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How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Launch Funnel

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Automated And Evergreen Primer

    • 3. How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Launch Funnel

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About This Class

If you've ever wanted to setup a powerful evergreen launch funnel that works on complete autopilot, then this course if for you.

After completing this short and sweet video, you'll discover the three simple steps to make the process work along with one of the biggest aspects for not only increasing your sales, but making the entire system work like a charm. Sounds interesting? Then be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: hates James cans. And Alan, welcome to my course how to set up in Evergreen and automated Launch Funnel. It's really cool toe happen here. So what I'm going to be doing in this course is walking you through a video slideshow presentation showing you what the three simple steps are to make the magic happen, so to speak. It's a very simple process. And if you decide to take this course, which I know you're going to obviously, since you're watching this right, I'm going to assume two things about you. All right, that you know how to set up traffic to a squeeze page and gather traffic. Because everything you're going to be doing is assuming you're sending traffic from email to this launch funnel, which I'm sure you how it's going to be done on the other side. So if that sounds interesting to you, if you really want to automate something, recon basically just said traffic and have it run on complete autopilot without doing anything, then this is definitely the course for you. Not a lot of people are doing this because I can simply look out there and see what they're doing, and it's not happening. So if you want to get the edge, go ahead and and roll right now. When I look forward to seeing you, never side. 2. The Automated And Evergreen Primer: Hey, it's James Kansan on Welcome to the automated and evergreen primer. And what I'm going to go over in this very quick video is what you need to know to get the most effect out of this. OK, so here's what you'll need to be able to dio. Okay, this is nothing advanced. This is marketing one on one about as basic as it gets. So you're gonna need to be able to send traffic to his grease badge. Okay, This isn't about getting traffic. This isn't about setting up your landing page and what you put on it, none of those specific details. Rather instead the 30,000 foot view of how to make a specific set up work. OK, so sending traffic through his Greece page, obviously getting that traffic to opt in. All you need is a squeeze page. Enter email some type of lead magnet or not, always do need a lead magnet. And of course, from there they're going to be on your email list. And that's how you consent automated follow ups, right? So that's the bread and butter skill you need to know how to do. I'm not gonna go over. It's extremely basic. Heck, even if you have, like a Weber get response, they're gonna show you some tutorials about how you can set that up. But assuming you know this, this is how you're going to send all of your traffic because you're gonna be able to control your traffic. And when you do that, all you need to do is send the follow up and you can send them to wherever you want. Or it could be a broadcast, pretty the way that's the primer. That's what you basically need to know how to do nothing advanced. You can quickly figure it out and there's a 1,000,000 traffic sources, which is why I don't want to really dive deep into that. But now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue. 3. How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Launch Funnel: hates James. Ken's an island. Welcome to my course. How to set up an automated and evergreen launch funnel. It's really cool to have you here. So what this course is going to be about, I'm gonna make a few assumptions about you that you know how to set up a squeeze page and send traffic tow it wrecks the strategies. In this, you're basically going to need to have some type of traffic. You're not gonna want to just hook up a squeeze page with everything I'm going to be showing you and direct it right to it. You want to get him on your list first so that once they get to know like and trust you, you can set this up. It's gonna make much more sense. And I created this because I saw a lot of people creating products and launching them all the time and what they would do with them is just nothing. He was insane. It's as if they didn't have enough faith or belief in their products. They would literally launch them. And about a week later, after it was done, they would just start giving away the product and all the photos for Frias bonuses on my goodness. And they must just really devalue the products they created. They never did anything with them. So So I thought, Hm. You know, why would they be doing this when they can set it up in a great way? Maybe they don't know how. So I started doing some digging, started doing some research, how to set it up to make this work. And eventually what I did, I remember, had a nice little funnel of about four products, and everything was completely automated. Once I had someone in there, they would go through this X aim the same exact process. OK, only thing I didn't talk about here is basically email segmenting, which is pretty easy. And what's gonna happen is when someone purchases, they just go on a new part of your list. Okay, that's that's really easy to do with any auto responders. So with all that aside, here's the very simple process. And let's dig into it. Okay, so here's how it's gonna go. It's very simple. Okay, It's like I said, someone's already on your list. You're talking to them. Whatever. And the idea here is that if you've ever seen a product launch. Sometimes when you go to the product launch page, it'll stay like this goes live in, like, three days. Okay. The beauty of this is you can literally replicate an entire product launch without dealing with a single JV or affiliates. Awesome. Okay, so the first thing that's gonna happen, people are gonna be sent to three pre sell videos cast first up, the next one. After it goes live, they're gonna get sent straight to a sales letter with a timer on it. And last but not least, unfortunately, there's going to be some people who don't buy shame on them. They're going to get redirected to a new sales letter. I'll talk about all the steps, starting with number one. So here we go three pre sell videos. And the main idea here is that you want to focus in the one big thing. I'll give you a few examples, of course. So, three videos, preferably about on day, one day, two day three. Or you could do it. Maybe day, one day, three day five, if you want to put some space in between, is completely up to you. 12 and three works just fine. OK, so what you want to do here is you send an email and you're going to send them to a page with one video on it. Okay, What this is going to do is obviously talk about the one big thing of your product. So I'm gonna give you an example of when I did with, uh, you know, someone who s coaching. He had basically a product where he was making a lot of money with Facebook, and I had a lot of great hooks. We don't need to spend, like, a ton of money. He literally made over 3000 his first month doing it. So people loved it. They loved the idea. And you really had to get that idea across. Okay, A lot of people weren't taking advantage of this. So the main purpose of this video was to talk about that one big thing Facebook. OK, if you're gonna be selling a product about Facebook, you've got to start talking about it and the benefits and white so good and of course, give indirect benefits. You don't need to go in and say exactly what it is because that's going to give curiosity, like, if I tell you. Hey, my friend just started off. He's doing $3000 per month. Hasn't even spent a diamond. Guess what? He's doing it with Facebook. Like what the hell? Okay, like I'm not telling him exactly what it is, but it kind of piques your curiosity. Okay, That's the thing about this, right? They don't have to be long videos. A couple minutes will do. I used to basically just take my iPhone, put it up in front of my face and talk right to the camera, and it was done in a few minutes. Okay? So I would talk about that one big thing, okay? He was doing this. He had these great results without doing this. A lot of great benefits created curiosity, created excitement, build up the buzz. Just kind of like a UFC or a boxing match, right? And last, but not least, what you want to do let them know that you're going to tell them about it next time you see them, all right? Could be in a day from now. It could be the day after and leave him with a cliffhanger. So you could say something like, Yeah, he's been doing really well. And you know what? In the next video, I'm going to dive deeper into how exactly he was doing it, along with the great proof. He has seen even the fact that he's a newbie, like, pretty cool, right? So what I would actually do is I would have that video on a page, right? You're going to send them to this video. And what I would do is, I would say, like, video one where you are right now. And then I would have video to and video three. There would be text under, but you can't click on it just to get people kind of realizing that there's going to be more videos talking about it. Okay, so that would be video. One case would send him to a page, and that would be it. So let's say one day later you're going to send them to another one, which would be video to on day number two. Okay, so you send an email. Hey, you guys must have really loved this. I got the next video for you. You said you really looking forward to it. So on and so forth. So you send them the video to on another page. Okay? Recap what you talked about in the other video, Just in case someone missed it. You show the proof. Get them really excited. It doesn't have to be for like, I make money. Online offer Could be for weight loss. Hey, look, my friend lost £20. She's doing really well, or hey, look, my my friend knows how toe teach crowding after one week, whatever you're selling, right? Okay, once again, start talking a little bit more about benefits that are more direct. Okay, So he was using Facebook, actually, you know, providing value to people. They were reaching out to them, and then he was closing clients. Okay, you don't have to tell him exactly what it was, but give a little bit more description. So you still have the curiosity. You still have the more excitement. It's really going to depend on what you're obviously talking about. What you gonna be selling? It's up to you. There's no, like, crazy formula. The idea is that whatever you're talking about, you want it to be as exciting as awesome and as super helpful. is possible. Okay, aside from that last, but at least you want to leave a cliffhanger. This one's gonna be a little bit more specific. Saying like, Hey, I know you guys have probably learned life. Noticed how just how great x y Z is. But you know what? I'm actually going to release a system about this room initially. Exactly how he did X, y and Z just in case you didn't get enough information. So be sure to watch your email like a hawk. Look for my next video, where I'll show you can get your hands on. Exactly how so and so did X Y Z in a specific amount of time. Okay, so that's a cliffhanger. Just letting them know. Hey, there's actually gonna be opening up for this. Where? If you want to get your hands on and I'll walk you through the key studies, whatever you're gonna be selling. Okay. So video to kind of ends with a cliffhanger saying, Look, a lot of great things were going on if you want kind of the cheat sheet, Okay. If you want the system the blueprint, I'm gonna show you how you can get it tomorrow, so make sure you're here. Okay? That's all we're gonna be doing there. So video three is very simple. You gonna recap everything you talked about? The big benefits, Okay, just in case someone missed the other videos, there will be links down below it. We can click on video one and two, just in case they want to go to those pages. Okay, but then you're going to say, Hey, look, for those of you who really want you basically sent some replies to me. I know you're excited. Product X Y Z is actually now live where you can click the button down below and pick it up for a special launch price. But keep in mind, the discount is going to be ending very soon. Suit. Better act fast. Aside from that, you can recap the benefits, talk about why it's so great and then give a final called the action. Okay, That's all you need to do. Those air. The pre sell videos. Okay. It was a very powerful because if you're talking to an audience, wants to say who is going to give an example of affiliate marketing? They like affiliate marketing. Right? But There's a lot of different ways to use affiliate marketing. So that's why you want to bring up that one big thing in the beginning. OK, let's talk about being have been using being. It's been doing very well in getting dirt cheap clicks. If you're not using it, you really need to jump on it. Okay, you're gonna be talking about that through all the videos we do the way those are the three pre sell videos as long as you cover basically what I talked about. I mean, you can butcher this. You don't even have to be good at it. Really doesn't matter. As long as you're getting these things across, you're going to do very well, right? So that's the first step. Even though there's three videos to it, next is going to be straight to the sales letter. Alright, Everything from here on out, it's smooth sailing. And don't forget the timer case is very important, right? So straight to the sales letter, I'm not gonna go in tow, Hajto like, you know, right? A 20 steps sales letter. This is just the process is like a 30,000 foot overview, right? So everything on the sales letter is going to be the same as a normal sales under except okay, a countdown. When they get there, let them know it's at a special launch price. Even if you told them in the videos, maybe they missed it. Maybe they forgot it. You need to really drill this home, and people said you also need to let them know what the price will jump up to once the timer ends. Okay, so let's say it started off at 47. Say like, Hey, if you don't get on this special launch price, it'll literally double just about double and go up to $97. So you're getting a $50 discount. But you see that time of their once that ends, it's going up to $97. Okay, that's a huge price discounts. So that's really going to increase. Your conversions are out of all the things I did when it came to creating one of these funnels, I never used the countdown timer, and I lost on a lot of sales because I've used it after testing on various launches products, you know, whatever it's going to be, always bumps. The conversions Okay. So you can put a timer either at the bottom of the page. Have you ever seen that before? Where? No matter how much you scroll, there's always going to be a countdown at the bottom. So you literally can't miss it. And you want to write something like your X y Z discount ends in, okay. And for the time, Or you can do, like, three days. You know, 34 days is completely fine. It's completely up to don't make it like two weeks. Okay, That's not enough urgency for someone to buy right now. The lower you make it. Like I'd say around three days, you'd be good. You contest that out. OK, So are if you don't want to use a timer at the bottom, you can just put it in multiple spots. Maybe of it at the top may be evident. The bottom, or at least next to every add to cart button just so they know that, like they gotta hop on quickly or they're gonna be missing out on their huge discount. Okay, so if you want to use a countdown, these air to that I have used that I highly recommend deadline. Funnel is the best I have ever used. It is also the most pricy who would have ever thought right. But another good one is countdown Monkey. That's a one time payment. Things like $27. There's also click funnels, but that's not They don't really have what you're looking for here. In terms of Evergreen deadline, funnel is ridiculously good. I don't know how else to explain it, where it kind of leaves a fingerprint on wherever the person goes. So let's say you clicked on a link here and it says in three days, this is going to end. Okay, If they opened it up on their phone, that countdown is still going to be in sync with them. If they used it on a different browser, Cantona is still going to be in sync with him. If they opened up a new laptop. When on the Internet, it's still gonna be in sync with them, right? A lot of other countdowns or timers don't do that. Okay? I tested out Countdown monkey. It's good, but what I did was I opened it up in chrome, Okay? It started off three days. I waited like an hour. And then I opened up the same link and fire Fox, and it started at three days. So it doesn't kind of go through all of the different mobile and Internet. It's just deadline. Funnel is so much better, but it's more expensive. Just letting you know. Either way, those are a few countdowns that you contest out. Try amount, see how you like them. And last but not least, is the very easy step. You got to make sure you redirect them to a new sales letter with the price increase, right? This doesn't allow two things. We'll talk about them. So on this sales letter, you can literally just copy it and make a new, you know, sales letter, different page or low, with a few different things. Okay, so everything is the same. Except you can have a new you, Earl. Okay. Also in the sales letter, all talk about being a new launches removed from that sales letter, right? It's as if it was launching. It went live, and you missed out. You don't even need toe put like Hey, we're on the launch Special on the price is discounted. You can remove all that cause the price has obviously gone up. Right? So all the timers were going and the price has increased. Okay, So what happens is when you use one of these deadline funnels, you're going to say, like what you are l do You want to put it on? So it's gonna be like your domain slash live. Okay, then it's going to ask, what domain do you want to redirect to once that countdown time around? So it's going to be like your domain slash new. Okay, so it's gonna go from live to new automatically once that time runs in the beautiful thing about it, that timer is going to start for everyone once they click on that specific link. So it's always gonna be evergreen for every single person. Okay, that's why it's so powerful. So that's really the only thing that's going to be different. And make sure you bump up the price, OK, what happens here is that let's say maybe someone was on the fence, okay? They wanted it. Maybe they forgot to buy it, but they got redirected late and they noticed the price actually jumped up. And they're like, Oh, crap, I just missed out on my $50 discount now, they might not buy it, but are they going to take you seriously next time you launch something and noticed that the price actually goes up? You bet your ass they're going to write. A lot of people use fake scarcity. It's like I know I could just get it whenever. So keep that in mind. That's a very important aspect. Make sure you actually remove the timers on the new page and increase the price like you said, you are. So once again, deadline funnel and countdown monkey. Two of the best ones. That's what I recommend. So that being said as basically how it's done, so keep in mind, this is the biggest thing here is that scarcity is really king. Okay, that's how you make this into an evergreen launch where every time someone new comes in, it's gonna initiate a time specifically for them. I mean, how awesome is that? Instead of doing a launch, we got to get all these affiliates all these JVs. This is going to be happening all on autopilot, in the background as you feed people into this final. So scarcity is king and that's what really makes it every grain. Either way, that's the end of the course. If you learn something new, if you got one gold nugget, one little insight go ahead, give it a thumb's up, give it 10 stars, give it whatever you want to give it. I greatly appreciate it. With that being said, I am James Kansan. Ella, thank you for watching and I'll talk to you soon.