How To Say Anything To Anyone With Grace

Stacy Fahlsing, Psychologist/Educator

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4 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. How To Say Anything to Anyone with Grace - Feelings 101

    • 2. The Truth About Anger

    • 3. The 4 Modes of Behavior

    • 4. "I" Message 101


About This Class

Would you like to learn a method of communication that will take better care of your "self" and others?

The education provided in this course will be concise and useable in your daily life.

You will not be bothered by filler information that you will never remember or utilize.

This course will include: 

(1) To teach a method to become more proficient with your feelings.

(2) The truth about anger.

(3) A method to assertively express your thoughts, feelings, and resulting behaviors.

(4) A communication template you can utilize in your interpersonal relationships.

You owe it to your "self" (and others) to stop what you are doing and check this lecture out!

Warm Regards!

Dr. Stacy Fahlsing