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17 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

    • 3. 1 Believe In Yourself

    • 4. 2 Believe In Yourself

    • 5. 3 Believe In Yourself

    • 6. 4 Believe In Yourself

    • 7. Pusle Intro

    • 8. 1 Wonderfull tonight

    • 9. 2 This masqurade

    • 10. 3 No one

    • 11. 1 posture intro

    • 12. 2 posture

    • 13. 3 Posture

    • 14. 1 breating intro

    • 15. 2 breating

    • 16. 3 breating



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1. Course Introduction: hello and welcome to the side, where you can learn to see it has to be fun to sing. So before we begin, I would like to say that even though you are working hard on learning to sing correctly, don't forget to have fun with it as well. Some size. You also need just to sing for fun and not practice all the time. Freedom of body and so will make it easier for you to learn something new. To be good at singing requires different things. It's important that you learn how music is built up. You must learn how to separate instruments and voices because the voice part is the part that you are going to replace when you are the singer. When you start singing, you need to find the courage to reap Reese, the original singer. You have to know what it is to sing in pitch. Then you have to learn how to breathe correctly because that's the basic to support your voice. The right voice technique will make you sound the way you want, and it will also make you feel that it feels right and easy. You also need to have a good sense rhythm in your body, so it's feels naturally the rhythm must affect your body. Souls like you cannot stain. Still, imagine that these four topics courage to sing pits and music knowledge, breathing and supporting the voice and rhythm our roads. You need to know how to drive on each road separately. When you could do that, you can begin to use all four routes at the same time. I think that theory is important because the best teacher is yourself when you know is theory. Of course, you have to know something about the right result. Something about where the next goal is. So you know in which direction you need to go. You're your own judge, so you need to know the rules. You can make some rules yourself, but the are some rules that are common that you must follow to hit a note and to keep the rhythm are two off those rules, and they are the most basic ones. A lot of people do actually not know what it means to sing out of tune, Alter sing in pitch, as we call it. When we hit the note perfectly, they just think that it's out of tune if they hear themselves or somebody else with a voice that they don't like. Unfortunately, it keeps a lot of people from singing because they I embarrassed if they think they cannot hit the right note that, hey, don't that that keep you away from singing? It doesn't have anything to do with musical skills or not. Maybe the problem is not singing out of tune, but this sound of the voice instead, singing and pitch has to do with his things right. Hurts with depends on how first the vocal cords are moving. Hers are sound waves. The vocal court should be moving with the same speed as the hurts in a note you want to hit . But if you're not supporting the right way, your bold court or the muscles around can beat sense. And that can prevent the vocal courts to go into the right position. If there's a problem with the sound quality in a voice, it has something to do with the space that is made between the vote court and the front teeth, and that you can change by learning technique so you can tighten and relax the muscles in control. Open the closure mouth to get a bigger a smaller space, which is changing the sound and so on. If you have problems with singing in pitch or problems with the sound quality, it often comes from problems with supporting, and problems with supporting often comes from wrong breathing and wrong. Breathing often comes if the whole body is in a wrong position and out of burnings. Learning to control your voice is necessary, but it's not enough. In parallel, you should work with how your singing voice becomes. One becomes instrument in the context in a band when you sing a song, and here the rhythm is important for the flow of the music. So you see, all four roads are very important side by side. As a teacher, I see student missing just one route, and that makes it awful apart. Sometimes people have a nice voice, but only for half an hour, and the voice is gone. That is usually due to support problems. Therefore, I will recommend everyone who hasn't received education to get through all the levels. Now, if we imagine a table with four legs instead of the roads, you can imagine that it is important that the four legs are equally long. If not, things are unstable and that makes it unsafe, which can have an effect on the body stress pattern, which causes problems, etcetera. When all lives are equally long, you are ready to move on to the next level, and all the four legs can grow longer and longer. The content off the legs will change when you work, and they'll be more and more legs to develop. It's like everything else that you want to explore. The more you know, the more you know that you don't know. I always think it's a good idea to work with more areas at the same time. And if one area is difficult, then you should give it even more attention. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. 2. Can Anyone Learn To Sing?: Hi, I'm Nick here for Jacob's vocal lessons. And today, of course, I want to talk about singing. Singing is one of the most fundamentally human activities I can imagine. It predates history. In some sense. I probably predates Formalized, speaking recently seen. We're happy when we're sad when we love when we lose and we sing just because the sun is shining way seeing impulsively and uncontrollably. Yet we asked ourselves, Can anyone learn to sing as if it's this ethereal, untouchable sort of thing? We've turned it into today. But when asked, Can anyone learn to sing? I have to answer Yes, absolutely there is. There is no doubt about it. If you can speak, if you have a voice, you're basically already a singer. You just have to learn how to use it. Now may be thinking that's that's impossible. I have friends who could speak until they're blue in the face but couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Or you might be thinking, I'm that person. Don't worry. If you can speak, you can already see. So over the next few minutes I'm gonna give you three super simple tips to get you singing healthfully. and skillfully. The 1st 1 is to sing with your voice may sound pedantic, but we all have. These are all images of how we should could or even do sound. We spend our whole lives subjected to reported voices that have been processed by microphones and equalizers and compressors, and the list goes on. We love the sounds created by these technological marvels, and we want to emulate it. After all, the sound is being produced by a human voice at its court right. But many of the performers, although they may be really great singers, the final product where we're hearing is never an actual representation of the human voice . When you're seeing, you shouldn't attempt to match these impossible feats in their entirety, and I'll let you a little secret. A lot of these performers, the they don't sound like they do on the radio, either. Even the best performers can never sound like that electronically processed music instead of trying mass that you should really carve your own path to the same end result, seeing in a way that feels healthful and comfortable to you if something you try seems too difficult or just unreachable back up and try it another way. The chances are you weren't singing the passages helpfully, as you could. Call yourself more difficulty registration or donation. When you see helpfully, I can 100% promise that your audience will enjoy the sound produced, whether it's your favorite or not. Practice developing your own sound and using it to its fullest practice. Flexibility and agility daily practice. Some range extensions daily Basically seeing every day. That's the key to understanding your voice and developing it physically. Which brings me to my second point you're singing. System is much more than just your voice. All of it needs physical conditioning when we seeing, we're engaging a circuit of musculature and folds within our body. The diaphragmatic system activates because of the diaphragm, expanding downward the lungs to expand, creating a vacuum, taking an air and, in the end, at the same time lowering and stabilizing the lyrics in preparation for singing or speaking . Therefore, all of those muscles need to be trained in this process. The diaphragmatic system is possibly the easiest and most essential of the used to train. Consider your concern your ability to breathe, like your ability to put fuel in your car. Even the best car isn't going anywhere without fuel. And even the best voice can't really be at its best without proper breath support without proper fueling. Now, this isn't to say more air is the answer. That's not always the case. Breath support can be a major issue in many new singer that is often the first thing interested by addressed by voice coaches but Overblowing not enough air. It's all it's all subjective and will vary from case to case now. Daily strengthening and strengthening and conditioning of the breathing system will make a dramatic change in your singing. Just as with daily strengthening and conditioning of the voice itself, developing muscle memory and the voice will prove to be key in improving agility, flexibility, range and power. Over time, it's all a matter of practice of spending time, exploring your voice and learning what all it can do time. As with many skills, here is the key to learning to sing, which leads to my third point. There is no magic trick Ticks to singing like a pro in five days may not seem like a tip, and it may not be what you want to hear, but you've seen the videos seeing like a pro in six days. Three easy tricks to be a professional. Try this one. We're tip and you'll sing like Mariah Freakin Carrie. Well, you've probably watched a few of these and possibly even tried the tricks and tips there in . Unfortunately, if you did, you probably didn't get the awe inspiring, earth shattering results video promised you. In fact, it's much more likely that you saw very little real change had your hopes dashed and are now here watching this video, hoping I would tell you the actual magic trick. Well, I'm here to tell you it doesn't exist. However, don't dismay over this. Find solace because this really means that absolutely anyone can learn to sing. It just takes a bit of time and effort. No quick fix nonsense. That's the real magic trick done by professional singers. It's They don't arrive to the world gifted with a golden lyrics musical wisdom. They're people just like you. They've just spent a lot of time with their instrument every day for many, many days, many months and years, and then by the time we see them arrive on the main stage. They've already mastered their art. They master their own unique instruments. It's very rare that we hear the pre professional phase, but I can promise most of them used to sound just like you. So the once again answer the question. Can anyone learn to sing? I have to again say, absolutely unequivocally. Yes, Singing is not the untouchable, ethereal market in manufacturer thing we've turned it into. Today. It's intrinsically uniquely human, but it is not unique to just a few humans. We all have a voice, and each of us has a place where our unique voice is needed. Don't try to be the next Steven Tyler Sam Smith, Ariana Grande A whoever they're already fulfilling the world's need for their unique voices . Instead, be the best you you can be, bringing the voice that is yours and yours alone into the holes that only you can fill. Whether that's a slot in the church choir or the spotlight at the Metropolitan Opera. Whatever it is you do, just go saying we all can't wait to you while I've got your attention. If you can make a quick stop by patriot dot com slash Jacobs vocal lessons, all one word. No underscores or anything and help support this YouTube channel. You really be really helping us out, and I hope you hope you've enjoyed the video. Go saying. 3. 1 Believe In Yourself: Yeah, myself. Yeah. So how will see it on? He started spot on? I don't know. What e o first? Five years? Yeah, they got from a full text, sang on it. But you have so much in effect in their techniques. It's just that I gotta see simply stupid you got I want you like you might have for, like, high instead of taking what any you starters mild. Just a normal way. Thank you for being a vehicle that they had a fork or equality between eating in or forced inside. And anything else People that come into the sea that I scare me just like to see anymore. But thanks for them way land for my team. In all of this, I have no sense. He has a low holy for in abided in witness called the equipment. So they have had my lighter chemically at you also So t visa at your bill witness man, how you mia cops for this man. And you better in the place of the It's been killing on some egotistical Teoh. I'm gonna vein So they're gonna go back to that later. Michael. Leah, You disappoint too. Settle down to married. I have skills. Prostitute in a key. Come for them. They are then shows up. Loser. You have Masson bag him and may bend compound in. Same. That's forcing. He was no kidding. Cumin. Close your hiking. 30 days today, The global in there, you know, times yesterday, waas time, lithe raise and, uh 4. 2 Believe In Yourself: Yeah, well, immediate Futural. Yeah. So listen any of our or their stand mastering the divorce? Um, yeah, it could come. Tone sang. I mean, you're like, some moves quickly mean would make for a nice It is added in my head like you have to make a so dense Syngman He falls that emotions Can I string something So they say she's in the class a stuck in her day dream Been this way since 18 But lately they seems really sinking wasting their never say pretty and shown on my face Goings won't add you have stores offer you know their name in the industry Rain collector Start in a minute the house off and then we'll say Put also u does Attila from insanity offloading their techniques Given the air? Yeah, for stores so far the soon Amazon it'll happen. Sang Min Ali Atmosphere Businessman Street are 10 technical vehicles over Verify student fell student. So therefore, technique that using a god at excellence Tim, a single screen. Oh, look. Rib loves raincoat. Tried to swim and stay afloat. Dry house change wearing. I drive a bit of itself are missing Dad. Come Ayman first say Hamas and sang and always respect for Fridley for this, That's why probably I came it so, yeah, for a little bit for yeah, let's go off US military force scale the fewest people. That little girl for yourself. Music to give Mama showstoppers have sunk. It's why have a pencil in your scallops. We have a system. In times those corporal sing at a medicinal maybe school in lieu of your son boots with us . We're seeing so many past can pay a lent in boxing separate, and most of Gaza will visit him in school. Spiller. It sounds the media saying that this is your big if it angel will die covered Zach Sang. So try military Prison. My killed it. I ever Mulford open with Will May Lee sang the music high. Well, they got that no language in common, Healed a medicine. But due to math, lot have soon and by a different also took the game and every fill up Class 18 stuck in her day dream in this week since 18. But lately affair seen slowly sinking way from Berlin like they scream worse things in life come free to us. One. Go far couple grounds 5. 3 Believe In Yourself: you eat it? Yes, I smoke. I could tell the world just one thing. It would be all okay. You come back at May I like to mock Still means So what becomes day? I Santillan me in school concerned they were called after me, nor mortal are so let us assume the tears and given me reflect on day one of them working like a like a mile Metromedia give until 80 miles for Mafia began men skill used to like to any dimension common right to line the bar. Yes, it's a low t two of these men. It was God save Theo. Oh, well, she you toe I will get that. 6. 4 Believe In Yourself: Yeah, I know my time since you lived. C ai techniques. Come in. You get many my shown on some bits holiday afternoon and massive act of God in their mouth for stole. What element? Skateboards and student. Most people wait. I have to start being more successful. Salmon everywhere stays you so I can see magazines. You live, Tom Jackson. Thanks. A headache. NASA show. Well here, like half tomorrow seeking 7. Pusle Intro: before you start singing, it would be a good thing to know something about the part you are going to play in the musical context to practice your singing voice. You will sing songs where you will be the lead singer. This is why you have to know the basics off composing music, the context off music. You may already know a lot of a lot about music. Maybe you can separate each instrument from its brother and that it's always fun to play with the skills to listen. So this is what will work with now in music. There are a lot of very different musical styles and the millions of songs to choose from. Most people have their own favorites in styles and favorite songs. When you were going to run to sing the style and the song, it's not that important. You are going to practise basic skills and learn basic knowledge off how music is made. Later, you can use your skills and knowledge to sing the songs that you love. So listen, watch and learn. When done, you will know I love Maura about the part in the music as a singer 8. 1 Wonderfull tonight: this version of Wonderful Tonight has only four instrument plus singers. First, you hear a Metrodome indicate the rhythm poles and pace. Then the instrument will start one by one. Then comes the lead vocal, and after that, the backing vocals. At a point, the color off the shapes will change. Pay attention to the sound that represents the green shape. If the drum strand green, then listen to the drums and try to ignore the other sounds likewise with the other instruments. This will practice your listening skills. She's wondering what she brushes, and then she iss way everyone working on me because so she way and 9. 2 This masqurade: here we have carpets is playing this mastery. First you hear the instruments separately. Then the sun will start and at the screen you confront of the pieces and you will be able to see when each instruments is active. Drums Uh huh. Way really happy with this lonely game we play looking for the right words to say I'm really happy with this lonely game way looking for the right words to soothe searching but not finding Be understanding in this both afraid to say we're just too far way from being lose together From the start we tried to talk it over, but the words got in way. Well, this'll lonely way thoughts of leaving Teoh each time I see you. And no matter to understand the way, carry on this way In this way, this'll loathe way leaving Teoh each time I see you. And no matter to understand the reason way carry on this way Well in Scurry Way 10. 3 No one: Now we'll take a look at the sun No. One by any Shakey's. We will separate the elements off the song to make it easier to see which rolled the single place. In the context. You will get a better understanding of the structure of its song, and by that you'll also have the possibility to get a greater music you'll experience notice this this song only electronic drums used, is also back in after that eyes. Good thing to be able to separate each instrument. Here are other in front drugs. They make the basic ribbon that forms the frame off bass drums. Place on 12341234 Now comes the base. Now he's out the drugs. It goes like this base also follows the basic polls. Now comes the piano tried to separate the piano When all the instruments are no all instruments at the same way Theo can get in the way. You you singer must have basic rhythm inside and must be able Tonto. Now we have the backing vocals backing vocals could be used to make some sound Great thistle several backing vocals. You get in the way now you hear all the vocals to get No. One. No. One. No way I can get in the way I feel for you. You you try to see if you can separate. He's element officer. Listen to the instrument, get it? So people way now violence and now in a kristic guitar way. When you develop your vote, you can learn how to make your vote is half correct shape so it will fit into the all over musical victor collar. Shake off the Apostle pieces is your personal mark, but the musical frames has to be in place first that you can learn through practice, musical skills and vocal exercises. 11. 1 posture intro: your whole body is your instrument when you're going to sing. And actually also when you're talking, therefore you need to have a good pastor. If you have had a bad person for years, your muscles maybe a little too short and too weak, and then it's a good idea to do some gymnastic exercises. The first thing to do, if you want to have the right singing technique is to find your natural and right poster. If you do not start there but bill technique on top on around pastor, it will give you problems. It's like building a beautiful house without a stable foundation. And then we all know what's happened, what will happen over time. So you need to get hold of the right precision and be aware of that. You always have it. Also, when you do not see, that will make your muscles stronger in the right position. In fact, some people have problems with their back because the muscles are too weak. A lot of work positions today do not provide a daily muscular training, so we need to do some training in fitness centers, swimming pools, horseback riding or whatever we like. Many people do not balance their head on the top of the spine because that back is rounded . If you lose your head, your muscles in your back are working too hard. When you raise your head, it gives the feeling of pride, and a sense of being was something. It is true that posture often has something to do with how you feel about yourself. Through work with your body, you can achieve a good, positive self confidence. You get a big of you. When you get up, you feel stronger. And when your chest this lifted, you feel more ready to face challenges. And that feeling is important when you want to sing, because it gives the feeling off freedom and the feeling that it is okay to be in the world just the way you are. And that feeling is important, particularly when you want to find your voice. And if you want to avoid vocal problems, you need to find your voice absolutely and exactly the way it is without in attentions. Now you may sink that your own voice sounds bad, but I don't think it does. But tension can prevent your residence, so you're sounds get flat and sharp. You can also work the other way around and start with personal development. This can give you a better self confidence and then you will rise your head so to sing can be very good both physically and mentally. 12. 2 posture: now, I would like you to learn how it feels when you have the right poster, perhaps your back. It's a little round in the upper part, and that needs to be fixed. Getting it straightened out will help you to sing better, and it will also help you if you have a problem with your back. Generally stand up against the wall. And since the wall with your back, maybe you're surprised how much you need to straighten your back to get your shoulders and your neck to touch the wall. You have a natural sway in the lower part that protects the back from being stiff. But when you sing, you have to keep your back straight. Now since and remember the shape in your shoulder and neck and then leave the wall, place your head just about the spine so you do not have to tighten the neck muscles to do it. Trying to hold and walk around the room with this attitude, How do you feel? Do you feel Toller and stronger? Do you feel proud? Do you feel that you would be seem, or if you go out in the world like this, and how would that be? Try walking around this way and do it from now on and for the rest of your life When you're singing When you're not seeing Keep the head and shoulders like this but let your lower back happen Natural sway It was strengthens your corange and show who you are And it will make you feel stronger so you can sing with yours If you find it difficult and not right for you Then find out why you do not like to show all of you to the whole world Has anybody told you that you are not good enough the way you are? Do you have to hide yourself and control What's okay for all this to see? Do you have the impression that others have the right to judge you? No one has the rights to just you. You are just the way that you are and it's beautiful If you show it to dare to show who you are includes good size and not good size. I do not think that accepting who you are is the same as saying that you think you're perfect. None of us are, but we can be proud of being who we are anyway. Now, take five minutes while walking around the room and feel like a star in your own life. Tell yourself that you were okay. The best you can see, I'm a very open person, and that's okay. Or I can feel embarrassed. And that's OK. Oh, I weigh too much and that's okay. Or I'm one who is speaking too much, and that's okay. Find your own sentences and say that it's OK when you walk around with a good poster and feel proud that you are just the way you are. 13. 3 Posture: pleasure screen so you can see it from where you want to stand. Follow what you see on the screen and do the same. It's a good idea to practice this several times to be sure that you were doing it correct. Find the right poster and relax. To begin with. It might be difficult to stand correct and be relaxed at the same time, but this is what we're going for. Stand with your feet pointing forwards and aligned with your hips. Bend your knees a little forward so you can feel the need. Joints does not look. Bend your torso a little forward over the hips to stretch your lower back so it will get straight. Now get up and lift your stand. Um, your breastbone. Now lived your head and find the ballet's. I feel that your head are balancing on top of your spine. Try to imagine your head sticks on a stick. Oh, that your head is a bowl on the tip of the nose off a sea lion. Stand like this for a moment and find the right balance. Feel that you can relax in the muscles of your neck and in the back off your neck. Let your shoulders be lowered and relaxed, too. I feel that the lower back is straight. Be aware not to let your lower back bend again. If the lower back is not straight, the muscles in your back cannot work. The way that they're supposed to when you are singing is that. Push your behind a little forward to straighten the lower back. Pull your behind up under your torso. You can call it it, tilting the pelvic that be aware that the rest of your body remains straight. Feel a pulling up through your back that makes you toll and operate with your breastbone lifted. This is the basic poster for singing. Many find it hard to feel when the back and the lower baga straight and when it's not. Therefore, it's a good idea to stand up against a wall. Take a step away from the wall with your feet, lean your back against the wall so you can feel the wall with all your backside. You can try to put a little pittle behind the head so your head is kept a little away from the wall to feel that you were doing the tilting with your pelvic tried to press your lower back backwards to the wall. Notice which muscles you are using. Also, notice where on the wall that you are touching it and how much you have to press to get your back and lower back straight. Dissolve the back touch, the wall, the shoulders, the lower back. If you cannot get the whole backside straightened out, then take a further step away from the wall with your feet. If you have a swayed back, you can try to do some gymnastic exercises and stretching to make this way smaller. It requires some ability to get into the correct singing poster. When you get up again, try to hold the upright poster and remember this as the basic poster. Every time you're going to sing when you're not singing, don't keep the pill that tilted, but try to have attention on keeping the back upright and with your chest bone lifted and then you can go out and face the world 14. 1 breating intro: when you're going to learn the right singing technique, you need to know how your body works, your body and your breathing. I like instrument that you need to control. If you want to control your voice, Most people do not think about how they are breathing. But if you want to learn to sing, you need to know how to breathe correctly. Many people breathe in the upper part of the chest, which is not good for the singing. Worse, when you want to learn how to breathe correctly, it's good to know how we're built inside the body. How does the lungs look? And how does that breathing breathing system works so well, take a look at that now. Now he and we have a body with the rips. And with the breast boom, that's what we call chest. More than half of the upper rips are attacked to the breast boom called stand um, the ribs reach all the way around, and therefore this part of the chest is not very moving and flexible. The lower part of the chest is more flexible because the lower ribs are attacked to each other and slope down to a society. The ribs can therefore move mawr in and out at the side of the lower part of the chest. The lungs are located below the upper part of the chest. There's one in each side below the lungs. There's a large muscle called dia from it lies horizontally, like an umbrella shaped muscle under the lungs. It's attack to the lower Ritz and all the way around where it goes slightly down the sides . It is also attacked to Statham and the back boom. These muscles move down and get flat by tension and up like an umbrella by relaxing several times per minute. All allies. And that is what makes the lungs filled and emptied were there. When the DIA from becomes flatter, it's also getting wider, and it draws a lower part of the lungs downwards. It creates a negative pressure in the lungs that is compensated by air sections through the mouth and into the lungs. When the diaphragm relaxed, it rises itself, and the same does the bottom of the lungs. So the space in the lungs became smaller and the air can leak out again. This is the inhalation system. The muscles in front of the stomach that abdomen works. When we are actively blowing out air. There are many muscles in the front of the stomach, just to name some. We have the outermost muscles that goes from the rips up and down to the beauties. The muscles fall into several sections. If we are very strong and slim, we can see that it's forming squares when tightened. We also call that a six pack. Under these muscles, there are other muscles that run in different directions. There is one that goes from the side rips and down to the hip bone and rectum spine. There's one that runs opposite, and it's attacked to the hip boom to the Muslim with the squares and the 3 to 4 lower ribs . And then there's one that goes Horace Sensory. But to make a long story short, we have many abdominal muscles that work together. As we exhale, we are pulling that abdomen backwards so our stomach get thin. This is the ex elation system. It's very good to know the difference between inhalation and exhalation. Muscles view from the side. It looks like this. If you breathe right, it is important that you aren't relaxed in the abdomen of muscle. When you make inhalation, if you are intense in the abdominal muscle, would you breeze in? You prevent the diaphragm from moving downwards. If the abdominal Muslim are tens, there is a wall set up in front of the movement so that it becomes impossible. The upper part of the chest is forced to lift and you will get a chest inspiration, as we call it. And that is not good for singing because the muscles in this throat area can get TIMSS. Another consequence. Off tents, abdominal muscle, maybe a press downwards against the bottle and bladder. It's wrong. It's unhealthy, and it's uncomfortable. So don't do that. Release tension in the stomach and allow it to move outwards by inhaling. As you exhale, the stomach should move and by using the abdominal muscles to pull the novel to orsa spine . When there is no move more air, the abdominal muscles are released on the stomach moves out again. And so it goes on a known again. The stomach goes in and the stomach goes out. There was almost will be movement beyond the side. The dia from also expand that way. So it is important to relax in the muscles that can prevent the lower ribs to move. If you feel locked in the ribs, it may be the upper abdominal muscles, the muscles on the side of the back, all the back muscles that are two teams. They must be relaxed to maximize the mobility. Many people are tight in the abdominal muscle, and it's because it's an old mentally defense system that is activated when we get nervous . If we feel pressure, if we become unsafe, if we hide sadness, anger or shame if we feel unwanted in a group, if we feel stress. Oh, something as Symbolist if we feel we have fat. Therefore it feels good also on the mental level, to work with breathing, to get the best breathing you need for singing. First of all, practice this deep breathing 15. 2 breating: The first thing you got to room is how to breathe correctly when singing. You need to learn the difference between when you are tightening up the stomach muscles and when you are not. Many people find it difficult to notice the difference while standing, so you may have to start by laying down. Find a place where you can lay down, bend your legs so you can put your feet on the ground. You can lay a hand on your stomach just below the navel to feel that your stomach does what you are guided to when you breathe in the stomach should be lifted, and when you breathe out, the stomach shall be lured. Notice if your hand is being lifted when you breathe in and lowered. When you breathe out, make sure that your chest is not moving up and down. If it does, then you are still tied in your stomach muscle. Concentrate by feeling which muscles that wants to tired and and how you can deliberately let go off them and relax. Take a deep breath and feel that your stomach rises your hand. Breathe out and let's stomach moved down against the spine again breathe in where the stomach is lifting on. Breathe out where the stomach is lowered. Breathe in where the stomach rises and breathe out again. Breathe in. Thank Breathe out Breath in your stomach rises on Let go and breathe out and breeze in stomach rises again. Um breathe out. Breathe in on and breathe out. Try no to pull the muscles extra inwards. So you feel skinny when you exhale When there's no more air Let go off the stomach muscle and do it quick Feel how your muscles work No breathes in and breathe out and pull Pull pull on a go Breathe in and breathe out Poo poo poo and go Breathe in and out Pull never to back on you go Breathe out and pull and it go Breathe in it please Out make go three the and breathe out and pull Pull, pull! Let go Then your stomach gets sick Breathe out and get thing Poor poor Onda! Let go! Breathe in, gets sick and breathe out. Pull, pull, pull! Let go! Breathe in Mm Breeze out! Poor boom! Boom! Let go! You can do this exercise daily and you will benefit from the body awareness that you get through it 16. 3 breating: in this exercise, you're going to work on getting a deep and relaxed breathing. Lay down on your back, bend your knees and put your feet on the ground. Relax completely in the body and do not think about your breathing. Keep in mind that you are relaxed. Relax in your neck so the head is lying heavily down to the ground, relaxing your shoulders so they also lie heavily against the ground. Relax your back next down your lower back. Relax in the ties, relaxed the whole leg and your feet relax throughout the body. It's nice and comfortable to relax This way. Perhaps you should think of something good that had happened today. Think of something good and concentrate on that and do not think about your breathing. You're breathing. Will run automatically while you think about good things. All the good things that had happened today. I'll give you some time to think about the good things. Now why you have the picture of something nice that it happened. Try to keep thinking about it while you slowly start giving a little attention to how you breathe. Do not do anything else. You must keep the same breathing while you think off something positive, Try to notice how your stomach works. Instead of doing something, you should notice what this stomach does by itself. Notice how the stomach moves up and down completely by itself. Keep on thinking positive thoughts and stay relaxed in your body. Relax the stomach muscles. Think of your good and nice and relaxed body. Now try to give a little attention to your breathing. How do you breathe when you let your body do the work? You don't have to do anything. Don't try to change your breathing. The body must move completely naturally when you are relaxed. Now, Dr to focus and give some attention on what your body is doing when breathing naturally, What is your body doing completely? Automatically notice it and feel what your stomach muscles do what your back masters do. What is the whole body doing? Feel your body, how it works when you think positive and when you are completely relaxed in your whole body quite calmly, you now begin to focus more directly on your breathing. How are the muscles working? What happens if you start thinking more about your muscles? Work? What happens to your breathing. If you begin to think about it, try to take a little control over your breathing. But the movement must be exactly the same as when you didn't control it. Inhalation, where the stomach is getting sick and exploration where stomach drops down. Against this prime, be aware of the air that you breathe. Get more and more focused on your breathing and start sinking less about what you're done today. Go deeper into your own breathing and injure your own body sensation and become more and more conscious about how you breathe. Try to use your consciousness to breathe. Tell yourself now our inhaling and let my stomach look sick. And now I'm breathing out and making it look thin. Now I'm inhaling and making my stomach looks sick, and now I'm breathing out and making it look thin and feel that the movement pattern is completely the same as when you were unconscious about it. This expansion of your awareness and the expansion off control are really important in seems of singing. You must have a completely clear picture off what you are doing when you tighten your muscles and when you are not. Therefore I would like you to continue with this exercise until you feel how your body works. Maybe you can feel it already. And maybe you have to stay in this exercise longer. You can do it as long as you like. And you can use this guide every day if you want to. 17. GET 14 DAYS OF VOCAL COACHING FOR FREE: what's going on, guys? So today I want to show you guys what's inside the course that we just launched. So basically the other day, we launched a full course that's gonna teach you guys how to sing, and we re launched it with a 14 day free trial. So basically, right now, you can join for free and try it out for 14 days without paying. You are only going to get charged if you stay for more than 14 days so you can check it out , see if it's something for you. And, yeah, so I leave a link in the in the scripts box and let's get to what's inside the course. So, as you can see, we have a short introduction where I get you guys inside our student group, our Facebook group, where you guys can talk to each other, help each other out. You can contact me if you want, need help, and you can talk to head A if you need to help from her. And, yeah, we may be live streaming in there at some point as well, but we're not there yet, so and we have the believe in yourself section which is basically gonna hopefully go get you guys to believe in yourself. I believe that you can learn to sing. Uh, I believe that you can learn to sing well, even though you don't, you know you're not there yet, so yeah, it's just a serious of videos off other people talking about their local journey and, uh, what they like, what they're doing now and how long they have been singing for. And, uh, I also sort of stuff like that. And then we have the gift status section, which is basically, uh, it's a section that's gonna teach you guys to be part off a band. So if you end up singing well, which I hope you do, then you are probably gonna want to sing in a musical context. So you don't wanna sing alone. But in the musical context, where you have to listen to all the other instruments. And if you can't do that, you're not really a complete singer. So this is what this section is gonna teach you about. And then we have the posture section, which it's very important, very important to have a good posture when you sing. So you get eso, you reach your full potential in terms self airflow and stuff like that. Then we have the breathing section, which is probably one of the most important sections in the whole course. Together with support, these two modules are pretty much the foundation off a good voice. So you don't have thes down. Then you will get problems later on with other techniques and stuff like that, and you won't be able to sing health healthily. That's hot work anyway. And support. I just explained that in tune a lot of you guys have problems with singing in tune something. You guys think that you are tone deaf and I promise you that is something you can be taught . It's not something that you're just born with and can't do anything about. You can learn how to sing into Okay, so that's basically what we cover in here. So if you don't know how to sing in tune if you think you're tone deaf, this is for you, Okay? And then we have the rhythm section, which is gonna teach about rhythm, different counting systems and stuff like that to make sure you're not all over the place. when you play in a band and stuff like that. And, uh, relaxation section is all about getting you guys to relax on, get rid off the tension in your body so you can sing with freedom. Um, yeah, that's basically and the last section is songs for rehearsal. And in here we have a ton of content. We have around 16 to 19 videos per song. And in those videos, we are gonna go through all the different techniques that we teach you early on in the course and pretty much guide you through what you are supposed to do with those techniques in that specific song. So pretty much get to apply the techniques that you learn in the course in specific song. So you guys know how to use it in a real sword? So, yeah, that's basically what's inside the course. For now, we are gonna keep creating content for the course and ask stuff like riffs on drums and brought oh, stuff and Maura band stuff. Right now we are teaching all the way from scratch. So even though you don't have an experience at all, then you can still join and learn how to sing. I'll put the link for it down in this. In the description, you could try it out for free, and I hope to see you guys at the course and in the student group and I'll see you in the next year.