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How To Sell Luxury: Become a Sophisticated Selling Machine

teacher avatar Ksenija, Luxury Sales Professional

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Definition of Luxury

    • 3. Difference Between Luxury and Mass Products

    • 4. Who are Luxury Consumers

    • 5. Why do They Buy

    • 6. Who is a Luxury Sales Professional

    • 7. How to Sell Luxury

    • 8. Change your Mindset

    • 9. Learn Features and Benefits

    • 10. Customer Service

    • 11. The Sales Process

    • 12. Approach and Engage the Customer

    • 13. Exchange of Information

    • 14. Build Value

    • 15. Create Desire

    • 16. Handle Objections

    • 17. Unusual Objections

    • 18. The Close

    • 19. Add On Sale

    • 20. Follow Up

    • 21. How to Handle a Complaint

    • 22. Becoming a Selling Machine

    • 23. How to Set Your Goals

    • 24. Conclusion

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About This Class

This course is all about SELLING LUXURY but it can be used to sell also premium or even mass products.

It's divided in three main sections: Before, During and After the sale.

In the first section you will learn the difference between luxury and mass products, which are different luxury categories, who are luxury consumers, why do they buy, and which skills are essential to become a successful sales professional and sell luxury.

The second section is dedicated to the sell process. Explanation of seven steps of sale with affluent customers in mind. You will learn some tricks of the trade and how to change your mindset to be able to sell high-end products and services.

Third section is about handlig a complaint and create loyal customers. You will learn how to recognize behaviors that might hold you back in order to become great, and how to make a goal plan.

There is also an extra PDF file with examples of Sale Presentations and tips on how to make a great Sales Pitch.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn all the techniques in the Luxury sales business.
  • You will see how to Handle complaints.
  • You will became a Customer service expert.
  • You will learn how to make an effective Sales presentation.
  • You will learn how to successfully overcome objections.
  • You will learn how to make loyal customers.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Yes, The will to become a selling machine.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for students that want to become professional Sales Attendants with accent on luxury products and services.
  • This course is for students that want to learn about Customer service and how to overcome objections in sales.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Luxury Sales Professional


Hello, I'm Ksenija and I'm excited to share with you some of my professional and personal skills and experiences.

I've been working for more than 10 years now in the high-end retail business, selling fine jewelry and watches, half of the time in the boutique on land, and a half on cruise ships around the world. A highly stressful and competitive multicultural environment shaped me into an efficient sophisticated selling professional. In my courses, I would like to share with you my in-depth knowledge of jewelry and watches as well as different selling techniques and the psychology of selling and make it easier for you :)

I hope you will join our community and grow with us.     

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1. Introduction: Luxury is 0 tolerance in the street and works very differently from mass retail industry. Luxury products have to be superior and luxury services have to be beyond expectations. And those professionals have to sell dreams and create unique experiences. Sounds challenging. Just the bit that you know, some tricks of the trade. And this is exactly what you will learn in this course. How to reset your mindset, an elevator selling skills to a whole new level. My name is Sania and I'd been working in high-end retail business for more than ten years. Of course, I would like to share with you my in-depth knowledge and tricks of the trade that will help you master the art of selling luxury and become a sophisticated selling machine. And of course, increase your paychecks. This course is divided in three bigger parts. In the first part we will define luxury and the difference between luxury categories. You will learn more about consumers of luxury and why do they bite. And we would talk about all the important skills every luxury sales professional should master. In the second part, we will learn how to sell a product or a service that costs ten thousand, two hundred thousand or even more. How to properly present or luxury product or service and create a personalized experience. How to recognize your customer's fears, needs, and desires. How to master the subprocess, overcome obstacles, and get more money. In the third part, we will delicately handle a complain without losing our valued customers. You will learn how to make a loyal customer that will keep coming back to you can finally, you will learn how to recognize behaviors that might holding you back. You could apply the knowledge and strategies from this course to sell luxurious designer and premium products and also services. And some strategist can work even selling mass products and can make a great difference on a paycheck at the end of the month. So what is luxury anyway? Let's find out in the next lesson. 2. Definition of Luxury: As all the things in life, the meaning of luxury, it's very subjective. For some luxury it's a huge villa in moriscos. For others, a new middle class car, or more free time. Once luxury meant the most expensive products and services today, it's a way of living. In this course, we will talk about the high-end products and services which cost more death. Their true value is and there are not a necessity, okay, that is again relative. But just to clarify things, here are some definitions of luxury. Luxury is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Luxury something expensive and not necessary if the enjoyment of fasting life or luxury, it's about differentiating luxury consumers from others. Lecture in general is being defined by premium price, excellent and outstanding quality and service and by scarcity, uniqueness, heritage, tradition, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and design. Nowadays, luxury has gained another dimension as many high-end brands expand with additional products to other industries, we can see jewelry brands designing mobile phones, leather boots and perfumes. Then we can have cosmetic houses design also fashion accessories, apparel brands design furnishing for homes and luxury hotels. From replicable, high-end brands. And by expanding to other industries, they are creating lifestyle brands and promoting certain lifestyle share selling dreams of a different lifestyle in a form of a luxury bags, luxury shoes, cars and perfumes has or worn by famous FUBAR modulus and movie stars. If you can recall, for example, any Burberry or chanel advertising, you can notice that they are targeting a consumer who wants to identify with this specific lifestyle. Now, the scenario, it's usually a famous supermodel or maybe some hot Movistar holding a handbag or a perfume sounds sophisticated environment, and not many words are used in commercials, non, besides the brand's name. If fruiting looks like a movie situation or a dream imposing you the idea that people using these brands leave a different luxurious style. Now on the opposite side, we have brands that says mass products, their commercial promise a solution to your problems like in case of, let's say his morale shampoo, which can repair your split and prevent your hair fall and human a dryness, roughness, and dual illness. So they produce your five solutions in one product. One of the key aspects of working in the luxury industry gets a clear understanding of these differences between luxury and MAC products. However, there are a few categories in-between. We have a designer, super premium, premium, affordable luxury or everyday luxury and mass products. Let see what differentiates them. 3. Difference Between Luxury and Mass Products: Last between all these categories are a bit hazy, but the main difference is the price stock. Luxury designers, super premium and premium brands are going for a high price point. The difference comes into degree that the price point difference, another differentiating point is also that the National categories have altered higher quality products produced with better materials. Let's go briefly through categories. Luxury or ordre. High-end brands are targeting a small section of customers who can afford their products and services. Everything is very exclusive because a small number of units are made and a small section of retailers can distribute these brands. The sets, the price higher end becomes a barrier for most of the costumers. Another important factor that sense them apart each name and proceeds behind it. I love history behind the past held the maturity status, and this is why they're advertised based on the name. And because luxury brands stretch far back, their products are oftentimes as collections and brands in this category would be, for example, graph Libya for my buck Rolls-Royce, Bentley and some others. Next, our designer brands, the main characteristic, it's a seasonal change. They go along with the current fashion trends, meaning in the next season these collection will be out of date and not in style anymore. This would be hermits, Burberry, Armani, Versace. Another's super premium brands have high-quality products and services. Class higher than premium products. Super premium products cost approximately a 150 to 200% more than mass products. Here we have SLR there, Tom Ford, Joe Malone and others. Premium brands with premium broad that's cost approximately five to 100% more than mass projects. They have a broader market because they're priced based on their features. Essentially you get more, pay more. There was a advertised as being superior to regular or mass product. However, if math brand decides to create a line that uses superior materials in charges a premium Fourier, like for example, H&M launch their line of Kotok loads, then it's considered the premium product. Sam premium brands are Patagonia, Mac, and Clinique. Now we have affordable or everyday luxury brands. They have products and services that you can pay for, but they are not a necessity, like designer eyewear and pregnancies, champagne, Starbucks, typically silver jewelry or services of manicure pedicure, and massage. And the last category are mods brass. They're created in order to sell many products. In general, most mass products are designed to solve customers problems. They sell a reality, the sweetener without calories, a car that gets more kilometers with less gasoline, a detergent that can remove stays, shampoo and conditioner in one and exit that. Go back to the concept of luxury. Luxury doesn't meet a need or solves a problem. Luxury displace, weld a sense of timelessness, priceless experiences, differentiation from others. Social innovation and a strong hedonistic drive is actual consumers are as interested in more features giving better value for money? No. They want to know about the brands heritage for CSCA uniqueness. No one carries a beer can back just because they need a handbag or where's the Burberry trench coat? So they could stay war or drinks Moet and Chandon because they are thirsty and no one buys a Ferrari scenery to get from point a to point B, luxury products exist for much less rational reasons. Meaning selling luxury is the business of selling dreams of a different world, a created desire. It's in motion of subconscious customers going to have a product, even if they don't quite understand why. 4. Who are Luxury Consumers: Sending luxury has always been about appealing to people's emotion and exceeding expectations. Consumers of luxury products are more sophisticated and have higher expectations than traditional consumers. They tend to be more sensitive to dubious selling tactics and they don't tolerate aggressive cells attendance. This is why you should be sincere and treat each customer individually. Those yields the same sales presentation for everyone and do not pressure customers too much to buy. You are an expert in your field and you need to act purely on the behalf of customers benefits. And if you want to become a top seller, establish a person-to-person relationship and not the cells attempt to customer relationship. The Bryce of luxury products is far beyond their functional value. So compared to what they are offering, their price is high. The income of luxury customers, it's very high. They don't depend on economic ups and downs and they bite irrespectively of the economic condition. Actually, sometimes an increase in price may lead to more sales. So do luxury consumers understand what value ease? Well, consumers who inherited their assets, we can call them old money that additionally understand the value they've been trained how to consume since birth. And they know not only the luxury brands, also the order of these exclusive brands. But today, most of the global wealth is in the hands of new money. There are people who've earned it in the course of their own lifetimes and whom we luxurious as professionals must educate. Consumers are often inclined to purchase a luxury item impulsively and may not know the true difference in value between 10000.100000 product. 5. Why do They Buy: High-value customers today are younger and increasingly from Asia. They usually buy not the differentiate, but to integrate arguably tone bag. It's a nice example of social status and symbol of success for young Asians, they're buying motivation is about self-affirmation and leisure and not about money, but others may buy from different reasons. It may be to reinforce their own positive self belief for remind them that they are successful and of who do they want to become. Another factor to consider is the reason why customers choose a particular brand. If we turn over Chanel or Ferrari over massage therapy, which brands or design seem to capture customers identity. Who they want to be more conservative, or do they want a bolder and more extroverted brand, the luxury consumers decision process, it's unlike that of other customers. While emotion, it's important when selling anything to anyone. We luxury selling. It is a paramount. Now, understand better the psychology of our luxury customers, but how about the sales professionals? Whether the necessary skills they need to possess to become sophisticated selling machines. Let see the next left from 6. Who is a Luxury Sales Professional: You can work in various segments of luxury retail and services, but they all have same rules when it comes to luxury treatment. Now, the idea of candidate possesses a skill set that allows him or her anticipate the needs of their costumer. Like this, he or she can create a consistent and outstanding experience and close the sale. Let's take a look at those skills. Firstly, dynamic personality. You will be dealing with a diverse range of customers and you should possess a dynamic personality, can be an overall pleasing persona. You need the right amount of charm, intelligence, sense of responsibility and credibility mixed with good manners, ticket, and high level of fitness, you should be a good listener and have high interpersonal and communication skills. Second, are excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills. The way you speak, the way a stamp, gestures go voice, tonality and grammar defines you and your brand. What you say is as important as how you say it. And the same applies to your customers as their body language can tell you a lot about how they feel. Empathy, Sibley said, Would yourself in their shoes, your ego will not help to close the deal. But having empathy, we'll, buying is an emotional experience. So imagine that the customer in front of you could be your sister, mother, friend, or someone else that you care about. Now, how different would your attitude with them to put yourself in their shoes might be the very thing that helps you close the sale. Next is endurance. Sales are full of rejection. You need to learn not to be discouraged by constant rejection and to be able to pick yourself up over and over again in luxury sells, your endurance can be depth x factor that sets you apart from everyone else. Endurances one of the toughest and most valuable traits. We have customer service. Customers emotions after entering the luxury shop are influenced by equality of personalized customer service. Now, especially customers with a low brand or company familiarity, the perceived quality of the service based on following facts. Personally, the reaction physical aspect of the sharp and staff. Foster policy and procedure and the problem solving ability and reliability. Proper presentation of your brand and its heritage are essential for new customers. Let me add another important thing, which is their shopping motive. Customers who are only browsing are usually more prone to criticism, while our shopping motivated prospect more inclined to find a solution together, we do. So customize your approach and make them feel comfortable, important, privileged, pampered, and sophisticated. Now we have etiquette and minor reason. You need to be familiar with the policy and procedure of your store. On top of that, the education of clients privacy, personal space, humidity, and gentle persuasion must be mustered. Extensive product knowledge. Of course, you need to know all features and benefits of your product. What distinguishes you from your competition and all about your brand and its heritage? And you need to know all the brands, whether you sell real estate, shoes or legal services, you must notice the brands who your customers are already wearing. New generations of luxury consumers are smart, they have connections, they have looks and tastes, and they appreciate talking to people who know the difference in feel, smell, taste and service. If you can't offer them this shared appreciation, they want respect, any advice or goodwill building you have to offer them a mu will remain nameless, be informed, being informed of latest happenings, not only in the luxury industry, but also in environment, in politics, in global updates and consumer preferences are key to ease engagement, and these can lead you to great opportunities a luxury customer loves, engage with equally knowledgeable product and service provider. We have ownership. Take ownership for the customers experiences by providing customized and personalized relationships with each customer. How much effort would you put in this business if it would be yours, Wouldn't it be 100% or even more? But keep this in mind and act in accordance with it and make sure you put attention in details BY a brand ambassador, a luxury professional is always expected to promote what he stands for. It could be while choosing a new outfit or while speaking to someone, understand and exemplify your brand's philosophy and lifestyle. Remember, even when you are out socializing with people you are representing and selling the brand because everyone is potassium. And for the end, look like a million dollars. You need to look, speak and move luxury. Your attitude should be gentle, generous, and genuinely human. On top of that, you should look like million dollars, which means if you want to attract luxury to dress according to certain standards, you can start by buying one good-quality piece of cloth. Is that a free, low-cost, and low-quality one, your personal appearance must be professional and well-groomed. 7. How to Sell Luxury: We'd emotion. Luxury purchases are based on different buying motives. People who buy luxury products and services for gift to mark important milestones or just a pumper themselves. But no matter what the reason is, a purchase is mainly emotional decision, meaning, once identified customers buying motives and make them emotional, you can close the sale much easier. So the first step is to discover why do they buy, why someone buys a big down on solitary regardless of diamonds, lower clarity and color characteristics. Do they wonder friends to be MBO sent to admired the size of their diamonds and why someone else buys the same ring for the same price, but with a half smaller diamond and we didn't excellent color and clarity grades. Do they prefer to have a good quality diamond may be for investment purposes rather than a show offering. This to customers want to completely different results. Most probably you wouldn't be able to close the sale with the same says presentation for both, because every customer's unique, you need to figure out what is important for them and prepare yourself presentation according to their needs and desires, which benefits are working for them? Would they like to look stunning, prettier, richer, more serious, more similar to the others, or different from the others, or impress someone with the gift. Listen to their stories to figure out which are nearby and motivate. It is crucial to understand the mind and heart are both included when your customers are making a decision. That is why they may surprise you with some irrational decisions. And by when you thought that, that the sale was lost, or you may lose the sale when you were a 100% sure, you will close it. So people buy mostly with emotion. And then they tried to justify that with the logic because the motion is almost always the logic and they drive buying decision. So remember, if you make it the sale highly emotional, the price won't be as important as fulfilling your customers desires. Luxury industry has 0 tolerance for another thing, mediocrity. 8. Change your Mindset: Before I start selling to your valued customers, you need to prepare yourself properly and the success we follow as a consequence of your excellent work. First thing you need to do is change your mindset. And to start this topic with a true story about the wrong mindset on the wrong blaze. Eugene was a says attendant in a perfume shop on a cruise ship. Because of the circumstance, the team was missing a person. So Eugene was new in cells and completely unprepared to sell high end jewelry, had to cover a colleague for a couple of hours. Usually after the lunchtime shops were dead, but the effeminized lady came by interested just some emeralds. Eugene started to present jewelry the best he could describing how delicate with a piece of interest or even good until the point that she has for the price you Jane took out dependant check the price and guess what? Deep shock. He started to comment on how can a piece of rock costs over $6 thousand, how he could buy a car for that money. How insanely sip the customer was equally shocked by his reaction and looking at him in disbelief. And then she turned around and walk out. She could be a millionaire, but she still wouldn't buy from him because he took out the value from that emerald. So the first and most important thing in luxury retail business is to change your mindset as luxurious as professional, you are the matchmaker between customers and their perfect product, no matter what the t is and how much it costs you. This is your first time selling high-end products. You may be intimidated by their high value. How can we jump some costs, $15 thousand or $50 thousand or even a $150 thousand. Just like a gene, you could buy a car or a house with dead money, right? Well, most of your customers already have that garnered two or more and that house or two or more. And they already went on the trip or two around the world and they still have the money. So it is very important that you reset your mindset and tried to think from a different point of view for them to spend dance or hundreds of thousands of dollars for something they like doesn't mean much. But to achieve this change of mindset and be able to stand high price tax we'd eat. You'll need to go further and learn about the benefits of your product that make the price types so high in the first place. 9. Learn Features and Benefits: Next important thing is to understand why the value of certain product, it's so high. Besides the fact that it's a luxury product, you have to believe in your product and even you would buy it if you could. And for a higher price it necessary ds is how good it is if you don't believe in it because you don't have necessary knowledge, your customer will sense it and you will lose the sale. But if you believe in it, you can convince anyone to buy. If you can afford it, you should have it, use it where it or drive one, no one is going to believe you if you were US products from your competition, we're trying to sell your so someone else. And despite the fact that luxury sold mostly with emotions, you still need to study all the features and benefits of your product and be passionate about it when it comes to yourselves presentation, especially male customers and customers who are analytic and precise like lawyers, doctors and accountants are often interested in details item before they buy and they need a logical reason to justify the amount of spend money, the quality, material, how is it made and other features, and how do they affect the price. That doesn't mean you shouldn't make your self-presentation emotional. He just means that you need to present them also features and then conclude with a benefit these features are bringing to them. So what makes your luxury products so special besides the brand which already speaks for itself and see what their future and benefits steadier customers technical details of the product. Benefits. Explain what's in it. For damped example, this new phase screen, he is made with a special formula that contains an amazing and rare natural substance X, that's a feature. And to make your skin look younger and hydrated for 24 hours, a benefit. But if it's heaven emotional book and that's why they're effective for selling ghetto customers to realize how much they will personally benefit from buying that special green, present your product as something that can boost your customers appearance, happiness, confidence, or popularity. Cellular green as a problem solver. And the red examples can be found in pdf file in resources of this course. There you can find an example of an exclusive Chinese tea with a prize $70 thousand per kilo. You, There is another example of Swiss time piece with the price $319 thousand and a high-end general RNC for $35 thousand. Let's see one more example it together. But now let's see how to present the hand back with the prize $3,400 by including both features and benefits. My suggestion for your future selling presentation is to use mostly benefits of the product unless your customer wants to know more about technical details. And one more thing during the presentation, make sure you have a dialogue with your customer. So lets go. This is a trendsetting ham backed by brand, let's call it brand Kate. It's made out of equilateral and the designer was following the protocols. We'd reduce the environmental impact to protect workers and consumers. It's made with fashionable intra Chaka wave, irregular loop design. And it has the brand's new as iconic triangular backup, not the mentioned that callers that were used for these back our 100% organic and don't harm your health. This shade of blue will become an absolute heat dishonor, according to fashion threads, IQ is brand new on the market, handmade in Italy and a true designer piece in limited edition. The best thing is that your customer can wear it as an everyday burst we developed or has a special occasion envelope kludge by taking the bouton way, costumers, girlfriends could more definitely become envious. So when they see her with these new K brand bag and sees, you can see that your customer eats a trendsetter. So complement this unique back with the matching cat that you just received yesterday as a newly arrival and will make the look of your customer complete. Now think of how else can you increase the perceived value of your product? Research and learn features and benefits? That is the only way to confidently presented them to your customers and make them see the value they are getting. But if you still can't justify the price on the, on the product to yourself to begin with, you are not ready yet to sell luxury product. And it would be better if you start with a low and medium price points until you do understand the value. 10. Customer Service: Now when you know features and benefits of your product or service and you have the right mindset, you can focus on your customer. It is always about the customer besides the quality of the product, the high cost of luxury items raises the bar of expectations in customer service quality, you need to perform more than the standard customer service to satisfy them. In fact, they expect nothing but the best. The preferred treatment for this demographic is putting them in the center of attention and bumper death. To do that, your focus must be on creating exceptional and personalized experiences for each customer and add debt individual moment. Why? Because tastes and needs of your loyal customers can change over time. So you shouldn't make general assumption about what is right for them. When unafraid customer buy something is because he or she values the product more than the price point. Your mission is to personalize and validate their decision by making the cells experienced so perfect that they would do it all over again even better. They would recommend you to their family and friends. Let's see what makes an excellent customer service offer. Personalized experiences, tried to connect with the customer by building the rapper, avoid being too task-focused. Rather get to know the person you are selling to. That is what makes it personalized experience. Customers who purchase the best brands have stronger personalities. They are self-assured and they're just like the most exclusive luxury goods. There are not too alike. So make sure you keep your suggestions are relevant and don't fall in the trap of using the same self-presentation for every customer doesn't work well, believe me, because luxury customers weren't the entire experience, including the product or the service, to be just about them. So unique, special and bespoke. They want to feel special and valued, whether they are shopping for a new house or just the new paint color for the house. So go the extra mile in personalization and create value in their experiences. In the handbook example was skipped to the meet and greet faith. But in the presentation of the back, we used to gather information about our prospect to personalize the pitch. Now we recognize her as a core Nasir who knows about transit, likes to have new designer things before others. And by mentioning the MBO for Griffith, we made it the motion of a. At this point, your customer can already see herself in front of her friends getting complements. So it's very easy to add on a matching hat if it's important to show trusts and professionalism, customers needs to feel where cared for, treated with respect and understood exclusivity, extremely attentive customer service, attention to detail, some personnel styling advice. We're gonna gossip champagne. Once you've connected on a personal level to a customer, you've taken price out of the equation and made a purchase, purely emotional decision, were constantly on your rapport building skill. As long as the trust your customers will give you information you need to make the right suggestion at the right time. A relationship with them will make them feel that they are more than just the transaction. Wouldn't you rather buy from someone you consider a friend and you trust? So a date conversation stays focus on price. It won't be possible to axial or suggest add on sale products or services, as long as the customer is focused on cost, they can't see the value. Luxury shoppers may have more to spend, but that doesn't mean that they're looking to draw away their money. They want to know what they're getting is better than a mass-market product. And why? We'll talk more about that and say later, but it's an important part of a good customer service. So let's mention it briefly. Your job is not done. When you hear your customers say, I'll take it, you need to add on sale, always offered to them something that will complement the primary product. Steer the conversation towards the overall value of the product that he could cost as much as the original item. Adding a hand back to address creates an ensemble and a diamond ring with a laser engraved log message on diamond girdle edge makes it the personalized piece of jewelry. Literal surprised with every purchase, is one of the best things about luxury boutiques. Three, it's such a small gift can work wonders stores, the likability of your brand and store, but how to create a successful sale process and close the sale. Let's see, in the following lesson. 11. The Sales Process: When I started the work in jewelry, would take on a cruise ship. My mentor was the bestseller in the fleet. Imagine there were 18 ships into fleet. He was closing sales so easily, mostly joking with customers, at least it's him sold. Well, my question for him was, which is the magic phrase to close the sale. And surprisingly, he said that it doesn't exist, explaining me that the closing was not the result of some closing sentence, but the consequence of all steps that he did before, losing sales becomes much easier if you do everything exceptionally well. If you're a company and brand and your product enjoy an excellent reputation. If the quality is there, if you treat your customers with excellent customer service and these are ethical and honest in your closing is among the easiest and most pleasant parts of the sale process. So a cell process is simply put, a potential customers journey from realizing they have a need for your product to make an actual purchase. Typically, as a process consists of seven steps, all working together. These steps are approaching and engaging the customer, exchanging information. Bill, desire, handle objections, the clothes, and a follow-up steps from three to six former sales presentations or South Beach. It's up to individuals representative to decide which steps to take and when. You can actually create your own sales activities within these seven steps of process. But what to do when customer comes in the shop and says, I'm just looking. 12. Approach and Engage the Customer: First you greet your customer with a warm smile. And essential thing in cell process is how to open the sale. Because an average customer will say, I'm just looking when you approach. To avoid that, you need to know how to establish a person-to-person relationship without directly asking, can I help you? You can have different approach methods. At the beginning of the interaction. You can give a gift to a potential customer, or you can give them a sample or a free trial to review and evaluate your product or service. Or you can ask the question to get their customer interested. And my favorite one is to make a remark or compliment when they entered the shock, the genuine, regardless of the approach you use. First, we need to break down customer resistance, grading a welcoming environment by giving them a compliment about their jewelry, hair, or dress. And that's colder days going can get to the conversation started and this way make a connection. Now you can ask the customer what brings him or her into the store. But remember, this can only be used once you've established already a relationship. And many times after the initial conversation when you already made him feel comfortable by themselves, if you can help them with this or with that. Now you can start with open-ended questions. And this would be the questions that require more than yes, no, or I'm just looking answer. Now you can discover what they want and why they want it. Instead of jumping straight into showing merchandise that they're listened genuinely and over recommended actions. More they talk more, you will know about them in your chances of closing the sand will increase not odor wishes down to three items which you will choose and show by asking the right questions. Try to match your body language and speech to the individual customer. Evil gossamer moocs and speak slowly. Build Russian, don't talk rapidly. You, someone laughs loudly and jokes, non-response seriously, laugh with them. Make a joke. If a customer doesn't want to chat, then move away would stay visible and available. 13. Exchange of Information: Now you need to figure out the emotional state they are trying to achieve. Meaning. What will the purchase bring to them? A status, recognition, a pleasure, power, individuality, or something else, be an excellent listener. And during this tab you will find out what the customer wants, meaning what they really want, a fantasy, even they are not sure what they want. So try to spend at least 50% of your time and your guests to determine their needs. And at least, and we're sending, finding together a solution as questions that get customers to talk about themselves and listen carefully to the answers so you can quantify them and determined their buying power. Now here comes another crucial think. Be careful not to prejudge, don't reach a genuine by how they're dressed or how they look. Many times the biggest purchases were done by guests in shorts and flip-flops. The following true story is a nice example of a classic mistake of prejudging the customer. And well, I could tell you hundreds of them as it is a mistake that self professionalized, open-ended question that say some beautiful touristic town on the Turkish coast. They have many shopping streets and one of them is full of shops selling glow kinds of carpets. Dennis was boards and the motivated cells attended one of the shops. No one came in for a while. So he felt that the edge of his desperation since he was working on this for commission. Luckily, an hour before closing the shop has simply dressed. Man comes in and starts looking around and decides that he would like to see a beautiful handmade carpet that was hanging under the ceiling. Then he says, prejudging the customer as someone who can't afford to pay almost $50 thousand for the carpet. So he becomes irritated. He doesn't want to make an effort to put the carpet down just for this customer to seed, it will be a hassle to put it back. So he tries to avoid taking the carbon down by telling the price and hopefully customer will back off. But a gentlemanly system touching the carpet for the unwind customer, again, wouldn't you rather see something cheaper instead, legal back and forth like this until the customer gives up and leave the shop. Not much later, the newest started to spread one of the guys on the streets or the carpet for $200 thousand to an American tourist who was apparently no less than CEO of a very famous random genes. The sounds attendant who sold the carpet got a really nice commission. The lesson for our Danny's was yes, do qualify by talking and knowing the guest, which he didn't bother to do, but never prejudge SQL realized later these guests could afford to buy the food shop and not just that one carpet. So ask the questions and listen the answers because customers individual stories can give you clues about their financial situation and their tastes. You can help your customers find a product or provide their service and that reflects their unique personality. Now in pdf file in resources, you have some tips on how to gain your customers trust. Make sure you check it out. So now we have found out what your customer want and you are now ready to propose the solution, but how to make them forget the price tag? Let's see it in the next lesson. 14. Build Value: You gathered enough information and you can now propose yourselves solution to your customer. Select a product that would match costumers wishes. Now you have to make them see the value for the product while building the value of the company or brand. A final purchase depends a lot on the feeling that they are getting a great value for their money. Many customers are willing to spend more than they actually will spend at the end. Remember that, use the answers that you received from them while building on the value of the product benefits, uniqueness, customization, and more. Once again, when the customer sees devalue and broaden, the price becomes less important. Glad, remember people have different views of value. What is important to them? This means the benefits will be different for each customer we prepared to meet any of your customers needs by knowing all the options that are available in your shop. In our bag example, it could be different size, different color or material, a special order, two and so on, so on. Give the customer asks to see a product that is much less expensive than the one you are hoping to sell on or the moment and be enthusiastic when you present it, if you will, you will learn your customers respect and they will keep coming back to you to say more about how to add value to your product or service and how to make it irresistible. Please check a PDF file and resources with the title. What is Value-based selling? 15. Create Desire: We have built up the value. Now let's take a different perspective. If we would give away a 100 perfumes for free, people would come in, take them, right? They would be gone in less than half an hour. It is the same with sales. You're giving away something. The only difference is money. So if money is the only obstacle, you must simply justify the cost of the product to make the sale sounds as well. Your customers already have a desire for your product or service. Otherwise they wouldn't be in your shopping the first place. The customers often make purchases based on one day want. Even if they don't need it, your job is to show them how your product or service matches their unique needs. In general, building a desire is about turning into emotions and inspiring customers to feel a personal connection with a particular item. If they can see themselves, would your product and getting compliments from strangers or loved ones, you'll fulfill their desire and US salad. The customer likes you and your company or brand. You can make a connection and sell because most purchases are made because of how it makes them feel. Once you identify the emotions they are striving for, you can paint them a picture of how they'll feel when they gave it to someone, or when they will wear it, or for this special occasion, or when they will show it to the others, whatever is the most important to them and a good way to help them create the desire is to RI, on, give it to them to try to touch, to drive where to feel and make a ceremony. I'll do it. If they're interested in the products, they start to create ownership. And when they tried or the tested, when they tried, they wanted more. When, when it was in the display. If a customer is buying a gift, you can still use the idea of try-on by asking them to visualize the reaction of the receiver. You can ask, can you imagine the expression on her face when you give her this precious necklace? In general, building desire is about inspiring the customer to feel a personal connection with a particular item. The same kind of lie for selling cars, apparel, real estate, spot treatments or else he began to see themselves in that house, car dress or spar looking good or better, cooler, cooler, glimmer, slimmer, or reach or richer, you fulfill their desire and you will sell your product or service. 16. Handle Objections: Part of almost every cell presentation, our customers objections and there are positive. Why? Because they are an opportunity for you to further refine your self presentation. A customer might have an objection at any point during the presentation. This is their way of asking for reassurance or for more information before making a purchase. After all, they will spend a fair amount of money, would you? They want to be reassured that it was worth? The basic objections are common, expected, and easy to handle, but the customer represent an objection in numerous ways. If you are new to selling your product or you've changed the company or brand recently, Tesco colleagues about it, rarely there will be a new objection. And we time when you master the common one, it will be actually a welcome challenge. You are a personal provider of solutions to problems. Some problems are not that evident and is it just bought? But the luxury says professional must be able to solve to obvious problems, did not so obvious programs and fixing problems as well. Those are the problems that you create when you discovered an unsatisfied desire well through of customers, each problem has a hidden opportunity in it, and you just need to recognize it and turn it into opportunity. And each objection is just the customer telling you the best way to close them when you determine the real reason why they might not be ready to make the purchase. Explained clearly all the benefits of your product and not the features. And another important thing, be sure you have properly build the Robert and gain trust. And before the objections begin, that we as humans share some common tips when it comes to values, desires, and concern. However, the luxury sets attended must be able to assess which things are most important to each individual customer. Play on those sensibility. If you have traveled with me to slow down the sale process and spend more time listening to your customers. The idea is to understand conceptually what your customer needs to hear in response. This way, you can adapt it to your product, your style, to the situation, and to all the things that you have learned about the costumer from your robert building, family interests, profession, self-perception and other things. In luxury retail business, Bryce shouldn't be an issue, but never fall into the trap of selling price alone. Remember that price and value are two entirely different things. If price was the deciding factor we wouldn't need. So September, since customers can read prices, why didn't he does is to extreme values and adding motion. Especially in a luxury retail where you sell high-end items that people don't really need, your price is too high. Objection. Means that you have not yet raised the value of your product to the point when it exceeds the price that you are requesting an exchange, when the value of your product meets or exceeds the price you're asking the qualified customer week take it unless they don't have the money in that particular moment. In that case, it's not an objection, but the financial condition unique to them. Answer number one, when you have a piece of jewelry like this, you will actively seek occasions to wear it. I can promise you that you can save your customer, your SON spreading your retirement party night out at a new restaurant you've been wanting to try? There will always be occasions. Answer number two, you don't have to wait for special occasions to where these gorgeous Lego, you can wear a pair of jeans, white shirt, and the stylus jacket that you are wearing right now that I love a nice pair of steel lattice and put this stunning pendant on just to get a coffee with your girlfriends and catch all the attention and complements. You forgot her likes something but he has this trust pool. Your explanation could be following. If Mr. belt on one purchase, these tailor-made suit, he was looking at your accompany one going bankruptcy, right. But in case if he would buy the suit and then notice that it was not made properly or it is lower quality than your short to him, Well, that would be a huge damage for your company. Your customer will tell this to all his friends and family and probably posted on social media and hardware, business and reputation. Ask your guests. Thus it makes sense for that to happen. Or the to and your company, which were these valid casts, is to be more than satisfied to keep coming back again and recommend you to his friends and family. And to make sure that he's really satisfied, you would like to personally follow up if he would be so kind to give you the contact number. If a customer usually buys a competitor's brand, you should know the competition, strengths and weaknesses, but careful never thought bet about competition. Rather formed answering the way that points out your rents advantages without having to openly criticize competition in one word, do it with style. Like absolutely Brent, XY, it's an excellent shew bread with a great offer, but they're custom-made pair of shoes made according to your needs and tastes. What we're offering to our valued customers is quality, exclusivity and a 100% personalized pair of shoes that will match your character and support your health and your lifestyle. So this objection, examples, we left out the final closing sentence on purpose because it's sensitive, you should not push your customer to make a decision. The right timing is on you to decide. But remember that your customers have to feel confidential and comfortable with you, which means your relationship with them has to be already built. In some cases, humor is welcome to make them feel relaxed and some answers won't sound rude only if they're set with Michelle Obama's attitude. 17. Unusual Objections: If it happens that you get the new objection that you've never heard before and you don't know what to say. Don't get into panic. Concentrate to look thoughtful, not stamp. Your customer would rather have a correct answer in 30 seconds, then a nice incorrect answer. You can do the following. Safe. That is a really good question. I thought in, I've been ever asked this before. Gossamer, wifi important, intelligent and in-depth to you. It sets him up to receive your answer in a positive light. His question was so good, you couldn't be expected to have an instant solution. And you care enough about your customer to not make something up. So he's brilliant and you're honest and conserved. Then make sure you really understand what customer concerned these start by repeating the objection back as a question. For example, he seated too fluffy. So he or she would probably say, yes, it's not easy because of this and that. And now you know more about the problem you must solve. If you still don't know the answer to go No. But you have experts who know and you'll talk to them and deliver the answer to the costumer, said The time and be there or make a core ONE time, regardless what the answer is, you can find more details in the PDF file with the title, How to get a yes in resources of this course. 18. The Close: Selling is useless if you can't close the sale because the money is not made in the cell, but in the close. After you overcome all objections, you can ask for the sale. And this is the hardest for most professional. Now, if you see the buying signals, just asked if he is the one we are going with, congratulate the customer on their purchase tenfold firm, that it is the perfect choice. If you're not completely sure if it is the time to close the sale, don't push for it. Instead, make them feel comfortable before making a decision. You can try, for example, a trial close to outflow is means to ask a question that does not require the commitment to buy, but instead requests the customer's opinion. The trial close after you've narrowed the selection to a single special item, build up its value, and created a desire. Example. How do you like the texture of this amazing cream? Or what do think of Ruby's vibrant red color? Or I think she really loved this exquisite calmodulin, don't you? If the customer response positively, then glow is the same. Of course, closing isn't always easy, especially when customers are buying products that will last a lifetime and that are high in Bryce, don't interpret they. Hesitation or objection is rejection as we discussed before, an objection can be an opportunity for you to respond in the right way. Often the customer just wants reassurance that his or her selection is a good one. A man admits that he's worried about choosing the wrong gift for his wife or his girlfriend offered arrange an appointment for her to join him into a shop and pick our favorite among his selection or offer him the opportunity to exchange the gift if your shop policy allows it. Also written guarantees if possible, for lifetime, will reassure customers who are worried about getting their money's worth. The globe should always be sensitive, respectful, and ethical. And as always, you should choose the clothes that works best for you and your customers. Asking how a customer will pay for an item is a simple and effective closing technique. If a customer is buying coal gives a good way to close the sale might be, we have a beautiful presentation box to put this in. This can also have a non-verbal codes. Often they will smile at each other or show other signs of infection. If you notice this type of body language gets ready to close the sale, you may try one of these three closing strategy. Assume the sale and offered the customer a choice where all options to close the sale. Would this be a casual cart or would you like me to wrap this for you? Another option is offer something extra like a discount or a gift. If you're offering a discount, make them feel special. Usually you don't give a discount, but you can make an exception for name. And the last option is to create urgency. This is the only item will have or it's a limit and the time offer, it's today only or only until Friday. So no matter how we decide to close your sale, think about adding the word congratulations, accompanied by a warm smile. The best feeling in this business is that sugar that you get when you're closing a big stamp and getting a big fat commission, but being assessed professionally Swamp Thing and being a closer it's another. So what does it take to become a master closer? First, you need to be fearless off rejection says that they're not easy, require extra effort and persistence. When the objection start to rise, goes or staying the same and deletes closed. If you want to be a closer, you shouldn't be afraid to hear the weren't known. If you only have three or four strategies for closing the resistant customer and not stay in the negotiation. Luck enough to close, a great closer, we'll have Margo's and strategies. Then a customer has objections were reasons for not buying. Too much pressure is wrong route and unprofessional. But the right amount of pressure data in the way that he doesn't feel like pressure is necessary to get those extra sales closed. Note a difference between being pushy and being persistent. Some clients just need that extra little bush while the others you need to be a little bit more persistent. And because you know that what you're selling is in the best interests of your customer. You won't easily stock to convince your customers to make a decision for their own good customers. We actually admire you for it. Remember people like and follow strong people. So in seafood feeling and great arguments and get the say closed, humor can help a lot in situations like these. It makes them more relaxed, for example. And on top of this amazing taste the wine has eaten also remind you of me with every CPU will take even that nice, that you'll make them laugh a bit since they probably want to get away from you and your persistency. If you're not sure how to close yet, you weren't one of your colleagues, the one that is good in closing and bond with customers, get to know their wishes and then import the closer and observe how he or she closes the sale. Learn, observe taking mental notes from your and other people's sales and lost sales. Be persistent and be patient. Remember also that all closers started out, assessed before and work their way into becoming says machines and learning a lot of money. But that was a consequence of an excellent work and an advice. You won't be successful if you do it only because of money. Money should be the consequence of an excellent job. You need to be genuine and believe in your product and service and your company. Remember, even you would buy it. Then you need to do everything to close your customer precisely because you believe in all listed, every top seller took time to consume information to make them better. Whether that information came from books, mentors, or sales managers, they had help on your way to learn and improve. You will also need help and experience. So don't hesitate to ask for it. And for the end of this lesson, it is impossible to close every cell you attempt, but you can learn from your mistakes and those at the others make, and you can analyze why you couldn't close the sale. 19. Add On Sale: You close the sale now don't be afraid to ask had on sale. These will ensure complete customer satisfaction. Are you selling spot treatments as an adopter consultation with personalized diets are to selling cars and then a premier sound system. How loud a face cream would they like to add the body cream from the same live or ask for to say by offering a pair or per larynx matching this tran, they are looking at. The worst that can happen is a node tanks for an answer. But even if you think that you had to work really hard to sell, the first item, D may surprise you and go straight for the second matching item, or the husband may come later loan and by the second item to surprise his wife, don't say law also allows you to confirm the sale on the primary item, the customer, we either be interested or affirm that they would like to go only with the first item today. Don't push add-ons. If customers aren't ready, a desire to increase the sales might tempt you to pressure your customer, but to eat cannot find customers who have just begun to think of you as a trusted adviser after the sale, stay close to your customers that will show them that you didn't care just about their wallet. There are words that can sell like scars, unique, limited, free, yours and guaranteed. To find out more. Please check a PDF file and resources with the title words that cell. 20. Follow Up: Boil up always. It's an important part of assuring customer satisfaction and retaining customers. And it also shows to your customer does to care. You can send a thank you note or called the customer to make sure the product or service has mattered expectations. Or take a step further. If you want to have a long-term as successful relationships with your customers, stay in touch with them, keep sending them reminders about new collections, new promotions, holiday greetings and birthday cards. If you came to this point of trust, this will keep reminding them of the amazing shopping experience you gave them and bring them back to the store. The key to Earth, SAS, is to gain loyalty for a long-term relationship. But what their expectations were not met. And they complain how to handle it without losing the customer. Can all their family and friends. 21. How to Handle a Complaint: Customers complain because their expectations were not met. It can happen. It may be just a benevolent comment from a friendly customer or a strong negative critic from an upset, a difficult customer ready to erupt and make threats. There are full parks to Hadley complaints, emotional, impractical. How we react to complain will drive the customers reaction. And often mistake is to deal with one or the other, but not with both. You must first handle the emotional part of the complaint before you deal with the practical part, remember that most customers never say anything. They just go away. They came back to the store or they call to complain, you haven't loved them yet. Since luxury to zero-tolerance domain, the important thing is to stay calm and polite and kill them with kindness. The best is to work towards a win-win solution which will strengthen the relationship with your customers. Now, here are some important suggestions to follow. If you are not committed to fully take responsibility, your client will know it and please avoid citing guidelines and policies. No-one wants to hear what the policy manual says. Listen what they are saying and respect your customer's point of view. You might want to say you are wrong, but it won't get you far. He's dead. Asked more questions, even the ones that you already know the answers to. More customers talk more, they're getting it out of their chest and more they share. Decides you cannot close the listen if you are talking right? Try your best to really hear what they're saying. Are they upset because something took too long or possibly a product they purchased or service isn't what they had in mind. Maybe they're upset about a specific set of professional they encountered while buying or receiving services, whatever the reason is, acknowledge it and ensure you heard what they say. It's human to react instead of responding with when you respond, you are proactive. One, when you react to emotional and discussed this is not in a good way. If you were to reason, hopefully not the quick and firm to admit the fought the easiest ways to blame someone else. But to say sorry and take full responsibility. Your customer will appreciate you since last and people are probably blame somebody else. They the action quickly and WWR enthusiasm. Don't forget about your charm and professionalism. Make sure your customer knows you are hurting as much as they are. Show your empathy and your embarrassment and use your customer's name, but do not overuse it. Try to see things from the other person's point of view, sympathize with their ideas and desires. If I had the same circumstance, I would feel the same way is how you should tell them. These were reassured them that you are in this together and you will get out of this together. You got their back. Saying kill them with kindness couldn't be more true in this kind of situation. Genuinely let them know that you are tenfold. They are taking the time to share with you their complain that I'm also that you want to make sure you understand exactly what they are saying. Create an opportunity to be a hero. You are going to fix the problem because you have the ability ask, how can we make this right? Either responses reasonable, didn't do it, sometimes support the Sydney listening to them more. Other times it means exchanging an item. If you really listen to what they had to say, you should be able to suggest an idea, a way to support them. If you don't have an answer to the problem, give them a reasonable timetable. For example, I will call it tomorrow at 11 and lets you know that answer. The key is to make that call tomorrow at 11. Consider how else can you support customers who complete? One way to do this is to have upper management follow-up customers 24 to 48 hours after they have expressed near complained the shoulder that you still have their concerns off top of your mind and don't forget the followed up this time. This time the gas must be satisfied. Otherwise you lost them forever and probably all their family and friends to remember her for more than it is expected from you. It's going to take time to rebuild Robert, when it has been lost. Focus on how to repair the broken trust with an extra work if you need to and keep your word because showing genuine concern for your customers needs will help you rebuild, trust, and re-establish the Rappaport. 22. Becoming a Selling Machine: If you want to become the best version of yourself, you need to be prepared by observing others, reading, checking tutorials, so learning role playing and practicing. What do you say when these big sale situation comes your way, you ready to take full advantage of it, put some effort and paid the price just like your customers do. Here are some jewels to help you become the best version of yourself. Competition is a natural thing, but compete first with yourself if you have feelings of envy arising when your colleagues are selling, which is perfectly normal by the way, take time to look at the situation with a clear mind. What the asset. Once you know the answer, you can focus on the process and become better each time to achieve your goal, there will be always closers, better the new, and you need to accept that only then you can celebrate other successful sales and use them as inspiration for pursuing your own success. Confidence doesn't mean Aragon, customers want strong leaders to sell to them. We'd fashion and product knowledge. You can sell it to anybody. At top closer has self-respect, self-control, and self confident. Every customer wants to do business with professionals and not simply professionals. Just imagine the doctors or pilots with B7 professionals. Listen more than you talk and the genuine interest in people. Many things that you will hear during getting to know your customers are unimportant and maybe you already know them, but listen long enough and you will hear something really important that you can use and it can help you successfully close the sale. Unfortunately, mistakes are inevitable. What matters is how you react to them. If you ignore them, you may repeat them by not taking the responsibility or blaming someone else. You want to learn from them. If you want to learn from it, you need to accept an ODM stake. These will also give you integrity because it shows to others that you are someone who is not afraid of being accountable for your actions. Nails, don't think of yourself as someone on capable because of the mistake that happened in the first place. Unless you are repeating it over and over again. If you pretend to be more successful than you really are, you won't grow. Take it as a lesson of what works and what doesn't analyze why it happened and learn and grow from it. Also, being successful in selling. It isn't so much about having one big idea. It's about taking tiny steps forward continuously. So when you write, you get moving and when you're wrong, you change course and keep moving. Mistakes will actually lead you towards your success. We already mentioned that you should look like million dollars. People will judge you from what you where, even if you don't care whether you are judged or not, you may not get enough self if you don't pay attention to how you dress and how you look, the guideline is simple. If you want to appeal to business people, dress in a businesslike way. If you want to appeal to well-off people, buy designer clothes, it's better to save up and buy quite a good close and have fewer than to spend your money on plenty of cheap clothes. I have a positive facial expression. Looking passive board or upset will make people feel uncomfortable. Going cross arms or make any other gestures that suggests during Security. Try to mirror the other person. If you are pulling out of the wrapper to the pure customer, but not in a too obvious manner. Fe, up tall and street. Good posture means easier reading, which means you also sound better. People are attracted and influenced by those whose energies high, energetic people to also take initiative, if you would like to know which behaviors may hold you back, please check a PDF file in resources with the title, behaviors that are holding you back. 23. How to Set Your Goals: To become successful, you need a proper plan. Goal-setting is used by successful people in all fields because it gives a vision and a motivation, goals setting. We help you organize your time and your resources so that you can make the very most out of your time. If you set clearly defined goals, you will be able to measure the achievement of those goals, see the progress and as a consequence, to raise your self-confidence. Start with the big goal that inspires you and work your way down. For example, I want to make a $100 thousand this year. Said the big goal in the way it is meaningful, trackable in also rewarding, setting a series of smaller goals, exactly how much you would have to sell per week or per month in order to reach those $100 thousand. But be honest, if it's not reasonable, step back and blend realistically, break it down to a one month plan, one week plan, and a daily task list, your daily to-do list, maybe to read an article online or gather more information about your product, or maybe your competition analysis. And lastly, periodically review your large or small goals, check if they are achievable and edit them. If they are not poor, if you're situation changed. 24. Conclusion: Dear students, thank you for watching this course. In resources of this course, you will find many useful examples of different self-presentation in a PDF file. Make sure you check them as they can give you great ideas on how to approach different type of customers for the project of this course, check them out and make your own presentation. You have two options. You can make it as a video posted in YouTube and put the link in the project section. The second option is to write it down, make it as a PDF file and upload it into projects section. I'm looking forward to see your projects and give you a feedback. Well now you are ready to go on the shop floor and work your way towards the success. Remember it is important what you know, how you look and how you act. Do writings, do them the right way and become a great seller and a great person and great results will follow. If you like this course, please give us a good rate and help our community to grow. If you want to be notified about my new courses, follow me. So you'll get notifications or in your email, if you would like to know more about how to sell diamonds, there is a new course hosted with the name selling diamonds become brilliant. Good luck.