How To Say Anything To Anyone With Grace

Stacy Fahlsing, Psychologist/Educator

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4 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. How To Say Anything to Anyone with Grace - Feelings 101

    • 2. The Truth About Anger

    • 3. The 4 Modes of Behavior

    • 4. "I" Message 101


Project Description

Class Project and Pass It On

Lecture #1:

Class Project: Study the provided feelings vocabulary at minimum 1x a week to build your vocabulary.

Pass It On: Knowledge check and teach one person in your life of the importance of a feelings vocabulary.

Lecture #2:

Class Project: Practice the skill, "What's under the anger?"

Pass It On: Teach one person in your life, "What's under the anger?"

Lecture #3:

Class Project: Study and know the 4 modes of behavior and be able to define each term.

Pass It On: Teach one other person in your life the 4 modes of behavior and the definitions.

Lecture #4:

Class Project: Write out ten "I" messages and verbally say one "I" message to someone.

Pass It On: Teach one person the "I" message formula.

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