How To Run Spotify Ads To Get More Streams, Fans & Sell Tickets To Shows | Christopher Greenwood | Skillshare

How To Run Spotify Ads To Get More Streams, Fans & Sell Tickets To Shows

Christopher Greenwood,

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6 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Welcome To Spotify Profits For Advertising edited

    • 2. Do This Before You Start Your First Spotify Ads edited

    • 3. Create an Account On Spotify edited

    • 4. How To Create Your First Spotify Ad Promoting Your Music Edited

    • 5. How To Use Spotify Ads To Sell a Ton of Merchandise edited

    • 6. Creating Spotify Ads To Promote Your Show Edited


About This Class

Learn how to setup and run Spotify Ads to promote your music, sell merchandise and tickets to your shows.

Also, learn why Getting Paid for Your Online 'Streams' is 10X Easier than Trying to 'Sell Your Album from Stage' and How You Can Get Paid Every Time Fans 'Stream Your Song..."

It's no secret that most people don't buy CD's like they used to...

...but they do 'stream' music all day.

What if I told you this actually works to your advantage?

Because Now Artists can get paid EVERY time someone listens to their songs on Spotify.

It's so much easier to just get people to listen to your music rather than trying to 'sell your album'.

You might as well get paid for it. (People are listening to your songs anyway...)

In my course "Spotify Profits" I show you:

1. Find Your 'SuperFans' With Spotify Insights
2. How To Build and Promote Your Spotify Playlists

There's never been a better time to get paid for your streams on Spotify.

If you pick up Spotify Profits for a limited time I will also throw in these bonuses:

Bonus #1: How To Grow Your Spotify Using Paid Advertising ($297 Value)
Bonus #2: How To Sell Merchandise Through Spotify ($197 Value)

A lot of artists quit after that first song...

Some make it to the first EP...

But most never see it through having consistent and constant streams of their songs that support them full time.

Let's get you past 'trying to sell' your album from the stage and start getting paid for 'streaming while you sleep soundly'...





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Christopher Greenwood

Music Production Creative
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