How To Setup A Profitable Email Autoresponder Sequence For Non-Copywriters | Greg Jeffries | Skillshare

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How To Setup A Profitable Email Autoresponder Sequence For Non-Copywriters

teacher avatar Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Setup An Email Automation Sequence

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About This Class

Most people are aware that one of the most important things they can be doing to help create a sustainable online business is to start building their email list.

However, many people have reasons for not getting started. Some of those reasons include feeling like they're not that great of at copywriting.

Well, in this short course, I show you a simple copy & paste strategy that anyone can use to build an automated email autoresponder ATM business with very little effort.

Meet Your Teacher

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Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. Introduction: Henry Jeffreys here. And this short course, I'm gonna walk you through step by step, a very simple strategy that you can use an implement immediately to set up your own auto responder sequence of events for your email on responder and plugging in different offers to have an automated system of offers that go out and, you know, week after week after week, so once by person goes, you know, get lands on your email list, you can present them. Offer after offer after offer, and you can choose to set this up, however you wish. But I present a couple of emails, and that will be one offer and then take a few days off. And then I'll present another offer to my list and then just keep doing that week after week after week. But it doesn't take very long to set these automated money machines up because there's tons of offers that already exists out there. And a lot of times these offers already have their own email sequences written, and you just have to copy and paste them in. Plug them into your auto responders. So in this short course, I'm gonna show you how to do that so that once you get these set up, it just It's just a matter of, you know, signing up for your auto responder, and you need a couple of other tools. What, you get these messages? These email messages plugged into your auto responder. The only thing left to do is drive traffic to your landing page or your offer and then start building your list. Once they're on your list, they will be automatically taken through this sequence in Siris of offers that you have plugged in. So it's a very simple process. You know, this is great for people that know that they should be billed unless, but they were not very confident, their copy writing and writing abilities That shouldn't be an excuse. This is a dummy proved a simple copy and paste system that all you have to do is a copy and paste on. What's it set up? It's just pretty much setting, forgetting you. Just turn on the traffic and sit back and and you're list will be automatically taken through this series of events that you've set up. So it's very simple, and I'm excited to share this with you. Look forward to seeing you and Alexis lecture 2. How To Setup An Email Automation Sequence: right in this video, I'm going to show you how to create a very simple automated auto responder syriza email on a responder Siri's So you know there's, You know, you probably heard that their money is in the list and you should be building a list as quickly as possible. And you know, it's It's a very simple in theory and the concept of how to build a list showing a couple of different tools basically a auto responder, which is how you collect the email addresses and how you communicate and send out messages to those email addresses. And you need a sort of a squeeze page or a sales lady page away to capture that email address. And then you need traffic traffic source to send to your landing page, which is your offer in order to incentivize that traffic to give you their communication means their email address. And then once they're on your evil list, you can send them broadcast emails, which were Once you type up and manly, Sinden schedule out, or you can have a automated sequence go out and that sequence congee just be infinite. You know you can send out multiple messages a day. You can send out one message a day for, you know, on entire here. And so I'm going to show you in this video how to create an automated sequence of e mails that go out, that that will promote different offers. So I'm going to be showing you some offers in the Internet. Marketing Make money online. It's since this is what I'm the niche time mostly and involved in and promote. But this cannot, of course, be applied to any niche. There's tons of different niches out there. There's tons of different products and solutions and services out there that you can promote based on whatever niche your evolved in. And there's all different types of with sources like Facebook and Google, there's you can laser target the type of traffic you want to come into that funnel email list that you're creating, but this is kind of how it looks and how it's going to work. So we've got the traffic source here, these arrows, that this could be any traffic source or multiple traffic sources, and they're going to land on your squeeze page, your landing page and the reason that's called a squeeze pages. You're basically it's to squeeze out the email address from the prospect. So from here you will. The email address will go on to your your auto responder sequence, and then from this page, you'll usually you can might be good to have a little bridge page here, maybe with video to introduce yourself and build a little bit of report with your audience . So it's not such a cold transition from this page to maybe directly to an offer or whatever else. Maybe the freebie give a freebie offer that you may have promised them on this page. But from here, since they have since they've given you their email address on and you've given them, you know, done what you've told them you would do by in exchange for their email address, you can continue to email this person over and over again, so basically, you can have a message go out immediately. Andi, you can have you know a follow up message the next day, and just however you want to schedule it. So that's how how this works. Basically seeking schedule email, you know, Day one, maybe an email day to maybe just had this whole little welcome Siri's or something Or, you know, an offer on you say, like the 1st 7 days or so are offer number one trip remote. So you given him your little incident, freebie and then thes seven days are all e mails that are geared towards a particular offer that you're promoting. And then maybe the next week you're promoting a different offer. You could just keep doing that over and over and over again, basically having, you know, creating these automatic money machines. And, you know, people are, you know, a handful of them are going to click your links and you're an open your email is a handful of them are gonna subscribe. It's just gonna happen. There's gonna have to get over that. And once you put the benefit of this, this system is what you plug in these offers and you can track them, see how weather conferred. And if they don't convert very well, you can swap them out for different offers and on basically, just focus on this message here. This offer, this initial offer and getting it to convert as high as it can get as many people onto your email list and then, ideally, having thes offers Teoh be as relevant as possible to this list so that they can make you as much money as possible for, you know, the traffic that you're paying investing in to to basically build your list. So I'm going to show you quickly how to do that with just a couple of different tools here . So I'm going to log into my honor spotter. I use get response. There's tons of different auto responders out there, but get responses, just the one that I have my email list with. So it's very simple to Dio you would just come down here. I think when you first create your account, then there whatever you name your account. If you have a default campaign, which campaign is basically a name for an email this. But if you want to create a new him, you can click this drop down click create campaign. You can create a new list, and then I'm just gonna go into my list by clicking that little cog, that little gear and basically I'm going to come down here to profile permission, and I'm gonna uncheck all these options and enable confirmed often. So basically, these were all options for double opt in. So we want to be single. Opt in because when we collect the email, we don't want them to have to confirm their email subscription to be on our list. We want them to. Whenever they give us their email click submit, we want them to automatically be add to the list. We don't want any kind of barriers between them and us. If they're going to give us their email, we don't want them to have toe complete another step because you know the likely your conversions air going Teoh drop. And so once we have the list created, we can come appear to messages and then click create auto responders. So we've got two different types of mailings. Newsletter and honor. Sponder Newsletters are the the one off broadcast, and we can schedule those and set those up manually and scaled Scheduled. Those to go out or send those out immediately and then on responders are the automated messages and sequence that we can set up. So if you click, create auto responder, we can, uh, I've already got a bunch scheduled so you can see it's it's prompting me already. Thio was like, How many? I think I guess I've got already got, like, 90 messages plugged in. So it's asking me, Teoh, create one for the 97th day. So I'm just gonna Actually, If this was a brand new auto responder, you could You have all these different way ways that you can create our responders Time base would be daily are you know, based on the time, and you can create auto responders based on actions such as people who have clicked or opened emails or subscribed or different goals. But I'm going to actually going to show you manage auto responders because this is the auto responders messages that I already have set up so you can kind of see what that looks like . So I've got a couple of different ways to view these messages. This is the list, and then I actually like doing the little gallery view here so we can kind of see him all laid out. So day one, they don't get anything for me. I think take them directly to some sort of offer page on and then or the next day they start getting sequence number one and then this is another offer and then given, like two days to rest on. Then I have a whole another sequence for another offer and then two days break and then another offer. Two days break another offer, and then it just keeps going on and on. And so I just have tons and tons of different offers because you never know exactly what people are interested in, so I just plug them as a test. I just plugged in all these different offers for, I think, six or eight months or something. So I'm getting clicks and sales from them literally just by having people in my funnel, giving people in the evil less. And then just by nature of having this automated sequence of mailings go out that people people are taking action on it without me having to do any further work. So basically, just took me a little bit of effort, like an afternoon to copy and paste these messages. These air, not messages that I came up with. If you want them to be accustomed, you can certainly do that. But the offers that I'm promoting, our click bank offers This is a marketplace for affiliates. They've got all different kinds of offers for different niches. But basically what I did was they came over here having account already. So I just came over here, logged into my account and then went up here. Two marketplace. These are all the different offers. And then I'm in the make money online niche. So I came over here to e business marketing, and then I just sorted by a top gravity, which is basically how Maney affiliates in the last like 30 days, are making sales with this product and how well, you know the indication of how well this product is converting based on the other affiliates that are promoting it. So I just want, you know, I don't have to think too hard. I just want to pick offers that are kind of general, you know, cover very high to the general public. So I just selected the top like 20 or 30 offers went down the list. Grab some my promotional, um, promotional emails, law times, the thing the vendors have already have deliver verbal set up. They already have their own banner as an email auto responders sequence has written. So I just literally swiped those and and added in my affiliate links. So I'll just open one of these that see African, show you what it looks like. So let's just previewed this. I'm just gonna hover over this little I says view online so we can see this message. And this is just one of the short messages. Sometimes they're short. Sometimes they're long. I don't really change them again. This was just kind of an experiment. So, you know, this is something that you can do that's not gonna report a lot of effort, love thought. And you can run experiments like this for yourself as well. And if they don't convert at all, then you may want to switch out the offer. If they do come for, you may want to tweak the message and customize and try to refine the conversion rate. Er, try different traffic sources, all different things that you can try. But I basically said, Hey, I've got this list and I've got people subscribing every day. Why don't I just said if this automated sequence and if I make some sales, great, But if I don't have this in place that I'm not coming any sales. So the worst that can happen is that make a couple of extra sales per month on and I have been so I basically just copied the message. They give you the subject line usually and the message, and I, you know, kind of customize it to make it a little more personal, and they know it's coming from me. And then I just have my role link here, and I'm just hyperlinked it to the same place. This is my affiliate Link, and that's that's basically it. And you know, I wouldn't I wouldn't use this strategy. Probably Teoh on your main list. But if you're just trying Teoh, build up an email list and you want kind of a passive this passive automated kind of chemo list strategy than I would use that this strategy then, if you if you if you are going to use it on your main list for your main audience that I would customize the emails just a tad, just eso they won't be so canned and just out of the box, and they'll be a little more in the tone and message and style that your audience is used to hearing from you in, Um, but you can you can either do it. You can, you know, a 1,000,000,000 different ways you can use this strategy. You can use it for your own personal list. Or you can have a separate list aside from life, your main audience list. If you're just gonna be buying traffic on, you, think solar adds or on another traffic source. But as far as the tools that you need and in addition to an auto responder, which is it's extremely expensive. I think the plans started, like $15 after the 1st 30 days, 10 or 15 bucks on do you could scale it from there based on the size of your list and then for offers based on whatever it is you're promoting. There's tons of different marketplaces and tons of different filleted offers. Whether you're in the, you know, dating relationship, make money, online health and fitness, weight loss, there's tons of different offers out there, and, you know, and some niches you may have to kind of cross promote with different products and services , because if they're on your list to lose weight than no, there's only so many things you can teach him about losing weight. You may have Teoh cross promote other other similar products, but not directly related to fitness or something. You may have to make one of fine, like health and diet and kind of offers and just different things that revolve around that niche in that particular, um, interest A Sfar as the squeeze page of landing pages. Certain Otter spotters do have that sort of feature built in as a feature. Get response has some landing page templates, but they're not that great. I'm not saying that they don't work, but I would recommend going with a solution like click funnels. It's very, very powerful and very inexpensive for all that it can do. And if you sign up for a free account, then you could just go through these 3 10 minute videos and no show you had a connect your auto responder and everything. I'm not going to show you in this video just cause it does it for you. Just go through these videos. It shows you everything you need to know. To Teoh is force how to use the Dragon Drop Editor and then how to integrate your payment options, your auto responder integrations. And once you get those set up, basically the only thing left to do is, you know, split test your offer and your squeeze page, which you can split test different, different squeeze pages and landing pages within the quick finals. Told to see which one converse eyes and in order to split test that you obviously need traffic. So for traffic sources, you can come to I'm source dot org's ford slash traffic or just come to I'm Source that or scroll down here to the traffic tab. I've got tons of different traffic sources. You know, if you're involved in the Internet marketing, make money online space, check out the solo ads and then there's just tons and tons of different other traffic sources out there, so there's not a shortage of traffic at all. S o. This is again. This is a very simple system. I think a lot of people over complicate the idea of building a list. They know that they probably should be building list, but they are not copywriters. But that shouldn't be an excuse and a reason to stop you because there's so many auto responders sequences and messages for products that that convert very high out there, that they already you know, they already have sequences created and written, and they may or may not convert high. But they're already written for you. So just drop him in an auto responder sequence that you have set up once they get on your list and just see how well they convert. And if they do great, you know it's it's free money. And you can just do that again and again again with different offers and just create thes really simple and scalable on sustainable automatic money machines. And if you're promoting evergreen offers than even better, because that way you won't have to switch up offers is often if they're gonna be around for a while and the vendors air going to service that product or that that service for a while , then even better so hopefully got a lot of this simple system. I hope you implemented help you implement this strategy and use it on integrated into whatever it is you're doing with your online business. If you're just getting started, are you have a little bit of experience and depending on whatever nature. And I hope that you can take this information that you apply it into your own business.