How To Save More Money Each Month on Any Salary !!!

Charlene Fadirepo, MBA, Helping you get money smart one class at a time!

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8 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. Introduction and Welcome

    • 2. Explanation of the Projects

    • 3. My Philosophy On Money

    • 4. Lesson 1 Concepts to Remember

    • 5. Lesson 2 Gathering Your Materials

    • 6. Lesson 3 Creating Your MindMap Final For Real

    • 7. Lesson 4 Creating Your Zero Sum Budget

    • 8. Lesson 5 Tips and Tricks to Making Your Budget Stick Final


About This Class


Interested in learning how save more money each month regardless of how much you make? Tired of worrying about your account balance? Stressed out about debt and paying all of your bills? Do you want to be more independent? Want to feel more in control of your financial life?

If this sounds like you...keep reading....

In my class you will learn about one of the best kept secrets to money management --creating and keeping a BUDGET. I will walk you through my step by step process to create a budget using my easy downloadable budget template. My template works for ANY financial situation. At the end of the class we will cover tips and tricks to help you STAY ON TRACK. This class will help you build healthy money habits that will change your life!