How To Start A Beautiful WordPress Blog For Beginners 2019 | James Stafford | Skillshare

How To Start A Beautiful WordPress Blog For Beginners 2019

James Stafford

How To Start A Beautiful WordPress Blog For Beginners 2019

James Stafford

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5 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction | Get A FREE Domain And Hosting

    • 2. Installing WordPress And Getting Your Blog Live

    • 3. Creating Your Blog Home Page

    • 4. Creating Your Blog Post And Social Share Elements

    • 5. Creating Your About & Contact Pages| Bonus Creating Beautiful Images With Canva

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About This Class

The Hopeful Wanderer-

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was getting SO OVERWHELMED trying to pick a theme and arrange everything. This helped so much!"

Angelica Tosi

"Let's take a minute to contemplate the perfection of this video. Haven't watched it entirely yet but the editing and quality of videos, pictures, use of words and tone of voice. PERFECT. Hell yes I'm subscribing man"

Charlie's World-

"Thanks for this video, you a epic human, tis really helped me a-lot and I didn't though there is so much stuff that goes into blogging other than posting, so much stuff was explained in this video and it really helped me out and I think you've just earned a new subscriber. Thank youuuuuuuuu! I'm going to watch some of your other videos"

In this video, we're going to go through a complete blogging tutorial showing you step by step how to set up a blog with different pages, images, videos, and blog posts, and I'm also going to show you how to bring people into your blog so they're reading your blog posts so then you can start building your community and your subscribers.

I'm really excited to show you what's coming up because if you've been wanting to start a blog or you've got a blog already and you just want some tips, this video has everything you need. This is going to help you so much. I've got everything you need here to get started blogging. You're going to create engaging blog posts that people will love to read. Learn how to make an about page which tells people all about you and what your blog is about and your story, how to make this great looking homepage and these different sections which are all completely customizable.

You're going to learn how to add an images, videos, paragraphs of text, how to edit that text, add captions and how to then distribute your blog posts to start building up your fan base and grow your community. Like I said, this video has everything you need to start a blog and get it up and running. I'm going to show you all of this and more in this video.

Let's go. All right, let's go. Going, we've only got three steps to do to get your blog up and running. So step one is choosing a domain name. Step two is creating your blog and step three is called share. Liken, repeat. Cause this step is kind of a bonus. I've got some tips and tricks for you of my own that I use and my own kind of techniques to getting your blog out there, getting it seen by people who want to read your content and will share and like it so you can get your blog on yourself noticed.

Meet Your Teacher

My name is James Stafford. I am creator of Websites Made I have been working with WordPress for over the last 7 years and have become proficient with the platform. I have taught thousands of people how to properly setup their first website with my simple step by step video tutorials.

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1. Introduction | Get A FREE Domain And Hosting: in this video, we're going to go through a complete blogging tutorial showing you step by step, how to set up a block with different pages, images, videos on block posts on. I'm also going to show you how to bring people into your blawg. So they're reading your block posts. So then you can start building your community and your subscribers. I'm really excited to show you what's coming up, because if you've bean wanting to start a vlog or you've got blood already and you just want some tips, this video has everything you need. This is gonna help you so much. I've got everything you need here to get started blogging. You're gonna create engaging block posts that people will love to read. Learn how to make an about page which tells people all about you and what your blog's about in your story. How to make this great looking home page and thes different sections which are all completely customizable. You're gonna learn how to add in images, videos, paragraphs of text, how to edit that text, add captions and how to then distribute your broad posts to start building up your fan base and grow your community. Like I said, this video has everything you need to start a block and get it up and running. I'm going to show you all of this and more in this video. Let's go. All right, let's get going. We've only got three steps to do to get your blood up and running, So Step one is choosing a domain name. Step two is creating your blogged on. Step three is called Share like and repeat because this step is kind of a bonus. I've got some tips and tricks view of my own. The I use on my own kind of techniques to getting your blawg out there, getting it seen by people who want to read your content on bull share and like it so you can get your blogging yourself noticed. So Step one is choosing a domain name. And to do that, you can start here by clicking on the link in the description, this one right here. So just click that and it's going to take you over to host Gator, and all you do here is click on Get started. Now this is going to save you up to 60% off your hosting it, depending on what you choose. So let's go have a look at that. Now click on get started now, and here we go. This is where you choose your domain. All you want to do is write a domain name in here. So whatever you want to choose, right that in here, Andi, then you can choose from dot com. Don't online dot sight and anything you want right here. Then scroll down on. Do you want to choose your hosting plan so you can choose hatchling baby plan or business? You can just go with hatchling on. This is what I'm gonna use on. Then choose between a month, three months, six months, 12 months, 24 36 months. And the more time that you want to host, the more you save. As you can see, you get 60.50% off for 36 months and 50% off just a month. So choose whatever you want here, and then enter a user name on day security pen. Then enter your billing info right here. You want to make sure that you enter a really male here because how scared is gonna send your details after you've done this. So you're user name and your password to log in. Then scroll down on. You've got some additional services here. These have been added on by default. You can just remove thes like that. So just untech those. And then here is the coupon code. And we've got our own coupon code that you can use which, as I said, is going to save you up to 60% off. And by entering this hair and validating it is going to confirm all of these savings for you. So you make sure you enter Balog hero here and then validate up on. As I said, depending on the hosting that you've chosen, this is going to save you a lot. If you go with 36 months or up to a year, you can save 60% off. It's really good. But whatever you want here and then when you're happy with everything, scroll down here. You want to agree to host, get his terms and service on, then click on, check out Now, just hear and you've got your domain name. So that was really easy. And that is gonna be the only money that you spend on this. So now, as I said, how skater will have sent you some emails? Your account info. So you just click on that. Andi, you're looking for the control panel. You've got a few different things in here. Like your use name password on do. You don't need to worry about any of this. You just You're just looking for the control panel, which is this one here. You have got your portal link here. Just so you know, if you ever need to get to your portal on host Gator on this can even take you to your control panel as well. You've got all kinds of options there. But for now, click on control panel, then log in with the user name and password that you received on this is your control panel . Don't be overwhelmed by this. There's a lot here, but it's nothing scary. The only things that you're looking for if you scroll down, you're looking for the software area, which is this one right here software. So the first thing you're looking for two things and that really quick to do the first thing you want to do is find the PHP selector right here. Click on that. And this is actually really important, because by default, as you can see, the systems default version of PHP is 5.4 and it says currently configured 5.4 State war. About this it's Z quite technical, but you don't need to worry about it. All you need to do is from the drop down here. Click that on. Do you want to select seven point? Oh, because that's the most recent and stable version. So now click update toe update up and you're done. It's not easy. So now just click this hour to go back and you'll be back in your control panel here, then foreign software again. Just don't. Here. There we go. Andi next you're looking for quick in store. So click on that. This is where we're installing WordPress, your domain. So here's WordPress. Here we go. So click on WordPress here, then from this drop down your selecting your new domain, the one I just bought his start your dream blogged dot com There we go. So now click on that and then click on next. And here you are just entering some information like your blog's title admin user name, which could be you or whoever's doing your block for you. Your first and last name and your email so fiddle laden agreed to the terms of service on click on Install right here and you'll see WordPress is installing just up here over a website. Progress 50%. Here we g o. And there we go. All done, Andi. It will now give you your user name and password right here. So take a note of these. You do not want to lose or forget these because it's a right pain. If you do so, make sure you write these down screenshot. Copy it, paste it somewhere. Just make sure you've got these. Then when you've done that and you're ready, click on log in right here or click on this link. So let's click on Logan, and you should see this screen So all you would do now is type in your user name and password and click on log in. But you may get an error page. You may, and you may not, but if you do, don't worry about it. Just wait a few minutes. Click that link again. Refresh this page and you should see this screen and you can log in if you're still seeing an error page or something like that, and it's not letting you log in or you're not seeing this page. Find your email again, this one right here, and click on your portal link, which is this one. Then log in to your portal and then find domains on the left right here and click on the domain that you've just bought. I've got a few here because we create websites all the time. Acela's these videos, obviously. So we need lots of domains, but click on more right here for the domain that you want to use on. Then find name servers and click on change, then click on automatically point my domain to my hosting account. Just choose that on save name service, and then you want to refresh this screen again, and you should see this. So then log in and you'll be on your WordPress dashboard. Congratulations. You've just accomplished something that normally people actually do so well done for doing this. You're well on your way. Let's start on Step number two. This is your WordPress dashboard, and this is a bit like the inside of your website. If you want to think of it like that on the left here, you've got a toolbar with lots of different options, such as posts media. What will your images and videos will be? Your pages comments WP forms, which I'll be talking to you about a little bit later. Appearance, which has themes in it and a theme is exactly how your website looks and functions. Andi plug ins, which are amazing, and we'll be getting into those a little bit later. You've also got settings down here, and we'll be showing you the best way to set these up later on. You also notice A You've got some notifications on DWI. Want to keep this area nice and tidy and organized so you can just click on the cross to remove these? There we go much better. You'll also see that it's saying you got coming soon page active, and you can remove this by clicking here, and I advise you to do this now because it just looks better and you can check that your websites coming together nicely and that it's working properly. so click here to disable that Perfect. And now we can click here to view it. So let's view our new website. I'm going to right click on Open this up in Newtown And there we go Now it doesn't look like a lot right now. There's no a lot here, but this is going to change in just a few minutes. I can't wait to show you you're gonna be blown away by this. Actually, this is just a blank canvas ready for you to make exactly how you like. So now let's go back to the dashboard and on your toolbar. You want to go to appearance on themes and then scroll down here and click on Add new theme here. So this is WordPress is themes Page and there are literally hundreds of thousands of different themes. But we've chosen the best one for you to use, which makes sure that your blawg is set up perfectly and works amazingly going forward. We've used so many different themes, and this is by far our favorite one to use. He also works flawlessly with elemental and in volatile elements, which are a couple of plug ins that will be using, which I promise you gives you a flying head. Start with your block. So now let's type in ocean WP here it is, and now you do is click on Install on, then activate. And now your theme is going to be Ocean WP. It's that quick Now you'll also see that it's saying that this theme recommends the following plug ins elemental and ocean extra. So let's just install these now because we'll be using both of those. So click on. Begin installing plug ins. Now click here to select both of those. Then from the drop down, choose in, stool on, then apply. Perfect. Don't worry about this, Aero. Whatever it says here, that doesn't mean anything And you're done. You've got both of those plug ins active. Okay, let's have a quick look at our website again. Scroll up here, Andi, either click on visit site or right click, open up in a new tab again, and you'll notice that it has slightly changed. It actually looks a bit better than it did before. It's still a blank canvas. No, we're getting there, so keep going and you're gonna be amazed at what's about to happen. Let's go back to the dashboard now. Let's go to plug ins on Avenue on a Plug in gives your blog's extra functionality. There are thousands and thousands of plug ins. Some are really good. Some are really, really bad. We've chosen the best ones for you to use on. This is one of them. Type in in Votto elements, and this is it here. So now click on in store and activate on what invite elements does. It gives you limitless possibilities on how you can build your blawg or website or anything that you want. It is absolutely incredible. There's been nothing else like it. It's a brand new plug it actually. So let's start using that right now. Go to theme panel Andi. Install demos. Okay, here there are several different templates that you can choose from, and each one is built differently. Each one looks different and it has different uses. So this one for examples. Blogger. So this could be quite good. Blogging template coach. If your personal trainer, perhaps a lawyer, war for a gym, there's all kinds of things there, but we're going to go with the one that down here, whereas here we go personal, and this again is a blogging template. I prefer this on so much more over the other one. If we do a live preview, it brings it up. I think this looks fantastic. It's got some really cool animations here and this is just all set up ready to go. You can literally install this and have a working Balog. It's absolutely fantastic. So let's go with this one. So let's go back to the templates. And now you just want to scroll over Andi, click on it and it will bring this window up. And in here you want to make sure each one of these is installed and activated, so ocean Extra is already done. We did that when we installed the theme. So now you just want to click on install now for each one of these. Just like that, Andi Little activated automatically. Perfect. There we go. Activating, and it's all done on. That is it. You're done. So now you want to click on, go to the next step and now you want to make sure each one of these attacked. So do that Andi, click on install this demo Onda let's start installing and start importing everything. It's bringing in a law. The images for you and putting the whole Blawg together for you is literally doing it for you. So just wait a couple of seconds. Well, up to a minute. Maybe for that to finish. And then we go Demo imported. So you ready for this? Let's click on. See the result again. I'm gonna open this in a new tab and there we go. How amazing is this? It's just created a menu for you up here is fully working. It's just incredible. I was blown away the first time I saw this. Just how easy it is to put this together is just incredible. You guys side by here with your recent posts that's gonna come in really handy a bit later when you've created your post and you've got a fully working blawg. So people looking around can see other posts that you've created. I hope you're excited. This is just amazing. We're going to clean this up a swell. We're not gonna have archives or metta. Probably not gonna have categories. Either. You can choose whether to have recent comments. So when people comment on your block posts. Other viewers can see what other people are trying about, and they can get involved. It's all about creating your community. It's just it's just amazing. I love it. So as you can see here, these are different blood posts, and when I school over an image, it dark and slightly it's really engaging. This is purple right now, but we can change that. It's got a name of who created the block post. Obviously, this is set on default cause thistles. James just used his name Teoh, create this block. But anyway, they will say your name. When you career block post, you can get rid of the day if you want to. That can be quite a good thing to do. So sometimes you know, if you're stuck or you don't know what to write about, that's absolutely fine. That doesn't have to be a date, so people won't know when the last time you posted Waas. But that's entirely up to you. And you've got a button here as well. Continue reading. This is great. And so let's click on one. See what the block posts look like. There we go. This is a block post. Right now, it's all done four years, just amazing. You could literally just edit this block post. It's like a template if you, if you wanted to, can use it for all your other block posts that you create. And look at this. A. You've got some social media buttons so people can share your block posts anywhere on the Internet. Twitter, Facebook, Google, plus pin dressed instagram. All kinds of things. Here there's what's up there as well. It's actually amazing. I love how this looks. And here, previous post you go to other posts on did you might also like. So it's is showing people other posts that you've created. So it's getting people involved in other content. It's not just letting people read. This bloke post on and leaving, you know, is showing people your other stuff is great. And here comments from people that have enjoyed the post and start commenting on DA. When we set this up, it will have a comment box here that people can fill in the name and then submit the comment and get involved in the community. It's so exciting right now, it says. Comments closed, but That's just on by default for this post. Most likely, we're going to change that. So there we go. That's a block post. Andi. That's what the bloggers looking like right now. And this is just default. This is what it comes like. We're going to completely change this. You can keep whatever you like. You can change anything. It's so flexible. We're gonna change the menu as well. You can have an about page. Ah, home page on. Of course. A blocked page. So I really hope that you're excited for this. When I first started doing this, I couldn't believe it. It's too so easy. And I think it looks fantastic. I can't wait to begin creating your blawg with you. Okay, I'm back on the template window on. I want to go to dashboard. So I'm gonna click on dashboard here and again. You might have some messages or notifications come up, get rid of those by clicking no or whatever you want. And then I'm gonna skip up because I'm showing you the best way to do this. So we don't need that. Okay, now, let's set up the home page, find elements on your dashboard which is here and click on that. This is involved elements, and this is a bit like the templates that we've just looked up. These are ready made websites or blawg templates or anything really that you can use to create pretty much anything that you can imagine. It's one of the best things I've seen when creating websites. Creating website used to take weeks, months, sometimes years to get right and now within vital elements and elemental yuk unduly it in literally an hour. It's pretty incredible, and there are all kinds of things here. Interior design, a diner, restaurant, menu and websites. If you're a musician, that's fantastic. If you got a digital product just sorted by using that template, or maybe you create handmade furniture, that would be perfect. There's all kinds of things here. The one we want to use is on page two or three. Let's have a look. Let's go to Page two first. I think it's called Artist, so if we just look around her, there's arts Festival that's not a is a dog dreaming one. So if your dog groomer you go, let's check on Page three. There's the artist warm so If I scroll over here and click on it, it brings up even more templates. And this is based on the different pages of a website or block. So you've got home pages. You've got an about page right here services and pricing more about pages of an event page , perhaps gallery Mrs set up for Maybe, you know, an artist or creative person. So perfect. But the thing is where you can create anything out of this. I just love the way this looks by default. I love the way it's set up and the colors they're used. So I've chosen deaths for the home page and you're gonna absolutely love this. So the template we want for the home page is called Home Three, and it's this on here. So click on that and it brings up this page and in here, if you see you can scroll around and you can actually have a go with the website before you import it. It's just amazing. Absolutely amazing. It's incredible. Anyway, I'm getting excited. So let's and how create the home page and you can create the page directly here and import template directly, so we're gonna type in home, and then I'm gonna click on Create Page. So we're gonna have a home page with your block. This looks so much more professional than just a page that has your block posts on it. And there we go. Congratulations. This draft page was just created home. Perfect. Now let's click on import template. 2. Installing WordPress And Getting Your Blog Live: Well, we're here. Let's click on back to Temple It, Kit Onda. We may as well import the about page that we're going to use for your about page and you can use any of these ones here. Each one looks so good. So choose one that you like. You want to choose one of these? That doesn't say pro here because that's a paid version. You doesn't. No need to use these because we're customizing these things to exactly how you like. So either about two, which is this one here or the about one here. I'm just gonna choose this one. And then again, enter your about page here and click on Create Page. Perfect. There you go. Let's now go to pages on your toolbar on DL pages. And here you're going to see the pages that you've just created about contact on home as well as some default pages that it's created for you. And you can just delete these if you want. It's completely up to you. I'm going to remove these because we don't need to use any of them. So I'm gonna select all of them like that, Andi. Then click on Moved to trash and apply. Now you'll see that you've got two pages that are named home. Now, one of these is your blog's post page. As you can see, this says posts page here. So I'm gonna change the name of this toe Balog. You can do this by just clicking on quick edit here and then changing the title by typing in here and then click on update. You also want to change the slug here. So you do that toe blawg just like that and then update. And there you go. You've got a home page, a blocked page contact Andi about. Okay, Now let's go to home and click on edit. And now a clip across for any notifications that come up and then scroll down and you want to go to head are here and you want to change the head of style to minimal, then in page attributes. You want to make sure it's set to elemental full width. Then click on publish at the top. Okay, Fantastic. Then go to all pages again and we're going to do the same for the about page. So you go to about on in it. Scroll down had a had a style minimal and then in page attributes element of full with her . Then click on Publish again at the top, and you just changed your entire block. You're gonna absolutely love this. But before we take a look, we need to go over a couple of settings to make sure the foundations of your blawg properly set up. Now a lot of people overlook this because, to be truthful, they don't know what they're doing. But if you don't set up your block settings the right way, your blog's won't be found. So you'll just be writing block posts that no one comes to and enjoys. And you don't want that. So let's go to settings on your toolbar on Let's Start in General. So if your site title and tagline I'm just going to remove these, you can write whatever you want there, but I'll just remove these. You don't need them. And just so you know you never want to touch these two things here. Do not change these. Otherwise, your blawg won't work anymore. There's your email address, Andi. Everything else here is fine. So click on save changes, then go to reading on Dhere. Your home page displays. You want to make sure it's set to a static page on for home page. You want to select the home page that you just created and posts Page. Make sure that's on the Balog page that you've just changed, then save changes on go to Perma links on, then this is really simple. Just change this to Post Name because, as you can see here, it's a lot simpler the way this is laid out or the your elders used. So it will be whatever your domain name is. So this is Start your dream blogger dot com ford slash about or ford slash contact Search engines also really like this. It will make sure that your block post comes up higher in the search results. So it's really good idea to do this, so make sure post name is selected there. Then scroll down and click on save changes and you're all done for your settings. Okay. Are you ready to see your brand new blawg? Let's scroll up here. Onda View site. While that looks incredible, you've also got a video playing here. How amazing does that look? I hope you're happy with this has literally taken minutes to do this is looking so good. You got a slider here with different images. This looks absolutely amazing. Look how good this looks. Little button there and you can remove anything you want. Here. You can change things. You can move them around, change colors and text. It's completely flexible. You'll testimonials area there. And that is gonna be your footer with some really, really cool social media Rikon so people can visit your social media. Amazing. And at the top is your menu that it's created for you. And we're going to tidy this up so it looks better. You're not gonna have travel or fashion or lifestyle unless you want to have that. You can have anything you want. Listen, more social media icons there as well. And here is a logo. And I'll show you how to change that editor and add in your own logo. And I'm gonna also show you a really, really cool website that allows you to create a free logo. Feet ease. I hope you're excited to carry on creating your blood. I can't wait to show you what's coming up. This video here is just one of the amazing things. I'm gonna show you how to change. And you can also have a picture here if you want to. So let's get going. So if we have a look at the finished block, as you can see, I've got a really cool image here on ahead and some writing. I scroll down here. You've got a really cool area that tells people about you and who you are. Your story got some social media icons here so people can visit the platforms that you're on. We've got this image slider here, which I think looks just incredible. And I'm creating a Balog here, which is all about travel, because I love trouble. So I just created a little blawg that tells people about my adventures and where I've bean and as a button here that takes people to the actual blocked page yourself. And if I scroll down, there's the footer. I think this all looks so clean and tidy and fresh. It's a proper, proper, amazing looking block. You got a menu at the top here with home about on block. So if I go to you about you've got a beautiful looking about. Pay chair with more information about you and a picture of you want to have one. And again, if you scroll down, you've got your foot here again. I love this because it gets people engaging with your other content on all the other platforms that you're on with platforms like Twitter and Facebook and YouTube. You want people, Teoh interact with your other content is really important to build that community on that brand and get everyone talking about you and loving the content that you create on your block page Looks like this really simple and minimalistic and beautiful on the sidebar has your recent posts again Another section about you with social media icons. This is really, really easy to do. It takes no work at all and I'm gonna guide you every step of the way. So now let's start on the home page. So let's go to pages on the toolbar and all pages. Find your home, Andi, click on edit with Elemental. And this brings up elemental, which is the plug in, or the tool that you're going to use to create your entire blawg. And there we go. We're inside as you can see as I school around this lets you edit anything that you want it absolutely amazing. See, I can add it'll this tax Terrel this writing I can change images by clicking and on the left Here you can just change the image. There is just amazing. And there's that image slider right here and again. All I do is click and I can change that by adding an image is getting removing them anything that I want. It's so flexible. So I'm really excited, as you can tell. So let's get going. I'm going to start by doing the head of hair with this video on this text. Hera's well on anything here is eligible. You just click. This icon here says I scored over anything here. Basically anything you school over that has this blue line. This blue outline has Aditya born This is nice little animation. You can change that as well. You change attacks that form the colors pretty much anything you can say. So let's start with this head of section here. This isn't the first section and then you've got another section underneath, so start the top first I'm gonna give you a quick little tour of your tool bar on the left here on the important things that really you need to know about going forwards. So you know where everything is and you're not lost any time in this video, so they're starting a toolbar. If you click these little dots up here, this will take you back to all of your widgets and different elements that you can use on your block. You can have a ground, and there are so many different things to use here. You can play around. You've got Google maps and icons and all kinds of things there buttons as well, which will be using a bit later. You can also search. So if I type in forms, that is that WP forms coming up there, You also got on the left have got some lines of you collected that you've got some different options. I never actually used these, so you don't have to worry about those, But you can exit your dashboard by clicking on that if you ever want to. Andi convivial page by clicking there. If you have a need to is all on, go back by clicking the arrow Or, of course, just by clicking their down the bottom. You've got a few different icons. Andi settings, Navigator history, responsive mode, preview changes and update the only two You really need to know about our history, which is really important. You click on that. It will give you everything you've done to your blawg since you started basically or at least up until your last save. So if you ever need to undo anything such as if you extend me, deleted an image or you change some text or anything, you just come in here and click on something, and it will go back to that state. So you know, if you ever you know, this is when I first started editing started. The other thing is update on. That's basically saving what you've done to your block. You always want to make sure to update every so often because, you know things do happen. Technology messes up, so just make sure you to always click on update to save what you've done. Okay, so, no, let's have a look at the finished blawg on. This is what it looks like with a beautiful image on the background and I've also done this text here. So I've changed that to travel blogger Theodore Drew. Just me. Onda. Yes. So let's go do that right now. So right now there's a video and we want to change that, Of course. So click on this icon in the middle, Appear on this little toolbar appear you want to click on the little dots Edit section. This brings up the settings for that section and in style. You've got a background here on Did you want to click on the paintbrush? Right now it's on background video and this is the link. This is the link to the video in the background and right now is a YouTube link. So if you do want to use a video, just paste your link in here and it will play the video that you want, But we're going to use a background image for now, So I'm gonna click on the paintbrush, which is the classic. As you can see, it's changed the background image straight away and this looks really, really good. I love it. So I'm gonna change this image to the one that I want and all you do is click here, Onda. Then choose which image that you want to use and you want to be an upload files here and then click on select files. I've put together a pack of images for you that you can use completely free. And this is going to give you a no only a head start. A really easy way to follow along with this video. But you can have this pack of images completely free and you can use them anywhere on your blog's and you just want to go to websites made easy dot tv ford slash blawg ford slash start your dream blawg. And when you're there, all you do is click on download here and it'll download that pack of images and then you just find them here and open it up. So you for the header. I'm going to use this beautiful images of the waves. Well, I think this looks really, really great. You can use any image here that you want to diesel. Really nice, beautiful canoe image. Really lovely. I hope you like these. You can use anyone you want, but I'm gonna give you that one. So then click on that and click on shoes on did a lot Bloede. Then just click on insert media on his perch straight into your header. Hey, you've got some settings for the image. So position you can change this to slightly change the position of the immense. You see, as I change this, it's changing the positions like, very slightly. But this could make a difference. Depending on the image that you're using. I'm gonna make sure attachment is set to fixed Onda size to cover, which is going to give this beautiful parallax effect here. If you click this, our hair makes it full screen so you can have a proper look at your website. That looks really, really nice. So the image stays in place when people scored around. I love how that looks on. That's about it. Background overlay, actually, that has applied a background overlay by default. So if I increase that you'll see it darkens image. Andi, If I decrease it, it makes it brighter. I'm just gonna keep it on about what it waas. I quite like the look of that on. Now let's do this taxed. That's even easier We do is click here or the pencil icon here to edit that. So you click on that on then in content, you couldn't write whatever you want here. So I'm gonna put travel Blogger because I'm creating a travel blawg for this video and then in style, I'm gonna change the typography here to later. Quite like using later. It's a clean, minimalistic front. You can change the size using this slider hair, so it's going to keep it to about that And then the weight I'll change to about 400. I think that looks much nicer. The other settings you don't really need to worry about. So come out of there and thats done. So now I'm just going to do the other text by clicking on it on the same again go Teoh content and then write whatever you want here. I'm gonna put theo dot Ridge because that's me Onda, Then in style again typography later I'll change the weight to 300 for this or much better . So that's looking great. Now I'm not gonna keep this button, but of course, feel free. If you do, you want to keep it, you condone obviously keep it there and you can edit it by just clicking. You See you as I collect That is taking me down to another section below this not set to do that. But anyway, so you can click to editor and then on the left in the toolbar, you can change the text here on Dad in the link to wherever you want it to. Gov. You can see it's going to the in Votto. Get 99 new collection, and that's one of the sections underneath. Um, you can align it just like this, James the size. And you know all kinds of things a style, the color of background color, tax color, all kinds of things there. It's really easy again. Just like anything else in Element is so straightforward. I'm just going to remove it, though by right clicking here. And this brings up some options such a duplicate copy style on his delete. So I'm just going to remove that by clicking on delete. Perfect. I've noticed these elements are a bit too low, so I'm gonna move those both up. So to do that, I want to edit this section which contains both of these elements. As you can see, this gray line is like a container contains both of these text elements. So I'm gonna edit this by clicking here and then advanced. I'm going to use I keep forgetting which one. I think it's margin, isn't it? Yeah, it is. Margin and you decrease that and it will move those both up, put it to about 60 and see what that looks like. That was great. I'm also gonna move that text up of it. So it's a bit closer to the other one. So I'm gonna decrease that again. They come together, but closer, I think not. Looks better not is great. Maybe a little bit less beautiful. There we go. And that's your head of done. You've just completed your first section. Well done. So now let's go down to the next one. 3. Creating Your Blog Home Page: on the finished website. This is what it looks like. You've got a beautiful image here of the canoe going through the mountains and the lake on then a bit about you and some social icons here, which I've added in. So I'm gonna show you how to do that right now. Let's start on the image. This is so easy. You just click here to change it on. Then click here to bring up your different images. Then go to upload files on select files. Just like before Andi, choose the image that you want to use. As I said, I'm going to use the canoe picture, so I'm gonna choose that Onda blowed it. And as you can see, you've got images here already. And these came with the templates that you imported with elemental for your block. So, you know, feel free if you want to use any of these as well. These just came with the blogger or the template, As I said that you just imported okay now, insect media Great. That's placed in the Onda. Now I'm gonna edit this text now. This doesn't need anything, so I'm gonna leave that as it is. I was gonna edit this one. And just like before, I was gonna write in what I want. Just like that on then, in style, I'm going to change the typography again. To Lehto, change the weight to 300. You can change the size of this text if you want to. You is gonna leave. Is it? Is it is for this video, Andi. Yeah, and then the text underneath is exactly the same. You can edit that, just like you've done Onda. Now I'm gonna add in these social media icons, so click here to bring them up, aunt Type in social, media or social on. That will bring up these widgets here. Now, the best one to uses. This one, I think that looks the best. So I'm gonna click and drag it over, and you can place it anywhere. There's a blue line, you see these blue lines come up. That means you can place these icons or whatever you want to put in here where the blue line appears. So you've got pretty much unlimited options. So you put up right that when it's placed in there Now I'm gonna align these to the left Andi. So these are the different social media icons or platforms that you've got in the widget of the moment, and you can add more by clicking on add item, and then from there struck down. Lest here you've got absolutely loads to choose from. I'm gonna type in YouTube and that gets under than there. You could move these about just like this and remove them by clicking across you add in your social media link here. So if you're on Facebook, you add in your Facebook page or whatever profile link there or your YouTube channels link there, so that will enable people to go to your platforms and interact with you even more on join your community on DA Seymour. Your content. This is really important to build your brand awareness of what you're doing in your story. So that's really important and really good. So in shape, you can change the shape of the icons to square or circle. I'm gonna leave them is around it. I think it was great and style. I'm gonna make these a little bit smaller in size. You can change the size of them here. I'm gonna put them to about that size and then in advanced, I'm gonna use the padding on the left. Teoh, move them over to the right of it just like this. So I'm increasing the left padding to move them over to the right and you've just completed your next section. I love how quick and easy this is today. Fantastic. I hope you're happy and I hope you excited. So let's go to the next section. What is it like on the finished website? Here we go. It's this beautiful image carousel and you can change images by clicking on these dots here . I love how this looks. It's so clean and minimalistic. It's really, really lovely below that, you've got bottom so people can view your blawg and this is great because you could have something really inspirational. Some really, really nice images here of whatever you do it. If you are a travel blogger and you could have your different images in here, Onda creates a really inspiring montages or whatever, and right down here where it is that you took the image creating interest in what you're doing, and then you can enable people to view your actual block. So That's a really, really good technique to get people on your block. So let's do that now. So let's go and do that now. So a school down on Here's the image carousel and this is really, really easy. You just collect at it out and over. Here is where you can change images. So what we do is click and this goes into the gallery and you can edit gallery or at the gallery I'm gonna edit, and I'm going to remove these by clicking the cross on each one and then click on select files here to add in the images that I want to use. So I'm gonna add in that one again on this one on. Just feel free to add in whichever ones that you want to use it just to follow along with the video and practice what I'm showing you how to do. You always use your own images later on, or if you do have your own images, then, of course, for use those, then choose those images and then they will upload, and there we go there uploaded. So this is what's going to appear in your car sell. So let's insert gallery and they get placed straight in there. This looks absolutely amazing. There resized and they're ready to go. There you go. They're resized perfectly in that carousel, so this looks absolutely perfect. And there's not much more that you have to do here. You got some more options in additional options that you might want to look out. So you got paws on hover, Which means if someone hovers over an image that carousel pauses and it doesn't carry on, This is quite a good idea because, you know, someone might want to look at an image more close more closely. So I'm gonna leave. That is, yes. Auto play is pretty cool, because if someone goes your blawg, this carousel will automatically start scrolling and playing through the images. Auto place speed is set to 5000. This is about five seconds per image on infinite loop means it will carry on looping through the images. It won't stop at the end. It'll just carry on. Effect is either slide or fade. If I change us to fade, you'll see that it's gonna is no longer account. Sell a single image box that fades in between each image. I much prefer the slider, so I'm gonna change that back. The animation speed is set to 500. Andi, you can change the direction from left to right. So if you want to do that last there on, that's about it. You've also got in style a few different things that you can change. But I wouldn't worry about any of this on in advanced. Of course, you can change the margin and padding if you want to write their depending on what sections you've got above and beneath this, you might want to change change something there. So that's looking absolutely perfect. And I'm really, really happy with this. You can also change how the navigation looks, so the moment it's on dots. But you can have arrows or arrows and dots, or you don't have to have anything if you don't want it, so that's there as well. And this carousel can have a link Teoh anything you want to so you could link it to an image or another website or your blog's or anything at all. So that option is there if you want to, but I'm just gonna leave it as it is. So as I showed you on the finished website, we've got a button underneath. So let's add that in right now. This is so easy to do. We do is click here to bring up your widgets again and then find the button widget, which is this one? Click on drug that over and place it down here on Diego. Now, at the moment is aligned on the left. So we want to align its center on. I'm going to change the size to medium. Let's try that yet that looks better. You can add in an icon, even if you if you really want to. There you go. I'm just gonna leave this as it is, boy, removing this clicking across like this on gun Obviously change the text here, so I'm gonna put the view block and you want to put the link to your blogging here. And the easiest way to do that is to bring up your website in a new window. When you finish doing this, go over to your blawg on the link that you want to paste in. There will be up here. This will be the link that you want to paste in there. It will say something like whatever your website domain name is. So this is start your dream log dot com forward slash blawg. So that will be what you want to copy and paste in her. So now I'm going to change the background color in style. And you can do this by going to the button here and changing the background color right here. And I'm gonna use a nice, like orange color here. Something a bit like that. I think that looks pretty good. Says you can see when we Hope River Nothing actually happens right now. But if you go to hover and go to background color again and change the color So if I change it to this green, well, now hover over, it changes. So that could look really, really get. I'm not gonna keep the green. However, I'm gonna change it to the orange again on I'll just make a slightly darker or something. There you Now that's pretty cool. And that's about it. In advanced. I could make the margin a bit lower. So to make this button go below, I might change that. But that's about it. I think that looks really, really good. Beautiful. Now people can get directly to your blood. Using this, as well as your menu of the top. Bush will be setting up a bit later. So let's go back and let's do the next section. So the next section is your footer, and you got some beautiful social media icons again. Here. It's really important to try and get people to get to your other platforms and get involved in everything that you do. It's all about building up your brand and awareness of what you're doing, building a black community and fans. So let's go do that right now. So an elemental scroll down on you'll see you've got these other elements because these came with the template that we imported and these look really, really good. I mean, this one right here looks beautiful. You've got different images with text underneath, and, of course, this is an artist template. So you know this is great for a gallery or anything, but you could use this for different block posts and images off maybe places that you've bean two. Or perhaps if it's a product you can add in the images of the product on what it's called. You know, it could be anything used. Usually imagination be creative and there's a button here as well, which can link to different pages again. So, yeah, if you want to keep that, just keep it. But I'm going to remove it for this video. So I'm gonna click the cross here to remove these different sections. Just like that on this is a testimonial section that's a really, really good for social proof. So you keep that if you want to. But I'm just gonna remove this and again. All of those sections are just as easy to edit as everything we've been doing so far. To here is the footer. So we've got some text just like before on your social media icons. And these icons are the same as the icons that we edited for the social media above in this little section here. And remember, we did these ones. This is just a ZZ. It's the same which it, in fact, so all you do is click and add in the link will remove any that you don't want just like this. So and then you can add in more just like that really easy and straightforward. Now I'm gonna change the background image, So I'm gonna hover over here and click this icon on. Then click here to change that on. I'm going to use this canoe image again, So I'm gonna insert that, and I think that looks pretty amazing. I'm going to change the attachment, though, to fixed, because I want this to have that parallax effect which looks really good on then Aled there is to do is change this text. So click on each of these texts on change the typography, tor, whatever that you're using a national foot to complete. That is looking absolutely amazing. One thing I've just noticed, though. You see this button? So is way too close to this section here. That doesn't look good at all. So let's go back on. All you do is click it at it. The foot of section go to Advanced Onda. We are going to increase the padding or no, the margin here, we're gonna increase that. So there's a gap in between those two sections just like that. Make that about 50. That see what that looks like. Okay, Last looking way better. Love that I love how this is looking. I hope you're happy on excited for what you're creating here. This is a beautiful, beautiful blogged that you're making. This is gonna make ALS the difference. If you are looking to start a Balog there is going to give you such a good head start. And people are gonna absolutely love looking around this. I mean, who wouldn't? It's absolutely beautiful. Now you finished your home page and it's looking absolutely amazing. I'm gonna show you how to change your menu at the top there. So this is nice and minimalistic, and it's easy for people to look around. You're gonna have home about on blawg and some social media icons here. I know, including the contact page, because I'm using the social media platforms for people to get in contact with May. If you do want to contact pages just like what we've been doing, you create the page on. I didn't a contact template from the of art of elements. So click on the lines on the top, left on click on exit to dashboard to go back to your dashboard. Just make sure to click on update first to save everything, and then you go to appearance on menus on by default, you'll be in the foot of menu here. You want to change this to Maine, many on then click on select. There we go and you'll be in the main menu, which is the menu at the top of every page. Now you'll probably have a few different pages here by default. This added for you because we imported the template and you'll most likely have ones like lifestyle. All you do to remove them is click on this arrow and click on Remove. So remove any pages that you don't want you anyone to keep home about on Balog. And if you haven't got those in here, you then click them here. Andi, add to menu and they'll be added. Here. You can then click and drag to organize where you want them. Just like this, I'm gonna have home about Blawg Andi. Then you're pretty much done. Then savour the top here on Let's have a look at your new menu and there we go. That's the new menu done. You've got home about blogged. You gotta search thing here on social media icons. So Let's check that each page is showing the right menu. So about pages looking good on the blogged on the block pages showing a different menu at the top. So we just need to go to the block page and edit that. So if you just click on edit page here, then scroll down on defined Header and then change the head of style to Minimal and then update and then click here to view the page. The menu is just how we want it much better. And just before we do your about page, go to appearance and customize when we're gonna look at all the different settings for your website so we can customize it to exactly how you want. And I just want to show you where everything is so going forwards. You can change or add it anything you want with your website and blogged So all of these different settings do something completely different. So you've got home page settings here, but you can change the home page and build page. You've got general settings, which general styling colors and primary color, which will be getting into in a minute general settings. There's a lot you can do here and I wont be covering everything because that would probably take hours. But you can take a look around and see what you like. Andi, go from there. It's really easy. Don't worry about it. But for now, just follow along and do what I do. So let's first change the menu colors because right now, when you score over, it's a purple. And personally, I don't really like this, so I'm not gonna have that color when I scroll over. So to change that you want to go to general options on then general styling and then the primary color hair is the color that those menu items changed too. Now, I'm just gonna changes to the orange color that we used for that button. I think this looks really nice. So now when I school over, it's that nice orange. I think I was much better and again to save everything. When you're doing this, you want to click on publisher of the top here. Now go back by using this hour, and now I'm gonna show you how you can change this logo up there. Now if you've got your own logo, that's perfect. If you haven't no problem. I'm gonna show you how to remove this Onda type in a logo if you wanna have a text logo. And I'm also going to show you a quick, little nifty way to create a really simple logo if you want to create a really simple quick logo that you can just place here instead of typing one in or whatever you want, So you go to header on, then logo, and in here is where you can change this logo. So this is a logo that's an image. So if we click on change logo here, it's gonna take us to our media library. And then from here, you go to upload files and select files to upload your logo. And then you would just selected and upload it. And it does have a suggested image dimensions for your logo, which is 164 byte, 45 pixels. So I try and keep your logo to as close to that as possible, because then it'll fit in your head are much nicer. And if it's too big, your many may be moved around. Things might know it might not look quite right. So for now, though, I'm going to click on remove and you'll see that logo disappears so you can keep it like that. This looks great. Or you could go back and go to site identity and in your sight title if you type anything in here. So if I type in my name Theodore Ridge and then if I click on Publish to save everything and then refresh this page, you'll see that that will now be the logo. There we go. And I think this looks really, really good, and you can also edit it by going to typography and then logo. And all of these settings are going to change how this looks. So if I go to font size here and change this to, let's say 35 he gets bigger. So personally, I think this looks really, really good. Actually, you could just keep it like this, but I'm now going to show you a really, really cool way that you can create a free logo if you want to 4. Creating Your Blog Post And Social Share Elements: So open up a new window and go to logo maker. And that's L o g o M a k r dot com. Onda should take you here, so click on the cross tour. Get rid of that on, then just go through these. It's a little how to use the website on this little website is actually really useful if you wanna make a free little logo for your blog's or website. So here you can search for anything. So I'm just gonna type in something random, like travel, and it sends back lots on lots of different images, like a news on any one of these could potentially be a logo. When you find one that you like the look off, just click on it and it gets dropped in your dashboard. Here. You can then resize it. If you want to and move it about, you can change the whole color. If you want to buy change color here and then on the right, you can change the color by moving this and change changing it. Any color that you like, change the opacity. It's really flexible. For something free is pretty great. You can also add text by clicking on the text here and then re sizing this toe. However big you want it, you can then move it about using this icon and then typing whatever you want in here. Now, this is obviously a pretty basic logo. I'm just showing you the options that you've got free way of creating something without having to spend any money at all is pretty good, considering this is completely free and you can just use this straight away. And then from here, if you wanted to use this logo, you'd go up here to save logo and then just say no thanks, You don't want to pay for it and then it'll download. Now, if you are going to use a logo using this website, you need to just give logo makers from credit somewhere on the website. And if you need advice to know how to properly do this, you can just click here, and it gives you a quick tutorial on exactly how you can do that. And then, as I said before to upload this logo, you would just go to header and then logo, and you'd uploaded here super easy and simple and I just wanted to give you another way of doing things and to show you there's so much flexibility. Now, I'm not going to use a logo on here, so I'm just gonna remove this text tohave it blank like that. I think this looks really, really good. So I'm going to go back again, and I'm going to go to fit a bottom. And then I'm gonna disable this because right now, at the foot of the bottom below your for that, you've got this, which is another kind of little menu. And you've got some copyright information right here. I don't really want this. So I'm gonna disable this, and then that will disappear. Okay. Now I want to show you how you can edit this social menu up here. So let's go to your head her again and then social menu. And then here you can enable or disable the social menu. You can choose whether you want a simple or colored or minimal Simple, I think looks the best. You choose whether to open the social platform in a new window or the same window. I'm going to choose a new window and you've got a few other options here, such as the color on. Then you add your links in here. So for Twitter or Facebook or anything that use, just add in your your girls for different platforms in here. And if you don't want one of these showing, just get rid of this hash, and it will remove it from your social menu. Simple. Then publish on. Go back now. I don't want this search. I can hear this little magnifying glass, so I'm going to remove this. So let's go, Teoh Header and then many scroll down on Find the search icon here on just disabled up and then click on Publish, Go back and then go to General and you want to set this style here to minimal and then publish again. And now you're older. So now click on the cross to exit And now we're gonna get into creating block posts, and I'm gonna show you the best way of doing it. Quickest way the simplest way. So let's go toe posts here on all posts on. You'll find that you've got a lot of default posts created here, and that's because we imported the templates earlier, so I'm gonna collect here to select all of them and then cook unmoved trash on reply. All right, so all of those block posts have gone on. I've just created a block post because I want to show you what a finished block person looks like. So this way it can give you a better view of how you can put them together, how they're created, You know how they're structured. So let's click on edit here, because after I'm gonna then take you through exactly how to do this, how to create a block post because there are lots of different creative things that you could do. And I'm just going to show you a few ways that you can get creative, make your block posts look really, really nice on dumb. Yeah. Then you can go from there and create pretty much anything that you want. So this is the finished a block post? I've just put together a simple but really nice looking post on dime. Just using demo tech stairs, You know, doesn't say anything, obviously, but this is just demo text, and I'm using some images of a beautiful sailing boat. And this reminds me of when I went sailing and ah, because I used to sell yachts and delivery ox around the world used to sell around the world, which was an amazing lifestyle. Really beautiful thing to do. Amazing way to see the world as well if anyone is wanting to get out and see the world. But so this block post shows a couple of these pictures a main picture here and some text or to the right of that. So let's go through and have a look. So this is your blawg post title up here and then in here is the main content of your block posts. Everything down here is what people are going to read. What is the main structure of the block post And this text here? All of this is just a paragraph or different paragraphs put together. So that is 12 and three. I'm sure you know that. And then here is a heading. Now this is called heading ones. If I school up here, you can see there's different sized headings here, and this one is heading one. So it's just counseled that certify then is actually made into a paragraph. So if I know they go click heading one. It makes into a heading. So that's really easy. So any text here, you can You know, if you wanna make any kind of text into heading, you just write whatever you want, highlight it and then highlight it on then school about on make it into a heading any time that you want. So that's super easy, obviously. And then this really cool looking section is called a block quote on When you actually see the finished block post, you'll see what that looks like. Exactly. So it just gives you this blue line at the moment. But there is called a block quote. So if I highlight this text and school up again, you can see Blaquart is has been selected. So if I undo that on then school back down, See? Taken that off. Now, if I click on again, block quote easy. Another paragraph right there. All of this is obviously super easy. You got all of these tools appear to do anything that you want. Onda, let's go through these So again you got your headings and paragraph here. You've done bold tax. You can Tallis eyes it. You can make a bullet lest number, lest block quote like I've just shown you could align the text however you want on, you can create links. This is how you create links. So if I was to highlights and text there, you know, So if it said collect here to go to my YouTube channel, let's say you'd highlight that text click here or something. Then you would click on this and then you would put the channel the YouTube channel link in here so your YouTube channel link would go in here, then apply and you're golden. To remove the link, you just click that that is an insert. Read more tag, which could be really useful, but you don't really need that at the moment. But again, if you put your mouse wherever you want it, so I'm gonna have it where the cursor is there, and I inserted one of those see that inserts this dotted line and more so what I does is when someone reads the post, they have to click a button that says, Read more, and then the rest shows up so it can make things look quite clean and tidy. But to be honest. You don't really need it when you're creating a block post like this, so it will remove that. You gotta add media button here, but I'm gonna show you a much better way of doing it on this button. Toggles a few more tools down here. So you've got text color. Could be pretty cool to play around with. You've got some lines and all kinds of random stuff here. So you have a look. There's an undo and redo button there as well. So yeah, just play around and see what you like. Let's now go down here and I'm gonna show you a few more things that you can do. Now. This image here in this text is there They are both called a media and text block because they're actually together. So you have an image to the left or to the right, and then some text and the text kind of goes around the image. It looks really nice, especially when we're going to check out the broad post in a minute. This is, as you know, a paragraph. You see, it is coming up with paragraph of the top here as I score over it on these two images are a little gallery. I've just added a little gallery of a couple of images at the bottom, and you can add as much as you want. Here, you can add more stuff. You see, as I scroll down here, a plus icon appears. And if you click on that, you get all of these different blocks come up, we scroll down, you got all kinds of different things. Absolutely pretty much unlimited supply of tools to make your blood posts. Look, however, you want them to look at that you got so much flexibility on like I'm not gonna go to all of these. It would take me hours to just show you everything. But things are pretty much as they look the audio block. Let's you add some music or an audio file. Perhaps someone can download that musical file, get out of heading meteor and text like I just showed you paragraph on Image a gallery that that's the block quote again. And there's all kinds of things here in the best way. Teoh see everything or know how everything works. Just look around, literally. Just look around and have a go with things, see what they do and how they work. That's the best way forwards to find out what works for you. So now I'm gonna show you exactly how to create a blood post like this. So let's go to post on the tool by here and then click on our new Okay, this is what a blood post looks like. It's like a blank canvas. This is where you put the title of your book Post on Did in Here is a low content of your blood post so really simple. So it's out of titling, and for now, you can always just follow along with what I'm doing. Just to get the hang of things, you can create the same block posters me or if you want to create your own blood post and just follow the steps that I'm doing, adding in your own content. So I've done the title of my block post right there, and now I want to add in the content so you can either start as it said, start writing or, you know, choose a block, whatever. So to choose a block, you would go on to the ad block icon here. Click it and you can add a block in what I'm gonna do just to start with this, add some content in just copy and pasted some content. So basically, I just right some content. And so just pretend I've written both of these. That's all I've done, but I've just pasted them in. Okay, so that's the first bit of my block post. And if you ever need to, by the way, pause this video on carry on when you're ready. So now to add in the blocks, I would scroll up here, click on head out of blocking on, let's add in a media and text block so that's gonna be the image on the text of the right. So I'm gonna add that in. Andi is gonna add in above this cause the plus icon was just slightly above. So I'm gonna move it down using these arrows here, so I'm gonna click this one move down, then I'm going to You can either upload your image or go to your media library, So I'm gonna go to my media library and I'm gonna add this image in here. I'm going to select that and then that gets out it in straight away, already looking really, really cool. So then then is simple. You just type in more content here again. I'm gonna just paste in some content, Andi, yet I guess that's my husband. The text has come really, really big. And visitors normal. It sometimes does that. So over on the right here, you've got settings for each of the old blocks. So right now this is a paragraph block. So on the right are the settings with this on, This is the font size. So I'm going to reduce this to about a lot. Something like that. There we go for that. Now, you've also got dropped cup here, which looks really cool. We add that in there we go. So basically, Bolds on makes the first letter of the first word really big looks really recall. I like that quite a lot. You've also got color settings there. So this is the background color of the text or the text color itself. I'm not going to change the text color or the background color. I'm just gonna leave. It is it is. But that's there if you want it. Andi, I think that's about it. You've got document settings here as well, but that applies to the whole block post. So if you want to, you can make the visibility of the block post public or you can save it was a draft and make it privates. If you don't want people to see it yet you can adding categories here and tags. It's got some default categories because of the template that we added earlier. I am not going to use any categories or tags, but they can be useful if you want people that are reading one type of block posts to find your other book posts. So, for example, for this travel block post, I could create a category. There's one here actually travel on. Then I could add all my other travel block posts to this category. So then my readers would see every other block post it. Just make sure that your block posts are found more easily now. You've also got featured image here on. This is really important because the featured images it's the image that people see on the block itself off that block post. So if we go to the finished website and have a look. So this is the featured image. This big image right here. Andi is the feature image of this block post. So I hope that makes more sense. Now on this is clickable to go to the block Post itself on dso is the header or the title here. So we definitely want out in a featured image because this looks amazing. So click on set featured image, and you can either add one from your media library or go to upload files on select a father you want to use. So I know what I want to use. I want to use this beautiful waves image again. So I'm gonna select that I'm not gets out it in straight away. Beautiful. Okay, so let's scroll down, and I'm gonna add in some more blocks below sea. As I scroll below this block here, the plus icon appears to the left. You've also got some options here. You can add in your recently used two blocks if you want to. So you've got a add media and text Add image andan at a gallery and actually I want to add a gallery. I think in a minute so I might do that. But for now, I'm gonna add in a paragraph on again, I'm just gonna paste in some text. Perfect on, Ben. I want to add in another block. So again may need to click off this to get the plus plus icon up again. So there it is. So you click on that, and I'm gonna add in a gallery. There it is. Um, again. Remember, you could move these up or down using these hours. I'm gonna move it down on. Then I'm gonna go to Media Library on Choose the images that I want in my galleries. And I want these two. So I'm gonna select those two and then create new gallery here and then insert gallery. Unlike galleries made straight away. It's so quick and easy, Perfect. And it does give you the option to add more images to the gallery if you want to. All right, so it's that easy. Ah, that's all. You have to do your blood post. I mean, there's a lot more to it if you want to get more technical, but this looks beautiful as it is, Guys, you'd really don't need to do anything else. The only other thing you want to do to this block post is go to your head of hair and then had a style you want to change to minimal. That will make sure that your new menu at the top looks the same as every other page. And that's about it. That's all you have to do. Remember, you can make things clickable and add links in. You can click this image and edit it using this pencil like on. You got all kinds of options if you wanted to quickly duplicate an image that's there as well. But for now, this looks amazing. So I'm just gonna click on, publish at the top here and then publish again and you're done. We're done creating this block post. So if we now go and have a look, our blawg on this brand new block post got pound open up in a new tab or new window. Amazing. This looks so good. I hope you're happy with us. So proud of you. By the way, That I mean, I know many people do this. I hope you're aware that you're doing something that know a lot of people. Actually get to do. You're doing so well. So well done. So let's go to your blogging. Now on. There we go. This is how your bloggers looking. Now, you might be wondering why are there to block posts up here That look a bit old? They shouldn't be there. And I'll explain that in a minute. You're right. They shouldn't be there. And we've got Jupiter Block posts as well. So I'm gonna show you how to clean up in a minute. But this is the book post you just created, and it's looking absolutely amazing. I hope you're happy. That's click on, Continue reading. And there we go. Absolutely amazing. You should be really proud. Let's look beautiful. And then you've got some sharing things here as well. Please share their. So he gives people lots and lots of choice off where they can show your block Post. This is so important. And in fact, this is one of my tips in this video. Being able to share your content around social media is the biggest thing right now that you can do to grow your brand and get people aware of your story and your blawg. If you can get just one or two people to share your block post on their social media. That means, I mean, just think about how many friends people have on social media now. How many followers they have. That means all of their followers and all of their friends are going to see your block post . So you definitely want to make the best use of these sharing buttons people, and also leave comments here. How good is that? You can start creating a thriving community on your block, so that is really exciting in itself. On his the sidebar that we created earlier you got some recent posts here on a quick about me right there. And remember, you can change this in the widgets on your toolbar, and I'll show you that again right now. 5. Creating Your About & Contact Pages| Bonus Creating Beautiful Images With Canva: So you're back in WordPress. Good. Your appearance on widgets and this is where you can change all of that. Your toe widgets on, then the about me section right here. And you can change that right there. You can add in your links to the social media there on to change the image. Here, you just upload an image using the media library. If you want to whatever you want, so you can add in an image of you. Let's say a lot in whatever. Let's try this on on, then insert on. Then you consejo over the bottom. In fact, it's already saved, but you can click save their on DWI. Done. So remember, we have duped. Look at block posts and we had to block posts at the top. They shouldn't have bean there. Now there's a couple of things that you need to do. You need a really, really important to remove those block posts at the top. So the first thing is, go to plug ins here and then installed plug ins. Scroll down on. You are looking for the ocean posts slider, which is this one. So this is the plug in that's causing those those posts at the top to show up on top of your already created posts. So we want to do is just click on deactivate on. Then if you want to, you can delete it because we don't really need it. But I'm just gonna leave it as it is. Just like that, Andi. Then you want to go to pages on all pages and find your block page on Click on Edit. So now scroll down and you're looking for these custom fields here. Now, if you haven't got these up, you want to scroll up again on find screen options at the top here, Andi, make sure custom fields is ticked and then it will show up. So in the custom fields, you want to scroll down and you want to find this setting here, ocean display header. And it should have this code in here. Ocean Post slide. I d 287 again, this is what's causing those posts to come up. So just delete that and you're all done that all you need to do? That's just check for the rest. So that's it. That's all you need to do here and then just make sure to update your blood page on def. We now go and check our blawg. It should be looking amazing. Andi, There we go. Much, much better. So it's not showing those ridiculous block posts at the top. That shouldn't be showing up. And if I just click on this block post again. Normal. Beautiful. And there we go. This is the block post that we created earlier. Like I showed you before. Absolutely amazing. So happy with us. I hope you are, Teoh. Hope you're having fun doing this and excited what you can accomplish going forwards now, you know, got the knowledge to create any type of blood post that you can think off videos, images, anything. Really so perfect. Now let's go back to our dashboard. And I'm going to show you that last step to creating this beautiful blawg, which is your about Page. And after that, I'm gonna share with you some quick tips of my own to make sure that your blog's air getting out there and people are gonna be reading them, right? This is the finished about me page on the block on. I'm really, really happy with how this looks I think it's just beautiful. This whole bloggers just looking amazing, Onda and again, this about me pages really, really easy to Dio is probably gonna take us maximum 5 to 10 minutes to do this less Probably five minutes. It's so quick, Andi e. I mean all of this. You know how to do already? This is just an image in the background. You know how to do that on then? The text here. So that's going to be a few seconds. You've got some text here and some texture that you could just edit another image to the right of that that you can change if you want to. On then this is your footer. And in fact, this footer we can make so we don't have to create again and again. Andi, I'm gonna quickly show you how to do that, which takes a few seconds again. Everything so quick. So let's go and do that now. So first, let's go pages and all pages and then go to your home on click Edit with elemental. Then when you're in there, scroll right down to your footer, This one on, then go here. Right Click on click on savers template. Now I'm gonna name this footer on this is going to enable us to use this anywhere on the blogged. So we have to create again. Like I said, so no click on save Beautiful. So that is now in your templates. And you can insert this any way you want, So come out of there on go back to your dashboard by clicking here on exit to dashboard. Now go to all pages again on define the about page on Let's now click Edit with L A mentor for that and we're going to get this page done. So here it is. Let's make this full screen. So what have we got? We've got an image text again, Loco said, um, text here and image. And then you've got some more section on sections underneath that which you can keep. You can news so, you know, see how what you like and whatever you can remember. You can also go back to the templates by clicking on the plus here anywhere, any way you want to add anything new and you can click on the plus. Okay, So if I click on the plus and then click here. It will take me to invite of elements. If I click here, I can add my own templates as well as an element template. So there are so many options for you to play around. So be creative, play around and see what you like. So for now, I'm gonna carry on with the block that I'm showing it because I think this is just amazing . And I'm loving the look. I don't add anything else. So first things first, let's change this header image on the text. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna remove this tax tail. Don't want to use that. I'm gonna right click on it on click Delete. Just like that. I'm then going, Teoh, change the background image next by clicking here, going to style on, then cooking here to change the image and it takes me into the media library. So for this video, I'm just going to use any image. But if you want to use one of your own images, you can upload, file and obviously select files. So just for this video, choose one of these really beautiful photos that came with the template. Let's go with Let's just go with this one and then in certain media No, you and I am going Teoh, keep that was fixed Because I love the paradox factor. I'll move this to top center. Lt was pretty good. Remember, you've got background overlay which you can change the opacity on this for these header images, you can really create some really cool looking effects and ah, the way this looks It looks really great. There we go. So that's the head of done already. Now I'm gonna scroll down. Oh, actually, I want to change this text, so I'm gonna click on on style typography and it's gonna change the front to change of front to later on the weight. 300 on. That's it. And obviously you can go to advanced on. You can move this up if you want. Teoh, I'm gonna do it slightly by going to margin bottom. What brings the bought? The section underneath, up the padding bottom. There's not. So even I get confused sometimes. Guys, just Laura. There we go. Let's play around player under that No. Yes, Margin top. So that makes it go up slowly. In fact, that makes the section smaller and I made last week in Great. Now we go love it. So next school down on I'm going to change this text hair. So if we quickly look on the finished website but one heading there and the rest is like paragraph text. So that's simple enough. So an element I'm going to remove this taxed here by right clicking and clicking on delete . And then I'm gonna change this text on just right in. Whatever I want. Perfect. And I'm gonna go to style, change the front again. You know how to do this already? Pretty simple, isn't it, then? 300 for the wait on. I'm done. I'm not gonna change this tax. I'm just doing this for the video. You know, I don't need to write anything really here, But obviously you'll want Teoh, right? Description about yourself. Maybe. What's your story? Why you creating a block? What are you writing about? Give people some clarity on you know why you're doing this? What your content is about, you know, tell them about what you're doing. Just get them excited. And just so they can get to know you a bit more. Next is this picture here. So we do, obviously, is Click it on, then click here to read it. So I'm gonna click that on. And I've just used a general photo for this. You know, I'm just showing you how to do this. So I'll just just for an example, I will use I'll go to upload files, select files on here. We get all use this on right here. So choose up great and then insert media. And that's the image done I'm going to go to style on. I'm gonna change the opacity here because, as you can see, it's a little bit dark, so I'm just gonna light in the up, get rid of that capacity pretty much. No, it looks much better, Onda. And there are so many options to play around with. The element is so flexible that there are unlimited ways to create a post or page anyway, that's looking absolutely amazing. So that school down on. As I said, you've got other sections here. I'm going to remove these, but feel free. Teoh, use them if you want to. Sometimes going to remove these. And then there's your foot or again. But we're gonna use this because we've already created a foot. So I'm going to remove that. Then I'm going to click on the middle. I come out a template and then my templates here and you'll find your foot at the bottom, which we saved earlier. So then just click on Insert Onda. Click. No, because this will import the settings for that section. If you click on yes, it'll import the settings as well. Which will change? It could change the entire look of the page so you don't want that. So just click on. No. And there we go. There's your footer so we make it full screen. That looks absolutely amazing. I mean, how long did that take us? A few minutes. Amazing guys. Absolutely amazing. I love it. So I think we're done. That's our whole Blawg completed. So that's update to save everything, updated the bottom to save everything you've done. I've got to say I'm really proud of you. If you've got this, find a video. I congratulate you because not many people have the perseverance and the confidence to go ahead with this. So what you've just done is a huge achievement, so really well done So let's go back to the dashboard by clicking here and then exit to dashboard on. Let's take a look at your beautiful new blawg. Let's click here and open the block up so the house is looking pretty incredible Home. Say happy with it. I really hope you're happy. This is just absolutely amazing. This is the start off something really, really amazing for you. I'm so excited on. I really, really want to hear from from you. Please. In the comments, let me know what you've created. By using this video, I would love to see your different blocks and what you've come up with images, what your blog's about. We would love to know. Websites made easy. So tell us in the comments what you've created and share your block to everyone else. It would be great to see what you created. As I said, So that's the home page. Let's click on about about Paige that we've just done incredible blawg and there's your blawg for the moment. Obviously, I've only got one block post, but when you've got multiple block posts, they'll just be underneath each other. Let's click on this block post. It's just so clean and sophisticated. I love it when people can leave a comment and grow your community. It's amazing. So you finished creating your blawg, and it's looking absolutely amazing. Now you're ready to start creating or block posts on bringing people in to read those broad posts and engage with each other and grow that community. Now this is a really, really exciting time for you because the opportunities are pretty much limitless. But what do you do now to get people onto your blawg? What's the next step? You can create your block posts with the hope that people will visit your blog's and read them. But what some really good ways to get people's attention and get them directly visiting your blawg. Now I'm going to share with you just a couple of ways that you could do this on their proven ways to grow a brand, grow a community and start building that up, and they're really easy. And they're very well known, and one of them is Facebook. Nearly everyone in the world has Facebook, but what you can do to differentiate yourself is have a Facebook page. A Facebook page is gonna be like an extension of your blog's. If you create your Facebook page and build it up, you can then link every post that you create to that page, so that will automatically bring people onto your blawg on. This is our Facebook page of websites made easy, really easy to create. It's so essential to do this. If you were to do one thing after this video, I would recommend that you go and create a Facebook page and start building that up because , as you can see, you can do posts on your Facebook page on these can be little snippets of the block post that you create on your blawg, so that's my first step. The other thing that you can do is have an INSTAGRAM account now, other than Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is probably the third biggest social platform in the world. And of course, Instagram is all about posting photos as well as videos, so it makes sense to be on instagram. If your blogger and again it's really easy to start, you can actually log in with your Facebook, or you can create an account using your email. But once you've got an INSTAGRAM account, so one of those posts could be a photo from your block post. So that's another way of linking your block post with your hundreds or thousands of followers on your INSTAGRAM account. Of course, you'll need to build us up. It's not gonna happen overnight, but doing these things build your brand up. And that is one of the most important things to do in this modern day of technology and the Internet. Now my third and final tip is called Can Va, and this is an incredible tool for creating all kinds off content such as. Here we go. You can create Facebook pastes, YouTube thumbnails. You can even create logos on her social media posts. Posters covers all kinds of things there. Andi. I use this myself for my own social media platforms, and it's working absolutely amazingly for May. Once you create an account, you just click on, create a design on Did. You can choose what kind of design your looking to create. So an instagram post Let's go without and then you'll be in this screen on. You can choose from all kinds of templates here that you can then go on and customize So let's just pick one at random here. Let's go with Let's just go with this one for an example. So this would be ideal if you've got a product that you're selling, so it says end of season sale get 50% off. This would be a really, really cool instagram post, and you could then link that to your shop or to your Blawg or to the product itself. And as you can see, all of this is eligible, you can move it around. You can change the background picture. It's a lot completely customizable. This is a hugely popular tool, and it's so, so useful if you're a bit stuck for creating posts on Facebook or Instagram. This gives you everything you need to do. Those really inspiring hosts that get people to click on. Visit your website or your blawg on the left. You got a toolbar with different elements. Text, all kinds of texture. It's so amazing. So you know you do is click on it to add something in. So there you go. You just click on it as anything you want in her. It's really, really amazing. You can upload your own images like I've done here. There's the image of that canoe again, and you can then resize and just make it exactly what you want. And remember, there's all kinds of different platforms that you can use from Facebook posts, even documents, presentations, letters or personal things like birthday cards and photo collages. It's really, really amazing. So I really recommend that you have a look around and see what you can create. So I really, really hope you've enjoyed this video and it's helped you a lot. You can find all our other videos over on our YouTube channel. We've create videos all the time to help you create an online business and to make your dreams a reality. If this video has helped you, please give me a like Andi, subscribe. If you want to see our other content coming up, we've got some amazing plans that I know that you don't wanna miss. So thank you for watching my name's Theo and I'll see you in the next video