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How To Showcase Your Personal Brand Without Bragging or Boasting

teacher avatar Larry Easto, Best-Selling Writer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Content Marketing

    • 4. The Ideal Marketing Strategy

    • 5. Telling Your Story

    • 6. 3 Key Content Marketing Strategies

    • 7. Your Book

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About This Class

The strategic use of relevant and valuable content in our marketing communications allows you to establish your personal credibility and qualifications without advertising or self-promotion.

In other words, content marketing allows you to showcase your best stuff without bragging or boasting.

By sharing true stories with your audience, you can help them understand how you and your services can help them with their individual issues and opportunities.

By the end of this class, you will know:

  • What content marketing means
  • Why content marketing Is ideal for service-providers
  • How telling your story as part of content marketing
  • 3 key content marketing strategies
  • How writing a book is excellent content marketing strategy

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Larry Easto

Best-Selling Writer


If you earn any part of your livelihood by selling your services, I want to help you attract more clients.

In other words, I want to help you generate more of the new business that you want and deserve.

Long story short,  I have come to understand that marketing services is all about establishing and maintaining relationships with those wonderful people we love to serve … and are good at satisfying.

These marvelous folks are also known as ideal clients.

As short, user-friendly learning opportunities, Skillshare classes can help busy people like you learn more about what marketing is as well as the skills necessary to ge... See full profile

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1. Welcome: Hi there. I'm Larry East. Oh, welcome to my course. How to showcase your best stuff without bragging or boasting. My entire career has been based on providing professional services from legal services to consulting than writing, speaking, teaching and coaching. Until a few years ago, I had never heard the term content marketing. Now that I know the term, I can use it to label much of why dated in the past to generate new business by attracting clients. In all honesty, it was more luck than good management that what I was doing then now has a legitimate business marketing term. Who knew the more I learned about content marketing, the more I loved it? As an avid reader and passionate writer, I love content. This is especially true content that is relevant and valuable, the two defining characteristics of content that is used for content, marketing purposes and, not surprisingly, from the perspective of marketing communications, I believe that content is king. Combining these two factors with what I've learned about content marketing leads me to a fascinating and exciting conclusion. The strategic use of relevant and valuable content in our marketing communications allows us to establish our personal credibility and qualifications without advertising herself Promotion. In other words, content marketing allows us to showcase their best stuff without bragging or boasting By sharing true stories with their audience, We can help them understand how we and our respect of services can help them with their individual issues and opportunities. If you ever corrupt come across an idea or concept that is so exciting, you just can't wait to tell others about it. That's how I feel about content marketing, and it's exactly why I created this class. By the end of this class, you will know what content marketing means why content marketing is ideal for service providers. How telling your story is It is part of content working, three key content marketing strategies and how writing a book is excellent content marketing strategy. The class content is delivered in four key elements. There are five video lessons. That's about 25 minutes of teaching time that this will take the form of narrated Power point slice like this welcome message there three leaning learning tools. There's a learning journal, which is described in the introduction. The action planner also described in the introduction and the class project that you learn vote on completion of the lessons. There's a self study component and that represents about 100 minutes of learning time. That's where you reflect on what was a new idea or concept, all a boat. It's where you draw your own conclusions about how you can apply the new idea, and there's the application itself. How can you apply and benefit from your conclusions? And there's also ongoing in ongoing implementation and support. That's by way of community sharing. Given these teaching elements on completion of the self study elements, you will have learned what you need to know to showcase your best stuff without bragging or boasting. So what will this mean for you? In other words, what's in this class for you? If you want to distinguish yourself from the competition, stand out in a crowded marketplace and generate more business, this class will position you to enjoy any or all of these three benefits. If, however, you don't want any of these outcomes, sorry, this is not the right class for you you before getting into the class itself, there is one other important thing to keep in mind. Content marketing is not a quick fix solution to be applied when the flow of new business starts to slow. It's an ongoing process, like eating and breathing eventually will become an automatic process that you don't even have to think about anymore. Self study elements will get you started on the process, assuming that the process unfolds that the way it's intended, you'll be well on your way to attracting the new business that you need want and yes, even deserve. And how great will that feel? So let's get started. A brief introduction will help you get the most of the lessons that follow. 2. Introduction: before getting into the class content. Here are some suggestions about how you can get the most from the class and, by extension, the best and most effective content marketing possible. If you're experienced with online courses, feel free to skip this introduction and jump right into Lesson one. Otherwise, spend a few minutes on this introduction to get the most of the lessons that follow. Here's an overview of what's in the introduction. I'll talk about the Analog Learning Journal, the Analog Action plan. Also talk about taking in printing Screenshots and put putting all this material together into your content marketing manual. I'll start by explaining what a learning journal is. A Learning Journal is a collection of notes, observations, thoughts and other relevant materials built up over the time you spent working your way through the lessons. Its purpose is to enhance your learning through the process of writing and thinking about your learning experiences. You're learning journalists personal to you and will reflect your personality preferences and experiences. It will all have also help you keep a record of your thoughts and ideas throughout the class. Here's a model that you can use to create your own, either manually or by using a computer. Whichever works best for you. This example is from my referrals course, but you can see how it works. Print hard copy of the Journal from making your notes. As you listen to the lessons, you probably only need one page for lesson and note. The three columns on the left is location. That's where that's the location where the new idea or concept is. The center column allows you to make a note of the idea or the concept and the right hand column details how you can apply it to your own situation Once you've completed the lesson , set aside the Learning Journal to be included in your action plan. And here's the model of an action plan that you can use. This plan is similar in format to The Learning Journal. You can create your own and print as many pages as you need. Note that there are three columns again. The left Hand column details the lesson upon which the action is based. The center calling details the action and the right college details that completion date for the action. This tool will help you plan and track implementation of new ideas and concepts. On completion of the class, you can consolidate The Learning Journal pages into the action plan. As illustrated, this class contains 15 slides with point form outlines of key content. It also contains 20 other slides that may be of interest are useful for future reference. Instead of trying to make notes on the fly, a better approach would be to take screenshots of whatever slides you want and then print hard copies of the screenshots for making your notes. When you have finished the class collected. Consolidate all of your hard copies into a three ring binder for future reference. Now let's take a look at what content marketing is all about. That's unless and one. 3. Content Marketing: Let's start this course by clarifying what content marketing is all a boat. If the content is new to you, this will help you understand what it's all about so you can make the most of it in your marketing. In this lesson, I will discuss the formal definition of content marketing from a leading authority on the concept. A practical definition based on experience, the marketing process, which is how it works and how it is used to attract ideal clients, which is the major benefit of content marketing. Here's the formal definition from the Content Marketing Institute, whose mission is to advance the practice of content marketing. Take a few seconds to read the full definition before I comment on the underlying words and phrases. Let's start with the word process that suggests that content marketing is continuous and not isolated. It's not a once in a while sporadic kind of activity. It's about creating original content based on your own. Know how it experience. It's also about distributing your own archived content for the original content of others. Let's speak about that for a minute. I regularly repost my own evergreen block content that's timeless content that retains its validity over the passage of time. Sometimes I updated. Sometimes I don't. I also repost other people's blawg content. It's OK to repost other people's content, provided you acknowledge the source. When you acknowledge the source, you can also add your notes and comments. If you want to build a relationship with the author of the content, let him or her Noah voter repost that person may return your courtesy by sharing your repost with his or her audience. Condit has to be relevant and valuable. This is the key to content marketing for our purposes. Relevant means closely connected or appropriate to what your clients are doing or considering if content doesn't meet either or both of those criteria, it's not relevant. Shouldn't be part of content marketing. The value lies in generating or saving limited resources, such as time, money or energy. Relevant and valuable content is intended to attract, acquire and engage. This represents the purpose of your content. It's why you are creating or distributing your content. You want to make some kind of connection with your target audience. This audience would include any role of past, present or potentially ideal clients, referral sources and network contacts. Picking up on the element of attract acquire Engage is the strategic objective of driving some kind of customer or client action, each piece of for each piece of content. There is one or more specific actions typically reflected in the call to action. Actions could include complete and order form, make contact or share a piece of content. Certainly, the formal definition of content marketing is both comprehensive and complete. It's also clunky for practical everyday purposes. Here, a couple of less formal, more practical definitions that would hope you keep your eye on the ball on a day to day basis. Pick whichever one works for you. I personally like getting the right message to the right audience using the right media. And now let's take a look at content marketing as a process using the most basic model of a process. There are three components, inputs, action and outputs in cooking. The inputs are the ingredients in the recipe. The action is combining and preparing the ingredients. The outputs are the final dish or item content marketing and puts our branding. That's a concise summary of what distinguishes you from the competition and how that benefits your clients. If you've not yet clarified your personal professional brand, it's a good idea to do that before you undertake content. Marketing action is the combination of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content and the outputs. That's the right message for the right audience using the right media. And here's the payoff for return on the investment For contact marketing, you can expect mawr of the kinds of clients you love to serve and are good at satisfying. These were the ideal clients. Ideal clients represent the best source of marketing information, referrals, testimonials and repeat business way. We now have the basis for the lessons that follow. Content Marketing delivers the right message to the right people using the right media. It connects you with the market, and it also helps attract ideal clients. Now that we know what content marketing is, let's take a look at why it's such an ideal marketing strategy for service providers. 4. The Ideal Marketing Strategy: in this lesson will take a look at what information driven services are why content marketing is the ideal strategy for those of us who provide these services and useful content marketing applications. That's application the sense of applying content marketing as opposed to a mobile app for the most part, personal and professional services air based upon and driven by information. Typically, this information takes the form of any role of the service providers expertise, ability, experience or knowledge. In helping clients, service providers draw upon their individual information banks to develop personalized, customized services for their clients. Unlike producers of tangible goods and commodities, service providers cannot produce an inventory of services that could be storing displayed until consumers air ready to purchase. And even when a consumer is ready to purchase services, it's not a case of simply picking up a prepackaged service to meet his or her needs. Instead, the consumer must seek out and select the appropriate service provider, which, in and of itself can be a challenge. Once connected, consumer and service provider will engage in a conversation about the issue, our opportunity, and after this discussion, the service provider will drop on his or her information base to come up with a solution for the potential client. Good marketing content will achieve two outcomes. First, it would help individual service providers stand out in a crowded marketplace and distinguish themselves from the competition. Second, it will help potential clients learn more about individual service providers and how they help clients. In effect, content marketing helps you showcase your best stuff without bragging or boasting. With that his background. Let's look at how content marketing works in practice. Atlanta first appeared in my referrals course. Here's how Atlanta could use content marketing Elaina's areas specialty is automated bookkeeping. She encourages her clients to use APS that enter data entered their online bookkeeping programs. As a result, her Brentwood focus on how this area of specialty distinguishes distinguishes there from the competition and how clients benefit from this specialty. Her personal and professional brand would be a key feature of all content marketing. Social media, such as linked in and Facebook would be great vehicles for content. She could also blogged about automated bookkeeping and share these posts on her linked in account as well as Facebook business page and group. Given the relative newness of automated bookkeeping. She could also prepare some online courses, explaining how it works and combine these courses into a series of webinars. Murray is a real estate agent who also first appeared to my referrals course. Here's how Murray could use content marketing and have a gardener. Murray specializes in homes with larger lots, with plenty of room for gardens and landscaping. Obviously, this focus would be a common factor in his content marketing as well as his branding. In terms of social media, he would benefit from the media that encourages pictures Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Given his strong community connection, sponsorship of sports teams and special events would be an ideal intent element of his content. Marketing newsletters in either hard copy or electronic format would help showcases local knowledge, as would live seminars. This is the slide from the welcome video that illustrate some of the work that I've done in my career. As I said in the welcome video until a few years ago, I had never heard the term content marketing. Now that I know the term, I can use it to label much of what what I did in the past to generate new business by attracting clients. My brand has always had a small business focus that's being a common element of all of my marketing. Regardless of my service, I seldom declined an invitation to address a group. I have no idea how many speeches, seminars and workshops I've delivered. All of these opportunities are perfect for content marketing. And so was writing a book, a tool that I will discuss in less than five. Just a sigh invariably accepted invitations to speak to groups. I eagerly accepted invitations to write articles for publication in newspapers and magazines, a gang perfect content. Perfect vehicles were content marketing in terms of social media. I am active on both Linked in and Facebook, where I share links to my blog's. They're two key things to remember about content marketing. First, it's an ideal vehicle for service providers, and secondly, it allows you to showcase your best stuff without bragging or boasting. No, let's take a look at the critical element of content marketing telling your story 5. Telling Your Story: in practice. Content marketing is also telling your story and for content, marketing purposes, therefore elements to keep in mind when telling your story. Number one. Everyone had a story number to the right message. Number three, the right audience and number four, the right media. Everyone has a story as individuals. We're all unique, he chose, says different ways of doing things and experiencing events. As a result, we each have a different life experience. This, in turn, means that we also have our own unique and individual story to tell. However, just because everyone has a story to tell, not everyone is interested in your story, my story or even your favorite storyteller from the perspective of content marketing. That's why it's so important to identify the right audience. Similarly, just because everyone has a story to tell, not everyone can share life experience and engaging stories. For many people, telling this story is little more than providing irrelevant and confusing information, leaving it to others to assemble a story from the details. Effective content marketing depends upon conveying the right message. One final note on telling your story is part of content strategy. Fiction is for short stories and novels for content marketing. Keep it real in order to do business with you. Potential clients, referral sources and partners need to know four things about you. First, that you are qualified to provide the services that you offer, second, that you're competent at delivering your services. Note that qualified, incompetent or not always the same. We all know service provider providers who have the proper qualifications but like the hands on, know how of getting the job done. The third element is that you are likable and the forced fourth is that you are trustworthy and showcasing these qualities to your audience. Don't tell them. Show them the best way is through third party testimonials or endorsements. Next best ways by telling objective fact of factual stories that allow listeners or readers to draw the conclusion that you do, in fact, have thes required characteristics. Similarly, there are two things people need to know about your services. First, what are the client benefits for voluntary purchases of services? Clients need to know what benefits they were received from the service. In other words, how will your services improve their lives if clients don't ask directly? Tell them they need to know how you will help them, and the second factor is with him. WfM Keep in mind that when it comes to spending money, all consumers air drone by the Witham issue. No, I'm not talking about the FM radio station Elkin, North Carolina. I'm referring to the ever present consumer issue. What's in it for me? Invariably, the right content marketing message helps potential clients understand the benefits that you and your services will deliver to them. Who is the right audience for your right marketing message? In the briefest of explanations, it's as many people as possible who can contribute to the success of your business. The key here is to go narrow and go deep. Narrow your criteria as much as you dare. Ankle was deep into that audience group, as you possibly can. If you think back to the stories of Al Atlanta and Murray, you'll recall that they used a variety of techniques to get their marketing messages out. For practical purposes, these techniques could be considered communication media. Given today's advances in communication technology, there is virtually no limit to the media available for sending messages. Here is a list of eight possible choices for the right media. Each choice offers analysts alternatives and options. The right media choices depend upon how you interact with your market. How do you interact with your market? For some people, most interaction is in person, as represented by the three folks in the upper left. For others, it's mostly on I online interactions. That's the upper rate image. And for still others, it's a combination of both. Obviously, how you interact with your market depends upon where your market is, with the never ending evolution of communication technology and the marketing that goes with it. Sometimes we get so drawn into the hype that we lose track of who and where market is. As much as I hate to admit it, I've been attracted by some exciting new communication tools and opportunities, only to find they didn't deliver the anticipated results. The bottom line on the right media. It's the media that your market uses most 6. 3 Key Content Marketing Strategies: throughout this class, I've referred to various content marketing strategies. This'll Esther will consolidate three content marketing strategies in one way or another. Each of these strategies has already been introduced individually. Each is good in combination. They can produce some of the best content marketing possible through this lesson, and the one that follows I will be including content from Brian Souter's article in Forbes magazine. Six content marketing strategies that every small business should steal. The original article is available online. Many content marketers get so focused on coming up content and tracking quarterly R A y that they lose sight of the ultimate goal of content marketing to build an audience. That's what all the content is supposed to do. Bill Egan audience is also the driver of business generation for content marketing. It works because if he consistently building, engage an audience. When the members of that audience come around and needing your service, they'll think of you first. Embracing strategy means that you'll have to be more patient. Betty Crocker's content marketing efforts took away took more than 18 months to gain a foothold. We remember them even now because they invested in their audience for decades. They kept doing it, even if they didn't see immediate profits from every single recipe book. But after all that work, how many? Where mothers and grandmothers thought of Betty Crocker and Bisquick first when they needed those type of products For a while, biz quick was almost a Z essential and kitchen staple as milk for our purposes, targeting your audience is all about sending the right message to the right audience. The wrong message is shame, shame of self promotion that serves only to stroke. One's ego Connect. Where your audience meets is a Corolla re idea to several strategies I've mentioned already . The first part of this is focus. Don't go where your audience is not. Don't feel bad for skipping Snapshot. If your audience is over 50 pick your battles carefully according to where your resources can best be spent. That probably means no more than 123 outside content or social media platforms. If you blend this strategy with thinking audience first, you'll know where your people gather online. You'll know which social media platforms they love, which publications and blog's they read and which podcasts are forms or even printed magazines they love, and that should determine your content strategy. Why right? Block posts for podcast listeners or write white papers for Facebook users. In other words, choose the right media for connecting with your audience. The right media is what your audience uses most in the W. A s P. Barco Technologies 2016 State of Small Business Report, 43% of the small business owners surveyed said improve existing customer experience, and retention was one of their strategies to improve revenue growth. Applying this is simple. Create content for your existing clients. Typically, this means a closer relationship with your suppliers and other network contacts who also interact with your clients. They cannot, from provide new and helpful insights into clients, needs and wants. I continue to be both amazed and amused at how much every business professors its commitment to quality service. But not every business top walks. The talk, just the beer. Mention of quality service probably triggers as many memories of really bad service as it does really good service. Effective content marketing can be a great vehicle for showcasing quality service. By delivering outstanding content, you can exceed client expectations. Don't stop a good quality service. Use your content, deliver a memorable experience for clients. And now let's take a look at the ultimate content marketing power tool rating your own book . 7. Your Book: I've saved the best for last. Let's start this lesson with the true story. Once upon a time very early in the consultant phase of my career, I wanted to learn more about building successful consulting practice. So I went to a seminar conducted by a well established consultant to learn more about the tools and tricks of the tree. Throughout the morning presentations, several presenters made reference to their books. At the start of the afternoon session, the moderator reported that over the lunch break, many participants had asked presenters about writing a book. He would have to say that if there was enough interest, he would conduct a mini workshop on writing and publishing a book after the seminar. Like most of the audience, I love the idea. His workshop was amazing, although I had fantasized about writing a book and never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible sees of my writing. A book had been planted on the way home from the seminar. I reflected on the lessons learned by the time I was Herm home. A plan for opposing my first book had presented itself about six months and several $1000 in design, typesetting and printing expenses. Later, I had my own book in my hands. What an awesome feeling In Brian Souter's words, it's weird how so few people talk about writing a book as a content marketing tool. It appears to be one of the most successful, content driven marketing strategies around. It's worked for decades and still works now. Of course, not every business in the world would benefit from a book, but many would. They seem to be especially successful for anyone in business to business or anyone selling something complex. If you just rolled your eyes and thought, I could never write a book, Guess what? You don't have to rate your book. There are ghost writers and writing coaches around who do nothing but right or help with other people's business books. Here's why Books work. Ah, book is a multi purpose marketing tool. First, it builds your authority. Second, it gets you in front of a much larger audience, such as readers on Amazon and Beyond. Third, it's a gift you can give the new clients or prince prospective clients and forth. Its content can be reformatted and reused, reused into other formats like presentations, quizzes, slides and more. That's a process called repurpose in content. About the time that I Larry wrote, my first book, Third Party Publishing, was kinder, considered the best if not only publishing option. Soon after self publishing, my first book, I was fortunate enough to have Double A purchased the race to the second edition This'll ed to double they also publishing my second book. Following these two books, McGraw Hill invited me to prepare a networking book for them. And following this book, I wrote two idiots guides. What triggered this run of books produced by a major publishing house? It was the self published version of my first book, the first edition of My Home business book. Long story short, the world of self publishing has changed dramatically over the past two decades. At this point, if you conform at a word document, you can self publish any book and distributed through Amazon and similar online retailers at no cost. Really, you really can. Now let's talk about the bountiful harvest that came from that long ago planting of the book writing seat. For me, for purposes of content marketing, this list is what could be considered a summary of content in inventory and content plan by way of explanation. Although the content listed at the top was intended for hard copy books, it was prepared and saved in digital format. This means that it's also available for other purposes, which are listed at the bottom. The same considerations apply to articles I wrote for magazines and newspapers. Like the digital versions of the content prepared for hard copy purposes. Elektronik content is truly versatile. It could be purpose for any of the five categories of electronic content. Besides the subtitle Elektronik Content, you will see the bracketed comment Uncountable words. This comment hints at the magic of repurposing content. What it means is that individually and collectively, the five elements of electronic content represents a very focused mix and match combination of content that was prepared for other purposes. Chunks of book content may appear in blog's or Web pages. Block content, supplemented by original content, could reappear in e books. Web page content might appear in online courses, which in turn can also serve as elements of webinars, with the same wording appearing in different formats. Workout is impossible and meaningless. That's has been the case with my experience. When you write a book, which you certainly can, amazing things will happen. Chances are good to excellent that you, too, will generate about Evel harvest of content, much of which will be relevant and valuable for content marketing purposes. However, as health was writing, one or more books can be content. Marketing does not depend upon book generated content. If you have created or distributed relevant valuable content for social media, you are well positioned to enjoy the benefits of content marketing. Why not use this content to showcase your showcase your best stuff without boasting or bragging? Once you open the door to content marketing, even Maura, amazing things will happen, and this brings us to the end of the video lessons. Now it's your turn to continue the learning by applying the principles of content marketing to your own situation. In addition to the project instructions, the project section contains relevant and valuable information that will help you succeed on your content. Marketing journey Thanks for completing this class. I look forward to hearing about the amazing things that you're accomplishing with your content marketing