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How To Select Affiliate Products To Promote

teacher avatar Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. APIMentorProgram SelectingAffiliateProducts

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About This Class

In this short lesson I'll discuss various different kinds of affiliate programs and how to go out and make an educated decision on which ones are the best ones to promote for you.

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Greg Jeffries

Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer


I'm passionate about online marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

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1. APIMentorProgram SelectingAffiliateProducts: or in this video, we're gonna be talking about how select affiliate products a couple of things to keep in mind when selecting affiliate products, the different types of Philip programs there are. And then we're gonna go through a couple of examples. So to so to start out, there are a couple of types of two major types of affiliate kind of programs out there. One is a one time commission, like most click bank products. You were first, somebody you make a sale, you get, you know, percentage of that sale, you know, sometimes up to 75%. And the recurring commissions are where you were first, somebody to either some sort of, Ah, a recurring billing program, like an onerous Sponder. And sometimes those programs will have recurring commissions, which is really awesome because you were first. Somebody wants you do the hard work of getting them in there, and as long as they continue with that service, you get a monthly commission, our percentage of their price, that they're paying for that service. So, as you might have guessed, the recording commission is my favorite. But not a whole lot of programs out there have recurring commission programs just because, um, there just a straight product or a certain downloaded or some sort, But we'll look at some different types of programs out there and some following examples. So with the Philip products also, I recommend recommending are suggesting products to your list or two on your website products and services that people need, You know, don't just, I know in the Internet marketing niche. There are a variety of different ways to make money, but those change over time, you know, and not every one of those ways for every person. So I like to focus on products and services that people are going to need regardless, such as auto responder, Web hosting, domain name. You know, those are things that are never going to change. Everybody needs one of those. If they want to have a website or build a list, you know you have to have those things, so you can just Why not promote those services? Sure, there's other products and little, you know, things that people put together free report reports and things that put people put together . Sure, there are other things that people stumble upon and develop a system put together. But some of those things are kind of fly by night. They don't. Some of them aren't long term systems. Eso I like to focus on things that people are always gonna need, services that people are always going to need and use online. And I would recommend to you to only promote products and services that you've either used yourself or believe in. You know, don't don't go on recommend products that you know. It's just says it has a high conversion rate and you know, there's a lot of people making a lot of money. If you don't evaluate your products yourself before you send it out to your list and they buy it because it does have a high conversion rate and then they get in there and they figure out that it sucks and it doesn't work well, that all comes back to you, and you might have a huge amount of people that unsubscribed to you and lose trust in you, so that kind of weighs negatively on you. So I would always recommend that you either try to reach out to the product on and say, Hey, can I get access so I can see what's inside the product because I don't like to recommend products and services to my list that that I haven't seen our experience because they trust me. And if I recommend crap, they're going to unsubscribe. So let's look at quickly a couple of examples of different different programs that are out there and what I do before I get into this. What I dio generally it's pretty finding companies are services. Affiliate program is pretty simple. Usually it's somewhere on their initial page. You can just scroll around and there's either, ah, button. It'll say affiliates are partners, and usually it's You could just sign it for free there, and they'll preview pretty quickly. But if you can't find a link for their program, just search the name of the programmer service, followed by the word affiliate and Google, and that you know, that's how I generally find things I can't find on their website. Sometimes it will pop up. If it doesn't, then I will contact the support or use their contact information to reach out to them and say, Hey, I really like your product or service. I would like to promote it do you have an affiliate program? And usually, though, respond pretty quickly and let you know if they do or not. So let's get into some examples here. So these are two examples of Web posting Blue host and host Gator. Um, so why would you choose one of over the other? You may just want to recommend them both because, as we learned previously, you know, people are going to decide themselves on what they want to do. I may say how scares the best I've used it. It's reliable, and they might go to Blue Host, You know, you can never tell. So recommend them both. And then with blue host that pay $65 per lead, our sale there and then host Gator. It pays up to 1 25 up to 1 25 in the case that you refer 21 or more people in a month. But by itself, just one single sale host Gator actually pay is just $50. So if you don't, uh, if you know that you're not gonna be referring a lot of people I would recommend, you know, obviously, host Gator would be the best option, but if your goal is to recommend more than five, more than 10 more than 20 people obviously is gonna be in your best interest to recommend them. Toho Skater Because with just 21 referrals times out by 1 25 I think that comes out like $2600 or something. So that's, you know, that's less than one referral per day, so it's completely doable. So you're just gonna have to decide between these two is which one you're gonna either promote or just promoting both. So those air a lot of a lot of the programs out there and really programs and affiliate a lot of the affiliate and referral programs that they're just gonna have toe kind of make a decision of, you know, what you choose to provoke. No, I'm saying that because of this example right here. These are two examples of some writing services websites out there. One of the one left was called No Doubt marketing and the one on the right's called Dawning on Scent articles. I've used no doubt marking which is great. They produce really great content. However, they don't have a referral program at the moment now 99 cent articles. I've heard great things about them. There are a little more pricey, but they have very attractive recurring income. I mean, recording affiliate program. So I can refer somebody to there. And as long as they continue by articles and things from Dinos that articles I get paid a commission off each one of their sales. So you may find yourself in a situation like this where you've got to options, and it's like, Well, I really I've used no doubt marking. I prefer them. They're cheaper, they're better. But I'm not gonna get paid by referring people to them. And you've got no instant articles. You do get paid. You're not so sure about the service. It maybe it's a great, but it's a little more expensive, you know? So you just have to make that decision of, you know, do I even mentioned no doubt marketing, even though I use it myself, Or do I recommend 19? I sent articles because they give their commission. If I sign up, so that's just seven years kind of decide for yourself there and then get response. This is Otto responded that I use and recommend they actually have a couple of different ways that they can pay you for your furl. So you've got 1 35 1 time price on the left, which sounds like a lot of money. You're like, Oh, that's over $100 for referring somebody. But check out the right side. 33% recurring off the commission there and 33% recurrent. You know, there's different plans with get responsive. You haven't checked. So you know, they may sign up at the basic level, which I think is like 15 bucks a month. So 33% of 15 bucks in a whole lot. But what if they start to build their list and it gets bigger? Well, the price of their monthly subscription goes up, so that 33% is a lot more than you know, 33% of $15 now. So I mean always, always, always when you have opportunity to be an affiliate of a recurring, um, affiliate program, a referral program. Choose that over the one time sale because you're it's kind of like network marketing are MLM. You work hard to get, you know, a lead once, and then once they're. As long as they keep buying their product, you keep getting paid. So just some things to keep in mind when, um, looking into and investigating some affiliate Furrow programs out there. So how that's been helpful? That's how I go about selecting my, um, programs and stuff. And whenever I find a product or service out there, I love and I want to promote. I always make sure that they have a a referral program, and when they don't, you know, I just have to make that decision. Do I want to share this with other people or not? Because and if they don't, you know, it may make that recommendation to the company of Done several times, actually, because it's like this is a great product. You should have highly consider getting a, you know, creating referral program because I would like to promote this, but there's no incentive for me to do so. So if they don't have one set up, don't don't be scared to suggest it, cause they may just create one since you recommended it because it helps bring in more business for them. So I hope this has been helpful. So go out there and find some products that you'd like to promote and sign up and become affiliate of them.