How To Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them // 2020 Reflection & Refresh | Sarah | Skillshare

How To Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them // 2020 Reflection & Refresh

Sarah, Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist

How To Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them // 2020 Reflection & Refresh

Sarah, Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist

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8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. How To Approach This Class

    • 2. 2019 Reflection

    • 3. Start, Stop & Continue

    • 4. 10 Year Plan

    • 5. Process Goals VS Behavioural Goals

    • 6. Setting Goals for 2020

    • 7. 4 Tips On Setting Smart & Achievable Goals

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


In this class, I am going to share with you some of the techniques that I've learnt over the years on how to set goals and actually achieve them. It boils down to reflection on what you did previously and how you can change to ensure that you will be able to achieve your goals in the future. 

This class covers

  • Reflection of 2019 (questions that can be used all year round, just change 2019 to any month!) 
  • Start, Stop & Continue Exercise 
  • 10 Year Plan 
  • Process Goals VS Behavioural Goals 
  • Setting goals for 2020 (or a new month etc)
  • 4 tips on how to set smart and achievable goals 

You can find the worksheets attached in the class project to fill them up or simply take any notebook that you have lying around and jot your thoughts down! 

I also wrote a blog post about this topic with more personal examples! If you are interested in reading it, you can view it here!

I wish you all the best for the new year and I really hope that these questions helped!

If you enjoyed this class and would like to learn more, feel free to watch my other makeup classes: 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Certified Yoga Teacher & Makeup Artist


Hello, I'm Sarah! I am a certified yoga teacher, freelance makeup artist and a self growth enthusiast. I am so glad to be able to learn more and share all my passions with you here!

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1. How To Approach This Class: so Hi, everybody. Welcome to another class. So as you can see from this class title, it's a bit different. It's not really about makeup this time round. But as we're approaching the last few days of 2019 and the decade, I thought, you know, I'll show you tips and tricks that I fled so far on how to set goals, as was how to really achieve them, some kind of little tricks that we can do to make our goals more achievable for ourselves 20 twenties and New Year. And it's also to start of a new decade. So I hope that you know the proper goal setting were on the right track and will make the year amazing and the decade amazing as well. And I thought that, you know, it's really important for us to start setting goals now to know what we want to achieve next year as well as possible. The next decade s Oh, I think that you know this class is really useful for you guys. I've been trying different forms of gold setting over the past few years, and I found that certain techniques work for me, whereas sudden turn ones don't really, really help me in achieving my goals. So I kind of came out of a few questions that really helped me to reflect and really helped me to achieve my goals. And Obama, that is, um, achievable for me to do it. So I hope that by sharing it with you true, this class that it will help you to and hopefully 2020 will be an amazing here for you as well as a start off a great decade for you. So let's move on to the class. I'm going to be giving you a list of questions as well as examples from my personal life is well, And then you can take a notebook that you want, and he can just drop these questions down and your answers to them, or you can download the worksheets have created for you. You can find them in a class description down below, and you can download them, print them and answer them accordingly as well. You can always positive you at any time you want, and then you don't come back to it when you're ready to answer the next question. 2. 2019 Reflection: The very first thing is, whenever we study New Year, we can just dive straight into what we want in the new year. So reflection of 2019 is extremely important because when you think back of what happened in the past, you can kind of learn about what you did well in, as was What do you think you can improve on and you can bring those lessons? Um, with you into 2020 is the first question that I would like you to think about would be to 10 things that you're grateful for in 2019. So it's really important for us to be, you know, grateful for what we have. Sometimes we may feel like, you know, we don't have what we really want or that you know, other people have more things than us. But at the same time, you know, the saying goes to grass is always greener on the other side. So I think it's very important for us to just be grateful for what we have currently and like they say, like attracts, like so, the more you're grateful for what you have in your life, the frequency will increase and you generally will attract things that you will be grateful for in the future. So this beats, you know, just complaining about the situations that you always find yourself in, because then eventually, what's gonna happen is you're gonna attract more situations that you're gonna be complaining about. So even, you know, sometimes you feel like I can think of anything. Um, grab a cup of coffee, sit down. And, you know, just think about it. It can be really small. Like, um, I have access to really good cups of coffee. Or it can be I can drink coffee. Some people can't fit intolerance. And then, you know, um, drinking coffee. Is it busing? Nothing is too small, so you can really think about what you want. Um, And then you can judge them down a few things that I was grateful for. The very 1st 1 is the chance to actually go to Bali last. Well, technically, Busia. So to go to Bali this year and do my yoga teacher training. So I had the amazing chance to take one month off from work. And then I went to Bali stating Chang Gu and I did my yoga teacher training that and it waas a truly amazing experience. And I'm so grateful that, you know, I had the chance to do that. And another thing that I'm really grateful for is my body. I'm very grateful that my body allows me to move to explore new countries, to just walk around daily to see the, you know, to go to work or just, you know, to go down to the pool to do yoga. So even though my body shape is not what I would like it to be, I'm very grateful that my body is physically able to do the things that I would like it to do. And it's only going to get stronger because I'm gonna practice more and I'm going to make my body even stronger. So just effect that it's physically able and I can't move around freely. I'm very, very grateful for that. Does that Two examples I have on my list, so I'll give you a bit of time and you can think about the ones that you're going to write down on your list and they will move onto the next question. The second question I want you to think about would be 2019 was two year that I and then you complete this sentence. So it's really kind of to help you think of the highlight of your year. How would you categorize 2019 and a whole journey of your life in general? Zero. Think of maybe like one big highlight that, um, you know, it happened in 2019 feet. User, for example for me. 2019 mistake here. I became acidified you a teacher, so that was a pretty big highlight for me. And, um, that's how I'm good. Remember, 2019. So then we're gonna have wanted it that question once you're ready. So now the next question I want you to think about would be what are some of your wins for 2019? Ah, winds are basically, you know, small little achievements, all bigger treatments that you've done in 2019. And, you know, we should celebrate it, because no matter how small that treatment is, you did achieve it. And I think that, you know, by thinking about it writing it down and taking note of it, it's kind of like building toe confidence inside that, you know, Hey, if I can do this this year. What's stopping me from achieving more next year? So I think it's really important to just jot it down. You know, just see how amazing Um, we are, you know, not like to toot our own horns, but it's true and, you know, just see the progress you've made. Even if let's say you didn't really achieve apart to illegal that you really want. But you've got closer. Putting it down will still help you. See, at least you know Hey, I took a few steps and you know, I'm gonna keep going next year, but says I'm never gonna achieve that goal. Right? So some of the winds can be really big winds. Some of the winds can be really small, so it's really up to you. And there's no limit to the list that you're going to fill some of the winds that I would like to celebrate from myself. The best one is this year alone. I climbed three active volcanoes in Indonesia, so I climbed Mount Brome. Oh, I climbed at each and create a as well as Mound Buteau in Bali. So that was pretty amazing. And for someone who you know doesn't really feel the most physically fit. I thought that, you know, just climbing up in the middle of the night to get to the top off the volcano by sunrise is pretty impressive. Vote for me. Or at least it was impressive to me as well. Because, you know, in when I was much younger, I'd even want to run. I didn't like to do cardio, you know, So to be able to be physically fit and able to climb up three active volcanoes, um, I am very proud of myself. And a second wind that I can think off this year was that I attended a dim sum class by myself. So I don't know if you know what the summits of them some is a Chinese form off pastry. And I attended the cooking class by myself. So it may seem, you know, like, a little bit of, um, some of you may be like, Is that a win? But to me, it is because festival I went by myself. It's very, I guess, a little bit embarrassing or nervous. I was nervous because I knew that I was joining class where a lot of people would know how to cook really well, because it was a program that was kind of like organized by this community center, where usually the people attending more like the older women. And they really know how to make, you know, good food. So I felt a little bit intimidated. And at the same time, I've never done pastry making before, So I had doubts. Um, but of course, you know, I went for it, and I learned how to make three different kinds of pay screen, so I was really proud of myself. So that's another win for me. So those are my examples. And, you know, you should be writing your stand so you can pause the video here and write it down, and then we'll move on to the next question. Something next question will be How do I want to change for 2020 offered a new year. So these would be This would be more of light reflecting on your past year and think about , you know, behaviors or actions that you've done that you feel that you know, if you could change it, if you could improve it, how would you do so? So for example, for me, I would like to improve, um, eating more consciously. So I realized whenever I ate my dinner is on my lunch. I will either read a book or I will use my phone and I'll be scrolling Well, you know, I stuff food into my mouth. Um, and that's not the best. So I was thinking that for 2020 I want to be more conscious when it comes to eating. And I will do that by making sure that I do not bring my phone to the dining table. Another thing that I really wanted change for 2020 is the snoozing off my alarm. Like I know I want to get out a bit the moment or alarm rings because what happens in what happened in 2019 was basically if my alarm rang and then I snoozed it and I still missed it , and I snoozed it again. What happens is when I get out a bit, which isn't usually about half a now hour to an hour, leader, I heard feel guilty. I feel guilty for just wasting time, and it's not a really good feeling, so that's why I know next year. I really just want to get up the moment alarm rings, and then we're gonna move on to the next question. 3. Start, Stop & Continue: No. The next activity that we're going to do is called the start. Stop and continue. I believe this activity was inspired by Michelle be on YouTube. I kind remember, cause I watched quite a few, but I really found that this activity really worked for me, so I'm sharing it with you. So the very first thing is you're going to draw a mind map, or you can use the worksheets that I've created for you. So it's basically jotting down what actions you would like to start doing. What actions you want to stop doing, as was what actions you would like to continue in the new. Yet it doesn't have to be really need. So I did mine, actually, in the notebook, So I'm gonna just roughly show it to you. So it looks something like that. Yeah. So let me just read you some examples. So, for example, for me, I want to start reading before I go to sleep. I want to start waking up earlier and leaving my bid by 6:30 a.m. I want to start conscious eating to pay attention and to true more while I eat S o D's a some examples of the actions and behaviors I would like to start next year, and then we're gonna want to stop So diese some behaviors you want to stop doing in 2020. So, for me, for example, I wrote here I want to stop mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram. I'm not too bad of Instagram, but for me, Pinterest's is It's never ending all the recipes and all the yoga sequences and just oh so mine was scrolling of Pinterest. I need to stop that. I need to stop feeling guilty about snoozing. So that's why I wrote here. No snooze. I don't know if you can see that as well as stop looking at my phone for no reason. So I don't know if you guys do this about like you. Sometimes sometimes I'm doing work, and then my phone is just by my table. I'll sometimes just pick it up to see if there's anything which kind of distracts me from my work, and I don't like that. So I'm going to stop doing that, and I'm also going to stop late night snacking so I don't want to eat anymore. Um, after 10 PM so that's what I wrote here. So then we're going to move on to the next one, which is actions you would like to continue. So you're happy that you did did elections in 2019 and you want to continue them in 2020 before my continue. I have a few eso in 2019 and I started drinking green smoothies every morning. So I'll just put my baby spinach, banana and blueberries and, um, flax seeds and Chia seeds in something like that. So I would like to continue that action in 2020. I also like to continue meal prep ings. I've been pretty good at meal propping this year, and then I'll bring my meal, perhaps to work, So I would like to continue doing that next year. And, um, I also have been working on a few creative projects, so I would like to continue doing that as well. So those are examples of the start stopping continued, so you can think about the actions and behaviors you would like to start, stop and continue to do it in a mind Met foam. That's how I felt that you know, you really got the brain juices flowing. But of course, if you want to do it in a list formas what as well you can on Bennett will move onto the next activity. 4. 10 Year Plan: so as 20 twenties, slightly special? Well, very special. It's the beginning of a decade, Um, and I think sometimes it's actually very useful. Think off your 10 your plan. So I know 10 years may seem like can't like a huge amount of time. And it ISS. If I think about when I was 10 years younger, I would have never imagined myself here where I am right now. And, um, it's pretty amazing how many things have changed in 10 years, but at the same time, 10 year plans I feel is not really for you to kind of be like I need to be there in 10 use , but more just to give you kind of like a a glimpse of how you want to be in the future. So this alone can kind of help you maintain your behaviors, maintain your habits. Maybe it helps to inspire you to do something. So I do think thinking of a turn your plan is pretty important. So how do you do to 10 your plan? It's subject if it's really up to use for me. The question I was like to ask myself is, Where do I see myself in 10 years. Um, he can be very simply can be things like, Where are you physically? Um, are you with a family? Are you by yourself? You know, just think about in future. What do you want to have? It can be materialistic things. It can also be, you know, non materialistic things. So, for example, you can sing in 10 years, I will be in the best shape of my life, for example. It doesn't have to be a thing. You know, You don't have to go in 10 years. I'm going to own a BMW or whatever. You don't have to. So it's just more of thinking about what's the general guideline or the general direction. You want your life to go? 5. Process Goals VS Behavioural Goals: Now that you've come up with a list off goals that you want to achieve next year, I will. I want you to take a look at them and see if there any process goals. Now process goals are basically goals that you need to kind of, like take certain steps to achieve eso. They're not just one behavioral kind of goal. So attending a in some class, for example, is a behavioral goal. But if that same for me is to build strength or to trade myself to do one push up, sorry to train myself to do one pull up by the end of the year. Those are process goals because it doesn't happen like that. You need to take steps to achieve it. So I call those process goals and then count how many process goals you have. And then maybe what you can do and what I feel is effective for me is to choose one process goal per month that you really worked for me when I just focused on one goal per month. I feel that sometimes we get very excited, especially if it's didn't you? Yeah, I'm a bit like okay, you know, then you found energy. I'm going to do this. This is this This And then next thing you know, half of January passes by and then you motivation dwindles and it never happens. So I always say slow and steady. Look at one thing at a time because sometimes when you feel when you have, like, five goals you want achieve in a month, then it becomes a little bit overwhelming and fall. You know, you know, your brain will start coming out of excuses like, Oh, there's so many things to do. Maybe I won't do any of it at all. So I think one goal per month is a pretty good thing, because if you really stick to it, think about it. At the end of 2020 you have achieved 12 major goals. Um, so that's amazing. But so, for example, in my process, goal for January would be to stop teaching yoga classes on skill share, so the process will include planning the classes, planning the script for what I'm going to say on camera, planning to flow off the yoga classes, filming the cloths, editing the class, creating the worksheets or whatever and then uploading it on skill share. So that's a process, said that could be an example off. You know how you're going to achieve it. I've Let's say your goal is I would like to create an e book, for example. Then maybe you can say January will be my E book month, and then you're going to think about how you're going to achieve to write an e book in January. So you have, let's say, 31 days. So how are you gonna achieve writing an e book and 31 dates? So it's more flight choosing a goal for the month and then figuring out the actionable steps that you can take to achieve that goal so 6. Setting Goals for 2020: Now we're gonna move on to actually planning for 2020. So the first thing, of course, would be 2020 goals. So what do you want to achieve in the year 2020? But for me personally, the method that I found to be really helpful is I don't really create any categories. I just write down 2020 goals, and I list as many as I can. I dump all the ideas that I want, and I just dump it down onto a list. And then filtering happens after, but I rather than, you know, just put old my ideas down instead of filtering them fists and then putting it down. The reason is because sometimes when you filter your goals, um, excuses can pop in, our self doubt can pop in. So things like I was gonna let save, I'm going to write down, stop teaching yoga in a studio, and then my brain would be like, Are you sure you know you're good enough to teach yoga in the studio? Or are you sure that in one year you can you know you'll be able to do that? Are you good enough to do that? Um, So instead of, you know, just filtering, I rather just take a good amount of time, list everything that I want to achieve. Don't worry about the want yet, although how I just kind of want to dump all the ideas down. And then after that, I'll feel term. So that's what I recommend to do, actually. So if you take a piece of paper, just list them down and then slowly, really think about what you want to focus on in 2020 it's more like a brain dump fest. So I feel that many people, what happens is they process it too much. And then next thing you know, sometimes they have, like, hidden golds everyone achieved and they've never really returned it down. So I think the first step is to write it down anything. Just write anything down, and then after that, you're gonna filter it 7. 4 Tips On Setting Smart & Achievable Goals: So when it comes to the steps to achieving your goals, I usually like to have four things. So the very 1st 1 is It must be a measurable goal, meaning by the on off, Let's say January, you're gonna ask yourself, Have I achieved it? And there's something that will tell you you did so for me. It let's say again, the example off, you know, posting a skill share yoga class, then meet. Uploading that class is my measurable kind of like my measurement. I'm telling me I have achieved that goal. So it's a lot easier to achieve something once you know how it feels like or what it's like to achieve it. So how do I know that I have achieved a goal? It has to be measurable. Um, and the second thing is, it has to be very specific. So if it's not specific, our brains will just come up with different excuses to kind of might manipulate always out of it happens to me all the time. So, for example, if your goal is to exercise, Okay, um, for how long? What kind of exercise? Where? You know, planet down. Because if you just say I'm going to exercise and then maybe your brains. Hey, you know, maybe just doing like five squads in my room is exercise. That's good enough, right? I mean, that's up to you. So if you really want to bring yourself to the gym, maybe having a plan like I'm going to the gym Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays and you know, maybe six PM I'm going to do, you know, 45 minutes of a workout. That's how you be very specific with your goals, that that thing would be to think of the results instead, or maybe to think of what you want the results to be before you begin to go. So, for example, if your goal is learning how to cook, that's a little bit vague. So maybe what you want to cook, and then what's the results you want? So maybe you want to learn how to bake a cheesecake, then that is the result to be able to bake a cheesecake by yourself. So then you have a result that you can imagine, and that makes the goal lot more achievable. Visit something like learning how to bake or, you know, being a good baker or improving my baking skills. So having a result a clear result for that goal will help you kind of feel one spying and more motivated to achieve it. In my opinion, it makes it a lot more assessable as well. Because, you know, if you can imagine the result, what's really stopping you from getting it? And the 4th 1 would be if it's a process goal or, you know, a goal that requires a few steps have a deadline. So human beings, you know, we love to procrastinate. I mean, I'm not grouping all of us, but you know, Okay, I'm not saying that everyone loves to procrastinate, but majority of us do. So I procrastinate. I procrastinate all the time. In fact, for me to sit down in front of this camera to film This took me a while, you know, and my brain came up of reasons that Oh, that's not enough sunlight. Oh, the camera's not ready. It's not charged or like, you know, just excuse us to prevent me from doing it. So having a deadline really helps. So, for example, let's talk about the skill share example against that same, my golf which any worry is to film a yoga class to put on skill share. And then I talked about the different steps, right? So what? Planning my script, planning the class and then filming it and an editing it and then uploading it. When do I want each part to be done by? So maybe, for example, I must plan the script and the flow by 7th January. And then after that, I will, you know, film that flow maybe by 10th of January, so on and so forth. But once you write down when you want to achieve it, it's a lot more kind of like concrete versus oh, I'm going to do that. And then maybe I'll find the time to do that eventually. And trust me, you probably never will. So having a debt line really helps. And for human beings generally, if we give ourselves a really long deadline, we will take that amount of time to do it. But if you give yourself a short to debt mine, the sense of urgency really kicks in and chances are you're still going to achieve it and procrastinate a lot less so If not, say I'm going to tell myself I'm gonna film and upload one. You a class in January, I'm going to take my own sick time. Chances are I'll probably be doing everything in the last week of January. So usually what I would like to do is I will make the dean lying deadline a lot shorter. So maybe I'm going to have film two videos and abu them on skill share said in one video in the 1st 2 weeks and then another video in a second the last two weeks. So, you know, having a shorter Dateline in general helps to kind of make things move a lot faster as well . And you don't have that sense of lethargy, you know, you've been Oh, yeah, I have another of another month to do that. So I'm just gonna chill, you know? Wait. So having a shot a date line really helps us. Well, it's just to recap the fourth thing. So the 1st 1 will be to make sure it's measurable to have a specific result in mine. 2nd 1 is to be specific, a specific as you can, but that one would be to think of the results, you know, imagining the results will help motivate you to get it. And the 4th 1 would be Give yourself a deadline and, if possible, give yourself a short deadline. 8. Final Thoughts: Hopefully, this steps will help you achieve your goals. And I hope that you know this class really help you thought, help you think about what you want to achieve next year. And I hope that, you know, if you really took the time to answer the questions or to, you know, just think about all these questions It, you know, help you realize that every day we get is a new chance to kind of like Goto. It's all dreams to achieve our goals. So it's it's kind of a pity to waste it. I feel thank you so much if you're still here by the end of the class. I hope the questions I gave you were really useful in helping you thinking Think about last year what you did, what you want to change. And hopefully, you know, the questions and tips I gave you for achieving your goals for 2020 will help you in achieving it. And I hope your 2020 goes amazing and as I give you a zay said in the examples, I am planning to film yoga videos on skill shares, so you will see them soon. If not, you can definitely have me for it because I really put it out here that I'm going to do so all the best for 2020 and I'll see you soon.