How To Revolutionize Your Social Skills: Boost Your Confidence And Make Great Impression | Nicole Vasilescu | Skillshare

How To Revolutionize Your Social Skills: Boost Your Confidence And Make Great Impression

Nicole Vasilescu

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15 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Destroy your fear of social failure with the right mindset

    • The key toward developing great social skills A Wining Mindset

    • Why you should do not fall into the trap of proving yourself

    • 10 tips for overcoming insecurities

    • 10 Ways to increase your Social Awareness

    • 5 strategies on how to be more social

    • 8 keys for becoming likable

    • 11 Best tips on how to effectively approach people

    • 9 Strategies on how to keep a conversation going

    • 10 ways to be more charismatic

    • How to look approachable and expand your potential for meeting new people

    • 9 techniques for group conversations, cold approaches

    • Conversations approaches how not to be standard and boring

    • The 10 Step Process for becoming more friendly and expanding your social circle

    • Learn by Doing, Exercises


About This Class

The course is designed around key social concepts by practical tips that you can immediately start deploying in the field.

You will learn concepts and strategies related to social thinking and the production of related social skills for boosting your social competency.

In this course, I teach how the social world works by providing general frameworks to create the foundation of your social awareness.





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Hello, I'm Nicole.

12 years of proven expertise in start-ups, project management, training, sales as well as operational support activities like training and people development programs in various industries: BPO, Automotive, IT.

My key drivers for building professional and long duration relationships are the excellent communication and interpersonal skills combined with business acumen, analytical and creative thinking, strong will and determination. These are as well the skil...

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