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How To Sharpen Charcoal Pencils

Adam Miconi,

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    • How To Sharpen Charcoal Pencils


About This Class

This is my free course I offer around the web to help you learn to sharpen charcoal pencils and why it can be beneficial to sharpen charcoal pencils with a long point. This is an extensive course which covers a few topics delivered in conversation format. 

In this free course, you will learn:

  • How to hold the charcoal pencils for sharpening
  • How to hold the razor blade properly
  • What to do with a pencil with too much glue
  • Why you sharpen to a long point
  • Why some pencils wont sharpen and just break
  • How to sharpen to a fine point





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Adam Miconi

Adam Miconi is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Ogden, Utah. He runs two websites that focus on each discipline: focuses on the illustration, fine art, and fantasy are and which focuses on Graphic, Web, and Logo design as well as SEO.

Since Adam has such a love of art and has worked on developing his skills over countless years, he has begun to delve into teaching so he can share his love for the craft.

You are welcome to visit Ada...

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