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How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen YouTube Funnel

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen YouTube Funnel

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About This Class

If you've ever wanted to setup a powerful evergreen YouTube funnel that works on complete autopilot, then this course if for you.

After completing this short and sweet video, you'll discover the two simple steps to make the process work along with one of the biggest aspects for not only increasing your conversions, but making the entire system work like a charm. Sounds interesting? Then be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: Heywood's up, It's James Ken's non welcome to my course how to set up automated and evergreen you to funnel. Now this course is gonna be slightly different as it's going to be focusing on the aspects of regeneration in a very small yet very important details you want to focus on when it comes to not only creating a YouTube video but funneling that traffic to get them on your list, which then, of course, you can do whatever you want. So it's a very, very simple process. But what I'm going to be going over once again in the very small details that make off the difference. So if you want to know what those details are, go ahead and roll right now, I would afford to send you on the other side. 2. How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen YouTube Funnel: hates James Ken's in L. A. And welcome to my course how to set up in automated and Evergreen you to funnel. Now this is going to be one of the few types of funnels that actually focuses on lead generation. Rather, instead just kinda, you know, going through already have something on your email list and then going through with the funnel. This is going to be how to actually get them on it now. The reason I chose YouTube is because I've done this in the past, have made a few mistakes. And if you've ever seen those videos where they have about, like, millions of views and unfortunately they don't have any type of call the action in the video, you can't really go back there and changes. So when it comes to social media, I feel it's the most powerful way to get, you know, leads. I guess you could say or do lead generation, especially with YouTube, because you get Teoh be in front of the camera. For the most part, people get to know like and trust you, and by them watching your videos. Enough is more powerful than just, you know, doing a Facebook ad to a lead magnet cause they get to see who you are that they get to get a sense of what you're like. They get to obviously kind of buy into your beliefs on what you like to talk about, so on and so forth. So with that being said, that's what I'm going to cover in. This is going to be very short, but there's just a few important things you want to focus on. If you're doing YouTube and you want to get leads from itself, the process is very simple. We have the YouTube video and the C T A s, which stands for the call to actions. There's not a whole lot going on here, but the distinctions that I'm going to explain to you could be very helpful so that you don't create one of these amazing you through videos and then just have, like, no way of, you know, getting anything from unless you're doing AdSense, which I don't recommend unless you're getting, you know, five million views a day. And even if you were doing that doing, AdSense probably isn't going to be the most profitable. So first and foremost we have the YouTube video, which I like to call for operation relation as the tagline. Like I said before, the greatest thing about YouTube is people get to see you personally. All right. It's not like opting into a random lead magnet where they don't know You. Okay? Usually people that watch your video and opt in, like, really, really like you. They like what you have to say. They like what you have to talk about, and they probably want more of it. So kind of just gonna go over the main points. First and foremost, we have the length, all right, this is nothing like I've tested out 1,000,000 videos, and this is the best length. I just recommend ballpark. Keep it under 10 minutes, especially if we're going to be, you know, going for no, like trust. Okay, we're looking at the goal. Now you're going for them to know like and trust you report, build value, you want to offer a lead magnet, and then get them on a list, right? That's going to be the main goal here. And obviously, if you have quite a few videos, you're creating more videos. Whatever it's going to be. This is going to obviously build over time, so keep that in mind. But the idea here is that if you give some great content and what's gonna happen is people who watch all the way towards the end and you hit him up with called action like, hey, check out the link. There's a very good chance they're gonna opt in. All right? You're not gonna get as many clicks because it's at the end, But you've pre sold them so well, you've given them such amazing content. Like here. You can get something free, just opt into my list. Okay? So, conversions, they're going to be much higher. Have tested this out myself. It works amazingly. All right, So the types of videos, Okay, there's how to videos. OK, It could be something like this. It could be in Ah, slideshow presentation. I'm telling you kind of the ways of doing something specifically could be a case. 30 video. Okay, whether this is actually filming yourself, whether it's on the computer like, Hey, I used Teoh hit the ball 250 yards. Now I'm hitting a 300 yards and we show you. Okay, that would be very beneficial to someone who is in the Gulf in its rate, could be over the shoulder videos. Okay, this could be like this, I guess you could say or let's say I was showing you how to set up a campaign on Facebook over the shoulder. Let's do it in real time while I tell a few, you know, your mama jokes, whatever. It's gonna be right. The talking head videos. That's where you just straight up put a video start talking, going at it. Talking had kind of a person on the news and, of course, story videos, which are very powerful. People learn by stories. They kind of draw people in their very easy to relate to, especially when you tell a story that's based upon what your audience is going through or has gone to. I can talk about. When I first started online, how much I struggled horribly, I was on unemployment. I tried so many things. There were a lot of crappy products I bought into. It didn't work so on and so forth. Everyone has stories depending on what your niches that are easily relatable. Okay, talk about those a lot. Okay, so we talked about the goal. Let's move on to the tools. Obviously, this isn't going to be some, you know, crazy course about how to record YouTube videos. It's not that difficult. I use my iPhone. Okay, if I'm not using, my iPhone will use. My computer could also use Camped Asia to record your screen. You can use Google hang out, which is free to record. Your screen can also use screen cast a Matic, which is free. And if you want to like buy, it's like $12 or $15 a year dirt cheap so you can remove the you know, the little watermark they got there. And then, of course, with conduct, because probably this will be the most helpful. I guess you could say I'm going to run through quickly, as if I was doing a video based upon some type of I don't know either case study or how to when it comes to make money online. So hey, what's up is James Ken's and all. It's nice to see you here. Thanks for stalking me again. It's really great to heavy back. Really cool anyway, so what I want to go through today is talk about something really awesome. Okay, what I did is, actually I took $10 and I turned it in the $50. It was pretty darn simple. And I'm gonna show you how so What I did is actually I took some videos. I took some pictures, I showed you the proof and all that fun stuff. So what I'm gonna do right now is actually hop on over to my computer and show you over the shoulder just how simple it was. And literally anyone could do this. Regardless of what your experience is, This isn't anything like super difficult and allow me to show you. So here we go, top on over to my computer, and I'll see in one millisecond. Okay, So that was just an example. That's kind of introduction and teasers content. You know what to say. I was showing someone how to do something with arbitrage in where you can Literally I used to do this. Okay. Where you could actually go. There's a lot of ways to do arbitrage, but let's say you go to, like, a yard sell you buy something for, like, 10 bucks, and then you sell it on eBay for, like, 50. Okay, very easy to do. I can do that with a lot of things online as well. But then I would just just about show them what it was. Obviously, that's where you giving them the value. Okay. You're giving them awesome content. That's what I love about YouTube. Like I said before, any time you're giving someone amazing value and then asking them to get on your list, it's just like you're gonna get so many more open. You're gonna get so many more clicks. You're gonna get so many more people looking forward to your emails because you've built that up with them. Okay, that's what I love about YouTube. So I said that, like, five times to do the way after that would be the out production to the CTS. Okay, that's a very important part. So actually created it in a different section. So let's continue on to that. All right, So the Sita is they gave it away. This is the most important part. Okay, without these, can you make it work? Yes, but with them, it's gonna make it more powerful. Okay, so here's the end. Let's see we got to the end. I just gave you know, all this great advice, you know, value, whatever it was. And you just say something simple, like, I hope you enjoy that. If you did, then be sure to click the link down below to get my free gift. And I absolutely love it. If you love making money online, If you love simple little tactics, we can go out and spend Ah, very small amount and make a very nice return. Go ahead, click that link down below. Get on my email unless you're gonna get a free gift. And Reagan 11. All right. Something like that. Okay. The idea here. Okay. When it comes to the lead magnet, okay, you're gonna have to create a lead magnet. I'm not gonna go over like every type of lead Magnin the world in the world. I'll get to that in a second. But either way, I just said I'm not gonna describe it. Then I said I'd get to in a second. Goodwin James. Anyway, when it comes to lead magnet, don't describe it. All right, here's the mistake I made. Okay. In the beginning, you might be testing out different lead magnets if you're getting people on your list, so it's always going to be changing. Okay, So if you say, like, grab my lead magnet, right, show you how I made, like, $30 on Amazon without spending anything and, you know, and like maybe a year later or you're testing new lead maggots Or maybe, like Amazons, like disappears. I don't know if you remember that place called squid do that. Here's how I made a dollar on squid and, like the places blew up like it's only been thinking around anymore. So you don't want to date your lead magnets and you don't want to describe it one, because they're always changing to you're always gonna be testing them, which means they are we changing. And three, you're probably always changing. Okay, so you see what I mean? You want to be very generic when it comes to getting that person on your list. It's not like Instagram where you're just posting like, Hey, you get my lead magnet Click going down below to get my YouTube lead magnet, you can always change the text. The fact of the matter I'm getting after is that you can't change what you say in your video. Okay? So when you're describing your lead magnets, say, like, hey, if you love this stuff, if you love, be very generic about if you love making money online if you want to see more simple stuff like this go ahead. Grab my free gift. Click the link down below. Get on my list. I know you're gonna love it. Okay, so it's beneficial. It's generic, but it overall describes like what your entire niches like. If you're Justin affiliate marketing, just say like, hey, grab my, you know, free gift. It's related to affiliate marketing, obviously making more sexy than that. But the idea is, if someone watches an entire 10 minute video of you giving value about affiliate marketing and there's a free gift about affiliate marketing, they're probably gonna opt in. Okay, it's just the way it is. Okay, so that's the lead magnet. Make it very generic. Like if you're with, like, weight loss to scale a k, get my free weight loss gift. It doesn't have to be like the super Venus factor. Stair climber X system. She might change it around a lot of times, right next we have the tools. There's more ways to get the job done. So you always want to put a link in the description that's going to be in the bottom of the YouTube video, like under the title. So it would just say Click here and then your link, which would lead to your lead magnet. Okay, aside from that, there are a few tools to get more clicks, which you can actually Sprinkle around during the video. It's completely up to you, but I just want to focus on the end because you're gonna be delivering a lot of value. Once you're done with that, then you could just kind of bombard them with, like, click here, click here, click here. Okay, so you got YouTube cards. The great thing about these on YouTube is that you can actually hook up your website to YouTube. You just got to confirm it and pulling a pixel. They're just so they know it's yours. And what happens with card is it's usually in the top, right? There's a like a little white circle. They click on that, and it opens up a picture where it's a much bigger picture. If they click on that, you can direct them to your lead magnet, which is pretty cool. Annotations is going to allow you to basically just put text there. So what you can do? Sometimes people will put, like, click here to subscribe or click the link down below. You could just simply use that as another Call the action where it says, you know, click down below to get your free gift. It's just another way of reminding them what to do, because a lot of times it's not that people are lazy, that sometimes people are lazy. I'm not going to say there never lazy, but you just got to remind them of what to do. They've got so many like Cat videos in their recommended views are in the recommended videos. There's all these other options they could do. They might have on auto play where it's going to go to the next video. So keep that in mind. You always got to tell him what to do. That's why there's a whole slide on the call. The actions okay, last, but not least, like I said, it wasn't going to dive into it much, but I might as well. Sentence here, Lead magnet. Okay, this is just a example of a squeeze page at the time. You can't really see it, but it says free cheat sheet download reveals. So what are they getting at the top? The big benefits going to be the big headline. And red don't copy this because you probably don't have the same results. And you're gonna look like a fool if you do that. And aside from that's going to be an objection. It was something that says, like, you don't have to get in front of the camera and then just the download now, button. But when it comes to a lead magnet, I'd recommend any type of cheat sheet, any type of template, any type of something like that. Okay, this smaller it is the easier to digest, the better. I'm not a big fan of, like, all these video courses unless you give them to him later as an unannounced bonus. All right. A Someone I know always says, like high five for a cheat code. Like if you're playing moral combat back in 90 I don't know. Early nineties, remember? There's a blood code for it. So If if you're on YouTube and you were doing like the video game nature here, it's like, Hey, um, enter email below to get the blood code from world Combat and you would just give it to him A, B A, C A B B. I still remember. OK, so it's a simple as that Give him something want. It's easy to digest and it doesn't take forever to create. Okay, so that would be the lead magnet. Obviously, the goal of this is to get them on your list. Like I said, one of the few aspects we're gonna be talking about when it comes to getting someone on your list. But when it comes to YouTube, it's completely different from everywhere else, because once you create that video, you can't do it again. Okay, so like I said, very short, that's it. The most important aspect of this is going to be the CTS, which you're still not sure it's going to be. The call to actions or call the action. However you want to say it, let them know what to do next. OK, it's not that lazy, although they can be. Sometimes there's so much stuff going on in their attention spans nowadays is just like really crazy low people are gonna be looking for, like cats and cactuses dancing outside that window just cause I go. What's this? What's this right? I'm getting ahead of myself. But either way, that's the end of the course. If you enjoyed it. If you liked, if he found one thing useful. If we found at least one Golden Nugget, which is always going to be the main gold, any type of information you pick up, go ahead, give it a thumb's up. Give it a 10 stars. Give it an awesome comment. Heck, even if you didn't like it, I challenge you to give it a good rating. I challenge you. Just try it. See how you like it. Either way, that about wraps it up. I am James. Ken's another Thank you for watching, and I'll talk to you soon.