How To Self-Publish A Low Or No Content Book On Amazon KDP For Beginners | Katia Galante | Skillshare

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How To Self-Publish A Low Or No Content Book On Amazon KDP For Beginners

teacher avatar Katia Galante, Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Class introduction

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. What are low or no content books

    • 4. Let's do some planning!

    • 5. Plan the interior and the cover

    • 6. Image Tracing the Motifs

    • 7. Coloring the Motifs

    • 8. Let's Download the Cover Template

    • 9. Let's Make The Cover Part 1

    • 10. Let's Make The Cover Part 2

    • 11. Let's Make The Cover Part 3

    • 12. Let's Make The Cover Part 4

    • 13. Download the manuscript

    • 14. Let's make the Manuscript with Microsoft Word

    • 15. Let's make the Manuscript with InDesign Part 1

    • 16. Let's make the Manuscript with InDesign Part 2

    • 17. Let's Upload the Book Part 1

    • 18. Let's Upload the Book Part 2

    • 19. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to create your very own notebooks, sketchbooks or even planners? Maybe you have an idea for a book aimed to a specific audience you'd like to publish? In this class I will show you how to publish your first low or no content book! 

During the lessons we will create a lined/dotted journal or notebook; I will take you through the process of deciding what type of book you would like to publish, how to plan and create the interior of the book and the cover design, and how to publish it on Amazon.

I will try to keep it simple so even if you are a beginner you will be able to follow the process and have your very own low/no content book published!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to plan your low or no content book
  • How to create the content of the book with Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign
  • How to create the cover of your book with Adobe Illustrator
  • How to fill in all the information necessary on the KDP website
  • How to publish your book

These skills can then be applied to create more complex books when you are ready to step it up!

I have also included two Adobe Illustrator documents and one .jpg file you can download and use if you are stuck with finding motifs for your cover or if you would like to use one of the labels for the book title. 

I will not use a pattern here to create the cover of the book, but if you'd like to create a pattern with texture to use for your book cover, make sure to check out my latest class: How To Create a Half-Drop Repeat Pattern With Texture The Easy Way

Are you ready to create your book? Then let's get started! 

PS If you would like more information on how to research and choose the best keywords for your book have a look at my other class "Low Content Book Series: Idea Generation and Keyword Strategy"

Please NOTE: I have created a page where you can download all the files I mention in the lessons and more!I have added some low content book interiors for you to download and I have added new labels for you to use. I will upload more interiors in the future so keep an eye on the page :-)

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katia Galante

Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Katia, an artist, Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer and a free spirit! 

I was born in sunny Sicily and I grew up in my grandfather’s farm, surrounded by all sorts of animals and with a vast expanse of luscious fields as my playground. No wonder I love nature and all it’s creatures!

This love is reflected in my designs which often display floral themes, animals, and insects.

If you'd like to learn more about me or see more of my work or just would like to say hi the best place to find me is on my Facebook page or on Instagram or you can visit my website if you really want to know more about me :-)

I graduated in 2008 in Microbiology but my real passion, painting and being creative, kept coming back in waves until  I di... See full profile

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1. Class introduction: Hi there. I wanted to publish your very old low or no content book, such as a notebook or journal. Well, then you are in the right place. Hi, I'm Kaja. I'm an artist illustrator in surface pattern designer, And I'm based in the UK, this class in ST to anyone with a beginner in the field of self publishing. It would like to learn how to publish books such as this once on this one, so no previous experience is necessary in self publishing. However, it would be good to have a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator because that's the problem program we're going to use to make the cover of the book and also in the side. If you want to use the program for the interior of the book on, of course, you can use Microsoft Word if you prefer to use that. But don't worry if you don't have experience with Adobe Illustrator, for example, because I was working through the process step by step. So after exploring what are low or no content books and why it's a good idea to publish them, we're going to create the cover and the inside of the book and then we're gonna show you out of upload everything on the KDP website. So by the end of this class, you love a knowledge of bodies alone or contact book. And when should publish one, you will have learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to make the cover of the book and in design or word to make the inside of the book. So you will know all the steps necessary from coming up with your idea, planning it on, then creating the book and then pricing it and uploading it on the KDP website. So you will have skills that you can actually apply to future project as well. Not just this one. You will see you will be ready to create your book in no time at all. So are you ready to start? Let's get started. 2. Class project: hi and welcome back. So your class project, of course, will be to create an upload, your very own low or no content book on Amazon. Make sure you share pictures of your book even if you're working Progress if you like, and the screenshots of your KDP bookshelf when you book in it. And, of course, of your Amazon auto page once the book is published. Also, you can share a link to the Amazon auto page. You can put everything in the class project, so I just got wait to see what you create. 3. What are low or no content books: hello and welcome back in this. Listen, Alice playing what are low or no content books and why it's a good idea to publish one law or no content. Books are books with minimal or no text inside. This could be, for example, a general or notebook, a sketchbook, a planner or a coloring book. The simplest want to produce is aligned or go to notebook or journal and the recommend, starting with this one. If this is your first book, so you can concentrate on learning the skills necessary to create in publish your book, and then you can make a more complicated book like this one, for example. So why should I publish a loader content book? I hear you ask. Although people nowadays seem to be using or really turning devices, many people still love to take notes and sketch with pen and paper. A lo 00 No content book could be a great additional lighting to sail on a craft fair, for example, to branch out on your stream of income. Or you might know a teacher or be attention yourself the needs of specific workbook for a class they're teaching. You might have an idea for something that is not out there yet like my botanical visual diary. Or you can use your artwork for some paranoid painting as the cover of your notebook. So if people can spend too much on a painting taken by your notebook, and they could still go home with your beautiful artwork and last but knows not list, it's fun to do a little tip. Once you've done the interior of your notebook or junior, you can use it with different covers so that it will appear to different people. This way. Once the first book is created, it will take you very little or no time to do the others and now on to lesson to. 4. Let's do some planning!: hello and welcome back in this lesson. We're going to do some planning before starting. It's important to do so. Plan some planning, for example, why you want to your book to look like it's purpose? Is it a journal? A notebook? A sketchbook? How is the insight? Is it Dotted? Is aligned. There's a little tip for you. Don't leave any blank pages because the software will know. Recognize it and it would ignore it. And you're gonna end up with a very is more book. So make an outline. Implant the content. If it's a simple book like the notebook we will do during this lessons, then you might not need to plan too much. But if it's a little bit more complicated or advanced, I strongly recommend to plan it carefully and maybe have some explanatory text on how to use the book like I did here, for example, for my botanical visual diary, I advise you to have the text already written when you start to put together your book so you can just add it where it's needed. For example, you need a description of your book for the Amazon page. It doesn't have to be a long description, but it's good to have one. If you want to add a short bio or a dedication that also should be ready, you will also need to decide on the sides and page number off the book because this will affect the cover. The sign the spine thickness, for example, is affected by the number of pages. There's another tip for you. Once you've done the first couple of pages of the interior of the book printed, Elsa pdf at the actual sides, and this would give an idea of what the page looks like. The thickness of the lines are big, the dots are spacing, and this was save you a lot of time in the future because you can sport one needs to be changed before you complete and publish your book. And then, of course, you need to open an account with Amazon if you don't have one already. But that's, ah, simple and quick to do any three. Okay, we're ready to move on to the next lesson. 5. Plan the interior and the cover: hello and welcome back in the previous. Listen, we planned the book in general, but in this lesson, we're going to talk about planning the interior and the cover. The cover template provided by Amazon can be opened for the show Portobello Stater, and it shows you where everything needs to be for simple, the spine, thickness, the margins, anyone. The barcode, of course, in the sign would give you more flexibility when designing a more complicated book. But for now, award this fine if you don't have in design, and I show you out to use both programs. There are two types of templates available with bleed when they designed runs to the end of the page and without played where there is a wide space around imagines we don't need bleed for our notebook, and it might make things a bit more complicated, so we're not going to use it. For now, the final document must be a high quality Pdf Any fighting decorative, the science to your pages, like I did here, make sure the back lines are very solid. Unless, of course, you're going for a particular look as the way these books are printed. It's almost like they're making a copy. So the Lions needs to be nice and strong. And now let's start with the fun part. Let's go make the book. 6. Image Tracing the Motifs: 10 guys were Come back. Finally, we're getting started with the fun part making the cover. Hey, To make take over, you will need some during some motives that you can use for your design. If you know to do a repeat pattern, then you can use that. If you like to use a bit pattern for your cover, I won't hold it against you For the purpose of this class, I'm not going into outer make a repeat pattern as this would take an entire class myself. So for this lesson, you will need so motives that you have either drone and then inked. And scant at least the 300 c p I Oh, that you have drawn with the iPad, like after for a simple and then send to yourself as a J pick em saved on your computer. And you can use whatever you like you to use butterflies, flowers, beds, everyday objects like these ones for somebody that I turned to do my notes and sketch a book. If you want to use the same motives that I'm using during this lessons, you can download a copy of this J pic file. You should find a copy or new resources Stop. Just make sure you're watching this from Broza and not from the up. Because you might not be able to see the downloads if you use in the up. So if you don't have anything ready Any drawings, but you still like toe, go along with the lessons and then go back into your own during Zo. Or if you want to use some of these during Czar, all of them. I just feel free to download this J pick and just follow along. And now let's open illustrator ASU in a moment. Okay, so here we are. We've opened Adobe Illustrator and we need to create a new document. So if we go to create new, you will see all of these different sizes I have been working with instead of for a while now. So I have my different cast of size is made. If you have a news, they're very much Then you want no Havel deceptions. But basically, if you want custom sides, you just go here on the right inside and just type what side you want. So 1000 by 1000 it's fine for now. It really doesn't matter because the beauty of illustrator is the ones you have. Victor, as an image, you can just resize it to your heart's content. Really? So it doesn't matter the moment. What sides? This is, uh, just going to create. And here we have. So there's the art board, this one here. Lose square, and we need to bring in our joints so we can go to file and please. Well, we could use this shortcut Shift control P or shift Command P. If you are in the back on, you have the picture here. You just go into the folder where you saved it. You can just double click. You see, there's a little picture attached to your mouse now. So what I normally do Just go in the corner there and drag, click and drag the mouse all the sides off my passport. This fits perfectly because it was a square picture. If you have a rectangular picture, it won't be like this one fit perfectly. But that really doesn't matter. So now what we need to do so if you press the space bar, you can have your little mouse becoming like a little hand and you can just move your board around the screen. We're going to need image trace. So this one here, it's it might not be this window on the side. I have seen you single status, so I have all the little windows they're like using most frequently here. It is not their normally, the windows are under window, and then you can just choose, uh, whatever you need here for, um image Trace. You have to go to object on Ben. Image trace on in might actually know open like this. It might be like this. So if you have this little tiny window, just click on the arrow there, the white arrow, and he would open it completely. So what we need to do is click on radio and starting really doing something. We go to black and white logo because we only have black and white image eso We don't need any of the fancy colors high fidelity for do anything that up. Just click, um, back in white logo on. Then we also need to ignore white because this wouldn't know the white a sort of piece of paper. Let's say that is underneath our during so As you can see, somebody's are already quite dark and find that can be traced. But here, in the butterflied and dinner, I'm not sure this leaf is pretty bad and we have little openings here on the That's to zoom in. I usually press the old way. Oh, I believe it's option key on a Mac and just call with the mouse. You can just go in and out. So you don't want this open lines if we want to recall your motives because illustrated will think Oh, this is this lightness open. If I put colony in, we float the entire document, so I'm not gonna do that, so I will let you call it. But if we make this DACA to have this lines closed in Dhaka, then everything else will become doctor. So I can show you to make this lines that kind more visible. You have to play with the threshold. So if you make it Dr Higher Now we have this lines which are visible, the hearts of closed. But this has become really dark. This has become quite dark. Dahlia. Um, So what we can do in this case is going to put this back to 100 A to give us seven. It's fine, and I'm going to make a copy of this so you can either place the picture again like I did just now. Or you can click and drag. And while you drag in the image, you click on the old key and you see your mouse becomes a double arrow and then release the mouse. And they released the old key and you have a copy. And once you have and Victor rised your your image, your motives, you can use this technique with all day motives just to duplicate them. So what I'm going to do now is concentrate on just one you can see which were selected because he's got the blue lines across. So this one, we can just use the US cities, and then we will know the leaf in the arts. So we have inner white. I'm just going to put like a local. If this is the first time that if this is the first time you using name of trace, it might give you every time you try to trace an image might give you a little window. Say something like this image tracing might take a while. No, I actually checked. Do not show this again because it gets a bit annoying when when you do this quite often. And so that's why you're not seeing showing. Here. You have that message. You can just click. Don't show this again. It's fine. Okay, so let's put this to one side. And I would trace this image, and we make it DACA. Maybe that's to back it so we can see our lift there. Andi hurts are closed, and we get We have the containers here, so really, we want the butterfly, the leaf and these hearts from this, um he went to you. Now what we need to do these are traced, but we need to expand them. And once you expand a picture, you commit to the picture. You can change it unless you start again. Basically. So click on this and expand and click on this and expand. It's get rid of it up. All right, so there expanded, but they are still grouped. So what we need to do now is to right click and on group. Okay, So now there, all by themselves. One more thing that we need to do is basically to check this each motive and see if each motive is actually grouped. So if we if I click here and drag you see, this was no grouped with the rest of their lives to undo something controls that command said if I click here, you see you leave everything behind. So we need to do is to select it and group it. Be careful, because if you see here, this little heart has been selected as well. So it's a good idea when you do your during not to put too many things too close to each other in this case is quite simple. Toe give. It'll dis you just press shift and click on this Will de selected And now we press control G and we have grouped this leave, uh, the butterfly not defined, needs to be grouped as well. So affected control cheap and the little hearts fine. So this could be selected. Bring out of the way. And no, we come delete everything else that with Nick here we need to group them as well. So right. Click in and broke and we can delete this leaf and butterfly and their hearts that I'm not those shapes. Okay, so now we have everything in which chased Onda. We are ready to color them. 7. Coloring the Motifs: All right. So what we need to do now is to Color Day Mateas. And to do that, you can go here in the swatches panel and you can see this two squares here. One is for the field. One is for the stroke. So this truck is just the outline Andi feel, of course, is inside. And I have a few colors here. But what you can do, you can go. This little icon here we're say's his Which library menu? If you click there, you have different options for different colors. So for somebody who's going to art history choose Impressionism, for example, gives you options off different colors. Old you can choose any other these and just play around, see which one you like. This nature flowers gives you this type of colors here, so I'm just gonna use thes ones. So if I click on this leaf, for example, and have my field selected, then I can just click on one of the colors and the left would become great. Um, this one should work. A swell becomes green. The little heart if you click case a solid color. So we become just a directly a solid color. If you want to feel the shape with color, you can select it. But if you just press one of these, it won't feel the inside of the petals. So to feel the inside, so, like this would just colored a outline to feel the inside, you would need something called the pain back in two. On this, you can find it here on this tools panel. Uh, sometimes you see, there is Alito like, triangular shape here. In this case, it means that older set of tools hiding in the meat. So if you click impressive, keep it clicked, this little fly out, many will show, and you can see there are different things underneath There. There's a ship building to, so it will show you the last thing you have used, basically on top. Also, you can get the shape bidder to by pressing K on your keyboard. Andi, it will become your mouse would become this little back it, and on top of it, if you can see their three squares, the center, the center square square, is the one showing the calendar selected at the moment, So if you want to use a lighter color for the petals. You choose a lot of color. You gonna make it because you can see you go in the Peto. A new click inside the Peter on you would be able to color it that way. Okay. And then you can press on your keyboard or go back to your black hair over here on the left . You can see here the these have become different. Now there, this little squares with crosses. While if you press on another object, he's got the white squares and smaller. This means that you've used it being back in two here. So you need to expand, dude, the object. So you go to object. Expand. Just say yes. Here and now they're squares a gun battle. So you can do these four of your motives, and then we would be ready to create the cover. 8. Let's Download the Cover Template: Hey, guys, Welcome back, right? So we have Joan de Motives. We have image. Trace them. We have covered them, so everything is ready to go. We just need to download the template on D D. Link to this page is in your resources, so just click on there and this page should open. So here we need to select an option for the sights off recover. And we're going to create a six by nine inches book. So we need this one here. Don't get this 6.14 because this is doing with the blade with UNITA is six by nine and then page count. We're going to do Ah, 100 pages. Book paper. You could live white and let's download the cover, just click, OK? And then you can save these somewhere safe where you can easily find it. Okay, so when you open it, you will have to files. One is a PNG when it's a pdf on. I will explain later which one to use, right? So let's head to Adobe Illustrator 9. Let's Make The Cover Part 1: Hey, guy and see, we are in Adobe Illustrator to make the cover. So in order to make the cover, we need toe open the template. So we go to open Andi, there are two options you have. I think it's a PNG file and the pdf file I will be using the pdf because in the past I tried the PNG with Adobe Illustrator and it doesn't seem to be working quite right when you go into the reviewer in the KDP website and you will see what I mean when we get there, there is a way toe See a preview how your book will look like once you uploaded and the cover made with a double a state of and the PNG template didn't quite work. So I've been using the pdf one double click on Death Seal Cape, and I ask you, if you want to open it with seeing McQuay seem like a whole G b on, you need to choose C m y que because for printing is much better, this mode RGB is good if you want toe show pictures on line on the website and actually it makes a difference with certain colors, they seem like a and in fact, I can show you visually the difference for something with a blue color. And to do that, I need to go over to for the shop for a moment. So here we are in for the shop and this is just the shape filled with blue color just to show you usually what happens s so this is the RGB mode where you're seeing at the moment. But once you print, it is it will be looking like this with a seeing my cabled. So you don't want to have something like a brilliant sky on a picture look like the English sky on a winter day, for example. So be mindful of this on choose they seem I came out when you want toe prints, something. All right, so here we are back in Illustrator on here is our template. So this template will show you where everything goes Make sure you don't put anything important in this sort of orangey area around the border of the book and the spine here because this will be Shane was likely so the outside will will be chopped off and the inside this just some space to give it some sort of shifting moving space. So don't put anything important in this area and also don't put anything important with the back ODIs because when they print the cover, they will stand the backwards there. And if you have put your logo, for example, there, well, it will be bye bye logo, because it will be buried underneath the barcode. So put your logo if you want to use one somewhere else in the book, don't put anything important in this area, right? So what we want to do now is to create a new layer. And to do that, we need to go to the layers panel. Inish. You can see the layers layers panel. You go into windows on, you go to layers and you will a spear to create a new layer. You go down to this little icon that looks like a little piece of paper and click. And there you are. You have lied to. You can rename this or we can just leave it. We only have two layers, so it's not going to be a problem if you are working with 10 or 30 or 50 layers. Maybe it's a good idea to give them a name, because it can be quite confusing with the ways you can't see what's on a layer by just clicking on the I because it will make disappear. What's in that Leah when you click it off, so make sure you are only too. And in order to look they template so it doesn't move out of place, you can go. No, I'm not sure if you can see these on screen, but there's something like a little square and you say is Togo's look. If you click there, there's a little padlock that appears, and now you're thing played is not so you won't be able to move right, so we are only two, and we're going to put a rectangle on top of this template so that we can start building our book of the director. Goto is on the loose panel. And just remember, if there's something else here, like the lips to or something, some of the and shape just click and hold and you will see the least off the different shapes in here so quick under terms of Tru and then go on the corner off your, um, template. Click and drag all the way down so you can make a rectangle doctor of your template. Now, one tip I can give you here is to make absolutely show that you are matching with your a tangle. Exactly the template so you can zoom in just to double check. That is much in vividly. So we can actually get read off the stroke. So because if it's even like one millimeter off like this, can you seek is just slightly off? This could actually of your book over rejected, so make sure that it matches perfectly. Have a look all around. So this one looks like it is much in okay. And now we want to add some color to this rectangle. So just selected on choose, Of course, make sure that you are on the field collapsed to feel your tangle. And the next thing we need to do is to bring in the motives that we have immense, traced and colored and hopefully saved in a Peterson. Listen 10. Let's Make The Cover Part 2: so I have clued my motives. I have duplicated some of them. And what I do is I'll select all of them. Control, See the copy, then go back to my book Over and control Andi. It can move them out of the way slightly. Okay. And what we like to do also is to look this rectangle because while you're working, you might just moving out the way by accident. So to look it you just selected and press control too. Andi now is locked. Nothing is moving. And if you want to ever look at the layer on the need to see where those margins are, you can I think, lower capacity. If it's not looked off your object, so see? Unlock. Oh, okay. So when is not locked? You can lower the opacity. Probably. We can't even locate like this. That see? True, So no. Yes. Okay, it's locked. And then you can just start arranging your motives on your cover. Andi, I think I will speed up this process because it might be very boring to just sit there and watch me try to arrange this nicely on the cover. A few things actually want to tell you before I do that. So you just saw me turning around this. Leave if you want to change the position off any of them a thieves. Uh, not sure if you can see actually the mouse changing. But if you're over near the corner of your motive, the mouse would become a double aided I wrote. And then once it becomes like that, you just click the mile solder and then start moving you and you can just will be Get around that this change the orientation. If you want to duplicate a motive or you need to do is too quick your object start moving it. And their new holds the bulky oh, option on mark on a Lego off the mouse first and the old after. And this will have duplicated your object on One more thing. If you want to change, reflect your object. You can Christoph when you keep on, then creek and drug and you will be They might just be reflected rece ve again. And then you have another sort of appearance to your life. Okay, I think this is so on off. One more thing I do this all the time when I'm working, making patterns. And instead I accidentally double quick on a automotive on a no on. Then everything is thinned out on bond. It looks a bit scary, but don't worry, don't panic. It's just because you entered in the isolation moon. And this is quite good if you want to just work with the single sort of petals and things in the particular motive, but to come out to their situation, would you just double click against someone else and then it will come out and it's good. All right, so let's make this sign. 11. Let's Make The Cover Part 3: 12. Let's Make The Cover Part 4: all right. I think we are pretty much done. So if we on look object on, look on, bring back the capacity. 200%. We have an idea what do what we look like that they cover. You look like and when we need to do. Now, if you want you cannot the try toe owner. Sort of a small label. So I have put a file with sun labels on your resources. So if you want, you can use tells you can just download it and use this labels. I'm going to open line. So these are the labels. Just you can speak one. Use it. I think I'm gonna use this one. So, control, see, it's going to move it off its book. You can decides you'll label. You can keep the proportions by holding the shift key, but I quite like a shoe to make it a bit narrow. Do it like that on two. At the text, you just go into the type two and then just drug a rectangle there. It would fill it with some rubbish. Death, Sextus. Nothing to worry about. It just a place Order that you stood a post there as in the sense that typing it will go. So what shall we call it? My notes, friends, dreams. One thing I need to tell you. The title the U boots that you right here should much the title that you give the book when you upload it on Amazon. Because if it doesn't match, if if you put a longer title on the Amazon KDP that form when you upload your book you might get the book rejected because the title doesn't match. So make sure you choose a title that you like to put on your cover because that's the title . You go enough to amuse when you upload your book, right? So if we go into the type menu here, we can make the timeto bigger strata in the center it on. We're gonna give it color. Yeah, Green is fine. And then, if you want, so too what's go back to my selection toe? Andi, you can select both of these objects and you can align them. So if you'd enough, dear line a window here you can just go to a window and align on. Make sure you choose a line to selection because if you choose a lying toe outward, they will align it to the world here. So I like to selection under a line or its own toe on vertical. And this alliance this too. Although I think I'm gonna lower. Yes, I prefer like that. And then you can also feel this shape so you can choose how to choose a color to feel the shape it's You have to go today life paint back it to like we did earlier to cover the motives which is also okay on your keyboard. Choose a color. Okay. And then once you've done, you can go toe object. Expand on. Okay, on. If you want to change the outside, they the stroke color. You can go into this stroke here and give it to color. You need to use the being back to for that as well. Okay. So expanded again because we used it back into the game. She might like it a bit, doctor. So and groups, we can group these two shapes if you select and both and the control g, they are now grouped in the move together. So we can with this in here. And of course, we need to move this shape from from underneath. Uh, we could actually bring some of these on. Took off this label to do that, you select the shape, right? Click and arrange. Bring to front Andi. Little quite no, sir. Effect. And you can also do the same thing by control Shift like bracket command. She's right. Bracket. Sure this is going to look like, etc? Yes, you. But we could bring this to the front as well. Maybe we could put one of these A little heart. That is what? So you can play with this as much as you like? Take your time. Don't rush. This process is quite nice, toe. Actually use your creativity and you know, just do it slowly. Make sure you like, uh, the end look of it. And then when? When you're ready. I should have told you this before, but it is besting toe save. Why you working quite a few times. So to save your files, you go to file and save. It was a bit slow now maybe because I had seen eso just give it a name. So cobra not the woman. We save it as an illustrator. Why just save. I just say OK here and then when you have finished, when you're actually with how they are totally looks keep fiddling with it, as you can see, because the more you look at it, the more you see things that you can change. What you need to do is I will look this and make it disappear just to make sure that is no underneath that can be seen in the news on. I think we can save it as a PdF. So we go into file, sailors go to the drop down menu, Adobe pdf, and we can leave this name. That's fine. You're going to save no here. So since we are ah, a seeing way K file. We said at the beginning, you can save it as a high quality print. If you had energy be file, you should save it as a PdF x one A um because that way, if I pressed there you go to output. It will allow you to work in same work. A. If you go into quite different, there will be no convention. But this is already a scene where K file so we can save it and that's it for the color. So what we need to do next is prepared the interior of the book. So I will see you in the next lesson. 13. Download the manuscript: Hey, guys, welcome back. So now we need to download the template for the manuscript of the book because we need to do the inside of a book. So I put a link on your resources for this page. So just click on that link, will take you here, and then if we scroll down, we condone load a blank template or a template with some content. They say there's some text toe show you why your book will look like if you had a lot of text in it, but we don't need that. So we're going to download the blank templates, and this window will appear. So say okay And then you can save the English templates. Choose the fire that you need and just save it on your, uh, folder for the class Who? Kid and I saved it here. This folder would have builder files, and when you open it, you can go to lay out on in this little arrow here on the side, and it will show you day page set up. So this is always should be set up for it to be accepted when you uploaded on the KDP. All right, so let's go and make their insight 14. Let's make the Manuscript with Microsoft Word: Hey, guys, in this Listen, we're going to do the inside of the book using Microsoft Word. So what you need to do is open the template files that you downloaded idea, and then there will be just one page when you open it. So I've added here in the first page this notebook belongs to I always like to add that at the beginning, and if you want, you can add you details here, you the copyright on, then your ice being number website. If you have. Of course, you don't have toe to these all these details. You can just start with a line pages, but I think it's nice to have something a little bit special. If you want, you can add a little picture of over drawing or something that you you put on your cover. For example, one thing I would advise you to do is to leave the inside of the book black and white. So if you add some decorations of some pictures, just make sure that they will reproduce well in black and white because if you use color and if you want to print your book in color, it would make your costs go up quite a bit. So you would have to sell it for a higher price on, uh, there's no need, really? With a line general toe calling for day I ESPN number uh, I don't know, like me. And save these as a pdf. And then you you forget to put the number here, and then you have to go back because this number, you would get it from the KGB website When you actually uploading your book. So at the moment, do you man escaped and then save it as a normal world file. Then once you have your s being from the KGB website, you go back for your number here and then saving as a pdf. Okay, So in order to do they lined notebook or you need to do is basically go to insect and table on insert table. Anyway, we need just one column and we boot. I don't know. 20 grows and can change this. Okay, so he is the column. I certainly table. And then if you want to change the sides off the lines, the spacing, you go to the layout and you can just increase it with this one centimeter by nine. I think it open seven is quite a good side. This is why it's important to actually print a page off your book as a PdF and actual sides before you commit to uploading it on on Amazon. Because that way you can see what it looks like when it's when it's printed and to add more rows. You can just click on the plus there on the side, and you are there until you go hips to the bottom. Okay, on Ben. Well, we can do is click on the cross there, Go to Borders, and you can just click on outside. Borders on Is your line page. Very simple. Another thing you can do. There's a little bonus tip. You can highlight some today, a table, just part of it. You go to board this again, and you do outside borders again, and then you go toe board to say a gain and you get rid of the inside or this. And here you have a space to sketch doodle. Touch some pictures, depending where you want your notebook toe. Before you can give your customers this space to do just some May would be nice to do some doodles there or something. Okay. And then all you need to do is copy and paste this table on all the pages. Unfortunately, I haven't found a faster way to do this. So you just coping page for whatever amount of pages you want your book to be and then or you need to do is save it as a PdF. So we go to file, save us. Andi, uh, let's, uh, save it here, and we put it on your script. And then here it said the word document we choose pdf on its standard publishing and printing save. And that's it. Here's your pdf. So print one page, See if you like it if you one day lines to be more spaced. If you want to change anything at this point is when you should do it, all right. And that's really all you need to do now is uploaded on the KDP website 15. Let's make the Manuscript with InDesign Part 1: Hey, guys, welcome toe This less, Um here. We're going to create the inside of the book, the manuscript using adobe in design. So we need to create a new document, so create new on we go into the units and change it two inches. So in here I have created all the books, so it gives me already six by nine. You can just type your numbers if it's not six by nine pages is 100. Eso You cannot pages afterwards if you want, but it's nice to start with the number of pages and want one column when facing pages. The gutter is 0.14 and have taken these values from they words template that we don't loaded earlier. So even if you were using in the sign is good to have the world's template just to see what sort of values you need for the margins in the gutter. And you seem to be working for me as well. So the top margin and the bottom one inch inside. 0.35375 And outside of the same on the were about the breeders, like we're not gonna use a bleed. So we I can click t eight. And here is our document. So in this I know here the pages it was show you the layout to your pages I would advise you to use they preview horizontally because it might be this way when you first open it. But it's a very long scroll down. So if you go to the little menu here and you go to view pages horizontally, it will be a bit shorter. All right, So the next thing we do we need to do is to create the lines for our journal. And to do that, I would advise you to do it in the master page, because that way it was just repeat it for the whole book instead of copying and pasting the lines for each page. So to go to the master page, you double click on one of the pages and make sure you are in the master page by looking down here. Say is a master. So here we can create the line. And to do that we go to the light or and then we go on the take. A bigger to go on the corner. There usually start on the top margin. If you press shift, why you making the line? It will keep it nice and straight. We need to give it a color. So we go to the stroke. Um, we black. And then if you want to make this line adopted line, you can go in here and you have all the different types off lines. There is a doctor line. There's also Japanese thoughts. Some For some reason, the Japanese like the adults a bit closer. I'm not judging, so I'm just gonna go from Delta Line, and if I zoom in a bit, you can see you have little dots. I find the one point for the line and works well, uh, again, the best thing to do is do a page saving as a PdF imprinted in dachas sides. And this would give you an idea off how the line looks. Right. So what we need to do now is with the line selected, we do control old you. Andi. If we click preview, we will have a preview. But the lines will look like on a if we check. Creators agreed it would keep the lines nice and straight on. If you want them a bit more space that you can increase the spacing here with vertical. And I think yet we can just like Okay, check the there. So this is no white enough. Let's do that game we do. And let's say 40. All right, We have a couple more. We can always delete this. All right? And we have our lines. Yes. So what we can do now is just core PDS control, see? And based them in the page on trophy, just with them in the right spot. All right. Now, if you look at your pages the entire document to go back to your normal page, you double click toe your pages down here. Your entire document is line with your doctor lines. One more thing. If you want your first page and second page to the blank so you can put something like this book belongs to. I put a little picture your information here, for example, there speaking. Number three won the 1st 2 pages to be blank. Where you can do is you go to the master toe the pages panel, click on the little menu there, and click. You must names Andi it would give another letter by default. So you don't need to do anything here. Just like okay, your master is blank. So to have the first page blank, all you need to do is go to the Big Master click and drag that page. The effects page. Now your first pages blend and do the same with a second page on the second page is blank. So whatever you put on your be master will appear in these pages as well. All right, so we can double click here. So we now have the first page in second page blank. The rest of the pages are line. And here you cannot for a sample a shape, say the lips, Um, like that. And maybe we can add some text and say he spoke. It belongs to so in the text, Father. Here we can center it. We can make it a bit bigger. And also, we can go to the line to and put some lines on the net. Uh, this one just giving a stuck kind of, um Then we can duplicate it by I'm clicking the old key while dragging down. May we do another one? Okay, And one thing I've been told you is if you want to see what this book will look like when you print it, you can go into the preview mode, which is by clicking w on your keyboard, and then you will show you what it will look like. Okay, so, yeah, the book belongs to you. Cannot. A little during their I would advise you to keep the inside of the book black and white because it would cost much less to produce. And then you don't have to charge too much to sell your book. So if you put it during their you can just put a black and white during on, then, yeah, that's it. If you want to add your I spend number just threw the text books in there. They rest of you, you can see exactly would imagine, Czar. So and then here you come, Right, your details. Like, um, I did here for a sample so you can put the copyright, I guess being number your website if you are one. If you want to add the ice being number, which is by the way, it's not necessary for you to do this you can just leave it blank, so we just put lines in it. This page is well, but if you want to add the ice being number, it's best toe. Save your file at the moment as it is. And then while you're uploading on the KDP website, it will give you the ice pain number then. So you copy that number, you paste it here in your document and then But I can I can cope with these for our new document here. So 20 here. And so copy that number there. Missed it here. And don't save it as a media. Okay, so I'm going to show you what to say. That s a pdf now, anyway. So since we are here instead of coming back afterwards So once you happy with your book, you can go into file export and choose adobe. Pdf creamed, not interacting the similar thing print. And then you go to I fold up. We called it book book, my new script, Save it and civic, high quality print and then export. And that saved your manuscript 16. Let's make the Manuscript with InDesign Part 2: right. So if you want to add them a page number, you can just go to your master document Double Creek. When the a muster, make sure you are there. So even down here, just make sure this is in a master. Then you go today, Tyto on your the box here, and you're right page. And then what you need to do is go to type. Should be. They go inside special character markers and current page number. And would you look at that short cut? I don't know how they come up with these. You need four hands for that. Okay. And it would say PJ, But don't panic, because JJ is because we are in the A Master. If we go in the document, you can see that we have Page four year. Of course, we need to do this for the other pages. Well, otherwise we will have the page number only for now, the left pages. So to do that, we congest GOP control, see? And then control be base. This it's a bit difficult to get older and then just put this on the other side. So for this one, I will I like the text. Andi, go to the type panel here and say a line to the left. We'll build a one. I would go to the same panel and say a line to the right. So when your pages start to be double digits, that would just push, uh, the writing from the right side of from the left side. Okay, so if we go for a document, we love the pages there as well. And of course, you can change this. You go back to your master, you can change the type off character, and there you can change the sides. In fact, I think that the woman is 12. I think 10 points is much better science. And we do that. Tim points as well. So the vice who will be a bit too big. Andi. Yes, That's so you had the pages, okay. And then you can save your document. A psa, Pdf, Like I showed you before. And I think now we are ready toe. Upload your money script and your cover onto the KDP website. 17. Let's Upload the Book Part 1: Hey, guys, We're finally here on the KDP website to upload the world manuscript so you can sign in. Oh, Creator on account of, you know, one and signing. There is a link to that page in your resources so you can just click on that link and in here I have some books because I've already bean publishing books. But you won't have anything there if it's your first book, What you want to do A stricken paperback on This is the first page of the form we need to fill in. So we need to leave. The language is English On the book title I think he was my notes and dreams. And if you want, you can add a subtitle here. If your book is part of a serious you can put the serious name and the number and the addition as well I'm gonna look my name Here, take a lump. If there are other all those that I have contributed to your book, you cannot their names here in this section. I mean, you need to add a description of your book. As I mentioned before, when it did, the introduction to the class is good to have your description already written. So when you get to this point, you would just go to Europe. A word document. Just copy it and then you can't paste it here. So you you can see is much simpler to do it this way on. Then you can just say you on your the copyright over this books. I always write this in the description because you can't really use them with water colors . The paper is no, that's sick. Is no a bad type of paper, but you can use color pencil pains. Even I used them ink pains like a micro, for example. And there find. But if you use felt tip markets, then they might bleed through. So it's best to tell the people that are buying the books that that might happen just in case. Okay, so you own the copyright and then keywords eso try to feel in all the key words. So let's say we can put, uh, its, uh, Joe No diary. What else? Not food. Georgia Lean, maybe dreams that was in the title, I think would be put dreams in the title. Yes, on. We cannot notes. Okay. So we need to choose a category, and it's a nonfiction on. There isn't a specific category for this type of books. So I just put Art General and then Crafts and Norby General Russel and saved up. And then this book doesn't have another content. So no on saving. Continue. All right. And here we are with a I ESPN that I was telling you about Iran so you can assign the ice period. You can use your own, but I have done that yet That's your number. So you I light it in Kobe control, See, and you go to your book. I've added a few little decorations. You can do that if you want, and then you double click and you are your ESPN. And now we can save it as a PdF as I showed you already. Okay, so publication date. I think we just put today's date. That's fine. And then here you need to choose what type of paper you want for the interior, and if you want black and white or color, I always choose black and white because, as I mentioned before, it's cheaper to produce, and you don't really have anything inside any images. So pictures or anything like that. So black and white on white paper. I never used the cream paper more Sure what that looks like. I prefer white paper and then the trim size is Cem six by nine with enough lead and you can choose if you want a matte or glossy finish. I usually go for the glossy unless you doing some books that you want people to be able to write on the front of the book. In that case, I would advise you to use the mouth one the Otherwise we'll see. It's fine. And now we can upload the manuscript. So we go into money script here, Mr Loading. Okay. And now we can upload the cover. You can use the co creator to create your Kobe. I don't tend to do that. I usually use the this option here where I can upload my own file and we can upload the cover that we did in the previous lesson. It takes a bit to upload your cover in your manuscript. I just shot in the time really to do that. And then what we need to do is to launch the reviewer just to check. Our book is actually looking the way it should. Now. When I launched this, it is going to take a while. Sometimes it takes as long as two in 10 minutes or half an hour. So I'm not going to just show you the 20 minutes here because it would be just crazy. So I will oppose the recording now. So I will launch it. It would come up with some messages. It will even tell you to go in our sandwich so I will post it here and then come back once this is all done. 18. Let's Upload the Book Part 2: All right. So they applauding is finished? I don't know. Long years lasted mind was about What do you mean, it So I think. But here we are. So this is how your book looks like when it's going to be published. Here we have the barcode. As I was telling you, I wanted my local there on the back. And then if you click on the arrow here, you can see their insight on. Then you can just check the pages, see if everything looks all right. If there are some errors, if these imagines are, know what they expected, you know what they want. There will be some areas showing up on their left inside here, and it would tell you to go and check what's wrong. And then you can correct it and upload again. Your manuscript. They had this usually no need to go through all of the pages. You can have a thumbnail view as well. Just for a quick view. When you are happy that everything looks as it should, Then you can approve your book. If you need to change something, you can exit date, preview and change it and then re uploaded we're going to approve it. What? And now that we have approve it, it would tell us how much it will cost and Amazon to produce. So you don't have to worry about doing anything about this because this will be detracted automatically from the final price that you put so we can save and continue. Okay, so in the next page it asks you which territories you would like to publish your book. I just put all over them all territories and here you can put a price. So normally, for a book like base, I will say that the 6 99 it is not writings and 6 99 or 7 99 something. And it would calculate automatically So how much it would cost to make the book. There are other expenses as well. And then you're royalty is shown here. So if you put 7 99 it would be a bit more on then. If you click here, you will show you though the countries where your book will be published on the different prices. You can change these individual if you want at the moment. Just calculates all this. According to the main price support here, which is the dollar one. But you're free to change these if you want on doing time. Second mission. If you have time off even if you don't, you should really read the terms and conditions. Andi, you can't request a printed proof of this book. And if it's your first book, maybe you want to do that just to make absolutely show that your book looks like Like you should, um, in this book, when it arrives, it will have a writing on the front the say something like not for sale. So the cover will be kind of ruined. But unless you spend very little for this copy ITT's no even a pound, I think And do you can have a look at the inside of the book as well and how it looks and everything If you, uh, after a relatively showed that you don't need that, you don't need to do that. You can publish you paperback book. Okay. And then it tells you that your paperback has been submitted. So there is going through a review. Andi, um you can have able question of your book about way. Don't really need to do that. So, yes. What? They tells you that it takes up to 72 hours to do ever saying old interview and everything . Sometimes it takes less than that, but sometimes it takes seven to deliver us. So, you know, just be patient and wait, and then you will receive an email saying Congratulations. Your book has been published. Once your book is published, you cram actually order another copy for some. But if I show you here, he say's order order copies so you can put your quantity here, which marketplace? So depending where you live, the states or England or Europe, and then you submit your old and then you will be able to order another copy, which won't. After writing across the cover. Anyone cost you probably just less than a couple of pounds, so it's still a good price. If you want to resell this books at a craft fair for a sample, you can still purchase them like case and then resell them. You still make a good profit out of it. Okay, so congratulations, my friend. You have published your book 19. Final Thoughts: Hey, guys, Congratulations on finishing the class. You have now published your very own low or no content book. I am really proud of you. Please don't forget to share pictures of your books in their projects Section Onda linked to the Amazon page because I really love to see what you have created. And if you like the class, can I please ask you to leave a review that will really help? Not also, if you want to be notified off new classes coming your way, just hit that. Follow Batam and you will know as soon as the classes published. Now all you have to do is just tell everyone. And I'm not talking about just your friends and family, but also share on Facebook on Instagram on Twitter or a Pinterest even. And tell everyone about your beautiful book. And if your book is aimed to a specific group, let's say people who like sewing on do you have made a book for other organizing threats or fabric swatches. You can look on Facebook and there are groups dedicated to sorry and you can tell everyone on those groups. Just be careful before you do that to read the group's rules because certain groups don't like you. Toe. Advertise your own products, so don't get in trouble. You should also keep a copy of your book with you at all times. So when people see you're using it, they would say, Oh, that's a beautiful notebook on you can say, Well, I made it, actually, and you can find it on Amazon on such and such a dress. I'm not a marketing experience, of course, but I think these are good ways to start to get you started. We promote in your book. Andi, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate. Toe ask. I will keep an eye on the discussion board, and I will try to answer as soon as I can. Okay, well, well done again on completed the class and till next time, create and be happy by