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How To Shoot Amazing Product Photos At Home Using Your Phone

teacher avatar The Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Teacher, Entreprenuer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Product Photography Intro

    • 2. Choosing Your Product

    • 3. Finding Free Backdrops

    • 4. Composition and Lighting

    • 5. Editing Photos On Lightroom and Picsart App

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to capture amazing product photos but don't have the equipment? You may think that you have to purchase backdrops or have fancy and expensive cameras and lighting. Well, I'm going to show you how to shoot product photos at home with your phone. I will be covering free backdrops to use, composition, lighting techniques, and editing the photos on free apps. 

Equipment I used:

-Iphone 7

-Smart Samsung Tv 50 inch for the backdrop (If you don't have a tv you can use your laptop or monitor)

-Cheap studio lighting softbox from Amazon and also natural light

-Phone tripod with remote shutter


-Tape and polymer clay

Meet Your Teacher

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The Entrepreneur

Graphic Designer, Teacher, Entreprenuer


Hello, and welcome to my profile. Thanks for stopping by! I graduated from college in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Art. I have completed a graphic design internship, two social media internships, and have worked on various freelance projects. I am very passionate about graphic design, art, photography, pretty much anything creative-related! My goal is to teach YOU and help you grow, whether you want to be a graphic designer, a photographer, or a creative entrepreneur, I will help you along the way. 

I just started a new youtube channel (Dope Drawing Tutorials) If you like Procreate drawing videos then you should check it out!

Email: [email protected]

Check out my free stock photo... See full profile

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1. Product Photography Intro: have you ever wanted to create studying product photos but don't have all the equipment? You might think that you need to purchase backdrops or have fancy expensive cameras and lighting in the studio? Why I'm going to show you how you can create amazing product photos like these using only my iPhone, a TV, cheap lighting in a little bit of imagination, all the comfort of your own home. In this course, all will be covering how to find these backdrops for free, using only a phone to shoot. I will be showing lighting techniques and editing your photos on free APs. Let's get into the course. 2. Choosing Your Product: for this photography issue and going to be using poker chips and cards, you can choose whatever product do you have laying around your house, whether it's headphones, sunglasses or maybe a watch. Or if you're planning to shoot for a client, you would obviously be used in their product before start snapping photos of the product. I want to. I want to think about the theme and environment. I want my poker trips and cards to be in. So if I would be cool to have a playing card and poker chip levitating some of the photos so I have some thread tape and Palmer Clay to do the levitating, I will show you how I added the string out later in the course. Now let's head on to the next lesson where I show you how to find some awesome back traps by using on TV 3. Finding Free Backdrops: So today I'm going to be using my smart TV as a backdrop. You can find free backdrops on your TV by searching for case screen savers on YouTube. There are hundreds of different backdrops you can choose from. I have a 50 inch TV thou I will be using today, but if your TV is a little bit smaller than that, it will still work. You want your backdrop to match your products theme. I decided to try a different couple backdrops life that would match my theme. So I chose these two backdrop started here, the light illuminating blue glitter particles and then the small little orange lights. And I thought that it would be pretty cool toe add with my poker chips in my plane cards. So for the surface, I just have a white table on them and Green felt Matt that matches the casino vibe. I'm going for 4. Composition and Lighting: So for my first composition, I decide toe have, like, a stack of poker chips on each side of this jack of diamonds card. I wanted the car to be standing up, so I put some poker chips behind it, and I'm gonna strategically place the blue chips on the right side and then the green ships and left side and see what looks best. So I used my iPhone seven to capture these photos. Obviously, the iPhone seven is pretty out of date. Hopefully, I can invest in the iPhone 11 or 12 some day. But, you know, you can tell that does the job. You don't need any fancy gear for this. Um, I like to use in the blurt out background with this, but I also tried out that blue ah particle background, and I thought it looked cool with that as well. So you're probably wondering what I use for lighting. Well, at first I used this cheap soft box lighting that I found on Amazon. You can get one of these for around $40 but I had put the light as close the product as possible. Another source of lighting I used was my window. I prefer shooting photos when it's cloudy out because, abs, um, natural diffusion. But if you have a diffusion, she or white curtain you can put over your window. That will definitely help soften up those shadows. So from the next couple photos I thought would be cool. Teoh levity a poker chip and in playing cards. So I got some tapes and thread in to attach my poker chip to the threat. I'm going to be using some Palmer clay found in my office. So since I didn't have any helpers are partners to hold the poker chips and then cards for me, I decided to use this. Ah, phone tripod and else comes with the remote, which is really nice, and I found this on Amazon as well. Leave link in the description below, but anyways, huh would be a lot easier since nobody was helping me out here. But anyways, if you can find somebody to help you out, maybe your relative or your boyfriend or girlfriend or your cat just kidding, not your cat. But if you don't want to invest in one of these, ah, phone tripods is best to get someone to help you out. So here are a couple photos I took home with while holding the thread like levitating the cards. This is obviously before leaning, editing the threat out, and I thought they looked pretty cool. But honestly, it took probably around maybe around 50 photos of this carted in poker chip because they kept spinning around with a string. Sorry to get the right, you know, angle of it, but it was pretty fun besides taking all those photos. So if you decide to do the class project, you don't have to use the poker chips in the playing cards. If you don't have them or don't want to use them, you can use maybe a watch or some sunglasses or a book or a dog toy. I don't know, but you could just play around with the composition in the lighting and think of something cool and creative. So obviously lead a levitating, this pretty cool, describe some string and some tape, play around the composition and make it creative and unique. But anyways, let's get on to the next lesson where I'll show you how I edit these photos using free app such as Adobe Light Room and Pixar 5. Editing Photos On Lightroom and Picsart App: Well, I'm going to be adding in my product photos and adobe light room the app, so make sure to download that and it's also for you, which is pretty nice. But once you download the app, just look in your camera roll and find the right photo. So I'm going to be adjusting some things such as cropping, contrast, clarity and more. So if you select the light ah, category, you can adjust the exposure and the contrast in the shadows. Just gonna bring up the exposure a little bit and then the contrasts I'm gonna bring up and I'm just pointing out the highlights. But we're gonna do much to that and then if you want to, just the black sea can and I think that looks alright. So next I'm going to press on the color menu and you can adjust the temperature. So if you want it to make it warmer, you bring out the temple little bit. Or if you wanted the temperature to go down and make it appear cooler, you would bring it down. You could also press the color mix button in the upper right corner, and if you select a certain colors such as red. You can adjust the hue, saturation limits of that color. So I'm just gonna play around and show you how big of a difference it makes. I think I'm just going to bring up the loom in. It's a little bit in the red of the cards. Not that much. This photo has been green in blue in the background, so if I want to adjust those colors as well, I would just let the blue or the green and mess around the hue, saturation and limits. Also, if you want to see before and after of your photo, you would just take your thumb and press down on the photo, and I'll show that before and then let go, and I'll just show the after of it. So once you're satisfied with your photo, you compress done. And then I'm going to go on to next menu, which is effects. So I'm just going to press on that, and you can I just the texture. I'm remembering up the texture a little bit, and also I'm going to bring up the clarity in the photo, and I will bring a lot more detail into it. Also, if you want have been yet around your photo, you can bring up the vignette, too. I might do that. Next. I'm going to scroll to the right and go into the detail menu where you can address the sharpening the radius and adds more detail into that photo. So if you want, you can go into the optics menu where you can enable lens correction. This means light room will correct any distortion or have been getting that is created from your lens. You don't necessarily need to do this step unless you think your photo needs some lens corrections. So next to optics is the crop tool and you can change it pretty easily. You can rotate it right? Left whatever. And if you want to dress the ratio, you can I'm just gonna just a little bit. Not too much. You can change it to a one by one square. Say you needed to upload this toe Instagram You can just change in play around with the ratio. Another cool thing you can do if you press profiles. You can, um, create your own preset. So that means you didn't you name your own? Uh, you make your own effects and adjustments to a photo. And if you like those adjustments, you can create a preset name and, um, apply those. Apply that preset to other photos as well. So I'm going to say this photo to my phone and I'll open up another photo. And if you go to presets on the left, you can press that and you conclude a press on your preset name and ill apply those adjustments to your new photo. Once again, you compress down on your photo to see a before and after and see how you like the preset. You can also make more adjustments, such as cropping or adding a little bit more clarity. But anyways, I'm going to add in the rest of my photos, applied the presets and make necessary adjustments. So once I'm done with Adobe Light Room, I'm going to open my app called Pixar, which is a free app you can download. But anyways, I'm going to be editing out that string I had that was attached to the poker trip and the plane card to make it look like it's levitating. So with Pixar, you can do a lot of cool different effects, and it's kind of like photo shopping away. But anyways, I'm going to go to the tool section and I'm going to crop this photo so you can't see the TV in that lighting reflecting off the TV. So you're bringing as close as possible. You can also change the ratio if you'd like her, changed its square for instagram. So I'm picks Art. You can remove the string from the poker trip and the playing card so I could go back into tools and press clone. You can use the clone tool to remove that string. So I'm just gonna get into the clone tool and you zoom in a little bit. So if you hold down and press, um, like a certain section of the background, you can How? This is kind of complicated that say, but ah, people get the app and fall along with me. You can hold down on the string in, start pulling it down and getting the sample from another side. You can remove the string. Sorry if that didn't really make much sense, but it's pretty easy once you get into the app. But as you can see, cloning that Ah, using a sample from another part of the photo Gabbert of that string, and it just looks like it's levitating, so it's pretty cool. Another thing I'm going to do is go back into the tools and press on the tilt shift, I believe, and you can mess around with the blur and, like the focal point of the photo. So I want to focus to be on the poker chip and then around that poker chip, it's gonna be a little bit more blurry and just make the SCO over a cool effect to it. So if I just adjust the amount and to my liking, you can, ah changed it linear or radio. Someone tried to change the radio on it, and so you can see the poker chips and focus and then the the poker chips below in the background or more blurry, and I think it looks kind of cool. So after that, I just made a few adjustments. Such azadian clarity and contrast in, um, upping the exposure by a little bit. And then I saved it to my phone. But now I'm going to add the levitating playing card, and at it that string out. So once again I'm going to go into the crop tool and crop out that TV and reflection off the TV and bring in the photo a little bit so you can see more of the plane card, as you can see. Like, it's kind of hard to see the threat or the string in the TV. But I'm still going to use the cloning tool and once again bring a sample from that side of the TV, so matches and blends in with the strings. So that kind of like just removes the string pretty much. And yet that works pretty well. You can also adjust the size of the brush if you're having issues getting into those finer details. So as I get closer to the plane card, I'm going to adjust the size and making a little bit smaller, and that might help a little bit. You can also change the hardness of the brush as well. So once that string is removed and it looks like it's levitating, I'm just gonna press apply, and that's gonna apply that effect to it. And I'm also going to just you know, the exposure and stuff so If I go back into the tools impress on the adjustments panel, I can go ahead and adjust the brightness exposure. The clarity, hue, saturation pretty much everything you can do in light room. But anyways, Adobe Light Room and Pixar are a great way to edit your photos for free on your phone. So go ahead and download those Pixar is. I like it just as much as the dhobi light room map, because you can add a lot of different effects in there, and you can do a lot more crazy stuff like creative things than light room. Anyways, let's go into the next section, where I talk about the class project in my final thoughts. 6. Final Thoughts : So these are how my product photos turn now. I had a lot of fun with this course, and I hope you did as well. Anyways. Thank you so much for watching this course for the project. Choose a product to shoot using your phone and TV as a backdrop, then upload below. Make sure to think about composition lighting in your overall theme and, most importantly, have fun. I hope you learned some great tips from this course. If you want to check out some my author courses, you can click on my profile and I'll see you next time.