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35 Videos (2h 52m)
    • 1. Why I chose Etsy

    • 2. Yes Your Art Is Good Enough

    • 3. My Story On Etsy

    • 4. Must Be Hand Made Goods

    • 5. How To Work With Outside Approved Manufacturers

    • 6. Fees For Selling On Etsy

    • 7. How To Get Paid For Sales On Etsy

    • 8. Introduction To Photography For Etsy Listings

    • 9. Lets Talk About Cameras

    • 10. Photo Size and Dimensions

    • 11. What Lighting Works Best

    • 12. Framing and Image Continuity

    • 13. Editing, Cropping, and Landscape View

    • 14. Learn From My Photography Mistakes

    • 15. Examples Of Art Product Photos

    • 16. Join Etsy Become a Seller

    • 17. Setting Up Your First Listing

    • 18. Input Payment Details & Verify Identity

    • 19. Info and Appearance Profile and About Section

    • 20. How To Add a Printable Download Listing To Your Store

    • 21. Dashboard and Stats

    • 22. Writing Great Art Descriptions

    • 23. Targeting Your Listings To The Right Audience

    • 24. Adding Sections To Your Store

    • 25. Setting Up Tags To Draw More Views To Your Store

    • 26. Shipping Profiles

    • 27. Packaging Your Art For Shipping

    • 28. Over Deliver For Your Customers

    • 29. Mark Orders As Shipped

    • 30. How To Promote Within Etsy

    • 31. Marketing On Social Media

    • 32. Etsy Trend Reports

    • 33. Favourites, Follows and Lists

    • 34. Tips On Building An Email List For Your Art Fans

    • 35. Congratulations, You Did It!


About This Class

Are you a visual artist who has always wanted to showcase your art to the world? Have you always dreamed of making money selling your art but not sure where to start? This course is designed to show you how to make your art available on Etsy for people around the world to purchase.

I am an Etsy seller and want to help other artists establish their shop and begin their Etsy journey. In this course, I will teach you how to set up an effective Etsy shop, build great listings, take beautiful photos of your art, promote your store and much more...

This course is for artists who create 2D artwork, like Painters, Hand Letterers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators...etc. The course is structured into sections to make it easy to navigate the lectures. You can follow along on your own computer and we can build your shop together!

Why try and fumble your way through Etsy on your own? I am here to help you make your Etsy shop, the easy way.

Lets get started.


My Website:

103 of 103 students recommendSee All

I love Melanie's classes - she has a fantastic style and a warm, relatable presence. This class was extremely helpful and informative. The step by step process and tips can't be beat. Thanks Melanie!
Emma Jane Shaw

Hobby Artist

Thanks for lots of great info on setting up shop on Etsy. Just the class and info I needed.
Melanie really knows what she's talking about. I was going to go straight to her latest course on Etsy, but decided I'd better check out what she had to say that still holds true. I'm glad I did - I'm learning a lot!





Melanie Greenwood

Designer & Founder of Vision City Studio

Vision City is an graphic design and illustration studio that began as doodles in Melanie Greenwood's sketchbook, while touring Europe with rock musicians in moving vehicles. As a former Model with Elmer Olsen Model Management and graphic design graduate from George Brown college (Toronto, ON), Melanie always had a special passion for music branding and inspirational messaging. When she founded Vision City in the spring of 2009, her work consisted of promotional campaigns for bands and record labels around the world, including photography, album artwork, t-shirt design, concert posters and logo design.

After moving to California in 2011 with her musician husband Chris, (AKA "Manafest") Melanie felt compelled and inspired to find a deeper purpose for her artwork. Thus, the very first Vision City screen print collection was born on November 15, 2011, consisting of 12 black and white inspirational concepts known as the "Born For This" Collection. The collection sold successfully on a private Etsy store and was quickly picked up by FAB, which created a world wide platform for the collection. She continued to develop art print series and showcase in a variety of LA art shows including Unique LA and Renegade Craft Fair. The Vision City brand quickly became known for black and white uplifting illustrations. In the spring of 2013, Melanie had the honour of having a selection of VC art pieces screened onto canvas and added to the fall 2013 collection of the National Children's Decor Retailer, Land of Nod. Vision City was awarded "Artwork of the year" at the 2012 CMGA Music Awards for her work with "The Color" album art.

Vision City is now a tri-purpose company offering design service, art products and now online education.  Melanie continues to work within the music industry while developing the VC art collections. Her newest passion is teaching other artists to develop business practices for their design services, so they too can pursue their dreams. "Vision is not only the ability to see, but also the ability to dream".