How To Shoot Video: Lesson 1 - Shooting Manual

James Lloyd, Striking Media LLC

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About This Class

In this lesson you will walk away with the ability to shoot in manual! What does this mean? It means regardless of the time of day, location, or action of the subject, you will be able to capture exactly what you want! Ever shoot on auto and it just DOESN'T turn out the way you'd like? Say goodbye to your old skills and trade them up for some new ones that will set you apart from everyone else!






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James Lloyd

Striking Media LLC

Hey! My name is James! I got into photography and videography when I was about 10 years old but didn't realize how much I actually loved it till I was 29. Now, I run a small business shooting ads and promos for other small businesses aswell as work as a newborn photographer at local hospitals. In my free time I run a youtube channel and rep a supplement company as my other passion is health and fitness! Welcome to my page and take a look around! Thanks for stopping by!

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