How To START Your YouTube Channel? (The One SECRET) | Peter BVC CO | Skillshare

How To START Your YouTube Channel? (The One SECRET)

Peter BVC CO, Video Content Specialist

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8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. The ONE Single Hack To Grow Your YouTube

    • 2. The Only Thing Your Content Needs

    • 3. How Does This Apply To YouTube?

    • 4. Why ESCAPISM Can Be A Choice?

    • 5. Views Don't Matter At All

    • 6. Why Your Content Is BAD?

    • 7. 2 BIGGEST Mistakes Most YouTubers Make

    • 8. Why Does This ALL Matter?

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About This Class

Who wants to discover the 1 THING to grow your channel that YouTube DOESN’T want you to know?

Whether you're an aspiring YouTube VLOGGER & have been uploading for months with no views or subscribers, OR even if you’ve never uploaded a video before... This Course Is For You!

This ONE simple YouTube strategy will save you years of trial, error, and headache on YouTube - and will help you stand out from the noise. 

What you’ll learn in this course is EXACTLY what I’ve used to achieve over 100,000 accumulated subscribers and +10M views across all my own channels and the influencers I have worked with…

Learn how to properly grow your YouTube channel, without YEARS of content learning, even if you’ve NEVER uploaded a video before.