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How To Start An Organic Garden

Zsu Marchant, horticulturist

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9 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Mood&Style Board

    • 3. Site Survey

    • 4. Plant Portfolio

    • 5. Composting

    • 6. Design

    • 7. Landscaping

    • 8. Maintenance

    • 9. Close


About This Class


The tutorial is best for busy people starting a garden or even allotment plot from sketch and who would like to achieve a low maintenance garden, as it contains plenty of shortcuts how to make life easier. It is useful for everybody new to gardening who would like to learn about eco-friendly practices, either because this hobby keeps the body and mind fit and healthy, or because growing your own is the best way to get fresh and organic food, and starting it all as a retirement pastime can be slightly late. If you take gardening seriously, you might have to do some further research (regarding both techniques and plants) but this tutorial will show you what you need to know to start, plus how to be creative and efficient. It’ll help you to make the most important step, which is actually the first step. After you just have to keep going, but by then you’ll be hooked anyway.





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Zsu Marchant


I am Zsu Marchant, a horticulturist (FdSc) trained at Askham Bryan College with working/volunteering experience at Garden Organic, National Trust, Food and Environment Research Agency, Weleda biodynamic herb garden and permaculture gardens. I provide professional help and service for people who believe in greener living.

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