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How To Setup a Green Screen For Professional Video Recording [Part 1]

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Course

    • 2. The Webcam I Use

    • 3. The Adjustable Webcam Mount I Use

    • 4. My Microphone & Audio Setup

    • 5. Lighting Setup

    • 6. Free Bonus Content

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About This Class

*Part 1*

Looking to setup a professional green screen for recording videos?

In this course I'm going to break down everything I've done to setup a professional green screen setup. 

This is an awesome way to create high quality videos with any background you want. You can use these videos on YouTube, teaching online or just about anything you want.

I cover:

  • The webcam equipment I use
  • The lighting I use
  • The audio equipment I use
  • The actual green screen I use
  • The software I use to record and activate chroma key for the green screen effect.

I spent a lot of time watching other tutorials on YouTube and combined everything I learned into one comprehensive course, nothing is left out. I show you everything I purchased, how I set it up and how to record videos. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

See full profile

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1. Introduction To The Course: Hey, what's going on? Everyone? My name is John Chaney. I just wanted to introduce you to this course. What are we doing in this course? Is actually walking through how to set up a green screen. As you can see behind me, I've actually got a black background image, and I'm using a green screen here. So what I'm gonna show you is several tools that I have used. Everything from the actual green screen itself. Um, lighting that I set up, I'm gonna show you the different programs that I'm using to actually record the webcam amusing and pretty much everything that you need to know to get started. So I'm really happy to have you here inside the course. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out. Just started discussion. Let me know. And I'll be happy to answer any of your questions without further ado. Let's dive right in and we're gonna go right into all the stuff that you need to know to get started with setting up your own green screen 2. The Webcam I Use: Okay, So in these next upcoming videos, what I'm basically going to do is record different videos covering all the equipment that I actually used for my green screen and recording set up. So you'll have, ah, full understanding of everything that I'm actually using. And you'll be old to go out there and actually purchase these products for yourself. And you could in theory, just set up the exact same thing. Or I'm gonna show you some other options you can use depending on how you want toe, you know, set everything up. So the very first thing is obviously need something to record yourself on video. I highly recommend the largest tech C 9 20 So that's what I pulled up here actually bought this earlier in the year, recording this year, beginning of November. So I bought it back in April. So I've had it here for a better part of the year, and it's been really, really awesome. As a webcam, it does have 10 80 p. I previously had a webcam that only went up to 7 20 p, so this was a huge difference. Being able to have something that was really high quality you can see it's one of the number one bestsellers and Webcams and has over 6000 positive reviews over on Amazon. So you know it is Ah, decent purchase. About 65 bucks here. And, you know, overall, this is definitely going to be one of your best options for a webcam. I'm also going to show you something else that I did where I basically got kind of an arm that was used to mount the webcam a little bit higher than my monitor. That way I would actually be able to stand a little bit far away from my computer, and I could have the Web him, you know, covering my entire a proportion of my body. So I'll show you that in the next video. Another thing you could potentially do would be to pick up one of these mini tripods, depending on what you want to do and where you're gonna be placing the webcam. Ideally, you're going to need a place that you'll be able to, you know, just really get a full shot of your entire body. So this is the webcam that I recommend. There are some newer ones coming out that I've seen like this one here, this razor stargazer I was looking at, and this is supposed to have some better like depth sensing, So it's better is supposed to be better for, like, streaming and doing like green screen type activity. But as you can see, it's not really getting the best reviews currently, this would be the webcam that I recommend. 3. The Adjustable Webcam Mount I Use: now, the next thing I needed to complete my set up here was, you know, for the webcam specifically was some kind of mounting arm that I knew I could use some what ? To be able to adjust the webcam and also extend the height without actually interrupting some of my desk space. I have a video coming up. We're all actually show you the entire set up. I'll walk around the room and you'll see exactly what I mean. But basically, this this particular device worked perfectly. I looked up something like clamp amount and then I typed in C 9 20 because I wanted to make sure it was actually compatible. There's basically a small little area on top of this where technically this comes with the MTA ble piece that you couldn't mount like a GoPro. But it also has the ability to mount. Um, you know, the C 9 20 which is the actual web cam I showed you in the last video. So this worked out perfectly. You can see that this thing could be adjusted. Its very sturdy has a huge clamp, and I was able to basically clamp it on the back of my monitor and raise the height of the Webcam quite significantly. So this was fairly cheap. It was only 16 bucks. Another idea would be, you know, something. Like, uh, we do. We'll go to Amazon here, search. But I do see 9 20 tripod. This would be another option viewer to get something like one of these lightweight mini tripod here from Amazon basics or one of these pro camera ones that you can actually raise . Some of them can go up to different heights. This one can go pretty high. So this would be another option if you're looking for something that you're gonna allow your webcam to actually built to get your full body, your upper body while mounted on your desk or maybe even just on the floor. So this is definitely something you're gonna need. Um, again, I just chose to go with the adjustable clamp in that work. Perfect for me. 4. My Microphone & Audio Setup: Okay, so let's talk about audio is the next most important thing that you're going to need for your video. I'm gonna show you exactly what I did, you know, for my set up in what I'm using now. So I'm actually recording this video here with my audio Technica 80 are 2100 and this is a really awesome microphone. I've had it now for Oh, I don't know, probably about 45 years. And I think originally I may have picked it up a little bit cheaper than this on Amazon. But, you know, now it's about running $80 which is a pretty good price for a high end microphone. You know, I originally bought this because I had started a podcast and I needed a really high quality microphone. So I've been using this for quite some time, and it's worked out extremely well. Been very, very happy with it. But what I noticed was that when I decided to do video, I knew that if I was gonna be standing away, you know, from from the actual computer and my normal set up, I would need something to get the audio a little bit closer to me. So my initial thought was, you know, I'm basically just going to go with a Laval ear, and that's basically a small little clip. Right now, I have a similar amount to this. It doesn't look as nice is that one in the photo, But I basically just have this little tiny tripod kind of mount armed thing that's sitting on my desk. And that's how I have this microphone mounted. One option. If you were to go this route and you wanted a higher quality microphone is you could buy this, get a little tripod to have it on your desk just like this. And in combination with that, you could go and pick up. You know that something cheap like this micro this microphone suspension boom arm that you could basically mount to your desk and you could actually bring this out a little bit closer to you. But depending on where you're gonna be standing away from your camera, you may not be close enough. You know, Teoh actually get the microphone, actually, you know, projecting your voice into it. So this was kind of something I debated over getting. There's a lot of these boom arms. I was actually looking at some $100 that was what kind of steered me away from it. I decided I'd rather go another route where I could stand as far away as possible and not need to worry about, you know, having the microphone be near me and possibly having it. Get it, getting it caught in the actual Web cam shot. So let me show you what I ended up doing. I actually initially only show you this first. I initially ended up buying this wireless microphone system by pile. This basically requires an adapter. So you spend about $12 on this and you have to buy this other little adapter here. It transforms the, um I think the 1/4 this big, big plug here. I forget the size of it, but basically transforms this guy into the small, typical audio. I think it's the 6.5, Um, and you can plug this into the back of your computer, And then from here, you could have this lively, and you could hang this little guy on your belt. And both of these are battery powered operated, So you just flip a little switch those little audio dial on on the pile device, and you're able to wirelessly send the sound to you. Good to you. Excuse me. Coming over a cold here. So what you're basically able to do is you could stand as far away as you need. Teoh. I decided that, you know, there were some reviews on this, you know, you can see it's kind of hit or miss. Some people have good success with, um, some people. Not so much. I read a lot of the reviews and I said, You know what? I'll try anyways, because it sounded like some people like this guy had a video. He showed an example, and it sounded like it worked pretty well from the computer. And I figured what I have to lose its only $12. So I actually didn't buy this initial adapter, So make sure if you do go with this particular set up, you do need this little adapter. I had to go to a radio shack, and, of course, there Like, $10. There were You could get some super cheap, like, $4 on here on Amazon, so make sure you get one of those and beyond that, what I ended up ultimately doing was I actually just realized I wasn't gonna be all that far away from my computer. It wasn't like I was standing 20 feet away or something like that. So I actually decided to go with just a extension cable. This was 12 bucks, and I was able to just plug this into the back of the computer and run the wire on the floor, up through my shirt and then into my jacket. So with that combined, I was able to end up using this Laval ear piece I actually bought. In addition, I figured this one, this little microphone wouldn't be all that great. And, of course, I went and bought another one that didn't work with the extension. So I ended up using this is my microphone, and it works pretty well. So, you know, ultimately what I would I suggest you do, depending on where, how far away you're gonna be from your, um your web cam on your computer and all this, you know, look around at some of the nice Laval years and make a decision. If you want Teoh, you know, just by high quality one here, like the Sony one I almost bought was $15. This was actually I think the one I ended up buying was this one by miracle sound. And this actually didn't work for me. So I actually have to return it. Unfortunately, I don't know why, but I ended up going ultimately with, you know, you could get a nice, livelier and then an extension cable. Or you could just go with wireless set up, used the one that comes with and then make sure you get that adapter and that could work for you as well. Beyond that, you know, in the next video, I'm gonna cover lighting and how I set up all my lighting. 5. Lighting Setup: Okay, so let's talk about actual lighting. I'm gonna basically break down all the things that I'm using for my lighting set up. And, you know, you could basically go with a fully kit like a full actual kit that I'm going to show you in the next video on the actual green screen video. But this is what I ended up doing. And it probably, you know, I don't want to say it's necessarily a better route, but it does give you a little bit more flexibility and depending on the space for working in, I found that, you know, these lights were something I really wanted because I wanted something that I could put on my desk and just for lighting up myself where some of the other kits arm or for like, professional, set up in studios and things like that. So let me walk you through all this and you'll get a full, clear idea of what you can really do and what your options are. So I found these cowboy studio, these table top photo lighting kits. They basically come with the bulbs, so you're all set there and they come with the stands and you got everything you need. They have a pretty decent sized length cord here, so you don't really need to worry too much about that. Um, there's not really a lot of flexibility in them. They don't really like extend or go up that high. So as you can see, you know, pretty much as soon as their extended out, you know, they're not really going to go all that high. So there really intended for a desk? Um, I happen to have a very large desk that's actually up a little bit high. It's It's basically a split desk, so the back portion of it is raised a little bit, So I'm able to put these on the desk and face them. You know one of them towards me. I'm using another one behind the green screen to help give it some extra lighting. So I'm gonna show you all that in the upcoming videos here. But basically I was able to pick this up, and one of the first things I realized is that, you know, I didn't want this thing just blasting me in the face and either shining too much light or blinding me so to speak while I'm trying to record. So I ended up picking up just one of these. You could get two of them, but I basically got what's called a soft box. And this one wasn't intentionally made for the actual you know, this particular set up here, But it does actually work, and it works really quite well. It just requires a little bit of set up. You have to basically unhook everything and take the entire piece apart. Takes a little bit of time, and then you just have to get this through. And this was originally designed for, as you can see, like a cannon camera. But this works really quite well with this cowboy studio set up. So, um, this is what I bought wasn't too expensive. So about 18 bucks for the one soft box. This really reduces the amount of light coming through, but still gives a good effect. So it's not blinding you. And, you know, at the same time, you're able to get, um, you know, really nice little desktop lamp here that comes with the bulb in. These were about 40 bucks. So in the next, um, actually, no. Before we do that jump in the next video, I want to show you this is the other lighting I had to get, and I ended up buying this. Later, I went down to a local Lowe's, and I ended up buying. Basically, when I actually got four of these, they're called Bako Portable work lights there about seven bucks, and I had to buy the bulbs separately. I went with what's called a soft white bulb, and I went with a 75 watt because that was what was compatible here. So the bulbs were about 10 bucks. And then, you know, two by four of the easier looking, you know, about 25 bucks, give or take there. So overall, another 30 bucks here on some lighting, and the reason I ended up buying these was because I really didn't have any other lights toe light up the actual green screen. All I have is a light overhead above me, and then you know, these other two little lights. So I realized I was going to need a lot more light to properly get the green screen going, and I didn't want to have these huge lights. You'll see when I show you the walk through of my set up. I don't have a ton of room to really put these, like, big, big, like standing lights. I probably could've, but this was something I thought would work. And someone suggested these to me. So I was able to actually use these clamp lights to put them on the side polls. So I'll show you this in the upcoming video. This is basically everything that I'm using currently for lighting, and it seems to be working, okay? 6. Free Bonus Content: Hey, what's going on, guys? John here. I just wanted to throw together a quick little bonus. And this is something special that I put together. For those of you who are watching my skill share course right now again, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to actually go through my course. And if you love my content, you love what I'm doing on skill share. I wanted to give you an opportunity to check out another free mini course that I put together. I call it the Earn your 1st $1000 offering S E O services on upward course. It's basically a four part mini course on how I went out there and I utilized a freelance system called up work toe land my 1st $1000 worth of jobs. So this is a free four part course again. You can head over toe one K s CEO consulting dot com. And once you're there, you're basically going to see I've got a few videos here that's gonna explain what exactly is inside the course. But essentially what you're gonna get is an overview of up work on the first day that's going to kind of let you understand what the platform is and why it's beneficial for you. You're gonna understand how to go out there and start optimizing your upward profile and really getting that fully optimized the best you can. And then I'm gonna show you an eye catching proposal method for S e o work that you can use to stand out from the competitors that are also bidding on jobs and then in video, for we really just wrap things up. I show you how to really take action and step things up from there. So again, myself and my partner, Paul James, put this together. I'm really happy about the way it turned out. And I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it. Um, if this point, if you're interested in this, feel free to go and sign up for one k s CEO consulting dot com Just head over that website and you'll have the sign up form here. But I quickly also wanted to tell you a little short story for those of you who wanted to stick around for a few more minutes. So in my case, this was about three years ago I've been teaching online courses for pretty much the entire span of time. I was also starting to do Web design on the side. I figured, why not make some money building WordPress websites? Because that was a skill that I had taken up in my past time. So what I decided to do is start cold calling local businesses like painters, roofers, plumbers, you know, pretty much any kind of local business in my area. And I was able to actually start landing some web design gigs. I would charge anywhere from, like, 300 or $500. And what I quickly found was that it was some nice extra, you know, income every month. But I wasn't able to go quit my day job over it. You know, I was just kind of struggling. So what ended up happening was I actually was looking around one day on indeed dot com a time. I was working a full time position, and I decided to actually go submit my resume to this company that was looking for a part time s CEO, consultant or expert. So I went in for an actual job. Interview is very intimidating. I had five people, you know, interview me. And they said that I was a really good candidate. A lot of the people that it applied had other experience, like working at fast food chains and things like that. So they knew that I was a really good fit. And I really didn't know all that much about S CEO. I mean, I honestly didn't beyond just blogging. I had some basic basic knowledge. So what I decided to do is throw something at them in terms of actually just doing a consulting deal where I would just make $1000 a month and I wouldn't have to go into their office so they would be paying me a little bit less than if I was maybe a part time employee. But at the same time, I wouldn't need to go into the office. So what I did is actually found this white label vendor and I ended up paying them around $250 a month to do all the work on my behalf. And this was amazing. I would actually visit this particular client once a month. They were about 10 minutes from my house. I would visit them once a month, and I walk in to their office with a report that actually had my branding my logo on it. I actually built a brand entity in the middle of doing all this, and I would basically walk in and they would pay me with $1000 check each month. And I was making over $700 without doing any work at all. It was just simply mind blowing that I was able to pull this off. And here I had been struggling with all these Web design deals and just trying to get Web design work done. So what ended up happening was within the next couple months, I actually landed another insurance client for another 700 plus dollars, and this was just really exciting for me. You know, I was getting all these clients things were starting to pick up. I was doing some more Web design deals, and then everything just really came crashing down for me. All in that same month, I ended up basically losing my job. I was laid off and then I just so happened both these clients, they decided to forego services. One of them. I have gotten such good results. I think they may be felt like in some ways I had gotten them is good or results as I could and a lot of ways I didn't really know at the time how to how to do more for them. So I decided to just start cold. Coming in for two months, I was unemployed. I was taking unemployment checks and things weren't really working out so well, you know, I decided I would go looking for work. And I ended up finding a job in another marketing agency. You know, kind of what I was doing on my own. And I figured I would take the job because I would have the opportunity to learn from, you know, a company that was actually doing this and having success doing it. So little Did I know. A soon as I started working there, I found out that I knew more about local s CEO than anyone else that worked there. I basically taught them a lot of what they know now, and ultimately, what ended up happening was after about eight or nine months, I was managing over $20,000 a month in their clients and I was doing all of the SDO work, you know, it was almost not fair. Didn't make a lot of sense. I was building somebody else's business and running it for them and getting paid only marginally, considering, you know, what? He was making off all these clients. So I decided that, you know, why don't I just go out of my own? And I learned how to start utilizing this platform called up work. I realized that I was able to actually start landing some work. In fact, I had closed down the client for over $2500 a month, and I brought it into that very agency and given I brought in that client, you know, I got the first month as a commission, but then the next month, all I got was basically a race, and it was a small raise. It was like, really only maybe adding up to a couple $100 a month after everything was all said and done . So I really just wasn't that excited about working there. And I decided to basically leave my job. I ended up leaving the job and what happened was I I went on up work, and every day I would send 10 proposals, and each day I would send these proposals. I would start getting client calls where I could bring them into a sales call and closed them down. In fact, at this very moment, I have one scheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. I got it with ease, and it was someone that found me on up work. I wasn't chasing them down with cold calls. So I basically have inviting you to come check out this course because it's something that worked for me when I spent so many years and so much time, really, Just having a very difficult time trying to do cold calling and cold emailing and looking at all these other strategies that really we're just very, very difficult to have any luck with. So again, I wanted to invite you cut head over to one k sdo consulting dot com. This was something I started having a lot of success with, and you can see the up work sent me this email for that 1st $1000 I earned. And I've even earned another $5000 milestone for doing work on up work. So again, if you guys are interested in this, if this is something that interests you, head over to one castillo consulting dot com, and I'll see you on the other side.