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How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Affiliate Funnel

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Automated And Evergreen Primer

    • 3. How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Affiliate Funnel

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About This Class

If you've ever wanted to setup a powerful evergreen affiliate funnel that works on complete autopilot, then this course if for you.

After completing this short and sweet video, you'll discover the three simple steps to make the process work along with one of the biggest aspects for not only increasing your conversions, but making the entire system work like a charm. Sounds interesting? Then be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: Hey, it's James cans and all. And welcome to my course how to set up an automated and evergreen of 1,000,000,000 final. It's really cool to have you here. So what this course is all about, it's going to be for any type of affiliate marketer who wants to set up any type of affiliate campaign that's not only going to be evergreen, but 100% automated. So what that means is, as long as the affiliate product is going to be around, you can set up traffic to this, said it once and then everything is going to be 100% hands free. Pretty cool, right? So if you want to know how I do it exactly, go ahead and roll right now when I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. The Automated And Evergreen Primer: Hey, it's James Kansan on Welcome to the automated and evergreen primer. And what I'm going to go over in this very quick video is what you need to know to get the most effect out of this. OK, so here's what you'll need to be able to dio. Okay, this is nothing advanced. This is marketing one on one about as basic as it gets. So you're gonna need to be able to send traffic to his grease badge. Okay, This isn't about getting traffic. This isn't about setting up your landing page and what you put on it, none of those specific details. Rather instead the 30,000 foot view of how to make a specific set up work. OK, so sending traffic through his Greece page, obviously getting that traffic to opt in. All you need is a squeeze page. Enter email some type of lead magnet or not, always do need a lead magnet. And of course, from there they're going to be on your email list. And that's how you consent automated follow ups, right? So that's the bread and butter skill you need to know how to do. I'm not gonna go over. It's extremely basic. Heck, even if you have, like a Weber get response, they're gonna show you some tutorials about how you can set that up. But assuming you know this, this is how you're going to send all of your traffic because you're gonna be able to control your traffic. And when you do that, all you need to do is send the follow up and you can send them to wherever you want. Or it could be a broadcast, pretty the way that's the primer. That's what you basically need to know how to do nothing advanced. You can quickly figure it out and there's a 1,000,000 traffic sources, which is why I don't want to really dive deep into that. But now that we've got that out of the way, let's continue. 3. How To Setup An Automated And Evergreen Affiliate Funnel: hates James Kensington and welcome to my course how to set up an automated and evergreen affiliate final. Really cool the heavy here. So what I'm going to be doing in this is going through the three simple steps that it takes and what you're going to need to do so that you can literally do any affiliate promotion as long as the affiliate offer is going to be around. All right, that's a very important part. So if you haven't affiliate offer that's been around for a while, this is going to be great to use, and you can literally put the entire process on autopilot. I'm going to show you how to do it. Here is the three simple steps before we continue. So the process is simple. First and foremost, we had the affiliate pre sell. Then we have the bonus delivery automated, and we have the bonuses expiring her. I'm gonna explain each in every one of those steps. So first and foremost, let's go with the affiliate pre cell, which is all about benefits benefits. And guess what? A few more benefits. So first and foremost, this is going to be a page. Obviously you're sending through email and it doesn't have to be anything complex. Okay, Could be a block post. Could be a landing page, whatever you want it to be. But here are the crucial aspects that you at least wanna have for this. OK, so first and foremost is the headline and copy eso headline needs to be either a very big benefit or curiosity, which is going to be based upon the product that you're going to be promoting. So this could be very easily done. Listens. Saying WordPress, let's say you're creating a block post. The headline would just be the title. Okay, how she lost £23 I don't know, 17 days or how. He made $1876.27 in one week using Facebook whatever it is. Whatever the angle. One of the strongest selling points usually what's going to be the headline on the sales letter? That's something you can use as the I guess you could say headliner block title post off your page. Okay. After that is just going to be a few sentences further explaining the headline actually can think of it just like this. All right, So this would be the kind of the headline, the title, the big benefit, and then there would be probably two or three sentences under it. Further explaining it. Obviously, it's not gonna be just this little, probably a little bit more about, For example, what's to say some random, um, you know, weight loss. One was how she lost £23 in 17 days, and you could start off by saying, Say it pretending that you're speaking to your audience. I know a lot of you have been having trouble when it comes to losing weight, and it's been really tough to kind of, I guess. Abolish or get rid of your favorite foods. However, Nancy has figured out a way to not only rid the weight but keep some of your favorite foods . So he also don't need toe, you know, live at the gym or live on the treadmill. I think you're really gonna love it. Okay, so that's just a few sentences. Noticed how I talked about the benefits and noticed how I also talked about a lot of the things that they don't want to do or they're having trouble doing like they don't want to give up their favorite foods. They don't want to live in the gym and they don't want to live on the treadmill. They don't want toe, you know, Obviously be like one of those guinea pigs, for they're just running on a circle or a treadmill, all dealing right. So that's the beginning part of it. Very simple. It's literally going to be one title in a few sentences. That further explains that title. Okay, so next is going to be the review and demo. Okay, this is best with a video. Okay, you can do all text. First and foremost, I think video is so much easier, especially if you're good news to a screen share right there. Screen cast thematic you can use for free. There is Google hangouts you can use for free. There's Camp Taser you can use free for 30 days. There's a lot of them very easy to do. So one thing I highly recommend. I don't know why people love this so much, but show the unboxing I understand. Not all type of products and solutions can be shown on boxing. For example, people love like when a new PlayStation or Xbox video game comes out, the literally create video of them opening it up. Okay, and it gets just like depending on the audience in the person. But they get millions upon millions of views. I don't know. Maybe they like living by, curiously, through someone else, like, Oh, I'm so jealous. You got to get this before everyone else pretty the way you can actually do that sometimes in your product review or demo. So, for example, sometimes what I like to do if I get a review, I'll just kind of log in and I won't check anything up. But when I did the review, I'll say like, Hey, this is the first time I'm actually going through it. So it's similar to an unboxing where I don't know what I'm doing, and it kind of goes more reports, it's like saying had never used this before. So I'm gonna walk through, just like you know, you would if you first purchase it and didn't know what you were doing, OK, so aside from that, once again explain a lot of the benefits. What makes this solution so good? If it's a pdf, you can kind of quickly scroll through. If it's a video Siri's, you can kind of quickly scroll through it. Talk about why it's good. Is it simple? Is it straight to the point? Is it not eat hours long hurry. Is it easy to follow? Is it newbie friendly. Has he gotten great results of their A lot of testimonials, a lot of different ways to ah, talk about bonuses. Okay, next is very important. And party most important is explain the bonuses. Okay, A lot of times when you're promoting products, people are going to give you bonuses to give away. And that's a really good thing because you don't have to go out there and just, you know, download. Um although you can do that. So what you want to do is come up with some bonuses and slap a pretty big value tag on him . All right, so, aside from getting out, you're also going to be getting the bonus of X y Z. The bonus of X y z of this, this and that, for a grand total of $797 will be yours absolutely free. When you pick this up through my leg. Okay, Explain what the bonuses are and the way to make the bonuses. The best is that if you find a bonus and it feels kind of a hole in the product, Okay, So let's say you were, you know, selling a weight loss offer as an affiliate. You want to look for bonuses that are gonna compliment because not every product is perfect , and everyone knows that. So if the weight loss, you know, product didn't have any type of exercise plans, you could say, Hey, you're getting these bonuses twos. Not only can you follow this specific weight loss, routine diet lifestyle, you can also get these completely free done for you. You know, exercise routines. Normally, that cost you an arm and leg to go to a personal trainer. But they're going to be years on the house, absolutely free if you go through my link. Okay. You see how that could make that much more attractive? I've done enough affiliate promotions to know that people will specifically bonus shop. All right, they're gonna buy it. They just want to look for the best bonuses. And if they come across yours, and it's really worth getting. There you go. OK, so and last but not least, give a call the action. You can give a lot of calls. The action you can probably never given off unless you're just telling them to click the link below the entire time. So where you're gonna want to do below that video or demo is have a big blue link where they can click that it's going to be your affiliate link and just remind them a few times. All right, So whenever you explain the bonuses, say, Hey, you're gonna be getting these. If you click the link below and pick up whatever the product is in the beginning can talk about it. Hey, this is this product. And don't forget, you can actually click the link down below. If you want to pick it up, give multiple calls to action just so they remember. Okay. And the third aspect of this also very important. So you're gonna need a countdown. All right, this is what makes it evergreen. So whenever someone comes to this page, it's going to start off a timer. Could be two days. Could be three days. Could be one day could be four days. I like from 3 to 4. OK, that's usually good for a launch period, so to speak. And you want to put it somewhere on the page where it's going to be easily seen, right? Sometimes you can dock him at the top of the page. Sometimes you can document the bottom. Sometimes you can put, um, you know, next to the bonuses, you can put him wherever you want. All right, I like the ones that are big and red and usually have some text with it. Will say, like bonuses disappear in and the time is winding down. All right, so when it runs out, all the bonuses disappear. Right, So this is what makes it evergreen. And this is what also makes it automated, which I'm gonna talk about more. But it's as if the first time they clicked on this page, it's kind of like a launch. Okay, Even though this product could have been out for a long time, what happens is if they don't purchase, they're not going to get the bonuses. So it that's how it's evergreen. Okay, so that's the countdown to that. I recommend their deadline funnel and count on monkey. Either way, you can check him out. There's plenty more where that came from. But just having a simple countdown is what's going to make that big difference. Because, you know, if someone comes to that page and there's no scarcity, there's just no real need to kind of purchase or I've done a lot of affiliate promo those. And I've even tested it out where even if a launch period with seven days, I'll do a promo for three days and I'll say like, Hey, if you don't purchase within these three days, I'm removing all the bonuses. And as you can expect, all the sales came in at that time because I removed the bonuses after. So a countdown and scarcity is very important. Okay, next, we have the bonus delivery automated hands. Free is the way to be. So you could actually do this with JV Zoo and Warrior plus just giving you an example. And they have a section for this. Like if you go toe affiliates, they'll be like bonus section, and what you do is you create a page okay and you add the bonuses to the page. It's gonna be a secret page. Obviously, only the people who download it can see this. So when they purchase okay and they go toe like access, whatever the product was, there'll be an extra box that says, You know, like James cans and all those bonuses or bonuses for whatever the product name was very simple to do the easiest way to do it. And that's probably the number one way of doing it. However, if you're not on JV Zoo a warrior plus no sweat, there's another way of doing it called Send an email to. So what you want to do is create an email similar to the product. So let's just say we were, I don't know, selling Venus factor. Okay, so could create. You do this kind of in your hosting. Okay, you're Steve panel. Whatever. It's going to be just called like V bonus at x y z dot com or I put V bonuses. If it was like the Venus factor, whatever you wanna call, it's not a big deal, OK? And then what you want to do is set up that email to have an auto reply so that it has the link to the bonus downloads, and I figured this out right when I started online. I remember I bought a product to Pat Flynn. Okay, I believe it was like an opt in skin. Are you know, I got an opt in skin whenever I purchased a WordPress plug. And so what would happen? He said, Hey, once you download it or once you purchase it, send your transaction. I d to this email and I'll hook you up with the bonus. Okay, So I did that. And then immediately I got an automated reply back said, like, Hey, it's Pat Flynn. I appreciate you picking up this and getting my bonus. Here is the link to download. Enjoy. That's it's 100% automated on. Once you figure that out, people might try to do that all the time, so I wouldn't always recommend using that method just kind of throwing that out there. But either way, another great way of automating and right. And last but not least, this isn't automated, but I want to throw it in here because you might prefer this. So what you do is you put some directions on your page and says, like hey, to get your bonus is simply send your transaction. I d to my email. Okay, that's it. All they have to do is email. You You could outsource this if you want, so it can be automated. And basically all you're going to do is send them the link personally. Um, preferably I would recommend just copying and pasting specific text and the bonus like eighth. Thanks for buying. You know, here's the link so and so forth. So that's how you condole ever the bonuses two out of three others are automated. And of course, you can't automate the last one. But just in case you want to have a little bit more personal mess, OK, Probably not a word. But you know what I'm talking about? That's the 3rd 1 for you. So last but not least, the bonuses expire. Scarcity, scarcity, scarcity. So the timer ends. Okay, there's a reason why using a timer, and eventually it is going to end this. You want to be like one of those gurus who just used timers and they never end a great way to use scarcity. But either way, there's two ways of doing it. So the page redirects to a new girl without all the bonuses, as promised. Okay, You can do it that way where? That's not gonna be that bad, because Okay, so they miss out on the bonuses, but they can still buy the offer if they want to know where you can still make commissions . Okay, Not bad. Or the pay just redirects to a New York girl and you can't get the offer. All right? You can do that as if it was a launch. Pretty. The way, um, it's really going to be up to you. They're still going to be able to see the, you know, sales letter. If they if they know the u r l so completely up to you. All right. And once again, we have countdowns. We have deadline funnel on countdown monkey. Just want to throw those out there. I've used those. I've used a few more, but those were the two that I recommend because they work very well. So with that being said, that's it. I guess it is very simple. And the main take away from this are the bonuses, right? Both give and take away. Okay. Like I talked about previously, a lot of People Bonus shop. They're looking for the best bonuses because they figure, Hey, if you're gonna buy a product, would you rather get nothing else for free? Or would you rather get stuff that's of a high value, you know, just for taking the same action? All right, So make sure use those bonuses if you're having trouble finding them to simply search Google like MRR, which is search for a master, resell rights or pl are private label rights and then type in your niche. You know, depending on what nature, and it's gonna be very easy to find a lot of those you can use for bonuses. They work very well. So with that being said, that's the course. If you learned anything new, if you got at least one Golden Nugget if you got one little insight God, give it a thumb's up. Give it 10 stars. Give it whatever you want to give it. I create. We appreciate it. I'm James Kansan. Ella, thank you for taking my course, and I'll see you soon