How To Run Facebook Ads for Ecommerce | Ultimate Guide | Alex Huston | Skillshare

How To Run Facebook Ads for Ecommerce | Ultimate Guide

Alex Huston, Coach

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9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Intro & Lesson Overview

    • 2. Creating A Business Manager & Ad Account

    • 3. Understanding Your Ad Account

    • 4. Setup Your Ad Account for Success

    • 5. How to Create a Successful Campaign

    • 6. How to Create Successful Ads

    • 7. Strategy Behind Running Campaigns | Understanding Data

    • 8. Understanding the Power of Custom Audiences

    • 9. Lesson Wrap Up

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About This Class

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Online retail and eCommerce is growing quickly. In the 4 day span of Black Friday to Cyber Monday in 2018 the eCommerce market broke an all-time high of recorded sales equaling a total of $7.9 billion. Yep, you read that correctly. Not to mention this was an industry increase of 19.3% from 2017.

Understanding the technicalities and strategy behind paid advertising via social media is going to be the #1 contributor to whether or not your eCommerce store will be successful or not. That is why we have put together this course, to help you understand the strategery and skills needed in order to begin your journey into the realm of digital marketing via Facebook.

In this course, we will learn

  • How to set up our Facebook Business Manager
  • How to set up our Ad Accounts within our Business Manager
  • How to connect Facebook's propriety tracking pixel to our e-commerce store in order to collect customer data
  • Understanding our Ad Account
  • Understanding what data we will want to analyze in order to make smart and profitable marketing decisions
  • How to create a successful campaign
  • How to create a successful ad
  • The strategy behind running ads and testing your market
  • Understanding and creating custom audiences to make highly calculated marketing decisions