How To Scale From 0-50 Employees In Under 8 Months By Building This Virtual 'Secret Bunker' | Erik Hatterscheidt | Skillshare

How To Scale From 0-50 Employees In Under 8 Months By Building This Virtual 'Secret Bunker'

Erik Hatterscheidt, Virtual CEO Ninja

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11 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Secret Bunker Intro

    • 2. What is a bunker?

    • 3. How to set up your bunker

    • 4. Creating Your First Section (Page)

    • 5. Creating a Command Center (Subpage)

    • 6. Setting up your Command Centers (Editing Subpages)

    • 7. Tangent Alert: Google Drive Crash Course

    • 8. Organizing the 'About Us' Section

    • 9. Creating Your SOP Section

    • 10. Setting Up Departments

    • 11. Saving and Inviting Employees


About This Class

In this class I'll show you how we built our own online 'secret bunker' in google sites that allowed us to hire, train and manage large digital and physical teams almost automatically.

Not only does this platform allow you to do all of the above, it CRUSHES 90% Of Your Management Headaches.

In this super simple tutorial, we'll go over the 'keys' that you need to set up a management bunker of your own, and you'll build your own 'Secret Bunker' in the process.

Some of the insights that you'll learn will include:

  • How to start your bunker
  • What should go into a 'managers handbook'
  • How you need to organize your space for maximum clarity and employee involvement
  • A sneak peek into how we hire and train friggin rockstars
  • How to hold employees accountable without direct involvement
  • How to map out all your workflows so everyone knows what's going on





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Erik Hatterscheidt

Virtual CEO Ninja

You know how frustrating it is as a digital CEO to keep track of multiple international projects, deal with human error in other timezones and keep team members effective with a 24-hour day?

I solve this.

I show digital CEO's how we cut through the virtual clusterf*#k and managed to build a team of 50 loyal, driven and fun employees in under 8 months, while cutting down our personal workweek to only a few hours a day.

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