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How To Shuffle Dance & Learn Party Rock Anthem Shuffle Choreography

teacher avatar Cameron Cole, Stay Blessed and Keep Dancing!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. INTRO


    • 3. Choreography Part 1 (Party Rock Anthem)

    • 4. Choreography Part 2 (Party Rock Anthem)

    • 5. Choreography Part 3 (Party Rock Anthem)


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About This Class

In this class,  I am going to teach you how to do the popular shuffle dance.  Once you get the basics steps on how to shuffle dance, I am going to teach you some shuffle dance choreography.  You are literally getting 2 courses in one:)

I teach the fun and simple routine to  LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Shuffle Dance)  From their actual music video

This class is made for people who have absolutely no experience in dancing.

I take you step-by-step how to do the moves; starting from slow then moving it all the way to actual tempo. The moves are easy, simple, and fun like the song!

I highly emphasize the importance of effort over perfection because that's what will help you make progress. This class is perfect for dance enthusiasts, people who want to develop their rhythm, and everyone who just loves to dance.

The Shuffle dance style can be done almost anywhere.  It's a fun way to freestyle to uptempo music.

If this sounds awesome to you then I hope to see you in class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cameron Cole

Stay Blessed and Keep Dancing!


Hello Skillshare!  It's Cameron Cole your dancing affiliate!

I am a self-taught Hip Hop dancer from a small town in Iowa.  I started at the age of 19 in college and went pro after years of hard work and consistency.  Eventually, I became a teacher and now I perform professionally at my local casino doing Michael Jackson impersonations and much more!  I've even gotten the chance to open up for various platinum artists such as Twista, & The Ying Yang Twins.   My Git Up Challenge Youtube dance video was featured in the 2019 Teen Choice Awards which broke 1 Million Youtube Views!

Dance is a huge passion of mine and makes life more exciting for me and my team as well.  I love how the power of dance breaks all boundaries and stereotyp... See full profile

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1. INTRO: Hello, Skill shares. Camera Cole, you're dancing Affiliate. I got it right the first time pattern back again. So if you clicked on this course, you must be interested in learning how to shuffle dance. Well, forget to it. We're gonna talk about history of it. The shuffle dance actually came from Australia back in the late 19 eighties. Early 19 nineties, the Shuffle Dance was popular for upbeat techno music and underground clubs where people were dancing freestyle Decades later, the shuffle dance has evolved into break dancing in hip hop My favorite. So in this course I'm gonna teach you in four minutes how to do the shuffle dance. You could really learn this today and go out tomorrow and go out and do this dance at your next party, your friend's house or in the club The dances really high energy and a lot of fun to do. You can pretty much do this dance to any fast up temple beat. And it's also freestyle Second take wherever you go. Then after that, get done learning the shuffle dance. I'm going to teach you the party rock anthem, choreography, shell for dance. So you're pretty much getting two courses in one. Of course. Chemical here danced affiliates. They blessed keep dancing. Let's get into it 2. HOW TO SHUFFLE DANCE: home's gonna share chemical dance affiliated with part one. So how so? You have no CSI three, please. A glass here. Hopefully I don't break it in administration shuffle. Well, I think this is really essential. Learn, you know. So you shall you see Have to last and everyone's a little bit darker. Mysteries for that was our joyful it outside last left with one house. I start. So the first thing you would do this once like right foot back to the middle station Just like that. You left us. Your life is will come up You celebrate your neo There's so again 67 go. This is not accept what to do. That's what happened at the same time. So demonstration six like it. So the next move to leftist you back to the outside glasses. What things? So they were over but different. You lost me. It's not left with some combat. And then right, So So. Oh, you come down. What? It's like the best teachers. If you practice well, use cases last for Rio. He is what everyone do have already combating evil. Look left Needles up. Uh huh. Now these wish. But what was that right? Look. Oh, there. So that's the basic moves. So put it all together. We'll do it. Your pull out one and two and and were legal. And this home could shelf until most be sold. Six. So, like it's a devastation is Well. Do you have snow share? That's hard to shuffle. Basic your can. Why? Can't calls it. He bought it to get down and want the next class c they carry. 3. Choreography Part 1 (Party Rock Anthem): one more. Let's get into the courtyard. This from the part about? So I you were Let's get into We're excited. Teach this. What gives down Family friend's birthday party Personal is this was your wife therefore Miss? Wish like you're running a place where you know There Grab damn body supporters of your leftism Cool blue six For what? Yeah, Yeah. So when you do this, the left let these will come on fire and it wouldn't switch the right to pull that. You really don't pick it up as much because it's a lexical. My throwing off. So get top six four. Well, to next move, you're gonna go cautious. Lit over course. Right over left. You're right. Part will come out. Ugo would drive. It's just a little like that. Six. Go more together. The whole city is gonna turn cross. So right, cross. They were the newest off, right? So this is our before house or no? What? And that is part one to show. Let's do it all from the top by 67 more. Yeah, Yeah. Carrick Oldest 1,000,000,000. I'll see you next 4. Choreography Part 2 (Party Rock Anthem): I want to part two to have show in Korea. I said I got the first part. Now go. So what you get to the front from? Well, that's right. Cross to Oh, yeah. Your shop too, right? The North figure kind of shuffling, right? Three and four, six girls. You're right. So six. Yeah. You take you right back. Your total This use. So do again for most do you have a spark to for about a year ago. 5. Choreography Part 3 (Party Rock Anthem): we'll still share capital dance. Valuable art talk show for dates. Go right now. So we'll right, That's one. But in the beginning, for one of a little down low Go start rifle, Right? Like what? About double so going four. The first floor looking down the same for No no. So wrote six said six. So that go shell to the back where you left. What's gonna drag? What? What? To 34 Teoh Before you knew a lot? Yes. Four, six, six That rolls here. You got a chance right into six shovels or slide from back stage here, so Ok, well yeah. Then go right back to Michelle. Moves right. That's a little bit. It's about top music. The road goes in this class do with music Have me with video so we wouldn't get But so talk We get six So more four No there for they have you was full Stop Go back to recap What you learn is really far Media dance What you down People shot to family friends Chemical here dancing Philly Last dance on your next one Let's all do it together 6. OFFICIAL FULL SHUFFLE DANCE OUTRO!: every day I'm shuffling E wait Mind Don't be mad at his back. Congratulations, guys. You did it. You know yourself a pat on the back did the dance You learn How do the shuffle even stay with me through choreography? So go out there, show everybody what you can do Make sure you give back and teach somebody else on how to do this Take someone on your wing That's what dance all about So about family community And I was bringing each other up And one nation of the dance community camera co header Danced affiliate I'll see you in the next 10 yeah. You have a dance correlating to hip hop or some type of challenge You won't learn Send me a message on here and I'll see what I could do. Everybody stay, bless and always keep bands Chemical. See you next one