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How To Setup A Quick 2 Step Affiliate Funnel

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Setup A Quick 2 Step Affiliate Funnel

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About This Class

If you've ever had traffic coming in and realized you need to setup a funnel as quickly as possible, then this class is going to be perfect for you. After completing it, I'm going to walk you through the 2 step funnel along with how to get free reports so that you don't even need to create a lead magnet. Then after someone opts in, you can promote a relevant offer to help make you commissions. It's a very simple to do, and doesn't take long at all. So if you want to know how it's done, go ahead and enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: if you ever started quickly getting traffic and realized that you needed to make a funnel to not only capture that traffic but offer products to them that they were going to really love, then this is going to be the perfect class for you. Hey, my name is James Kansan, Ella, and welcome to my class how to create a quick to step affiliate funnel. So the only thing you're going to be needing for this is already having a website and in auto responder and obviously anyway, to kind of capture traffic with a squeeze page. Aside from that, what I'm going to do is show you the walk through and the set up that you can use even if you don't have your own product or hack. You don't even need to create a free report. I can show you how can actually go out there and get to use one for free. Or you could do it a different way, which I'm also gonna show you about. There's plenty of ways to get it done, but either way, this is very quick. You can literally go out there, create a funnel and start getting traffic to an affiliate offer as quickly as possible. So if that sounds interesting to you, go ahead and in role right now. And I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. How To Setup A Quick 2 Step Affiliate Funnel: Hey, what is up? It is James Kinzel and welcome to my course how to set up a very quick to step affiliate funnel. So this course is probably going, It could be as quick as possible. You know, I'd love to tie myself and say, Look, I can literally get a funnel done in about 10 minutes. However, if I did that, I wouldn't be able to explain everything to you. So it's gonna be a little bit longer than that, Especially if I ramble on like I tend to do sometimes. But the beauty of this whole courses to kind of give you an idea that even if you don't have click funnels, don't worry about that. This is mostly just gonna be the framework, so you can do it in WordPress. You could do it in HTML. You could do it in lead pages. Whatever type of funnel or squeeze page builder. You only need to squeeze Beijing a thank you page, and you can literally do that with almost anything that has, ah, tool builder. So but the idea is that you can go out there and quickly create a lead capture page in a thank you page so you can start getting traffic from wherever you want. I remember kind of creating this course. It brought me back to like, the one and only time I used Google AdWords and it was a squeeze page. It went to a thank you page and then on the thank you page, it had, like, a link to a banner to an affiliate offer, which is what I'm gonna be showing you here. And I didn't spend a lot of money. You must have been, like, five or 10 bucks. And right off that first time, I made a sell for around like, 45 bucks, and I was stoked. That literally got me in to pay traffic. From there, I went to solo adds, I remember I invested quite a good amount of money. Not in the beginning, overall. And I had this really long follow up, and I remember going through, and people were opening the emails and eventually they purchased. I think it was called niche profit. Classroom might have been two point. Oh, but it was around, like 67 bucks a month recurring after they paid a dollar trial. And remember that person bought and they went to quite a few months. And that's when it kind of occurred to me that you don't need a lot of people the purchase from you, especially if you have any type of recurring offer, mid ticket or high ticket. Heck, even if it's not yours, is that when you have follow ups like that and you're actually buying traffic, you have so many opportunities to make that money back where once you break even, it's just insane. It's kind of a game over. You can just, you know, go out there by as many leads you want. It's always gonna be ways to make profit as long as there's offers to provide to them or offers you can create. But either way, that's kind of my introduction on this. Whether the power of creating a list, I don't think people realize how powerful it is and how much elite is actually going to be worth, especially because many of them are going to stick around with you for many years because face it, people like people similar to them. People like people who I know how to teach stuff, well, give off great information so unless you like. Tell him, you know, go pound sand. You know, Listen, I really pissed him off, which is pretty hard to do, especially being yourself. That's probably not going to happen. So keep that in mind that your little primer before we begin and let's dig on into this So I'm gonna be doing everything in click funnels. Like I said before, you can do this anyway, you want This is more of just sending it up to give you a good idea of how the funnels gonna work. Like I said, normally I could pry just put this all together in about 10 minutes. But I want to kind of explain, OK, so first and foremost, we don't need the name it's going to be. You're going to be getting less opt ins, so get your street. That's cool. Copy. We're not in 2014 but either way, delete that. Make sure you fill this in with any type of disclaimer. You can get some of these on Google. I'm not sure how completely accurate they are, but it's probably better than having nothing. I'm not illegal, dude, so I can give you legal advice on that. But either way, next, what I want to do is go to settings in background, and what I'm gonna do is actually upload a image. Okay, But before I do that, normally you want to find any type of offer, Let's say, because we're gonna be doing affiliate marketing for this. So I just went to quit bank, and I chose the three week diet. I went to their affiliates center, just made a fake email and went inside. So the cool thing about them is they actually have a free report. Okay, so a free report is going to be a part of this. Since you're doing affiliate marketing, I recommend going, you know, finding ah high converting offer in seeing if they have any type of free lead magnet. As what this is going to do is really ally you to quickly get through this. You don't have to create this. You just literally upload it. And then that's it. Okay. So you can see what there's going to be very quick. There's plenty of other offers. Obviously, I search for the three week die here, but if you just goto weight loss, go through their affiliate section and just look for free reports. A lot of them have free giveaways. Because if you think about it, if it's less work for you to promote that there's more chances you're going to actually promote, it makes sense. Okay, so what I'm going to do is just upload a background image that's going to be related to weight loss. Okay, so I skip do that. It took a little time, so I just cut that out. Either way, what I want to do here is I believe we can move this up, so it's more towards the top. Cool. So we basically have ah, fitness woman there. Either way, get yours free or connection. Just take this part off. We want. Why not? Okay. And then I can move this down a little. Orders from the top right here. Sure. Okay. So what you want to do is make this headline as relevant to whatever is there going to be getting So the three week diet, full proof signs, Sea based, I guarantee the melt away how to melt away. I don't know. £12 in just 21 days, something like that I wouldn't put like the three week died on this because if you're gonna be promoting the three week diet, they might think this is the same exact thing as the actual product. But either way, I'd actually probably go through this and read it and look for some type of hook. A lot of places where you advertised probably aren't going to be able to say, Like if you if you're on Facebook and you you put how to melt away £12 in 21 days, they probably never allow that in a 1,000,000 years. So depending on where you're advertising, keep that in mind. But just for this example, I'm going to use that. All right, So how to melt away? What was it? Pretty crazy claim? Okay, £12 in 21 days. So yes, this is just an example. Not saying it actually use this, but you know, I don't want to take an hour toe Figure out a headline. Hurry. How to motivate £12 in 21 days, then say, like without, I don't know, Starving yourself over how How Awesome. Without suck. Ok, enter your Are we going to still eat this and we can put enter your best email address. Okay, Get instant access. Or what you can do is continue. I like continue. And you can actually make this a what's called a pop up. Okay, so what we can do? We're looking for button. OK, this b get instant access. We're also going to need another one column looking for email input, input form. Here we go. So this would be for email. Okay, Email address. And I'm not gonna go through all the specific groups. And to you are best email here, something like that. And, uh, that would be obviously, if that wasn't there, but I'm just showing you how that would work. So this would actually go to a pop up your oral action would be Where is it? Yeah, this would be the pop up, but either way, I'm not gonna do both of those. Usually, what I do is that looks very ugly. Have it obviously changed that normally what I would do is just get rid of this and have this lead to the pop up. So it's a two step. But either way, let's just keep it as this get instant access. Okay, so that's all I need to do. And we can also probably put free. Free report. Let's move this down a little. You can read it looks good, but save okay and exit. So that's basically this Greece. Which next? Good. Thank you. Page Yes, that this is probably one of the fastest ways. What you can also do is I've talked about this previously. Where if you don't want to use a free report, let's open this up. Now, if you don't want to use the free report, you could literally get rid of this and the offer that you're going to be sending them to just use the headline off the offer as the title here. Okay, so you wouldn't be giving them anything free. It's more about peaking their interest. And then this is going to be congressional with what's on the sales letter. So when they see this and when they come in the sales letter, there's a very high chance they're going to keep reading. Okay, so let's go back here. It's going to thank you Page as a very basic thank you. Page doesn't have to be super fancy or anything. This is just one I happen to find. Let's edit it up a little. Okay, attention. First Donald free, so click below to download your free for congratulations. Okay, this would actually linked to your free report. Now, let me show you how to do this. So let's see. Let's down this. Okay, This should be a c. But in here, This one? Yes, sure. Awesome. So now that that's down, the cool thing about the three week die here is that it gives you the pdf. And there's a really, really cool spot. We can actually edit a lot of the links in there. It's called pdf Escape already. Have it open. So I'm gonna go there. Caso, what happens here is you upload a pdf, so the one you just saved, I'm gonna drag it in there. Excellent. So pretty sure in the bottom page. Okay, so what happens is every now and then there's going to be specific links where says, like, check out the three weak diet. This is just an example of the entire last page. So what you would do here is you would I think it's link and you're gonna highlight the entire page. Looks going crazy on me, OK, There we go. So you're highlighting the entire page, and this would be your affiliate link. Okay. You would get it from Click Bank or wherever you get your affiliate link dot com unit. Okay. And there's gonna be more these, so whatever. You know, depending on what report you're doing, let me give you a good idea. Table of contents. Okay, So it actually explains this is just a small part of the rial three week diet, which is good, because you don't want to confuse him and have him. You know, they get this three week die report, and then they say, Well, why would I need this three week diet program? Right. This is good that it says that. Okay, so here, once again, this is click here to get the complete package, okay? Or use the download button on the last page. So this right here you would also link. So if someone clicks there once again, www dot your affiliate link dot com. Okay, then once you're done with that, you would go to this is to say, button, it's the same one. Cool. Okay. And then let's saving Download. Sure. Let me open this up. You probably can't see much of its Not a big deal either way. I'm just gonna go to the last page to show you see, So if I see notice how when I put my mouse over it, I can actually click on this like any pages just highlighting it. That's because it's gonna go to my affiliate. Link, right? I put www dot your affiliate links, so that's not a website. But that's how that works. That's very helpful. And I mean, look how quick that was. Aside from the fact I was explaining all of it to you, it's not gonna take very long. So now that we have that, what we would do is we would just upload that, and that's what would go to. So let's just say you are. Our action is right here. So tax clicker to download, we would barely your tab window. Okay, so it would be www dot You know, wherever you say that to let's say it was like drop box dot com slash whatever like this was the file. Okay, so they would click on that and it would open up the critical for your report. Okay? Said from that, we would need to put something else to move this up a little higher. Cool at a divider. The okay button has disappeared. Here we go. And now, let's see. Oops. I completely forgot. Let me go back to the three week die. I need to get a banner there. Okay, so here we are. And here's the cool thing you can. Actually, apparently you can add in your affiliate, and then you can actually get the coach. So that's pretty cool. So let's look at one. That's this. Get the code. Cool. You don't even have to save the picture. She look how easy they make it for you. So in this instance, I would just need some type of HTML box, which is going to be. Let me find it. Text box knows that text. Here we go. Custom pace that in there. What's it? Save? Preview. Hoop. That's the wrong button, James. Preview and save. There we go. So we need to senator that pretty the way. Let's go back here. Basic. HTML, everyone a center. Something. Just put a center and then slash center. That's about all I know. When it comes to each email. Okay, so aside from that, what's then? You want to put something like, check out this highly recommended resource, and let's make the final smaller. Sure save and preview. Uh huh. Perfect. So remember this would go to some dropbox file. It would open up in a new window, and they would get their free report. Right. And under that, what you have is this Check out this highly recommended resource we can also do is something like this. I like doing steps. Make this fun a little smaller as well. And for your prize put a picture of myself just cause you know I like doing that. I know that I'm a real person. Whoa, whoa. Well, a little too big there. Calm down. I was height. 200. Sure. Okay. I might have a little bit more about me. He might. You can put a video here. I mean, it's very template Herbal. You can really add it this around. You can change it up, but that's going to be like the main idea. This. So let's go back to the drawing board. Okay? We don't need that three week die any more stuff, So let me just open this up quickly. There's gonna be one there, and there's going to be this one. But aside from me, explaining everything like the only other thing you got to do is hook up your auto responder and you know, that's pretty much gonna be different for everyone, depending on what auto responder using. So either way, you want to look for a report, which would be nice. If not, you can always find one on Google. Search for pl are free. Pl r Oregon this Download one or buy one for, like one or $2. It's very cheap. That'll save you a lot of time. So free report. Whatever the best headline you want to use. Member. This was just an example. Don't go ahead using that. Unlike Facebook or a Google, your pride get shut down very quickly. Enter your best email they intern in. They click on this and then they go to the thank you page where says, Hey, congratulations, it maybe want to put a picture of yourself there I usually do. It could be a video. It could be more instructions after that's going to be, you know, click Below to download your free report. Okay, They're gonna click here to download that and then step number to check out this highly recommended resource with a click on this. And it opens up the three week diet with your affiliate like they're Calm down, man. Calm down. I'm waiting. All right, so aside from that, like I said, that's the simple, very simple, Very easy, very quick to step affiliate Funnel. This is what I use any time. I want to get traffic to something immediately. Rx you're capturing leads, and you're also giving them what they want. And it's a very you're not even pitching. It's more of like, Hey, if you enjoy this, you know, check out this highly recommended resource. I did that. This worked very well. Also with I remember, it was anabolic cooking. People were opting in to get something about muscle building. It was like, Hey, if you're in the muscle building here is like the best muscle building meals, and it wasn't really even a pitch. It's more of like a since you said you like this. You might like this, too, and it did pretty well in terms of conversion, so keep that in mind, it doesn't have to be complicated. Obviously, the design and what set on here can be edited around, but but that's the basic set up. If you learned anything new from this, go ahead. Give it a thumb's up. Give it a light. Give it a comment. With all that being said, I am James, Ken's and Ella. Thank you for watching and I'll talk to you soon.