime to be a time where you're gonna go to sleep when you're going to stay asleep now early rising. That is one thing I haven't learned. How to prevent yet. So if you have any good tips, why don't you shoot them my way? Because I'd like to sleep in the other thing that we've done to have really healthy kids are essential oils, and I'm going to talk about some of my favorite tips and using essential oils for kids. So the number one thing that I like to remember when using oils on kids is their little or than we are. So you don't want to use an adult portion on a small child in the best way to reduce the amount of oil that you're using on your kids, and I don't mean reduced like the frequency. But instead of using a full drop, they might need 1/2 a drop. And you may wonder, How do I use 1/2? A drop on my kids is to dilute your essential oils. Now I really like fractionated coconut oil. It will always be liquid at room temperature, so it's not gonna be like the traditional coconut oil you might buy from the store. Words solid. I will just mix a drop of oil in with my coconut oil and then I use it on my kids. It does a couple of things. It's going to reduce the chance of my kids kids having any skin irritation. And it's also going to help the body to absorb the essential oil easier. And there's not gonna be any flash off like, so the oil is not gonna evaporate off, which is awesome. Now one thing you can do is get these little roller bottles. What I've done is I have put a few drops of my favorite oils in the roller bottle, and then I fill up the rest with the coconut oil. So it's really good for sensitive skin and young Children and even babies. And then what I do is I have stickers that go on my caps of oils labeling what that bottle of oil is. And so I put that on the side of my bottle, my roller bottles so that I know exactly what is in the bottle and then I use it. And it's also easier to be more consistent with using the oils on my kids, which is really nice, cause more consistent, the better results you're gonna have. So one thing I always tell people is hook your oil used to a habit. So, for example, if I'm trying to keep my kids healthy in the winter and their baby that has a diaper, I'll put the oil in my pocket like this. And then every time I go to change that diaper, I put the oil on the bottom of the feet or the back of their ears. So I'm going to tell you about some of my favorite essential oils to use on kids. So I use a lot of lavender on my my kids just because it can help soothe and calm. If there ever out of sorts there really fussy having a rough day, I'll just apply a little bit of lavender to the back of their neck or the bottom of their feet. Ah, fun trick that you can use with their kids is making a monster spray. How many of you guys have kids that are afraid of the dark or monsters in their room? I have a solution for you. You get a little empty spray bottle. He put like two drops of lavender in it. You fill up the rest with water and you've got monster spray so they can spray that at the monsters in their bedroom, and it's gonna help him have a nice rest ful night's sleep in the process. So that's lavender. I also use this. If they have any sort of a skin irritation or any sort of, you know, like a bug bite something like that, I'll just have a little bit of lavender on it. Little kids. We want to keep their ears healthy, right? So one of my favorite things to Dio is to get empty roller bottle, and I put in about five drops of tea tree oil, five drops of lavender, and then I mix the rest of the oil with coconut oil, and then I'll have a roller bottle really good for their ears. You don't want to ever put oils in their eyes were in their ears, but you can put oils around their eyes or behind their ears as long as it's heavily diluted . So if you want to keep those little ears healthy, I will just make a roller bottle up with the oils. I just mentioned melaleuca, lavender, coconut oil, and I'll just roll it right behind their ears, you know, just right behind their ears, and you can even do it down along their job, which is really great now. Same thing. If they've got a little bit of an eye discomfort going on, you can put it vary widely around their eyes. Now, if you've got a baby that's gonna rub their eyes, you don't want to do this because you don't want him to get the oil in their eyes. But my older kids older being like older than three. I'll just put it around their eyes and say, Don't catch your eyes But you want to make sure that that oil is well diluted with some coconut oil, so that's good for eyes for years. This can also be when I say this. I mean lavender, melaleuca and coconut oil is a really good how we spray or roller. So if you have a kid who has a cut or a scraper, they've hurt themselves. Somehow they're freaking out the world's ending. I love to rub a little bit of this oil on because it helps to promote a quick recovery for the death wound, so to speak. So the next thing that I really like to use on my kids is. It's an oil called brief, and it is specific to the brand of oil that I like. But it's really good to help support healthy respiratory system. Now. What you can do is you can get a diffuser. You don't want to put this in your humidifier because it can clog it up, but you could put it in a diffuser, defuse it into the air, or you can put a little drop on their chest. And if it helps you to feel more comfortable, you can definitely dilute it. Or you could put it in a little roller bottle. I actually have a little blend of oils that I like for any sort of respiratory issue, and my blend that I like is breathe oil, lime and marjoram. That's marjoram, not margarine. People ask margarine on my kid, no marjoram, and then there's coconut oil, and I'll rub this on their chest. You could also put the same combination minus the coconut oil and a diffuser, and it's gonna help Teoh promote a healthy restaurant system for your kids. The other oil that I really like for kiddos is on guard because it helps to promote a healthy immune system. I'll just put this on the bottom of their feet. You can put it again in the diffuser that like I just talked about and it's gonna be really good at keeping that immune system super healthy. And it's going to be good. Especially, you know you're gonna be around people that may not be feeling well. Using a little bit of on guard is gonna help keep that immune system strong. So I love this song. Guard diffuser. Put some on the bottoms of their feet. You may be wondering, Why am I putting oils on my kid's feet? Well, we have really good pours on the bottom of our feet, and when you put in oil in the bottom of your feet, it is circulating within your blood stream within about 30 seconds. So it's helping to benefit your body very, very quickly, so I use that on guard. Digestion is good for troubled tummies, so any sort of tummy issue that my kids have going on, I will use a little bit of digestion and with kids again, all deluded and some coconut oil, and I'll just put a little bit on their tummies and I'll put some coconut oil on top of it . It will help to their body to absorb that oil better and the oils and just gonna evaporate off quickly. So that's the digestive. I have a lot of other really good tips and tricks for kid health on my website. At general, I'm not calm and I invite you to go there and look at somewhere. Recipes get some more specific ideas on things you could do with your kids might be asleep thing. It might be focusing better for school or whatever, but I have some really good tips and I invite you to visit that website, and I wish you the best of luck on your journey with your kids. 5. Reducing The Toxic Load In Your Home: eight years ago I was sitting at my kitchen table and I looked over and saw my little 18 month old carrying a bottle of bleach cleanser that she would clean your bathtub with. And I freaked out because I absolutely did not want her hauling around anything like that in my house. So I honestly throw it away. I threw away all of my household cleaners because they were toxic. In fact, did you know that most of the chemicals or products that are in our household cleaners have to be registered with the E P. A. Because they're toxic? I don't want those things in my home anymore. And I have found some really great things to use to help create some green cleaners that are more cost effective, totally safe for me, totally safe for my kids. And they're safe for pets. And you still have a really clean house. So I'm gonna show you some of my favorite ways to make homemade cleaners. The other thing that I'm going to show you is how to reduce some other toxins in your home . So I'm gonna show you my favorite products. One of my favorite things declining clean with is distilled white vinegar. Now I didn't say this was my favorite smelling cleaner, but it's a really good natural cleaner. I also really like baking soda. I use a lot of this to help clean my house. One thing you want to do when you're making your own cleaners is find some containers that you want to keep your products in. So I found this huge gallon size container that I keep my baking soda and my sultan. So I mixed two parts of baking soda toe one part salt. Put it in this big giant container, and this is what I clean all of my bath tubs, all of my toilets and any sort of sink with instead of using like a traditional cleanser. Now, baking soda and salt are great to clean with, but they need some sort of other agents to go with them to make Cleaning actually happens, so that's where the vinegar comes into play. So I get a glass spray bottle. This is a 16 ounce one. You can get spray bottles on Amazon. Sometimes you can find them at local retailers, and then I use. So I feel this all the way up with vinegar, and then I get tea tree oil or melaleuca oil. Same thing. Just Melo, because the science name tea tree is the common name, and I will put 10 drops of tea tree slash melaleuca oil in with 16 ounces of vinegar, and then I use my baking soda and salt combo, and this is how I clean anything like with ceramic surface. You know, your tub, your toilet, whatever. And I will just Sprinkle a little bit of the baking soda and salt all over the tub in the nice spray vinegar on their and I realized ones that an acid and one's a base, but I use a different amounts what offsets each other So it still works really well in cleaning. The melaleuca is what's gonna go in and help to kill the germs in the toilet and in the tub , and it's a really cost effective cleaner. And here's the beauty of it. I would ingest any of these products time cleaning with I would put a drop of melaleuca on my tongue. I used baking soda all the time to bake with I use vinegar. I use salt, so if I find my kids wandering around my house with the cleaners. Great. It's gonna be beneficial for their health. It's gonna be good for their skin, and it's gonna kill a few germs along the way. So that's just an example of a toilet cleaner that I like to make or bathtub whatever you want to call it that I like to make. That's really simple, really easy, nontoxic and cost effective. Here's the best part of this. I remember when I used to have my cleaning day before and I would realize I was out of cleaner. I had to haul, and at the time I only had one, but had hall my daughter to the store. I lived in a very cold town, so I had to put on a coat and I get her in the car that I had to get her out of the car. You get the picture. It was a paint just to go get a cleaner, and I didn't even want to be cleaning in first place. So it was like insult to injury. Now I'm just using products that I have at my house, and I can whip up a cleaner two seconds flat done. Next type of cleaner that I really like to make is something to clean my mirrors in my counters with. So instead of using something that's ammonia based, I use something that is lemon oil based. So this is where I get another spray bottle, and I just fill it up with water. You can add a little bit of vinegar to it. I don't like the smell of vinegar, so I don't use vinegar in this particular cleaner, but you can, so you would do like half a cup of vinegar and hair. Fill it all the way up with water, and then you would add, like 10 to 20 drops of lemon essential oil again. You want to make sure you're using a really good quality essential oil. Do not go to Wal Mart and buy an essential oil. There is going to be zero therapeutic benefit to that oil, and we want therapeutic benefits to these oils. We want them to be good at what they're supposed to be good at. We want them to be able to kill germs because otherwise you might as well be cleaning with perfume, which you would never do that. Right. So lemon oil could be really good to help get Greece or junk office stuff. So if you ever have, like, you've purchased something and there's, like, a price tag aristocrat on it and it leaves behind that residue, all you dio is take the cap off your lemon. Well, uh, you dump it where that sticker is, and you can rub it right off with a towel paper. Tell whatever fact. I just went into my office the other day and there was a blue tooth paste on my carpet. First of all, we don't have blue toothpaste in our house, so I don't know his toothpaste. It was, but it didn't belong in the carpet. And I started picking at it, trying to get it out. I couldn't get it out. I was frustrated because I'm cleaning up someone else Toothpaste. So I just grab some lemon oil, put two drops of it on, got a rag, came, came out just like that. It was awesome. Totally nontoxic again. I would ingest lemon oil. It got the offending toothpaste out of my carpet. And I have been carpet. Oh, and lemon oil makes you happy. The smell of it's really good, so really good clean with So any time I do any sort of a counter spray or a mirror spray, I use lemon water, and if you want, you can add in some vinegar. All right, so we've learned how to make a really good counter or mirror or glass cleaner, just with the lemon and water and vinegar. If you want to add the vinegar and then sometimes you want to add a little bit of a kick to it so that you can get rid of any nasty germs that you might have in your home. So that's when I like to add in on guard essential oil. So I'll have same bottle and I have my lemon vinegar and water, and you can just add in a few drops, maybe five per like 16 ounces of on guard oil, because it's really good at cleaning the germs off your counters. Now I like this because on guard is totally safe to ingest. It's always confusing to me when you go to a restaurant, and they've got this really harsh toxic chemical cleaner that if anybody were to go on ingest they would call poison control, and it would be this big panic. But yet they can spread around your food when you're eating, it honestly blows my mind, and it makes me really uncomfortable because, like I'm ingesting toxins. So that's why in my home you will only ever find cleaners made out of essential oils that are safe to ingest baking soda vinegar, salt, things that you would feel comfortable consuming and that they're not toxic. So to make that counter spray that's gonna get rid of any germs. I just had a little bit of on guard. That's all I do. And then I've got a really good counter spring, so you'll notice that I used very basic essential oils. Another oil that I really like to clean with that can make a really good smelling cleaner is cinnamon. Cinnamon is really good at killing germs, soldiers to use some lemon because that's gonna help to shine and make everything look good . The cinnamon is gonna kill any sort of germs, and then I just add it to some water in a spray bottle. I'll clean my counters, my mirrors, whatever, and it smells like cinnamon and lemon combine, and I get a lot of really gifted feedback and comments whenever anyone comes into my home. Always, people always ask what I'm cleaning my house with. They love it. So those are the four oils that I use now. Another thing that I invite you to Dio is Look around your home. A lot of times we have candles and air fresheners and things like that, and they're just ring her health, their endocrine disruptors. They can cause a lot of problems with respiratory system really toxic. And it's hard because I used to love the smell of candles and perfumes and air fresheners in the bathroom, air freshener or whatever and all these air so good. But as I've started to use essential oils and other non toxic products, whenever I smell any of those other products, it literally like it makes me sick. Like if I walk down an air freshener ill at the store, it makes me sick. And I realized my body was being bombarded with toxins when I had that in my home. So doing something as simple as getting rid of candles and air fresheners. Things like that could be good and you can get an essential oil diffuser, and that will help to release the oils into the air. There's some really good therapeutic health benefits, but it's also good because it smells clean so you can even diffuse some women. Smells really clean and fresh, especially if you have something stinky in your home. Like maybe you've fried some bacon for breakfast. Sure, it tasted good, but you don't want your house to smell like the the rest of the day. You can defuse a little bit of lemon, and that's great. So these are just some of my simple tips on how I have reduced the toxic load in my home, made my own green cleaners, saved money, saved our health and created something that is way more simple for me. If you'd like to find some more recipes for cleaning and tips on greening up your home, you're welcome to visit my website, which is geno oldham dot com. And I have a lot of really good recipes, tips, stories, etcetera on his or natural healthy living 6. Taking Care Of Yourself: How many of you guys have ever flown on an airplane before and heard the whole spill about putting the oxygen on yourself before you put it on a small child next to you? I always think. Well, man, let this kid. I know you got to take care of yourself. If you want to take care of somebody else and that applies to so much more than just flying on an airplane, it applies to life in general. A lot of us are extremely busy people that are trying to accomplish a lot. One thing that I found is, if you want to accomplish a lot, you've really got to take care of yourself. I run a multi $1,000,000 business out of my home. My husband owns his own business that he runs out of our home. We have four Children and we love to travel the world, so we're a little busy now. I am somebody that really likes a good reward for a little bit of hard work. So I'm all about the self care. I really like to work hard, but I like to play even harder and really take care of myself. Well, so that I can perform well in the times that I need to be having my game face on. So I'm gonna show you some of the favorite things that ideo to take care of myself. First of all, I want all of you guys to write down a joy list. I had an amazing business coach named Tiffany Peterson who encouraged me to create something called Joy List way wondering what that is. I'm gonna tell you don't stress. So I want you to write down 10 things that you love to dio They could be things that are free. Like taking a bath, reading a book by the fireplace, going on a walk, write it down. It could also be things that cost money getting a pedicure, going on vacation. But I want you to create a list, and I want to make sure that you are doing at least one thing from your joy list every single day. So one of my favorite things to do is take baths, inspect During the winter months, I'm known to take, like, two or three bath today, and I'm gonna show you what I do to make my baths more enjoyable. and that is making homemade bath salts super easy to Dio. And I added some essential oils that help me to relax. And in fact, essential oils in general are something that I used to help me to calm down and relax and have that balance in life there. My reward for working so hard. So I'm gonna show you how to make a really simple bath salt recipe that's gonna be really good for calming and relaxing. And it might be something that is on your joy list. So you're gonna take like, 1/2 cup of Epsom salts and you're gonna dump it into a bowl. It's that easy. And if you want to add a little bit of baking soda, it is really good for your skin. So I'll just dump in a little bit of baking soda and then one of my essential oils that I love to put in my bath is called balance oil. In fact, this is the reason I am able to get so much done. It's called the Grounding blend, and it keeps me grounded so that I can focus and function and get stuff done. And all I do is add like five or so drops into this mix. 2345 It's that simple. I stir it up and then I have bath salts and I'll just put that in the bathtub. And it helps me to relax and just take care of myself and really rejuvenating. So there's bath salts. Super easy. Another thing I really like to do is I'll keep a diffuser going with some essential oils in it. Another oil that I really like is called Citrus bliss. It smells like a creamsicle in a bottle so good, and I will just get a diffuser something like this. You can get him on Amazon. You can buy them through several different companies, sell diffusers, and I will just put in some Citrus. Bless. This smells like a creamsicle. It doesn't get better than that. And I'll just have that diffusing throughout my home, and it just puts me in a better mood. It's uplifting, and it helps me to film or productive when I'm trying to have those rock star mom days when I'm trying to manage for Children, clean my house and run my business all at once helps me to take care of myself. And lastly, my other key to success with self care is getting a good night's sleep. I have one of those minds that's going all the time, and when I get into bed, I start thinking of all sorts of things I need to do. I think of all the catastrophic ways my Children could die and sometimes our time falling asleep. So that's where either serenity oil or lavender oil comes into play. So I'll just take a little bit of serenity or lavender, and I'll just put some on the bottom of my feet back of my neck. I'll put a drop on my pillow and it will help to relax me. Taking time for yourself is going to be critical in being successful. Either. Is mom, wife, business owner, just a person in general. So the more you take care of yourself, the more successful you are going to be