How To Sell More Books - Using Low and No Cost Methods | Barry McDonald | Skillshare

How To Sell More Books - Using Low and No Cost Methods

Barry McDonald, Always here to help.

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19 Videos (4h 7m)
    • Welcome To Cheap Book Marketing

    • Amazon Author Page - Is Yours Working For You?

    • Blog And Blogging - Start Building An Audience

    • Collaboration - Reach Out To Other Authors

    • Domain Names - Tips Every Author Should Know

    • Email - How To Build Your Email List

    • Email - How To Automate Your Emails

    • Email - Optins And Landing Pages - What I Use And Why

    • Giveaways And Free Book Promotion - Where To Do Them And What To Watch Out For

    • Hiring And Outsourcing For Authors

    • Hiring And Outsourcing - Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

    • Images - Using Images To Promote Your Books

    • Images - Creating Your First Pinterest Board

    • Podcast1

    • Press Release

    • Press Release - Further Tips And Advice

    • Repurposing Your Book - 10 Ways To Repurpose Your Books Content

    • Repurposing Your Book - 2 Ways I Repurposed My Books

    • Virtual Book Tour - What You Should Do To Have Successful OneThey Are And How To Do One


About This Class

Congratulations, you've just written a book. Now it's time to sit back and watch those royalties come flooding in. Oh wait, that only happens in the movies.

For those of us in the real world, I've put together this collections of tips, tricks and traffic sources you should be using today to promote your books, makes sales, and get noticed.

You'll discover things like...

- 5 things you should do before setting up a a free book promotion

- 10 ways to re-purpose content from your books before writing your second one.

- How to make a book more than a book

- How to capture readers email addresses and automate the whole process

- How to find podcasts and radio shows looking out for people like you

- How to use simple images to promote you and your books

- Plus a ton of other great information.

If this is something you'd like to know how to do, join me in my video series now...

*Note - More great content will be posted to this course soon!





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Barry McDonald

Always here to help.

Guardian of four kids, a wife, two dogs and a goldfish, Barry spends most of days stuck in front of his laptop, either writing fiction or creating content for you lovely peop....sorry...gotta another idea that would make a great video for you...

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