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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Startup Costs

    • 3. Branding, Reputation and Pricing

    • 4. Custumer expectations and contracts

    • 5. Where to find work

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About This Class

Would you like to make a living from your Photography Passion?

In this class I will teach you the best way to balance your passion for photography with real business skills in order to be successful!

See you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

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Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn


Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I?m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I?ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!


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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to my new class. How does 30 your own for therapy? Business. So would you like to make a living from your photography passion in this class? I will teach you the best way to balance their passion for photographing with riel business skills in order to be successful. So if you think you will be interested in taking the class Hey, blue bottom allowed a video on rolling now. Thank you. See inside. 2. Startup Costs: Hello. We're going. I went. I welcome you to my new class. And when Lissa start so and tweets and grow a business, you need both road talent on the neck for marketing it. It's important to have an ability to market yourself. Okay. You should continually be working toe. Prove your craft and evolving your product and work consistently on your own. Branding online marketing on people skills without it to the rest of will likely shall be an expensive hobby rather than a P Evel full time business. Okay, this is important. You have to learn to market yourself first, then ah, little start learning about the startup coast to make enough photography business. OK, quality photographic equipment is an authority expensive, so you want to start off with a minimum. Buy in a 5000 lens doesn't make sense if your business isn't making money yet. Many professionals the Tora Furs say that toe planning budgeting about 10003rd year for Dorothy business according to professional photography, often Damonte building slow and smart will help you state naval name of our Lord organic, a growth off your business forever. A to fund dear improvement on a Vote Dept. It's possible so here. Subasic, passionate for starting your business it is not. Include is two year or off. It's space. All prices are yearly. Estimates on one time First airport chase, so two covers. It will be about one time Safety 500 to 2008. You need multiple lenses and very I 1000 each more or less to flashes multiple memory cards to external drives. A laptop with the pheasant, a memory that it's about $2000 avoids a website like Ah, weeks for two shelters. Markman or Squarespace and your life room and photo shop. Subscription em. What more business? Listen, says Insurance. It's about a 600 per year Accounting contracts on online proof gallery. Okay. Also, you may need it. Also, business cuts. They're also the option expenses like business training for Dorothy workshops and classes, stylish camera backs and straps. Second computer Ah printed marketing material on DSO. You're on a novice space came then. There are other things you need to do that maybe free or low cost. OK, you can market your business be a social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is very important to start. Okay, great. Your business name and logo acquire. Sell tax permit. I employ vintage identification number. Obtain a mess. Listen. Thing a businessman account. Ah, stylish a referral program. So Okay, the was sold for the step up costs. And the next video. We're gonna talk about branding and reputation. Thank you. See you in the next video. 3. Branding, Reputation and Pricing: Okay. Welcome. In this video, we're gonna talk about branding and reputation and pricing. So to build an appropriate a personal brand and reputation as a professional photo refer, you will need to pay attention to three things. Okay, Three most important things. The 1st 1 is your person and year. If you work with people, you are your brand. Even the little things affect your reputation on most of your business will come by. Word off. Mouth refers. When you go to a shoot, risk appropriately iron your shirt, wash your car on, be organized. Then you need to being timely. Okay, Always arrived. Toe a should. Early on, Don't fail to deliver your berg when promised. Print out directions so you don't get lost. And sure that your cleans understand your production settled on how long it would be for them to receive their proofs on final product and stick to your agreements and also tried to answer phone calls and emails in a timely manner. And then you have to pay attention to your online image. Um, underneath Mitty is near impossible these days. Many potential client plans It would be searching for you on your work online. The images you post online should not only the high quality but also the kind of images you want to be taken to attract the kind of work you want to be doing. So I put contentious social media posts and keep your language positive. Also, keep your LinkedIn profile and contact information on Earth sized up to date. Okay, let's go toe pricing. Many photographers have difficulties with sitting there price under there, minding their value. Certainly you should never price work to result in this money or Liston minimum wish, but many do. You can reserve your area to see what your competition tears, but ultimately you will need to church what you are worth. Um, generally, you wanted to estimate three hours for a dating time for every hour off shooting Salvatore . First are AM used a watch off road Lee 55,003 per hour. To coerce standard coast isso, be sure to factor in travel and preparation time. Also, consider your own going coast such US insurance year accounting services on your website. Once you start adding up the numbers, you can see why undercutting your competition competitors may not always be the best strategy ship and may result in your losing money on a geek. If you cannot seem to make the numbers mutt well, I am. You will either have to consider whether you're okay. We having an expensive hobby, or if you need to branch out into a different, more profitable market, you should also always require A and I form deposit from high prices gigs to avoid credit card stop payments. You should require cash, cashier's check or bank transferred for paying the deposit. So the whistle for these video and the union it's one thank you. 4. Custumer expectations and contracts: they. So in this video, we're gonna talk about customer expectations on contracts, so managing your client's expectations is important to your sexist. Your claims should know exactly what was spent off you and also what is expected off them. Ford Weddings Timeless group pictures should be organized in advance for infant photos. Your customers should know what clothes and accessories to bring. And if you are taking corporate heads shutting matches, people should know how to dress for contracts. Your cleans should know how much is due in advance on how to pay it. You should set terms on how far in advance you need them to commit, so you can Shuttle contracts should be explained carefully, and if applied applicable here, customers should know how the year alot to use the images on that should be in writing as well. When that everyone is comfortable with legalese, your professional is will help make this necessary part off your business. Agreements go as it's mostly as possible. You can find free contracts online. It's a such as motor release, photo licensing, wedding agreements on other common for Tora fee contracts and on ST like a less accounting you can find these contracts. Alstom, you, um, sorry. Finding your niche market. Okay. It not only allows you to focus on the specific skill, but also offers the opportunity to find that working prospects in a specific shower wedding and he spend. Photographers are abandoned. You can still book these types of lease. But if you can offer something that others do not, you might find more work. The product you offer makeover a specific shown if, as sports or even a style or mood says as humors photos. Or perhaps you are also writer and 10 great beautiful picture books with family stories. Maybe you work in America hitting the streak, Um, have the knowledge to great quality educational medical for therapy. Okay, So in the next video, we're gonna see the different markets you can you can use when you work from fraud or a fee . Okay. Hope you like it. See you on the next. Unless video. Thank you very much. 5. Where to find work: Okay, welcome to the last video. So in this video, we're gonna talk about word to find work as a photo roughing. First, I want to talk about photography weddings. Okay, with winning you can. You had only wanted to do it right. If you have issues with your camera or memory card and don't have the proper backup, dear, you might miss the whole thing on them. It's your reputation quickly if you're not prepared for lighting challenges or the cows off working with emotional Opie. Opinionated Sorry, family members who will not produce your wet work. Although weddings are usually a profitable gigs, many experience waiting for two refers re comment that you you should start as a second shooter with an established wedding for Tora. For before going solo, many pertain off. Freelance photographers are trying to get in the waiting game, but there are other ways to make more money while you work on your skills on port chasing the prepare dear. It's also important to note that the wedding market is seasonal. On business will likely look trait in the fall on the winter. If you're getting into this market, be sure to plan ahead and save off, say, for the overseas. Um, okay. Other very interesting for therapy markets. Our am the first ones took for Tora fee. Okay, you can start your own stock photo website, your singing as a contributor toe pope with their sights set as a shatter stock or I stuck The payment may be low, but listen thing it's managed for you and you can sell in volume. Okay, You can sell well in volume and these sweat sites, then you can no contract work. Some photographers have obtain contracts that pay a set mortally amount to cover local events or Toby. Uncalled, for example, perhaps your local tourism or business development. The permit may pay you monthly to cover local events. Then you have commish commercial for Dorothy I m all business. Ah, need Web images displays. You may be able to find work capturing images off their products or services facilities on even hit shirts off their board members and management ing. Then you can work also in the real state and real estate Asians will contract with for Tora refers to cup her professional images off homes, business properties on land. They may also want you to capture 360 degree off interactive photo video footage. Also, you can work with pets, and people centric certainly love their pets on. Some pet owners want professional images off their fury. Companions, either a sport. It's Terry Massie's or on location with natural movement and action. Then you have the globe more market. That is, that many people like sensual picks off themselves or images taken off them with their hair and makeup professionally done, he's coming done in a studio with other professional artists. If you cannot to do hair and make up yourself, you also have the sport markets. It's a what? Barrera. You have a way by a charity off Spurs organizations that one professional images and video . You may even be a little opting contract work to cover a full citizen or a specific event, and such as a local marathon, rodeo or bike race. Keep in mind that Lindsay's for capturing spurs and Comey costly. Okay, you also have the local news. Local print TV and online news sources may pay you for images off local events, whether disasters or crime scenes. It will require you to go out and cover events upfront on your time, but it could pay off later. You also have image a photo or video dating. Okay. Ah, busy local for Tora For May Need assistance with his or her workload. They paid may not be ideal, but it is a good opportunity to work on your indicting skills you have ever. So the product images a market many local artisans on retail businesses separates online. I need good product images for their own ways, size or shopping site says. As etc. Or Amazon. The payment for image would be low, but the work is rarely lately. Sorry, related Really easy. You also have food images. And like every other businesses, restaurants need to have another lame persons. You may find em, um, apple working help in restaurants, Great online, the news and promotional images. You can also work with music for door afia. Working buns need promotional images for their websites. Ah, cities on media pack catches some also the Sir video under life performances. So this is a great marketers. Then you have there well known paparazzi market took aim Some people, some people prosperous e mean maybe seemed like a dirty word. But someone has to snap. Picked off the Kardashian's in their list. Um, flattering casual moments. And if you live in a status that as Los Angeles, New York or Las Vegas, you may be able to make money from selling your celebrity for tourists, then with Prince owned, some photographers have form sexists filling their prints. It's a tow away toe. Make money, but worth exploring. If it's fits your shown Prince Comey solar line and in galleries, then you have the contests. Entering a photo contest is easy and doesn't cost you anything. It may be worth trying to garner a little, um, extra income. Okay, them Sorry. There is alert. So there is alert to know about becoming an exceptional for Tora for on dinky money doing it with skills, careful marketing and a professional reputation, you have a good chance off grating a lucrative for therapy career. Okay, So do you want for the glass? They probably like it. I hope you find it very useful. Ah, please try toe. Look for the project on. Do it. Ah, well, if you like it, please leave a review and check out my other classes. Thank you so much for watching Onda. So you're a saint. Keep learning. Keep growing. Thank you. And see you in this class