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How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Trip Wire Funnel

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Automated And Evergreen Primer

    • 3. How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Trip Wire Funnel

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About This Class

If you've ever wanted to setup a powerful evergreen trip wire funnel that works on complete autopilot, then this course if for you.

After completing this short and sweet video, you'll discover the three simple steps to make the process work along with one of the biggest aspects for not only increasing your conversions, but making the entire system work like a charm. Sounds interesting? Then be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: Hayes, James Ken's an Island. Welcome to my course. How to set up an automated and evergreen trip wire funnel its ruling Cool to have here. So in case you're not sure what a trip wire is, it's going to be a very lower price product, usually between $1.19 dollars. Aside from that, I'm going to walk you through the very simple three steps that you need to do in order to maximize your results with this type of funnel. It's very important that you get this part down and if you're not sure what it is, heck, I'm going to be showing you on the other side. So if you want to know what it is, you want all the other great details. Go ahead and then roll right now. And I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. The Automated And Evergreen Primer: Hey, it's James Kansan on Welcome to the automated and evergreen primer. And what I'm going to go over in this very quick video is what you need to know to get the most effect out of this. OK, so here's what you'll need to be able to dio. Okay, this is nothing advanced. This is marketing one on one about as basic as it gets. So you're gonna need to be able to send traffic to his grease badge. Okay, This isn't about getting traffic. This isn't about setting up your landing page and what you put on it, none of those specific details. Rather instead the 30,000 foot view of how to make a specific set up work. OK, so sending traffic through his Greece page, obviously getting that traffic to opt in. All you need is a squeeze page. Enter email some type of lead magnet or not, always do need a lead magnet. And of course, from there they're going to be on your email list. And that's how you consent automated follow ups, right? So that's the bread and butter skill you need to know how to do. I'm not gonna go over. It's extremely basic. Heck, even if you have, like a Weber get response, they're gonna show you some tutorials about how you can set that up. But assuming you know this, this is how you're going to send all of your traffic because you're gonna be able to control your traffic. And when you do that, all you need to do is send the follow up and you can send them to wherever you want. Or it could be a broadcast, pretty the way that's the primer. That's what you basically need to know how to do nothing advanced. You can quickly figure it out and there's a 1,000,000 traffic sources, which is why I don't want to really dive deep into that. But now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue. 3. How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Trip Wire Funnel: hates James Kansas. Hello and welcome to how to set up in automated and evergreen trip wire Funnel. It's really great to have you here. And in case you don't know what a trip wire funnel is in a nutshell, it's basically we're going to be selling something for a very small price just to get the buyer. Okay, So even if you still have no idea what I'm talking about, allow me to show you the very simple process. Because, of course, if I'm doing any type of class core system blueprint, the process is always going to be simple. It's just a little details that'll get you. OK, so first and foremost we have the front end. Okay, The next big step after that's going to be the up sell flow. And third last indefinitely. Not least we're going to have the buyer opt in. So starting with the first step, the front end where the goal is buyers, Okay, that's not going to be the first. That's not gonna be the last time I say that, All right. It will be the first. It's not going to be the last impact. Might have already said that her either way, the front and here we go. So a few things about the front end. All right? I'm not going to get into how to sell it. Ah, you know, like what to use for V s. L like all those many details. I want to give you the whole review of this. Just you have a good kind of road map, so to speak. Then you can go and find the specific details from that, right? So, first and foremost, the product is very important. Okay, there's a story I always tell it Probably told this story so many times, but I got to tell it again just because a lot of times I assume just cause I have a good amount of experience that everyone knows what I do. Big mistake. All right. And you don't want to make this mistake. So person was bragging that he did a promo to his email list and he got so many more sales in his big lightbulb moment was that he realized that any type of promotion he did as an affiliate, he got more sales. If it related to the lead magnet that he basically used to get them on board. So she's just saying like, Hey, I used the YouTube Geechee to get people on my email list and then did a YouTube promotion and oh, my God, there were so many cells Was like, This guy just figured this out either way. Okay, if you get someone on your email list, whatever you used to get them on their you wanna have your product related to that? Okay, So if you had a squeeze page that says, Here's how I'm making money with Amazon and then you're, you know, starting the sell them something about fiver. There's, you know, you will make cells, but it's just not congruent rights, not matching. Alright. They opted in because they want to buy a TV. And now you're selling on the hot dog stand. Okay. Uh, yeah. Maybe they'll buy a hot dog stand like one out of 1000 but we don't want that. All right. So related to why they opted in to get on your list in the first place. Very big deal. Okay. When I did a lot of solo ads, the squeeze page was all about Facebook. Guess what? The product I was selling was all about Twitter. Just kidding. It was Facebook. OK, so first and foremost, make sure it's related to that. And it doesn't have to be anything super large, Super big. As you can see below the price is going to be an impulse. Buy a trip. Wire is kind of anywhere between I'd say a dollar and $19 Very good price range. You're gonna have to test that out. I've tested a dollar of tested $7 a test of $9 a tested $5 tested $17 test of $19. I did go a little bit higher around 27 said there was a little less conversions so anywhere between what in 19. But it does depend on the traffic source. Now. Also the goal. You want at least 1% conversions on icy cold traffic. That means you send traffic Teoh somewhere where people have no idea who the heck you are. And you're looking to get out of 100 visitors on your sales letter, you want at least 1% buyers. I remember hearing a very a very powerful statement where it's said, like if you can get just 1% conversions with your video sales letter that could make you a millionaire. Okay, so people don't realize how big of a deal. 1% conversions are because there's always the back end just cause they purchase once. And it's like it doesn't mean you just, like, stop making money from that. You still have the mess. Subaih had them as a subscriber. You can obviously, you know, sell more things. So aside from getting that 1% inversions, you want buyers. That's the main goal. Said it a few times. Now I'm going to say it more. You want buyers? Okay, so So the tools just to kind of get it done. You can use PayPal to accept payments you can use stripe. You can use JV zoo warrior, plus your click bank completely up to you. I've actually used all of them. Okay, I prefer PayPal and stripe. Aside from that, if you're looking for any type of tool to build kind of ah sales letter, you can use Klute funnels. You can use lead pages. You can use WordPress, you can use instability, or you can use optimize price. You can use Dr themes. It's really up to you and last but not least, is ever greeting it. All right, this is about automating and ever greening it. And if you haven't noticed by now, it's all about using countdown timers because that makes it very specific toe. Every single person who ops in and sees the sales letter. So adding a countdown timer so they get anywhere from 3 to 7 days to make a purchase before the price jumps up. I've talked about previously in the past, where sometimes just want to use maybe 3 to 4 days. It's completely up to you to test. However, when you're doing a trip wire, you can allow it to be a few more days because what you're going to be doing is after they opt in, they're gonna get follow ups, you know, up to that specific amount of time just to really get them off the fence to purchase. Okay, so they did not show. That's the front end and let's continue. So next we have the up sell floor, you're going to be able to maximize your profits. Okay, so how many up cells if you're not sure what an up sell is? It's also known as an O. T. O, which is referred to as a one time offer. And this is where you say, like, Hey, you go to McDonald's. You just bought a burger and they say, Would you like fries and a Coke with that? That isn't Upsell, Okay, it's Ah, there's a good amount of people who don't like them. But I'll tell you what, If you're in business online and you don't like up cells, you're just shooting yourself in the foot. You're losing out on so much money and the ability to make your business profitable. It could literally be that big of a deal. Okay, so how maney up cells, I'd say to is pretty standard. And each Upsell can also come with a down. So I have seen, you know, funnels with three. It's really up to you and how many you want to do. Sometimes it does piss people off the heck seems like you do anything. Nowadays. You can piss people off, so I've seen funnels with like 567 I've seen ridiculous amounts. I mean, there is kind of a fine line between having too many and just going insane. It's kind of around, you know, 2 to 3 is like the cut off point. So it's really up to you and very important. If you're using a down cell, make sure you take something away. Okay. So, for example, if your original offer was $47 all these bonus is if they hit no thanks to the bottom of the page, they get taken to another page which says, like, Hey, maybe the price was too high for you. I completely understand. So instead of paying, $47 have taken $20 off, so you're only gonna have to pay $27. But unfortunately, I took away all the bonuses and basically do that just to, you know, justify the price drop. Okay? Otherwise, if you just take $20 off, you're not taking anything away. You're just like screwing all the people who paid a full price, you know, compared to the people who are paying $20 less for getting the same exact thing. OK, so what do you sell for up cells? Let me give you a good idea. You got done for you. You got done for you. You got done for you you got done for you. I was going to go on for, like, a minute doing that. But that would have gotten really old really quickly. Have I gotten across? That done for you is the most powerful thing to do for an Upsell. Go ahead. You can shave your head up and down. I'm sure no one's watching you right now. If someone is, go ahead. You can shake your head up and down. All right? I can't, like, get this point across anymore. Out of all the up cells I've ever done of all the audios, the one time offers, whatever you want to call them, done for you is the most powerful. Okay, aside from that, you could do templates. You could do case studies you can do master resell rights could do a license, which means sometimes you can go through a product. And what you can do is actually purchase the license to sell the specific product where you just, like, attach your affiliate Lincoln, and they give you 100% commissions or, like, 90 whatever is right. And I wanted to give you a few examples right here where says traffic and conversions and then die in exercises. I remember Russel Bronson talked about this once. Let's see you hit a trip wire offer was for traffic, okay? And he was basically selling it like this is the best traffic source ever. This is all the traffic you're going to need and then use an up sell for more traffic. And it's like But I just got all this traffic. So the conversions were really love. So what do you decide to do? I don't know. If it was something conversion based is do something completely different. So now that you have the traffic Alright, what can you do with that traffic? Now you need to convert it. Okay, So do you see how those kind of went hand in hand? If you do traffic than you do another traffic, it doesn't have to be trafficking was giving you an example. It's not going to convert as well. Okay, The same thing with die and exercise. If you're like, here's these great diet plans and then you're up. So's Here's Maura Great diet plans. It's kind of like you just scratch that itch or it's like, Why am I needing to get more diet plans when I originally just purchase some that were already the best ever, You know what I mean? So So if you purchase diet plans, what can you get along with that exercise routines? Right. So does that make sense? Kind of make sure it pairs together, and that's just going to take a little thinking and testing to get right. All right, So how to sell? All right, this is definitely not difficult at all. I could literally just make this up off the top of my head, which I'm going to do. Okay. So I'm gonna pretend that you had just purchased this product. Okay, so you got the automated and evergreen troop wire funnel. Okay, How to set it up. So I'm going to go through the steps first. You want to thank and congratulate them? You want to refresh the big benefits? You want to assure it's not necessary to make the original purchase work. You tell a little bit about it. More benefits, maybe some bonuses if you have them. And you could do kind of a price justification and a call to action where you click the button. So and I'm going to start from the top just to show you how simple it is. I can make it up off the top of my head. So hates James. Ken's in L. A. Thank you. And congratulations for picking up how to set up an automated trip wire funnel. It's really great to have you here as I know you're gonna love it because it's going to allow you to actually set this up once and be able to automate it 100% sure constantly getting commissions and profits flowing into your PayPal account. Now, just because you like this so much, I wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on something really important. I wanted to offer you. And I assure you it's actually not necessary to make the original purchase work. However, it's going to allow you to see results 10 times faster. It's actually called the automated and evergreen done for you trip wire funnel. It's exactly what I just talked about. What it's going to allow you to do is literally click three buns and allow you to get an entire done for you funnel instantly. Okay? And when I say done for you what that means is You're going to get the front end. You're gonna get the down sell. You're going to get the up sell flows, you're gonna get the sales letter, you're gonna get the full product you're going to get the download page is you're gonna get the buyer opt ins. You're even going to get the email follow ups all 100% done for you. And the only thing you have to do is put your name on it. Change around the name added in, change the girls, and you are good to go. Now imagine if I was going to sell the sun Flipper. I'm sure it would cost maybe 1000 2000 3000. And if you wanted me to make this custom for you, heck, I'm sure it's not hard to realize that this cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. However, obviously not going to charge you that much. That would be pretty crazy, because I want you to see success much quicker. You're not gonna have to pay $1000 I have to pay 503 100. Heck, you can get this for a one time payment of just $97 the best part about its one time. It's not recurring. You never have to worry about any annoying cancellation fees. It's a simply one time offer. And I sure you're gonna love this. All you gotta do is click a few buttons type in your name, change things around adding your domain. You're going to be good to go. So with that being said, go ahead and click that button down below and look forward to seeing you on the next page, because that was very simple. OK, you can do that as a V S, L he can do it as a sales letter. You could do it however you want. But that was just me going through and I imagine. OK, if I had sold this like originally just this one little, many thing here and you know I gave you this done for you offer, it would be a no brainer. Okay, because I'm going through all of this and I'm saying like, Hey, I'm explaining this to you, but if you want it 100% done for you, we're All you got to do is slap your name on the emails. The sales letter and the product that I've already done for you. My goodness, I think of how much time that's gonna safe. Think of how much like technical overwhelmed that's going to save you from. Think about how much money that's going to save you from. Think about how much quicker you can get stuff done to see results quicker. Okay, So do you see how powerful that it was? I'm like, Hey, OK, I got this great product for you. It's just gonna be a few emails. Swipes. I mean, it's not bad, but when you have the whole done for you, it's just so much more powerful. And I'm sure you can see that by now. I've said done for you about 100 times. I even gave an example, but that's the up self. All right, enough about that already. I'm going crazy over here, So let's continue to the buyer. Opt in. And the goal is still buyers, just in case you forgot. Gotta repeated a few times. So this is just one simple page. Very easy. Nothing the pull your hair out about Okay, It's gonna be a congratulations. Paige, This is going to be, after all the ups, Ellsworth says. Like congratulations. You're in Great to have you on board and what you want to do. It's basically just gonna be a squeeze page where it says, like, you know, there's gonna be an email. Congratulations. Please enter email below to get, like, the link sent here. It could be sent to your email to put you in the V I. P. List. Also get a bonus. But the main point of this, OK, it's going to put them on a separate buyers list. You always want to separate your normal subscribers from your buyer's. Okay? And when they get added to that buyers list, okay, they're gonna get removed from that normal main list. Okay? And any single auto responders out there can do this. This isn't anything complex. It's just simple automation where it's like if subscriber subscribes to buyers list, remove them from subscriber list. Okay. Something like that. Okay, So next other offer some incentive offered a mopped again. Okay. Usually all they have to do is click a button to the email can be already there after years and like lead pages or click funnels. But it's just a nice little incentive It's like, Hey, enter email here to get the you know, obviously the file center email, But to get some free bonuses Well, okay. I always love over delivering. I love giving out unannounced bonuses. Sometimes I feel like I give out too many, but it's just my way of going the extra mile. So let them know they're gonna get free bonuses. Let them know they'll get free updates for life. That could be another one. Will never have to pay the letter after upgrade. They'll never have toe. You know, whatever else it's gonna be Oregon to say to get on the V I. P. List what I like doing for my mid ticket products. What I'll do is for 30 days. Okay, After they purchase something, I'll walk them through the system. All right, I'm not going to sell them anything else, like you see a lot of people doing the little product launch in like one day later, they'll be promoting off another product already like I literally walked through for 30 days. It's kind of like my way of doing some type of coaching where I can keep them accountable and they're getting all animated emails as they go. All right, so download what's gonna happen here? Obviously, once they enter their email, they're gonna get redirected to the download page from the buyer. Opt in. Okay. It's a simple little redirect, like any squeeze page does. OK, they also get sent a follow up with a link to the download area. This is very important because sometimes maybe they excel on the page. Maybe sometimes they forgot it. That's why they can save the email. And it's going to save you a lot of time. When it comes to customer support cause face it, people do sometimes x out. They lose their link. I don't know, like their dogs steps on the keyboard and turns it off of the cat sits on it and it breaks . Okay. I had that once a cat literally sat on my keyboard. They got that blue screen of death. I don't know how, but it was hilarious anyway. Then they get sent follow ups to digest the product they bought. Okay, depending on how big your product is, like the price, what it costs, how long it takes to go through. I recommend doing that as well. People love it, Okay, And aside from that, that's it. So the greatest thing, the biggest thing, the most important thing, the one thing, the biggest breakthrough, the one shift you got to get out of this is the buyer often, right? It's all about getting buyers. That's why it's a trip wire. Okay, it's It's kind of going to separate people who are, like, really serious about this compared to not serious. And I'm not saying people that don't buy aren't serious, because maybe the offer wasn't for them. Or maybe it wasn't right. Still got plenty of other opportunities, but that's the main goal. Okay, once you have the buyers, you can do some webinars you could do coaching whatever it's going to be. But the main goal is all about getting buyers. How many times have I said that now say one more time? The main goal is getting buyers. So with that being said, I am James Kensington and that's the course if you enjoy it, he loved it. If you got one big breakthrough, if you found something entertaining, funny, crazy, insane, whatever is going to be giving a thumbs up, give it 10 stars, give it a light. Give it a comment. I greatly appreciate. Do whatever you want with it. Okay? Just do something either way. I'm James Kansan. Ella, thank you for taking my course, and I'll talk to you soon.