How To Setup Blog Posts For Your Ecommerce Store The Right Way - Shopify, Woocommerce & More | Jono Farrington | Skillshare

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How To Setup Blog Posts For Your Ecommerce Store The Right Way - Shopify, Woocommerce & More

teacher avatar Jono Farrington, Shopify SEO | Ecommerce SEO

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction - Structuring Blog Posts For E-Commerce

    • 2. Keyword Research & Tools

    • 3. Setting Up Your Blog Post Structure

    • 4. Using Images & Video

    • 5. Bonus - Setting Up Yoast SEO

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About This Class

Blogging For Ecommerce

It doesn't matter if you sell on Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, or one of the other ecommerce store platforms, generating organic traffic is hard. 

One of the most important and easiest ways to start generating traffic and engaging existing customers is but creating a blog.

Most ecommerce store owners don't know how to setup a blog correctly or how to structure a blog post for both the user and the search engines such as Google. 

This course show you how to create and structure a blog post that not only users, but the search engines will love.

Why Listen To Me?

Over the last 10 years myself and my e-commerce SEO agency team have developed and honed powerful strategies to rank websites and ecommerce stores that now generate millions of dollars monthly combined.

We've battle tested strategies and developed systems that work. The digital space is always rapidly evolving, and we are nimble enough to move with those changes and implement them quickly.

What You'll Learn

This course will show you how to structure a blog post for ecommerce correctly. 

Modules include:

  • Introduction
  • Keyword Research
  • Tools For Research
  • Blog Post Structure (including URL, SEO title, H tags, content)
  • Using Images and Video
  • Internal & Internal Linking
  • Bonus - Correct Yoast SEO Setup (If using Wordpress)

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who has an e-commerce store using any platform. The example and course content is developed around Wordpress, however the principles are the same for any blog setup for an e commecre store.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jono Farrington

Shopify SEO | Ecommerce SEO


Who Am I:

I live in Australia with my young family in the Adelaide Hills.

I'm the co-founder of Silicon Dales, a technical ecommerce agency with offices in the UK and Australia.

Our agency works with both large and small ecommerce clients improving their digital strategies, building and growing their e-commerce brands, and sustaining that growth.

Our strategies and methods are getting great results for our clients, and I like to share some of these nuggets in my courses.

Why Listen To Me?

Over the last 10 years myself and my team have developed and honed powerful strategies to rank websites and ecommerce stores that now generate millions of dollars monthly combined.

We've battle tested strategies and dev... See full profile

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1. Introduction - Structuring Blog Posts For E-Commerce: Hey, guys, this is Jonah from economics issue. Welcome to the short course on writing a block post for your economists store. Now, this course assumes that you already have a blawg set up for your e commerce store. Whether using shopper firewood, commerce or another platform. Why should you listen to me? I'm a co founder in a global e commerce or technical e commerce agency. We work with clients all over the world, both large and small. We do this every day and generate substantial income for our clients on a daily basis. We have clients in many different markets and many different niches. We've had experience for the last 10 to 15 years in generating great results. We do a lot of testing and research, and with that, we've learned what works and what doesn't and more importantly, what works now. So this course is what is working currently for using a blawg to generate traffic and build your brand on your e commerce stores. As mentioned, though, this course is only about how to write and structure the block post, not sitting up your blawg in its entirety. So what you learn? So the first thing we would go through these keyword research using some free tools and also a paid tool that you can sign up to if you want to. So we walked through here to do the keyword research on what to write them. We'll look at how we actually structure our block post. They will go through adding images and videos and the ah, the technical aspects of that. And finally we will and our issue metadata using a Yoast Seo. If you're using another platform or another plug in the, the actual principles will be the same on. We'll walk through that as we go. OK, let's get into it. 2. Keyword Research & Tools: My God, this is John O from Comex issue. Oh, welcome to the next video in sitting up block post for economists. Then this video. We're going to talk about keyword research, obviously with the block post or, ah, blood in general, you can use it for a number of different purposes. It might be updating your current customers on may be a new product or company news. You may use it just to just with an idea you have, and you might have thought of something you want to write about, which is all fine. But generally, what you also want to do is make sure using a data driven approach. So you're actually going out and looking at what the market is searching for, relevant to your your industry or e commerce store and your products, and actually give give the users of what they're looking forward so create and curate and structure content around what the market is actually actually telling you that you want. Now that all sounds pretty obvious, but you do need to use tools that summer free and some are paid, but you can use all the free tools. That's no problem to actually find out what the market is looking for. So that's what we're gonna go do now. We're gonna use the Google keyword planet. All which many of you probably already know we're going to use the Google search auto. Suggest we're gonna look at uber suggest dot com allow these 1st 3 are free and to the public is also free for for the base level and then a riffs. Iris has a free trial on that. It's a paid version, but it certainly gives you the most powerful option in terms of your keyword and also competitive research. Okay, so here we are in Google keyword planner. If you don't know what it is and you haven't used it before, what you need to do is just just Google key Google keyword planner. And it's part of, ah, the Google AdWords set up. So you'll need a Google AdWords account, which is free. So you just sign up with a Gmail account on, then sign up to Google Edwards and then you'll be able to access keyword planner. So when you come to the home screen, essentially, this is what but it will be. Ah, and it's used for Google Edwards users with that paid advertising to find keywords. But it's also really handy, um, as a free tool to use to find keywords organically as well. So let's say, for example, we're going to use the example that you have, ah, come store that's in the pit supplement category and you sell a a number of different products. But one of the products you sell is a probiotic for dogs. So the first thing you would come and do he's actually typing probiotic for dogs. And then you'll get results and it will give you Ah, the obviously these ah, search terms. And so you've got the search term here. Then you've got the average average monthly searches. And just keep in mind also that you want to have your location set to wherever you are. So I'm in Australia, so we're gonna have it as a failure. Tell you what the competition is. Ah, the bid. And that's what you have to pay to be on the top of the page for Google ed. So that gives you an idea of competition as well and top of page High Ranch, so it doesn't give you absolute values. So it is 1000 to 10,000 searches per month for the term probiotics for dogs in Australia. So what you want to do is, let's say, if you scroll on down and you're are noticed the term, then here. Where is it? So this term here, best probiotic for dogs with allergies. So it does have a car hire competition. But that's fine, because we want to be a bit Teoh. Set up Pablo Post that can can compete. And if your AECOM store is doing well and you've set up the blood correctly, you will be able to compete over time. So this problem robotic for dog with allergies and your product that your key cell does help dog with allergies. So we know that that's a term that we could write a block post about. So ah, and you can work on down and you could just see this, um, branding terms as well. So you could. This is another brand that actually has good search. So you could use that when you write about ah, your your block post for the best product. Probiotic for dogs with allergies. Ah, and just work through and find keywords that actually had to search volume that a relevant to your topic? Very simple, very obvious. But unless you go and actually do this research, you're not gonna be sure that there's actually search for you. But also don't neglect the competitiveness of a term and filtering here. So if you just click this icon here, the competitive, it'll then filter it for group them all together for low, medium and high competition. So what you can do is look for a good search volume terms with low competition and may be in competition. So if we just ah, scrolling down through here, okay, Probiotics for dog skin allergies. So going back to our, however, held high competition to him, which is probiotics adult with allergies, you could we've probiotics for dog or actually cracked the entire block post about probiotics for dog with skin allergies. So you could put that, uh, um long type of this court along talk a world where there's multiple keywords. We could put that into a text file and just copy it and save it for a moment, so we know we're gonna gonna be able to use that in their blood post. So so far we've identified that we're gonna right a bloke, Preston, probiotics for dogs. And we will probably nish down a little further probiotics for dog with allergies and probiotics for Douglas killer and allergies. So now we're gonna go to Google Order suggest, And if we just type in probiotics for dogs and we can see that it brings up disorder suggest so same sort of process we can work through and look at some of the terms that might be beneficial to add into a block post. So probiotics for dogs with diarrhea, diarrhea or probiotics for dogs after antibiotics, these could be an article on their own. But you could also we've, ah, se probiotics dog with diarrhea into the actual block post about allergies because it's hardly relevant. So we'll just put that he now in at least is well and just to clarify this search to him. The way this works is if someone or a group of people have actually searched for these terms before they will show up here in the order suggests that Google uses its algorithm and its machine learning to pull back results. People are actually searching for previously. Okay, so next we're gonna use these over suggest this is recently a purchase by a very well known CEO called Nolberto On. If we just gonna move screen up a bit and you can see this is a your l knew Patel dot com slash suggest. He said it's always gonna be free. So we're gonna go through the same process probiotics for dogs. Make sure you add your location and hit search. Okay. So immediately pulls back similar results on you could see he that it gives it a little more, um, clarified volume compared to keyword planner. So it gives us 1000 searches per month for pro boxer dogs on. Then it's probably dogs with diarrhea era. So we knew that that was a A term that was provided by order suggests that lets a good run we're gonna keep in at least ah, probiotics four dogs that interesting that the term four is in there so you could weave that into our into a content And then again, probiotics the dog's skin allergies. Okay, so if we click our view more than it pulls back all of possible keywords, you can export them. If you want to copy them to your clipboard and and then actually go through them a little deeper, but it gives you This is a really good, tall, good freight. All gives you some really good ideas, and it pulls data from although than it. So it's a very powerful free. He would research tool. Interestingly, this pullback a location suffix for the keyword terms of probiotics for dogs Australia or probiotics for dogs in Australia. So it's good search volume this. We're gonna add that toy list as well. Okay, the next we're going to talk about four keyword research. These arrests dot com It's one of the most powerful issue research and did remarking research tools on the market. It is a paid tool, but you can get us a seven day trial for $7 it gives you a lot daddy you need initially and you could do a lot of research in that seven days. Make it a lot of content organized for, you know, essentially up to six months or a year if you want to, but are holy writ record. If you're really serious about your business, are highly recommended, making it a part of your, um, tool books essentially and paper on a monthly basis. I'm just gonna look into our account now and we go through the process. Now that's a tool. Has a heap of features. So you can actually put domains in year and it'll pull back. You know, the entire ah link profile the traffic at the keyword to direct for it. Citra, for example. If we just type in a ah, you roll and this is actually ah, this is actually a pick care supplement business in Australia and you can see what it does . Pulls back number of back links, pointing to it on the organic keyword ranks for the traffic etcetera safe. You out, you click on the link. Yeah, you can see the type of keywords it ranks forward if they're up and down in the print from the previous crawl that the tool does extremely powerful. We use it every day in our business, very good for competitive research, looking to go into too much with competitive research. In this course, some of the other courses have that those features and explanations on headed Pettitte research so you can look at those but for here. We're just gonna use this tool for our keyword research. So you go to Keywords Explorer, and we're just gonna type in our term again. So probe biotic for dogs. Make sure we're in Australia again. Click search. And again it pulls back out, daughter. So continue. The volumes for this term varies between the keywords between the keyword research tools, but they're similar around the mark. The proportions are very similar. So probiotics the dogs Australia it was 250 with uber suggests, but it's 150 here. I rest actually say that they have the largest index off keywords anywhere in the world attended believing because the data is reasonably accurate and they're an amazing company. What it also does it pulls back, Ah, questions that people are asking. So you can use that that Data Lear to pull in to your block post. Maybe we just click on view all Then we can have a look at those, see if there's anything in there. Some is not a lot with a lot of volume, I would just go back. Okay. So again, we can work through until there's any terms that might be relevant. Let's say, for example, work benefits of probiotics for dogs That makes sense that you would have that in part of your your blood post. But you might have already written another block post about that because we're actually focusing on the allergy part of it. But then, you know, there might be example where you're actually your probiotic that you're selling in your store might be a liquid. Ah, or actually might be a patter. And you won't explain the difference between a liquid and a powder probiotic. So these things, this is where you can use the data to start pulling in, Ah, pulling into terms that people actually searching for. So that was just a quick overview of how you can use a riffs. Now, the next thing we're gonna go to ease and to the public and this tool doesn't give you volumes. But it does give you, ah, sort of waves of matrix together to give you an understanding of what people searching for , uh and it the region you really can't without paying for the pro vision. Ah, let me give you an overview. But I'll just give you an understanding of what it does. So if we just talk in probiotics for dogs and we'll let it do it thing. So what it does, it pulls back, firstly, pulls back questions. So these are questions that people are asking about probiotics for dogs so you can use these. These are really handy to use for your subheadings within a block post. In this propositions so similar, you can look at the data here and see how you can wave it into your into your actual block posts. So, for example, probiotics for dogs with kidney disease, they might not be a lot of search volume for that. But if you're probiotic actually helps with kidney disease, and that's something you could use within the content. So again, just using a dollar. It's very quick to do and the neck next time we've got comparisons, and you can see here that probiotics for dogs Australia probiotics for Doug's diarrhea. It keeps popping up, so we can Certainly that's probably gonna be what we what we focus on in our block post. And then it's just, ah, some lists off key words as well. Bear in mind, this is global because we couldn't set it for region. Okay, so you can see very quickly. You can use data to actually show you what people are searching for. Ah, that's relevant to the product you're selling in your store and how you can. You can craft keyword search terms using free tools on also paid tools if you want. But the free tools of fine to get started And in this example, we're probably going to use ah, focus our article around probiotic for dogs with allergies and probiotics for dogs with skin on skin allergies. And maybe add in some sub content about dogs with diarrhea, etcetera, etcetera and then also make it regional rail relevant to Australia. Because there is certainly, ah, search volume there. Okay, that's it for this video. Very quick, basic but hardly relevant. Understanding of key with research and how you conduct quickly with fractals. Thanks for your next video 3. Setting Up Your Blog Post Structure: Hi, guys. This is John from a Comex issue. We welcome to the next video in the series and course for setting up a blawg for your e commerce store. Now, so far we've worked through Ah, an introduction and okay with research. And now we're gonna look at actually structuring a block post when you're creating for your e commerce stores. So in his foot video, what we're gonna go through ease. Firstly, we're gonna go through the most important parts off the structure of your blood, which is the Ural the CEO title and the page tags and we'll go through each of those. Then we're gonna look at the entire content structure. We're gonna have a quick discussion about categories and tags. Then we're gonna look at Kiwi identity keyword densities, a little bit of a tree these days. Some people in the past has spoken about percentages of keywords in the article, etcetera. But ah, we generally don't worry too much about that as long as it's readable and it makes sense and has context within the article you create. But we'll have a discussion about that, and then the final part is which is important to title together is your internal and external linking. Okay, so here we are in the dashboard off WordPress. Now, if you're using another blogging software or you're using, for example, the internal blawg set up within Shopify the principles of the time some of the options you have are gonna be different or limited. You might even be in creating a blogged on a HTML side that you're creating yourself, but the principles are still the same. So we like wordpress. I'm not gonna go through how to set up WordPress specifically in the correct way. After upgrading your blog's, we've actually got a four course on that. Now that goes through the entire set up of the WordPress platform for blogging for a comics . So if you want to ah know how to do that, the way we do it, you can go through that course now. So the way WordPress works with, um, the page title here, once you create a page title and what most people do is officially fate. They haven't an understanding, or I really thought about how the in depth, how they're structuring it, block post that will create their the title of the page that right there content, maybe add in the issue Mitter with plug in such as Joost is what we use or there's all the money CEO and some others and another published, um, What happens in these? The page title? Actually, uh, he's let creates the euro. So you'll end up with your blow your l slash on in the page title. So you end up with the page title the same as your own. What we like to do the ease with Dunakey with research. So we ensure that our Ural ah, has he's the most relevant and is a mess the most powerful aspect of air block post. So why don't we want to ensure that we have what our topic is about and what keywords are in your URL in the right way? So I'm just gonna pull over at keyword research that we did in the previous video. And if you remember, we went through and looking at probiotics for dogs and we found that probiotics, Doug's skin allergies and some other related terms had some good volume and there was a market there to create content around, so I don't have the year the volume off searches for each of these here, that's in the previous video. But if you remember, the probiotics for dogs with allergies was had really good search volume. Ah, and that was the term we decided we're gonna use. So that's actually what we're gonna use for our your l So first thing we're gonna do is just copy that. And just in WordPress while I do it is I just I added, in here in the title the notice it sits Side draft. And then you can say that the euro is created as ah, what a za content would just add it in here. So that's we've got Thea the key words arranged as close to the core year old as as we can . So that's important. So the terms you want to rank four So probiotics is my courtroom. We want that first for dogs with allergies. So you always wanna look at having your core keywords as close to the core. Urawa's possible. Otherwise you could do it where you can have you can use categories and you could have slash category so it won't be slash Ah pitt k slash probiotics for Doug with allergies. That's why we used to do it. But with some recent Google updates and the way we see that block performing, we like to have a flatter structure and we have the ah, the end of the euro is close to the core domain as possible. Now when we credit categories in the past, that was what was called silo ing the the actual categories off the block post. So everything under that category we had would only have content relevant to that category , and then you can. It certainly stood as work. But what we tend to do now is we still create a a semi silo structure, but it's by grouping similar Blawg articles together by internal linking, which will go back. He now, at the end of the video, we've got a section on internal linking, so it's still let Saul a structure set up. But we tend to do it Ah, mawr from internal linking rather actually creating a category solid cause we like to have the euro as close as we can to the Korda mate. Now, if you have an extremely powerful site, you've got a lot of age and strength and power already certainly creating categories and two, and you got a hell of a lot of content. Credit category's gonna Ranjit a little more user friendly, but ah, and and it'll rank really well because of the age in the strength of the Divine anyway. But generally on you blog's we like to do it this way. So now we go back and we're going to change the page, titled This Is Not the CEO Title, it's the page title. And in WordPress, the page title is also in general. Most seems the high H one tag. So we want one high h one tag on a page on a boat block post. And what we're gonna do is we're going to use a variation off air, you roll, and we're gonna add in some of these other key would that we actually created and and found in a keyword research. So now you can see would have done have created a a title or Al Hey Chuan tag how to fix skin allergies in Australian dogs with probiotics. So we're using most over terms of found with volume. And now which one here, How to and it actually question So that's not a bad way to start on article as well. Out of exc analogies in Australian dogs with probiotics. So now we're starting Teoh structure and create Ah, the most important part of their block post around our fame. Okay, now the next section are generally do is the CEO title. So these three elements are extremely important to get right on your page. Now the issue a title. You definitely want your mind keywords in there and same as the euro you want as as's far to the front of the title as you possibly can with your mind keyword. So we've determined that may keyword is probiotics for dog with allergies. So we're going to the first part of the Euro title. We're gonna credit as same probiotics for dogs with allergies, and then we're gonna we've in the rest of El ah, their main terms. Okay, so I've created this year title and what I've done instead of using the if you notice instead of using the term if you are or four when the total probiotics for pathologies, I've used the number four as we found it in a keyword research and this is something that probably would know what to do. But I'm gonna do it in this article because there was good search volume for that particular term. So probiotics for dog with allergies and then of used a hyphen. Skin allergies in Australian canine. So using another site or a variation to replace dogs with canines because we don't really want the term dogs in the title twice now we could have used other terms. The with the other main term. We haven't used eighties diarrhea for dogs, but we can use that in our page tags and in the content of the article as well. Now, just on the meta description, generally, what we tend to do is leave them at a description. Ah, blank. When we start. So we post the article, we see how it reacts and see out what sort of exposure getting see out ranks on what Google do. It'll pull the metadata for the description from the content of the article itself and showed in the snippets there when the articles ranking. When setting, gets in traffic from a them or what we tend to do, he's going and actually manually write the CEO description and that allows us to add some called elections to try and improve. Click for right etcetera, and that's how we generally like to do it. What it does by living a blanket allows Google to scan the article and pull content it for Intel when he's so you tend to rank where you tend to find pick up traffic from a greater number of users by doing it that way than you would if you just had a manual. It's your description in their by default had to start. There's still conjecture about how much meta description actually matters with a CEO. It seems to matter less than it did in the past. So if you have your you're l. Your hey h tag, hedge, want tag and you'll It's your Tato organized, then the meta description Place less has less of an impact on your exposure. Okay, now we're gonna add a content to the block post itself. So dis remembering that what we're trying to do ease, draw relevant traffic and engage our existing customers and new customers with that block Bruce Post that relevant to the product we're trying to sell on an e commerce store which at the moment is a probiotic for dogs. Now I've just pulled in some dummy content Lauren Lauren Ipsum content to fill in with content here. And we're just gonna go through and at our high H tags and talk about ah, volume of content or would count on how we go about working that out, That guy said fiercely onboard cat. Generally, we don't worry too much. We do like to have enough content in there that shows Google and also uses that its quality on. But it has some perspective. Any context. Water riding well, so generally that can range anywhere between sort of 700 to 2000 words. Ah, we also go deep in writing larger volume of content for some posts, the Benton Research Done, and that shows a sweet spot for blood post content that was generated. Boy looking at millions of sites with software and around 3200 words was a sweet spot for content ranking on Pedro to Google. But that doesn't take into account different markets, different nations, So there's gonna be a huge variation on the volume of content that actually Rex is the best thing to do is go on search for your keyword terms. Look at the blog's not so much the product pages that you'll find that come up, but look at the blawg and ah, blogged or article content that comes up when you search and copy their content. Throw it into a word count generator. You could just plenty of free ones online, and you see what their volume of content ease. If you want to go even further and deeper into that research, you can use tools such as Page Optimize a Pro, and I'll put a link in this actual. See if I can find it now. Okay, I found a link. If you got Teoh, become access yo dot com slash pop that will take you through to the page Optimizer Pro Platform. It's a software where you can use competitor analysis to get a real understanding of all the elements you need to compete with competition that's already on page one. For certain terms. It scans ah, large volume of data and then pulls back and gives you recommendations on what you can change. Based on the competitor analysis, which is really, really powerful. We find it generally falls in line with what we're doing here anyway. And then we can just weak if we need to. Full disclosure. Ah, if you sign up and you purchase credit will get a small commission for that. But there is a free trial, so you can certainly just go sign up at an obligation free trial. And you can see outworks possibly will create ah course or a video on using pop later on. But for now, you can just go check it out. Okay? So, back to our content here, So, actually is pull it up again. So I got out. Now could I catch one each one hitting here and the next hatred tag when get add. Ian is our hate to now hatched hedge to easier next in the hierarchy for importance. So generally what we like to do is have their first paragraph as we've got here. And then l hate to would be our subheading that rolls in after the first paragraph. So in this example, we can use some of the synonyms and variations we have. Ah, we haven't used to I really yet, but the first hatred to we're gonna we're gonna add in something with a variation. So what I've credit is, why do dogs get skin allergies? So if you're reading an article like this, one of the first questions you would like to answer EAS y do dogs get skin allergies, and if you go back to have, ah to answer the public days of the type of answers that people are looking for, so then you might have entered that question first, generally have, ah, paragraph for two and then would answer the next question, which would be what we're looking at. And we want to sell a probiotic products. Now you'd start to, ah, engaged the potential customer about how probiotics and probiotics it's a relevant term can help allergies. So that could even be could help allergies in canines, for example. So now we're starting to with first of all, agitated the question then with ah provided why Unanswered a y dogs, Megan, allergies. And then in the next section, we're going to talk about how our probiotic can help with the skin allergies. Okay, so I've got out h one al hajj to now. These next headings are all gonna be hate three. How probiotics and probiotics help allergies and kind eines thin. Ah, the Knicks sexual Be how our product actually hopes the allergic reaction. Say, using x y that X Was it probiotics to help with the alleged direction? And that would be your your actual product. And then we're just rolling in our secondary, Fraser keywords that we found on one of them was diarrhea in dogs. So well, X y said should be excited. Probably help with diarrhea in dogs. So this is how we like Teoh their basic foundation or their blood posts. And we use this foundation and they're more tweak it a little bit, depending on the ah, if we use a pay jump to optimize the pro and it'll it'll give us some different information . But we start with this and then we start to, ah, to tweak as needed. So hate one hedge to and then hatcheries they could. All these could also be hedge, forgery, even hatred fives, depending on your theme. But generally hate, three works just fine. Okay, now the next section, we're gonna talk about it categories now, generally, Ah, what we do like to do is create, even if we're not going to use categories in the euro generally like to add a category. For example, if you're gonna pick reading a lot of content on WordPress, for example, on We Don't index that categories that topic for another discussion entity now blogging for e commerce course the our other course where we talked about setting up the complete plug. However, we do like to add a category that then you can use in a menu or a widget menu, and you can actually categorize the topics relevant or categorize your blood price relevant to a topic. And it's it's much better for user user interaction and people actually never getting through your site. So in this case, we would create a A Category four probiotics, for example. Well, maybe maybe could be actually elegies, And we just had that so near and integrative on categories announcing the allergy category . We just to save a draft for the moment. And generally I don't worry about we don't worry about tags again, Ah, tags or similar categories where we don't We don't like to have them indexed on a on a WordPress blawg or any block for that matter can use him in a similar out of categories where people can actually click through. But you just want to be careful that you're setting them up in the right way. Generally, we don't use tags. Okay, just a quick talk about keyword density. Now again, we generally don't worry too much about keep identity as long as it's not overdone. Again, we use page up tomorrow's approach to to give us an idea of that based on competitive analysis. But if we're trying to rank for skin allergies for dogs, we were just talking about that. You can see that because of chance. That title here inside it as a draft this year old has now changed. They've just got to be careful that you go back and we're going to make sure probiotic for dogs with allergies that I may keyword is actually the euro. So that's that's another reason why people can just make that mistake when they're crowding that block posting WordPress that automatically will change it. But if we save it now, it should stay as that correct euro, which it has. Okay, so keep identity. So ah, man, keyword probiotics for dogs with allergies. So we just want to make sure that in an entire content we're not over doing it with probiotics with dogs or with allergies, You now in a content so I would have allergies inside. 1000 Word Article 5 to 10 times similar for dogs similar for probiotics. You certainly don't want to overdo it. And but use, you know, use that competitor analysis to understand what sort of keyword density is actually working on that that includes in the euro in the titles and the CIA titles. They're all counted as internal, our keyword density. So when in doubt, go under and use your euro and your Hey Chuan and your issue titles to do the bulk of the lifting. If that makes sense and then ah added angel content contextually and it'll be fine. Okay, so now we want to look at our internal and external linking So what we like to do. He's use almost the same keyword anchor text moment linking back to other our product page or the collection page where that product lies, depending on what sort of off pie Jesse are you doing? If you're doing some aggressive link building on your building, a lot of links you just want to be careful about your anchor text. Generally, what we like to dio, he's use variations off their my keywords when a ranking from a block post and then what we'll do is if if we're doing some external linking so with a guest post or some or forum link or some other form of linking back, we link from the external guest post, for example, and we will link to this block post. And then this block posts links to our product page or our collection page. And we would use the exact anchor text on that guest post for what withdrawn a rank. So for trying probiotics dogs, allergies would have the exact and context ranking put. I'm linking to this block post, and there will would use a variation to our product page or a collection pages. So in this case, we would. It was probiotics for dogs with allergies, our anchor text, maybe probiotics for dog with skin allergies or best dog prior. But it foreskin allergies, for example. So that's what we're going to hear, and generally we like to do it in the first or second paragraph. So what I've done now is of added a link in the first paragraph, so this would be in context off your paragraph so it makes it's humanly readable, and it makes sense in what you're talking about. Best dog probiotic for skin allergies. So it's a variation. It's not the exact Irma Try a rank, so we're being a little bit conservative with that. But if we're linking to this page from elsewhere from external site, for example, we could use we could be more aggressive to this page because we're diluting a little bit pushing to the at pushing your product badge. If you used Exactement met Schenker from the external page and an exact match and Cahir to your product, it's gonna be looked at as over optimization by Google and the site that page really there or the product would either not rank or possibly could be suppressed. And the other thing is, you wanna be careful. Obviously, if you're creating further block posts and you're trying to push links to same product, you wanna be careful. You don't use this anchor more than once, so we've already got it here. You wouldn't want to use the C exact Anka and the When I'm talking about the anchor, I'm talking about the entire phrase here. You want to be careful that you don't use the exact anchor more than once, So you would. If you're linking again, you would use a different hanker. And also it's it's good to mix it up and use generic terms such as this post. Ah, read this article here. Mawr information here. So, too, So just break up your anchor text. So you have variations, and it's It's diverse. Now it's also find to rank Teoh. Sorry to toe link out to, say, another blood posters relevant to this term, um, or store similar. And also you can link Teoh product if it's ah similar or within context of the article or a collection paid, for example, probably forget a rank. Link this to your product page Then I wouldn't also link to the collection page. You just linked either to the collection page off that product or or the category page. If you're on, say, would comment, for example, that then that links to the product patch. If you think about the most powerful sites on the Net, and obviously that one of the main. Why do you say Wikipedia? They based their entire foundation off very powerful internal linking structures. So most Wikipedia articles have, um, tens to hundreds off internal links, pointing to relevant pages within the site. So you don't overdo it. But saying 1000 word article, um, three or four internal links is fine. And then also what we generally tend to do is link out to a ah har authority or a powerful sight within the market. So, for example, you could you could link out to, ah, manufacturer off another probiotic, but because we're tryingto rank around probiotic, that's probably not the best idea. Maybe you could write. You could link out to, ah, Wikipedia page on dog probiotics or ah ah ah, high quality article on general health for dogs on a on a powerful blogger or an educational blawg that might be even a block past from the university, for example, or a vet veterinary sought. That's really gonna just improve the quality of the overall article. Okay, so he's a radical in the front end. We've got out Al Hai Chuan in the title here in the page, sorrow them. I've got that first paragraph with our link in there and you probably break up this maybe 22 paragraphs with thematic content we've got here. Ah, this type of content, which is part of the blocks, set up the move, going out how I hate three, and then we'll go ahead force on. Obviously, there would be more internal links and our external links as well, when we completely sad ical Okay, so that's it for this video. You can see that crowding the correct block post structure is actually quite simple. It just takes a bit of thought to actually go through and use the data. You have to correct the correct structure. In the next video, we're gonna talk about adding images and video to your book post, which is a real powerful strategy again. Ah, a lot of people just add images for the cycle it to make an article look better, But they have quite a powerful technical element, as do videos. So that's what we go through the next video. Thanks. We'll see you then. 4. Using Images & Video: hi guys is drawn from a coma. Axis CEO. Welcome to the next video in the creating a block post for a commerce Siris. In this video, we're gonna talk about adding images to our blawg post and heading video. Both are very powerful strategies. Really simple. A lot of people do them, but without much consideration on the impact, I can have so well head on over to our draft blawg and start working on them. Okay, there's number. You should use images in your block. Post number one. Google wants to see him. It is It's great for user experience that breaks up the block post makes it readable. Ah, and and relevant to your content. Number two, it's users. Engage MAWR when you have visual content within your blood purse. Well, let's Ah, an image on info graphic and, of course, video. And number three, we can add in some metadata that actually helps improve the entire is the image to the blood post and then gives that log overall block post in Google's eyes, much greater relevance, so generally would like to do is add some 2000 word article, maybe two images on one video but if you have more, that's fine. But it's just depending on how your theme looks, and you can use those images to have some impact. So for this one here, we might add an image in. We're just gonna add it in this section here on the right hand side. So I'm just gonna go grab my media, Okay, So a vendor that relevant for relevant in Eugene and what a lot of people do is just leave it like that, referring imagine. But depending on how the image was as, uh, have image fall nine watts and where the image came from, it's probably not set up correctly, So first thing also ease. Google is now Start with II, and she's learning is now starting understand stock images. So at where were possible. Try and use your own image that you own that you've taken on your own iPhone or UM, or a camera. Even better. And then you can edit the the metadata and make sure that it's correctly attributed to you and not a stock image. You can you can change him at a daughter of a stock image, but what I'm saying is Google is starting to actually be able to view an image. And I understand that it's a stock image and not a, um, a Private Horst or your own image. Okay, so in this Ah, for this course, we're just gonna talk about what important on the front end of an image, which is a file name, the whole text. And then also the image title. There are other elements Utkan you can certainly effect with metadata. With an image you can add in comment, you can add in review ratings you can add in, ah, location data like GPS data, and that'll helps with the image relevancy when you upload images. So you do that on your local machine, and then you would upload image and maintain all that data. You just gotta make sure with wordpress that it doesn't strip that data out, but that that's for probably be on the scope of this course. But certainly let's something you can consider. But for this one, we're just gonna look at editing the image itself. So he will get the image. We're editing it, and you can see here that, um, the image, file, name, ease and all black and white close up. So that's a stock image, which, as I mentioned before, we want to make sure that we try and use their own images. So what, I would generally do you before I upload this file, I would change the file name. Actually, I'll go do that. Now, I'm gonna delete this image, change file name on my local machine and then re upload. Okay, so now we re uploaded image. But I changed the file name to helping dogs with helping dog allergies with probiotics. So again, having a key words but variations of the phrase for our title of their image, Google will read this title and understand it's relevant to the article Now the other thing , that's really important to make sure you have easier alternative text. So old text is actually how it was originally developed for reading for the blind options. So if a someone with a visual impairment was using software on a machine and a Barraza to actually read content, the old text would be used for. That purpose had also is used by Google to actually understand again what the relevance of the images that generally ought tend to use the keyword elements within the title and the old text. Generally, we just actually explain what images so in this example would be cute dog looking for offence. If you wanna be a little more aggressive, you can educate Virginia. But the Google we find likes to see that this is more relevant or what the image is actually showing. So ah, that that's why we like to do it and thats done for images. And then you can just add your image in there and then it all text and the title will remain on the image when the article is published. Now, the other thing we like to use images for is actually thinking. So if you go back to a previous video we had, we were talking about having three or 45 internal links for 35,000 word article at What you could do is remove one of those anchor text links and actually use your image to link to another section or another block post within your sight or your week on the story. They don't want to do this all the time, but occasionally linking internally linking from this image, Teoh other, another image or another block post just breaks up the diversity off the links as well. A lot of people use images without even thinking about it. CEO to, ah, toe link to certain sections or external sites, so to natural. So that's why we do that. Okay, so now we're gonna add a video in. So if you have ah, your own video you've created the best place is to upload it to YouTube. YouTube's obviously owned by Google. So embedding YouTube videos within your blood post, he's a no brainer. You can also use Romeo, but but YouTube's gonna just give you that little more a bit more of a kick and more Google love. So you can either use your own video that you've upload your own, applied it to your own YouTube channel. If you don't have videos yet, you can go and find a relevant video, which is relevant to your blood radical or your product grab the the I frame in bed code on . That's pretty easy to go find in YouTube, and I might just bring over. So I found this. Ah, I found this video here the best pit probiotic review and so it's got probiotic in the title, which we want to make sure it's got some comments is getting a lot of views. So you want This is a good video to use. You could go even mawr, um, in depth and find a dog probiotic. But I think for the purposes of this pro best pit probiotic reviews quite quite relevant. You just click share here and you grab the embed code, copy it and then we can go back to our block post, and you can add it at the end. But generally what I'd like to do is use ah, video that's relevant to a certain section of a site. And for example, it would be here and then you click text and you can just paste that embed code. There you could is also you might be using a YouTube plugging or whatever, but we all do it manually like this because market adjust things might like a little bit bigger here, So just make it 7 50 by 4 50 picks. Ah, there is a kin central or whatever, as well not gonna show you how to do that. That's generally what we do with videos we do go into a little more depth on. But again, that's another course about adding schemer to wear block. Post that. Ah adds video object. Schemer hand will also add image object. Schemer, I just had more relevance there billet. But beyond the scope of this this course, um so let's hear we We had the images on the video, but it's just important to have a relevant video. You can you can have the video under a, um, a hedge tag, if you like. Generally, we tend to have it under the content, just to name images to you. Wanna make sure you don't have your images directly under a hedge tag so you wouldn't put it here. It's generally best to be within the core content we find, and definitely not at the very top of the page. You don't want an image under your hedge when we find that that doesn't help the block pursed at all. Okay, now, this is a bit of a bonus tip was actually going to share this, but this is what we do with using Twitter to integrating on that block post. So Google Now, apparently, there's no not I don't think it is 100% sure. But Google apparently has access to the core code off Twitter. So that means if you used Twitter in the right way, it can again, Just like YouTube, it could help pushing power and relevance to your blood placed it. Also, we find if we add a tweet into a blood poster relevant tweet, it helps their block post index. So I generally just go and find a relevant tweet. A non article headed, Ah, a tweet that maybe just looking directly to another product is not ideal. You might want to find a a tweet that links to another article the trailer, for example. So you just click here, you grab, embed it now comes to this page, and you could just copy that code. Do we go back to our flood paste? Say whatever you want here, Mike, that I hedge three and then we go back to our HTML where text and we just cooked place that coding there and then that tweet is embedded. And if we now would just say the draft, think I would save that draft we scrolling down? There's an image didn't form it very well. We'll see what boy that might be. It's not a big deal. So generally that would be embedded Overheated to theme or lad issue self except later Ah Lim of got out video we've just added in. And if Scotland any you can say the embedded Toit so it works really well So certainly that's just a bonus tip that will recommend to add to your book post. Okay, so that's it for this video with Essentially now completed our block post on the core foundations. Now the next video just gonna go quickly give you a bit of people on how to set up you Estacio if you're using it if you're not using Yes Desio Ah, you don't need to watch that video, but it it's probably worth checking it anyway just to make sure that you've got us to set up correctly. So you understand the best settings? Thanks. We'll see then 5. Bonus - Setting Up Yoast SEO: Hi, guys. Jon here from a comics issue. Oh, welcome to another video in the blogging for e commerce Siris. In this video, we're going to talk about and set up Yost issue. And if you remember from one of the previous videos Yost ease of plugging that we added, now is a bit of, ah, misinformation out there. About what? Um, it's your plug ins. Do I still get people message me and email me or new clients? Come on board. And they say off set up my CEO plugging whether justice year war This is others called alone, minus CEO and they're probably too much popular. But there are others as well. And they say, I've set up Joosten of done everything it said. And I've, um uh, optimized. So have the green, um, Keller m and must sort still doesn't rank Wallen s earplug unease. He'd allows you ah, structure to be off the edge. Your it's your meta information. It's not the information I give to whether, um, for yesterday, for example, and they give you a green color if I if the US plugging believes you've said everything up correctly. But people have different opinions on what's required When you're sitting up your s your meta we liked, we actually ignore. Ah, when we're using Yost, we actually ignore their recommendations. We you set it up the way we know it works. And that's from our own experience, Um, and using it for for a number of different purposes on different types of sites. We have a system that works, and that's what I'm gonna show you to lay how we actually set it up. So we set the plugging up, and then we actually still use it for each individual post. But we're just gonna go through and set it up how we would normally for a block. So if you scared of general settings first, and you don't this early need the premium features. Ah, we've never used those because we could do a lot of what we need a manually, anyway. Ah, seven, you can get a search appearance, and here we have AAA general settings for Yeste. Now, I'm just gonna look through each section, some we don't touch, some you don't need to worry about, and then I'll go into any detail where we need to make some changes. So the title separate out. What this means is ah, it's Ah, the the white. You can see he got separated here. So if, for example, you're setting up a page and you want at the end of the ah into the actual CEO title tohave um, your website domain or a tagline, for example, like they've got here, this is this is a separate. It shows. So that's what that sex remains there. In a second, you say, I'm gonna delete that at anyway. Um, or you can have these other separators generally only user hyphen or the up and down by here. Whatever that's called. That's generally all we used to just make a little clear. I'll just show you on a Google search. So here's an example here, super grains and that hyphen is for separator I'm talking about so we'll continue on the same theme. And for the purposes of an example, this is ah, blogged for the economist CEO site. So for the purposes of this, we will continue to build out the blood as if it's an S e o blawg and we will pretend that we're selling issue courses which is actually could be in a calm product, be a digital course, but it's a Nikon product, no different than ah, if you were setting up for, say, ah, pit health supplement, maybe a dog probiotic or something. Ah, you would have your title of your blood up here, and then your title would be relevant to whatever the blood is about. So in this case, it's we're gonna be selling. Issue, of course, is so we can call these. And as we go through keyword keyword training in the next few videos, it'll make more sense. Ah, but we're just going to just set up actually, the first bit of Yost at the moment, so we can We can always come back so we could just call this, um, he come Hicks CEO courses, updates and use. Keep in mind that we're not looking for the home page to rank. We will be using the home page to provide some sort of power for the entire Blawg. But we're not wanting it to rank, so it's not absolutely critical that we have highly relevant terms in on the home page. But we've already got out their main terms anyway, because it's actually the title of our blog's So Is CEO and course se. Well, just separate that at AECOM Axis CEO courses, updates and news. And then generally what we do initially is keep the meta description Ah, blank. We can come back light rain and filleting credibly explained what we do that later on and then Schemer and ah, and the knowledge graph would generally just keep that his organization and he can put in your organization name. So he come picks this year, we have, ah, dedicated scheme up video coming up. So it'll also time with this later on and your organization logo so you could just applied a longer there. And we just saved changes. A case that we've got the home page sorted. It just hasn't because we haven't actually uploaded a logo on this example is just giving a system just area here. But you guys will up your load. Your logo didn't get a content types. Now this is where we tell ah, the meta So that ghost which parts of their site we want Google to crawl and index or not Index. So it's blog's ah, structured around blood posts. So we want opposed to show in the search results? Yes. Now a lot of this has already set up our default. They don't touch it, but it's just worth going through and explaining so you don't need to touch it. That's set to yes, give it yes, state snippet in preview. That's if you want your date to actually show in the snippet. We generally it doesn't really change much. We cause the diet will show up on the block post anyway. Said generally, we hard that justicia metal box. Ah, keep that on. That allows us to then ah, had information per posters you'll do later on. You can leave that in there because, ah, this is only default setting. So if you forget to endure, yes, TCO, it'll use thesis set up to pull the essay title. So the title of the paid the title of the blogged in the page and separated on the site title. So the title of the Post page, said Brian Soto, But we're gonna be adding out its CEO dot metadata in manually each post anyway, so you don't need to worry about this. Okay, pages, same thing. You want your pages to be indexed in the search results. So you leave that everything else could stay the same. So we just looks I've changes. We didn't change anything. Then we got a media now some old versions of Yost eso If you accidentally upload the wrong version or have you got on your machine and you haven't updated it, this will be set to know you definitely want the said to be yes, changes. Why was goes through inside charges just as a matter of ah habit just to make sure things set up correctly show categories. Now, when we create a block post, we can create democratic blawg, weaken, sit, different poster, different categories, which we do. But why any use categories? Are we gonna use categories for user experience, not for ah, the Google search engines to crawl and not to be indexed in Google? The reason we don't like categories to be indexed most of the time is because a category page will show the book. Total books are a blood title and a exit off the blawg, and sometimes it'll show the entire post of the bog, and that is an individual page. That class does one page, and then the blood posters. Also, class does it different as a as a as a different page, so that then you you run the risk of having duplicate content. So you've got a block post, which has also one bit of content. And then you have the categories page, which has that block post, and it might have a heap of other blood posts as well. But you're duplicating that content of that post on the category page, so one of minimize that as much as possible. So we always cities to know. You don't need to worry about that because that's it. Tonight, if you disagree, or you want to have your categories, patches, category pages, Index said it, yes, but we we generally don't don't worry about that because it's not indexed tags. Same thing we unless the only what? The time we would ah, index. That tags is if you're gonna build at your tag pages with a lot of content, and that could be a very good strategy. But it's actually a hell of a lot of work on, and you've got to create a large bulk content, not for your tag pages. Otherwise, again, that create a separate part tag patch that could be indexed. And you get a lot of thing content and duplicate content as well. So we set that to know I might go through. Ah, good. What? We've got an actual blawg we've set. We do index attack pages and it does help, but it's ah, it's a different type of set up. Generally we just have to know category Urals. Ah, we just keep that from now. Okay, well done. Tax enemies. Yes. Ah, archives generally Just keep this enabled Ah and Chauth archives a little bit designed with this you can Ah, if you want to set that to know, not to have that create that you'll forget corn And again, it's probably best idea. But if you have that in Aibel and people can actually click on the Ortho Link within a post that will show all the author's posts that they've written. But we'd rather not them show in the search results. So we're not creating duplicate content again. Same for date archives. It's already developed it tonight. So that's all there are special pages. This is just have the ah, the CEO title Chauffeur Page is not found and search pages so you can leave that. So just to show where break what breadcrumbs are here they are here. So this is, Ah, a structure piece of structure within a blogged that helps user experience so they can click back through the pages. And also for Google as well. Google like breadcrumbs as long as they set up properly. Eso you can follow through. It's what the hell it sounds breadcrumbs. So you can follow back and forth where you've been for both users and for Google. Now that this is another reason I like the thing because the breadcrumbs are set up already within the same that if you use the breadcrumbs sittings in Yost, you need to add a little bit of cut in the back end, and I explain it here. If you're gonna do it that way, and your blawg, it doesn't have breadcrumbs. Sit up. Ah, properly. So all of the thing doesn't have breadcrumbs set up by default. Breadcrumbs can also provide different snippets within the Google search results. You might have seen where their search results and underneath it has different layers off content and pages showing in the search results and breadcrumbs can help with that. Okay, No good hours this year. We're not gonna talk about ourselves in this in this video course briefly. Want to use You can use it here with social Here, you're gonna want Teoh at in your Facebook. Ah, and your or your other social profile, your ills if you have them. And it just allows the social profiles to be shown within the organization. Organizational schemer, That was set in the first general sitting section. So when I had the many of what you've got and then you also want to make sure you're open graphed out of for Facebook is actually set to enable, which is by default, anyway, open graph data is the metadata that Facebook users Teoh when you share on Facebook of the metadata it uses to pull content. Ah, the other thing is Pinterest and Twitter and some other properties also use open graph data when they don't have their own data sitting by default. So it is important to have it enabled. So now when posts and bit of information is shared from your side and social media, it provides that that right correct content. So that's what we need to do to set up Yost issue. You can see here if we go to add a new post. We've got the Yost Ah, Data editor, where we can adding our information and we'll go through that were actually sitting court block post later on. So that's it for this video. I'm sure that makes sense really simple and easy to set up. Set it up once and you can leave it them. And then we use the manual editor on for each page and post as we're working through the set up. Thanks a lot, say next video.