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How To Sell On Teespring Without Paid Ads

teacher avatar Greg Gottfried

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Account Overview

    • 2. App Download

    • 3. How To Use App

    • 4. App To Computer

    • 5. Campaign Goal:Price:Colors

    • 6. Computer To First Shirt

    • 7. Campaign Title:Description:Launch

    • 8. Campaign Settings After Launch

    • 9. Duplication

    • 10. Grow Exponentially

    • 11. 2nd Design

    • 12. Storefront

    • 13. Tips

    • 14. Tags

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About This Class

Create Teespring campaigns optimized to get sales without using paid advertising with internationally recognized digital marketer Greg Gottfried in this 55-minute, straightforward class.

Whether you're looking to create your first Teespring design, or you're not getting sales from paid advertising, learn how to create Teespring campaigns that are optimized to sell without paid advertising. From creating your first Teespring campaign, to growing your Teespring account, Greg walks through his process of setting up Teespring campaigns for success. Learn how to:

  • Create your first Teespring campaign
  • Optimize the campaign settings
  • Grow your Teespring account quickly

After taking this class, you'll be able to create Teespring campaigns and choose the settings that will help you achieve your Teespring goals without using paid advertising.

Meet Your Teacher

Greg is an internationally recognized digital marketer. His business experience comes from a combination of being venture funded in a startup incubator and the real-world business experience that followed.

He places a high priority on reading and education. His favorite book: The Go-Giver - Bob Burg & John Mann.

He goes above and beyond answering questions and replies promptly to messages and discussion boards.

See full profile

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1. Account Overview: all right, Now that you're signed up, let's go over a few basics of the account. First thing you want to dio is confirmed that the email address address was correct. So come over to your email. Um, and make sure that you have an email from T Spring welcoming you to t spring Thean formacion in this email is very basic. Everything we will touch on in this video, however, you want to confirm that, um, the email address that they sent it to is yours. Once we get out. That out of the way to come back to our home page here, Um, the way you get to your home page is click on your account, stab and campaigns. This will bring you right to this page to explain a few things. The numbers here are how many shirts you have sold or products for that matter. You can sell mugs, you can sell totes shirts. The prophet that you've made, this is pending profit and then the the profit that is charged. But the campaign has not ended yet, so once the campaign ends will turn into pending profit. And then it will be, um, to be paid to me or to you for this matter. Um, those are good things to know. And you can choose filters for this such as today. See what's happened today, yesterday, active and all time. I like to look at all time just to get a general overview of how successful everything's been for the entirety of since you've started. That's nice, um, down here or where all your campaigns will start to show up and you can choose in here to see active campaigns ended campaigns. Um, obviously, we don't have any yet because we haven't watched our 1st 1 And when you do save a campaign , are save artwork on a T shirt later on, I'll show you that. But just so you know, I'll touch on it again. That shows up in drafts. Um, it took me a while to figure that out. I thought all my our work that I was saving was disappearing, but that is where you can find it. A couple other things creating. So that's what we'll use to design the shirts Teoh to put our pictures on the shirts to choose the color of the shirts, whether it's a tote, whether It's among whatever it's and then settings over here. You do want to click this. So go ahead and put in your name that you want to use phone number and, um, street address. All this stuff is secure, but you really do need it. So once you do request your payout, um, they know where to send it. And don't worry about about em. Safety of it. You can pause a video right now if you like, and type in this information. Um, a couple other things. Make sure that you change advanced setting to show total sale total all time sales just gives us a better way to see our sales. And make sure that all of these are checked later on down the road. If you'd like to change your email, you can do that here and, um, passwords as well. So this is actually the email from my other account. I just haven't on remember. So that's why it came up there, was wondering why that was happening. So All right, um, these buttons over here, I'll show you what they are as well. And again, this is just an overview. So if you do need a reference of what button does what? Uh, you know exactly what they do here. So that storefront button from our account tab will bring us to a storefront that we can set up later if we like. And essentially, what that is is you can give someone the link up here to your specific store, and it will bring them to a page where all of your campaigns air set up. So if you do want to start a theme to store, you can do that with this feature. Um, and you can share that link with anyone and they will have access to all of your shirts. That's a nice feature. Messages right here. It's not actually what you think messages. It's messages. As in you can send. You can send a buyer a message. So someone who bought, um, a particular shirt from you or all the people who bought a particular shirt from you. You can send them a message here, and and that's a nice feature to you can reach out to your buyers because chances are they will buy again if they see something that they like. That's new groups as well. Um, I don't use that often, but but you can definitely do that. Promotions. This is a great feature to you can add it a discount and put in a code here whether it's 1st 1st 100 um, 1st 1000 followers, whatever the case may be, and then it gives you a special link with that that you can share with someone. And, um, they will get the desired amount. So you want to give them $1 off and with the link, and you can set the expiration date on that as well. So you can tell someone they have until the 30th to use this link to get their dollar off on, and then you just get a discount there. Underneath that is up cells. This is obviously still in beta, but it's going to be a really great feature. What it will do is you can enable this for specific campaigns or all of your campaigns, for that matter. Um, and when someone purchases one of your shirts or they're about to, it will recommend more of your shirts or more of your items that are similar. Um, and see if they would like to buy two and save on shipping. It is a great feature, obviously still in beta, but, um, expecting good things from that feature, a lot of good things. Payouts. This is where you will come in, Teoh See all the which it will tell you, which sure sold how much money you made, and it will just build up down here, and then you can come here and request your payout. What that means is you can choose either check by mail, PayPal, bank deposit and how much money you'd like to be paid out. Um, typically would just do the full amount that's on your account and get a nice hefty check in the mail. Uh, that's my favorite way to do it that way. You don't pay pay, pal, any any cut? Um, that's that. And this settings is the same as this settings. So it will just take you right back to this page. So let's go back to our home page here. And now that we've learned all the buttons, um, we're ready to start 2. App Download: All right, guys. Now that we've got all that set up, the first step we have to do in the process of making some shirts is to get the APP. So this is the up I was telling you about. Um, I'll show you on my phone here. This is it. Down here. It's called type Perama, and I'll close out of it and show you just had to get it. Go through the app store with you. Open up, perhaps store. Come down to the search and type in tight. Bow Rama, This is it right here. Obviously, I already have. It looks like I have an update available. But if you don't have it, it will be free. And then you can update or upgrade bargain upgrade to the 3 99 version. Highly recommend that the only difference that's gonna make is, um, we'll give you more options. More designs. But also, for example, the bottom right corner of this picture between the recipe there and the burger bun just below the two of those It would have a watermark, um, in the free version. And we don't want that. So something like that. Your brand logo here. Um, it will have type O rama there. Obviously, it's easy to just cropped that out to edit that out in, ah, in the computer software before you put on a shirt. But it's just the little things like that. Um, for 3 99 the first shirt you sell. It will cover the app, so it's almost like a risk free guarantee. Um, make one thing clear here if you're on Iowa's type of Rama is rap. If you were on an android word swag, it's an extra dollar. But it is that the compatible version you, unfortunately, can't get type of Rama. So words waggles do do the same thing for you, so let's go ahead and download that up. 3. How To Use App: All right. Great. Now that we've got the app, I'll walk you through the process of designing your first shirt. So the thing that I like to do is come on the Internet, go to Google and get some inspiration. So let's suppose we want to make a workout shirt. Now you can choose whatever you like. Whatever is the first thing on your mind. Um, workout shirt. And we'll come to images here and see if we like anything. Anything that catches your eye. So let's go with. Here's a funny one. I work out because punching people is frowned upon. Okay, fair game. So let's come over and go to our type of Rama app. We'll open that up, and this is most important step here. It gives you the option to use pictures you can import from your camera. Roll down at the bottom here. Um, anything you like. You can even search pictures at the top. But what you want to do is hit the transparent one. Now, what this is going to do is give you a clear background in PNG format like a vector. The quality on it is is amazing. So you really can zoom in as big as you like on the shirt, and you won't get any granule ation in your pictures. But long story short, we're gonna double tap that. We're just the words there. We're gonna double top that and typing are fun. So I work out because punching people, let's do people is frowned upon. Okay, great. Just like that. And we'll hit. Done. Now, what this app does is it scrambles them and it puts him into designs. This is great for us. Because if we were in the create and sell portion of t spring, we would manually be typing each one of these and making them into designs like this. Not what you've noticed is I've been hitting the 1st 1 over and over again. You have a ton of options here. You can hit the same one over and over, and it will keep mixing it up. Or you can switch to a new one and try those one. See if any. If you like any of those, um, there are a ton a ton And just imagine you could put that right on a shirt. Okay, let's do it. So here's a little insider trick that I like to teach you is to zoom in just to make it bigger. When you put on the shirt and makes it a little bit easier for you, makes it more uniform across the board and then make sure that it centered on both sides. So you'll it's hard to see. But I'll give you an example on the left side. Looked to the left of the P. You see that little gray line moving? You want to make sure that is equal on left side with the right side. So it looks like it's gonna be about 2.5 dots, and it's and it's equal and left in the right. And that's super important, because when you put it on a shirt and center it, it has to be centered in your picture first. So we've got that down. Looks good. Um, we don't need any of these text tools overlays. None of that, um, down here we will use, though. And again we don't need opacity. We don't need shadow either. Um, you can put it on. It's just gonna really take away from your shirt, though. Um, but we can choose the color of the font From here. I like to do black, white grey sometimes, but I do like coming all the way over here and you get multiple colors and again, with this you can keep hitting it and it keeps random izing it. If you don't like to, you can come and select three colors and you can get some really good combinations here. Um, some of them are over the top, something that you would never wear on a shirt. But others are really good and things that you wouldn't think of. Let's say we like this one. That looks good. Um, granted, For the sake of this, this lesson here, the bottom right button with the dice will randomize it completely so to the left. Here, we're choosing from three different colors Randomize ing that on the with the dice. It just puts in completely random three colors. You don't even know what they are. Even four colors. Five colors sometimes. So from this will hit okay, to share top right there and put it right in your gallery. I'll give you a check mark show that it's complete, and from there we have a writer gallery 4. App To Computer: All right. Great. Now we've got our picture in. Our gallery will come down to photos and there it is right there. So let's open that up. And as you notice, if you click on it, the background disappears. That's exactly what we want. It's Ah, PNG vector file J pegs will show the background if you put him on a shirt. Look out. Clear. This is it's it's That's what we want. So what we're gonna do from here it is Hit the share button in the bottom left. And since I'm a Mac user, what I like to do is message it right to myself. And then I can pull it my messages here at the bottom and the pictures right there. But for the sake of this, I'll show you how to do it on all platforms. Hit the mail button there, email it right to yourself. So what we're gonna do is send it to the the email account that we used to set up this t spring. So there it is, right there, throwing a subject. Ha ha. That's what my thumbs just randomly texted. We'll do that sent and make sure you choose actual size at the bottom that I give you the highest quality file and make the best year actual size. There we go. So that's on its way over here. Let's come up to check our mail. Here's our file right here. What we're gonna do is open that up and download it. If you drag it and drop it over here, the quality won't be the same. So you don't want to make that mistake. Download it. And if you're on a PC, download it straight to your desktop on a Mac, we're all set like that, and what we're gonna do is find it in finders. He hit this little little icon right here and from here, drag it onto your desktop. Now you have the full quality shirt or picture here for a really good shirt. Feel good. That is perfect. Now, what I like to do is have a folder called new shirts. So the ones that I'm making that day or that hour, whatever the case may be and put it right in there now, just waiting for us. So now you've got your your design from your phone using the app made for you right onto your computer, ready to go 5. Campaign Goal:Price:Colors: So from here, I'll start to explain why the 210 dots per inch is very important. And obviously you can see it goes up as image gets smaller and it goes down as it gets bigger. So we'll go ahead and make that just how we how we wanted to fit here. Perfect. And we'll go over here and it's sell this now. If you were to do by this, it would be buying one for yourself. That's not really what we want to do right now. So sell this and we'll take our goal of 50 all the way down to one. And we can do that because it says high quality artwork detected goal of one enabled. That's huge. So when you, uh when you design a shirt and you're using outside third party pictures, the image really isn't that great. So what T spring has is if it's under 101 120 dots per inch, they will not allow you to print just one. They'll have your minimum of three that's super detrimental to this method, because this method relies on just one person buying here and there, Um, and then multiplying your campaigns. So if you have a minimum of three, you just threw that that whole strategy out the window. So what's great about that type of Rama app or the word swag app that we were talking about before and why it is the best is because it produces a file that is so high quality that you can put it on a shirt and it's over 100 and 20 dots prints easily. Um, so, like I said, drag that down to one. Make sure this says one here and we'll go ahead and it allows you to to choose the price here. So what? I like to sell this. That is anywhere from 20 to $24 that seems to sell. Great. Now you could mark that up to $25 sell it all day. However, if you put it at 24 or 22 even you're going to sell them like crazy. Um, it's a big difference. You can You can sell one. You catch my drift there. So I like to put out the lower price and just sell in volume. Now, each shirt you're gonna make $5.30 profit. That's not bad if you're selling in volume. So the white that we picked earlier is just really are cover photo. That's the one that people will see in the stores. That's the 1st 1 they see will come in here and select the other ones. Now you don't want to give everyone too many options, then it makes It makes it really difficult to select one. Yes, it gives people a variety to choose from, but if you're giving them too many, it kind of gets distracting. So some of my best campaigns only have two colors, and they're not even white in black. So something like this. See what with orange it kind of clashes a little bit, but ah, this color itself. I think it's called the Coral yet is coral color cells that and midnight blue. They sell like crazy. So, for instance, we'll do the these two colors, and I'll even throw in a couple extra, throwing a black, thick gray that sells really well as well. See what it looks like in blue. That looks good and we'll try out the pink. Maybe someone will go for that. I don't personally like it, but I'll put it on there. So there's our colors. It's not too many. It just enough and our prices. At 24 our goal is that one. You don't have to worry about adding styles. It's you can add in different types of shirts, like a hoody here, but it really just makes it more complicated than it needs to be. Um, if you just make multiple listings, you're going to sell them better because you're tags will be more effective if you put all different types of style shirts into one listening, not as many of you were going to find it, so we'll just go ahead and hit next year and this is a big part, so I'm gonna put this in the next lecture. 6. Computer To First Shirt: So from this point we have our logo over here to the left. And, um, it's in our new shirts folder, so we'll come back to T Spring and we'll go ahead and make our first shirt. So find the creating cell tab up top and you can pick your shirt here. So a few things to note the budget friendly typically is not the best material. It's not something you'd want to buy for yourself. You can put big margins on it, but at the end of the day, your customers aren't going to be super excited about it. They're not gonna rave toe other people about your shirts. If you have something like this top of the line it there super soft, great material. People really will be thrilled to wear the shirt. Um, that just gives your your customer a better product, and they're more likely to be repeat buyers or share referrals with other people. So definitely a little a little secret there, but definitely don't mind the extra few cents to bump up to the nicer shirts in here. You can choose your category, um, and they have sub categories underneath. So it's not just one, you can get all different types of shirts here. 3/4 length. Um, this is so high quality. It should be in a in a frickin boutique, but really nice stuff. So for the sake of this, our style shirt for the design we made should really be a workout tanked up. So women's tank top and I like to use you this 1st 1 here or the last one. They have the nicest material. This one's really nice, but this one's literally just as nice. Less money different fit this one in the middle. Not a big fan of its fitted if it's really tight. So it is. It is hard to sell to a lot of women that way. So come in and let's use white as a background for now. And instead of adding text here and instead of browsing their artwork, we just come upload your own. Click here to upload new shirts. Folder. Here it is right here, so just select that. Give it a second and your entire design process has just been streamlined. So loads up there, and we have our shirt made just like that. Different colors, everything different funds and This is the big thing. It's 210 dots per inch. Now that's gonna come in handy in the next part here. Uh, so we'll go ahead and it sell this and what I was meaning to tell you about that 210 dots per inch is 7. Campaign Title:Description:Launch: Now that we've gotten to this page, um, we've really got into the easy part. So campaign title, you can pick whatever you like. I liked either put the whole shirt, everything it says on it, or just a smaller version of that, um, so I'll go ahead and do. Punching people is frowned upon. It's nice and short networks. And the description year is another thing that I talked about in the video. It's, um it's super effective at converting lookers into buyers. And I'll put the link in an article to a campaign. It's actually gonna be this one right here where you can copy Paste it right from my campaign is my personal campaign. Um, there's a ton of coding in this, especially for the picture. So it's not something that you can put into a word document and send. It's something you have to take out of a T spring, um, campaign. So I'll have this link right here. What you're just gonna do is go ahead and highlight it and copying. I use command. See, that's how I do it. Command C, just copy it. Um and we'll come back torto description. We'll go ahead and paste it just like that. And that's your whole description. So when that comes up, it'll look extremely professional With all these pictures in it, Um, white background on them obviously just reads the state. It looks really good. No, actually, it looked just like this. Perfect. The next step we're gonna do is make sure that this is set on three days. This is the length of your campaign here when it'll be available for sale three days. And then I'll explain why, Down here, you can leave it how it is, or you can change it to something shorter. If you have a brand going, you can use the brand name followed by the number of which shirt that is like, um, whatever. The brand is 10 11 12. Just like that. You don't want to select either of these. Leave those how they are. If you select this, it will show the backside. We don't want that unless you have something cool in there. I don't recommend it, though. You don't need any advanced options either, Um, and just go ahead and launch it. And that's how you launch the campaign. And in the next video, we'll show you all the settings so that we can use our method and sell a ton of these 8. Campaign Settings After Launch: So now that we've got our shirt launched, an active on the T spring platform, we're going to do two more things. There's just two more steps, and then we're done with this. So we'll come back to our home page campaigns here, and you have a pencil edit edit tool here. Um, and you also have a gear looking settings. Um, we're going to go to the gear first and come down to do not re launch. It's the third item here and change that to continuous relaunch. Make sure it's on a three day duration. That means after after your campaign ends here. So, for example, this one has two days left. Once that ends, it will relaunch automatically. Whether the shirt has sold has not sold. It'll relaunch. And, um, for another three days continuously, that never ends. If you were to do relaunch one time, it would just relaunch once and then never do it again. Make sure you put it on continuous. This is the key to getting the passive income from here. Because once you set this, you never have to do it again. So this page is done. You don't need to do anything else, you can go back to campaigns, and now we're going to come back to the pencil tool here. And as you saw briefly, all the code popped up. But this is good. We're going to come to text now. This is one of the most important parts of T spring. They do full S E o for your shirts, but you have to have good tags. If you have trash tags, you're never going to get any. Um, you're really not gonna make any leeway because no one's gonna look up your shirts. Nothing's gonna lead to your shirts. So you want to make sure you have good tags on dumb. I'll show you how to get the best tags for your specific niches. I'll do that. Another video. But for the time being, let's put in some good ones. You can do 10 and you want to use all 10. So let's go ahead and dio women's workout clothes. That's a good one. Workout clothes as a whole and we'll do workout clothes for women and you can see these air kind of not monogamous, but they're all pretty. Uh, they're all in the same thing like for example, women's workout clothes, another workout. Clothes for women. Okay, they're going to be very similar. But trust me, that's the way you want to do it so well. Do gym clothes, gym clothes for women, women's work out. Let's see what we got here. Tops with sayings that's so specific. Even tanks with sayings. Let's do both of those. Okay, um, let's get some more in here. Will do. Motivational work out. Tank. Okay, Funny gym shirt. That's a good one on. There. Shouldn't be many more, but we'll do fitness. Top for women with sayings really gives you the suggestion there. Um, And there we go. We start typing another one, and it says you can only put 10 tags so these tags are all pretty specific. They're highly searched on Google, and I'll show you the way to find out how many searches are for each of these. But that would be Let's come down here and hit save changes. Now this campaign is done completely done. We won't touch it again. Come back to campaigns. You can look at it, but we don't have to any more work. This shirt will start selling and we'll start making our money. Um, it could be a week or more before you sell the 1st 1 But once the CEO really kicks in, which is about 3 to 5 months for the S Yoda being full effect, that shirt will start producing a ton of money. Now all we have to do is multiply it. 9. Duplication: So that's the 1st 1 It's completely done. Now what we're gonna do before we pick a new design. See, we still have this one. Here is what we use. It's still in our new shirts before we move on to our 2nd 1 Here's another trade secret. Come in. And this is our analytics button here. So you can see who's seen your shirts. Obviously, there isn't gonna be anything to show you yet, but I'll just tell you what the button does comes in and change it over to traffic sources . And obviously that was me from viewing it. But, um, it'll show you pretty much where they're coming from, whether it's Facebook, whether it's wherever you put your other links to share it. Um, And by the way, since they do full s CEO, when you put in good tags, you won't even have to share it. You can if you want to, um, sell more shirts quickly. I can show you ways to do that. And no paid advertising. I hate that I've done it. We're not gonna go down that route. So just like the s ago do its own thing. And, um, that's what your Analects will do. But what I was getting at was this right here is your duplication button. Let's go ahead and hit that. So what it's gonna do is automatically plug in our our design here, still the same as before, and what we can do is change the shirt that it's on. So let's put it on a, um, just put on T shirt. Go ahead, sell this and first thing you want to do before anything else is come down here and delete the old one. And it will readjust your, uh, your sizing here and will come up in the center. It perfect. See, it's still 170. Even though it's so much bigger than the other one. It's still 171. It's way over the 121 that we need required to print one. So that was cool. Let's go ahead and pick a price here. Um, let's do $22. Make it something that's reasonable. Something that you would pay if you're buying a gift for someone you don't want to be charging. 30 $35 for a shirt. Even 28 is a lot for a T shirt because when someone gets that the shipping fee, which is gonna be 3 99 on top of it, they still have to justify as a good decision to buy it. So you don't want to go to High 20 two's great, the margins still still amazing. And let's go ahead and throw in a couple other colors. It's black there, Um, and we'll do. We'll do some grays and, um, maybe a blue go. That looks good. Looks really good, actually, Um, remember not adding any styles to it. Just come in, hit next. And since we did the duplication, it's nice. It already populates the auto populates Everything we did before three days just confirmed that its three days again, Sometimes that changes. Um, and since we have, this is from before it's gonna go ahead and put a copy. Delete back, Teoh here toe two year old one. It's gonna say it's already taken. Obviously, put a dash one. It's not gonna let us do that. Won't let us state so it looks like that must be a really long one, so we can't go past that. So it's changed a little bit um, punching people is frowned, and we'll just do 0.1 or, uh yeah, that looks good. I mean, people were just using this to get a link to your shirt anyway, so obviously it doesn't exactly make sense, but that's fine. Uh, that's all set, and we'll hit. Launch. Here we go. There's our second campaign just like that. And as you remember before, come back the campaigns. This is the one we just made here, hit our gear dial. Change it to continuous. Go back a page. And as you can see, this starts to ramp up a little bit, and you can get pretty quick at it. This is just a part that takes the time. So for the sake of this, I'm not gonna type in the the tags here. Just we can move a little quicker through this. I don't want to waste any of your time, But you know what you would do? You would type in your gym, you know, the whole deal. All right, 10. Grow Exponentially: So obviously you saw that's pretty quick to duplicate. It's a lot easier than uploading a whole new image and doing the whole process over again. So the key here to make a lot of money passively is to duplicate a lot. So I mean, once you get going, you can do it extremely fast. For the sake of this video, it's done pretty slowly. But, I mean, you can make 15 duplicates putting them on different shirts, different colors, sweatshirts, mugs, totes in under 10 minutes, and then you're done for the day. I mean, if you just want to do 15 that day, you did more than you had to. And then you just wait about a week, a month, however long it's gonna take for that s CEO that T springs doing for you to kick in. And then people are gonna be starting to come look at all your campaigns and we just come back to analytics every once in a while, check up on your shirts, see if you want to change your tags at all. Um, see how they're doing and all the hard work is done. So the muscle work you just did it. So the key here, remember, get one good design and duplicated 10 or 15 times. You can leave the title the same, but make sure you duplicate it, put it on different products. Um, and what you can do on the app is you can make you could make five different versions of this. You know, if you like that, um, that saying there you can export in different colors. You can export it in a different in a different design. You know, hit a different one and send them all to your computer at once tonight instead of one. You have five. So go ahead and make one duplicated 10 times in different things, make the next one and then duplicated in 10 and so on so forth. But by the end of that, you're, you know, less than an hour in and you just made 50 campaigns. Um, all your tags are going to do the hard work for you, but that's the goal here. And I just wanted to make that clear real quick. 11. 2nd Design: all right. So real quickly. I'm just gonna walk you through making your next one here. We'll just go through one real quick here. We'll do it at full speed. So let's go into workout shirts, see what else we like. And, um, this is a good one. Let's squat until we're big booty. Let's not do that one, okay? Everything hurts, and I'm dying. That's a funny one. I could see a lot of girls wearing that. So we'll go to transparent double tap. Everything hurts, and I'm dying. Perfect. Okay, It's fine when we like here. This one here usually has some good ones in it. Um, I like to use that a lot. And as you can see, you just you could go through a full speed. Wait till one looks good. That was a close one. I like this theme, though. Go ahead. And, um, you some down here? As you can see, there's a time. Okay. Here we go. Perfect. Zoom it. Make sure it's centered. Perfect. And we'll do it in black like this one. This one myself. Gallery. Okay. Come into our gallery. There it is. Let's go ahead and email it through on a subject. Cool. Send. And since we hit actual size of first time, it's already gonna send it like that. The second time backgrounds gone. Perfect. Right? Let's go check our email. Here it is, Jocko. Yeah, that's it. All right, it's downloaded. Okay. Looks good. Let's find it. Drag it right into our desktop. Okay, Put it New shirts. Perfect. We'll come back over here. And now here's a little. Here's a little secret. Um, this is what I like to make sure it's a lot faster. You can do it this way. So go ahead and hit duplicate again. Although we're not using that design, go ahead and had duplicate Wait for that to load. Just gonna go ahead and stretch this so we can get it on the screen. There we go and delete that. Every other is full size and upload your own. Let's put this new one on it. And at the same time, I'm gonna go ahead and change it to women's. There we go. Looks good. Delete the old one. It's that one. It's to a price of $24. Throw in some extra colors. Now, if it's black text, you cannot use a black shirt. It'll disappear. Same with white or any color for that matter. So it's that color you can use midnight. They will still show up and as well as any other color you really like. That looks good. Next. And now this is the part that you can't forget to do. Since we duplicated it, it's going to give us the same information as before, so we'll change it real quick. I'm just gonna call it. Everything hurts. Okay. Make sure it's on three. We'll go ahead and change this down here as well. Okay, there we go. And we'll launch that. See how quickly we can do this. Come back in here. Good work gear dial. Change it to continuous. It's already on three days. Perfect. Come back in and we'll put in some tags. There are a lot of great suggestions here that you can that you could just use. Let's go ahead and do finish top. Um, Jim shirts. What sayings. And let's go ahead and throw in a yogurt closed tag in there as well. We'll do one more. You were closed for women. That should be 10 yet, because I could see some women doing yoga and saying Everything hurts. All right, Perfect. That campaigns done. There's another one now. We'll just go ahead and here and we'll duplicate it, that's all. 12. Storefront: Okay. Awesome. So now that we have at least two different designs, um, were eligible to make a storefront. So if you do want to take it to the next level, come on and hit storefront here, let's get started. And since this is seems like our theme is fitness so far, we'll call it a fitness depot That will work. And then we'll come down here and ad campaigns so you can just check mark all the ones you want to add. And since these air the duplicates, remember how we made those there on different shirts? So see what that looks like. It will show it in tank top T shirt and another tank top, so to try to keep it uniform, I'm only gonna have tank tops here. So I'm just gonna go ahead and remove that one, and we'll do published. Or now our stores activites live, ready to go. So you can send someone this link appear. And in a linked to all of the shirts that you decided to put into the store. Now, if you do want to take your store, um, to a new level, make it look a little nicer. We'll put in a banner photo here, so let's go ahead and cancel that real quick. We'll go to our campaigns. This is the best way to get your banner photo come to any campaign, one that you really like and hit the gear, your dial there excuse me and scroll all the way down until you get to hear these air all your models. And since we're using a tank top, let's go ahead and find people in tank tops and let's find one that we like and we'll put it on them. That's a pretty good one there. Let's do Let's do this one. And as you can see it, auto populates are shirt onto her shirt. It's nice. I mean, it looks great and you can obviously come in. You can choose the color of the shirt, but that one looks good, so we'll go ahead and do next. And this is nice, because if you're starting a clothing line without buying your shirts, you want to use T. Spring is your platform. You now don't have to get a photographer because instead of doing set a social image you do download. This is full HD, so we'll go ahead and save that. Save it right onto her desk. Doubt if you're on a PC, just go ahead and save that to your desktop. And then we're done with that and we'll go back. We'll find our storefront. You that at its storefront blowed banner photo. Here it is. Right here. Let that load real quick, and then we'll have a cover photos. Everyone who comes to this page is going to see someone already wearing your shirt and see how it looks. Outfits on them. Um, so for this instance, it kind of cut it off a little bit, so we'd go back and choose a different photo to use. But you get the gist of it right there. That shows you how to do it. It still looks nice, actually. But on a mobile, it'll render it to that size as well. So that's how you make a storefront 13. Tips: So now that you've got your storefront and you've got some campaigns and you're ready to duplicate them, you're pretty much set. There's not much else you have to do. I just want to give you some a little bit insider scoop on what I like to dio. Um, I like to have my new shorts folder, as you saw that before. And then I also like to have seen this is one of the storefronts I have here. It's called Live Co. I like to have a folder with that and that has the pictures where I would take this picture right here. And I put it in here for social media use. Um, whatever you need an HD picture for obviously and then and then also your templates. So as you can see in here, they're all the PNG files, and these, of course, are all the pictures. So that's definitely something I recommend. And just a miscellaneous photo folder. Anything that relates to it, you can throw that right enough folder as well. Um, I thought I would let you guys in on that as well 14. Tags: alright, guys. So I just wanted to take this minute here to shed some light on tags and how important they are for selling shirts. When you launch a campaign, you can go back in and you can edit the campaign, and that's where you can add in your tags and they allow you to add 10 tags. So with those 10 tags, you really want to make sure that you have great tags in there because T springs going to do S E O for you. Search engine option optimization, Which really means in layman's terms when someone googles something related to your shirt. Um, if you're sure it comes up or not. So good s CEO Good tags means if someone googles something related to your shirt, you're gonna come right up, and that way they can link right over to t spring and buy your stuff. Now, if you have bad tags, your shirt will never come up on, and it's really difficult to sell shirts if no one can find it. So I want to show you a little a little secret I use here. It's called Google Trends, and if you haven't heard of that before. You definitely want to go ahead and put it in your bookmarks up here, um, that we can get to it easily because you'll be using it a lot. So as you can see here, um, this takes all of Google's search search information, and it puts it into easy to read what's trending in the past 24 hours. So today's September 24th 2016 and you can see it's a lot of college football makes sense also Donald Trump. I'm sure Hillary Clinton's on here somewhere, but the majority of it right now is college football. That makes sense. But what we're gonna use is, And by the way, this is a great place to pick up ideas for shirts. Because you see something has just started trending in the past 24 hours. If you're the 1st 1 to get assured out there, you'll be the 1st 1 for someone to see it. That means years will be out there the longest. It'll have the longest time for Google to do Esper for T spring to do S E O for you on Google. So when someone does search for it, um, your T spring campaign will be the 1st 1 they see, so definitely use it for that as well. But what I'm gonna show you is up here. So I like to make a lot of workout tank tops and specifically women's workout tank tops. Because some of the tank tops that t spring offers are super high quality. Um, so the shirts come out great. So what we're gonna do appears we're gonna typing uses as an example, workout shirts. And what this is gonna show us is, as you can see, it's set on worldwide the past five years, which is good. You can pick up on the trends. I'm actually moved back to 2004 to present a little easier to read here and all categories and Web search. You can also change it to Google shopping. I like to do a web search. It gives you a better idea of overall what's going on. So four workout shirts you can see the trends right here. You just look for the peaks here and looking at it as a whole, you can see workout shirts are getting more and more popular around this time here. We're going into ah it's decipher here. Okay, Perfect. The new year, right? Everyone sets their New Year's resolution, you know, it's gonna spike, and it's almost predictable. So that's a good trend to get onto. Um, it's a good thing to prepare for. Make your shirts down here, Launch him. May even make him over here in August. What the S e o. Kick in. And then when all the searches come up, your shirts will have had time to have s CEO, push them to the top of Google, and then your shirts get sold. Just pick up onto that trend every time. And, um, the more you do it, the better at it you'll get. But when you see it start to go down, start to make a lot. Um, and then when it comes back up, years will be found, and then you can come down and look more into detail on that that key word there, the search term. And you can see where people are searching it from and then also break out here means lately this has been searched a ton. Um, and you can change this setting here. It'll do overall top searches and then rising That's what I like to do, because that's gonna show you all of the trends as they're happening. So these are good things to put in your tags and just find good ones. Some of them aren't really going to be related, but, um, see, like right here. Funny workout shirts. That's a great tag. Funny shirts. That's that's more General, but that's still a really good one. Um, obviously you can't use under armour shirts, but, you know, workout gear, workout sayings. Those are all really good tags. And then another feature you can do here is You can compare this to, say, Jim shirts. And as you can see here, Jim Shirt is still it's still rising. Um, in my prediction for why that is is because fast food has become much more popular and a lot more people need Teoh work out. So it's almost similar. They must follow each other, and they're both pretty identical. Looks like. Lately, Jim shirts has been searched a lot more, and the colors right here relate to what it is on the map. So when you start to put in a lot more keywords, it starts to fill up with a lot of different colors. So fitness shirts, as you can tell a lot less searches, it doesn't roll off the tongue. It's not the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for a workout shirt or a gym shirt so you can see it's a lot lower still follows the trends, though pretty much and then you can come down here. And also that's pretty neat. As you can see in Australia, more people are searching for gym shirts. The good thing with T spring is they ship worldwide, so you never have to just Onley focus on the U. S. Your market is everywhere, Um, and it will give you an individual detailed description of what's going on for each one of these terms that you can see what's what's break out. You really want to focus on those, and you can see what the putting your tags. So I hope that helps you guys and, um, compare as many as you like. Pick the good ones, the ones that are way up here. Those are typically really good ones, even if it is further down here. Um, if it's something that's that's trending, I mean is increasing from back here, even change it to the past five years. If it's going up, it's good. Don't bad example, because it's it wasn't that far down over here. But if it's going up, that's great. You want to hop on that? So I hope that guys that helped you guys and, um, we'll follow up in the next video.