How To Start A Tech YouTube Channel! Film Your FIRST Tech Review! | Terren Rule | Skillshare

How To Start A Tech YouTube Channel! Film Your FIRST Tech Review!

Terren Rule, Filmmaker, Tech Enthusiast

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11 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction - Start Here :)

    • 2. Camera Gear You Need

    • 3. Finding Tech To Review!

    • 4. Becoming An Expert On Tech

    • 5. How To Write A Review Script

    • 6. Filming Your A ROLL!

    • 7. Importance of B ROLL!

    • 8. Editing Your Tech Review

    • 9. Exporting Your Video

    • 10. Valuable Lessons I Learned

    • 11. Goodbye and Thank You!


About This Class

Want to start a YouTube Channel about tech? Learn fundamentals about creating your own tech product review to share online. 

This introductory class is teaching aspiring tech creators how to properly craft a tech review from beginning to end. Taught by myself, Terren Rule, you will learn how to tell your experience and story with a product to your audience in a compelling way every time. 

Terren has thousands of followers on YouTube, and has crafted a catalog of tech reviews that has provided value to audiences around the world about their buying decision. He is taking his years of experience telling a cohesive story and review about a product to you through this course. 

Easy-to-follow lessons include:

  • Camera gear you need
  • Finding Tech To Review
  • How To Become An Expert On The Product!
  • Writing Your Tech Review Script
  • Filming A Roll & B Roll
  • Post production editing, exporting, and sharing
  • Extras: lessons I've learned over the years

Whether you're a new creator starting out, or a veteran tech reviewer, there is a lot to learn at all skill levels. In just under an hour, you will have the tools you need to start telling a better story and review about tech products to your audience. 

You can find Terren here: YouTube, Instagram