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How To Repurpose Content Marketing Articles - The Basic Guide

teacher avatar Sorin Amzu, Digital Marketing Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro To The Course

    • 2. Repurpose Your Article Into A PDF

    • 3. Repurpose Your Article Into An Audio File

    • 4. Repurpose Your Article Into An Image

    • 5. Repurpose Your Article Into A Video

    • 6. Repurpose Your Article Into A Video Course

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About This Class

If you've ever wondered how to get more traffic with an article you've just written, this is the key.

Repurposing your content means turning it into something else, promoting it on additional channels and getting traffic back to your article.

This course will teach you how to:

1. Turn an article into a PDF file (a content upgrade for lead generation)

2. Transform your article into an audio file (which you can also turn into a podcast)

3. Make your article more visual by turning it into an image (meme, infographic, etc.)

4. Get your article ready for its showcase by making a video out of it (free tools mentioned)

5. Turn your article into a video course (more traffic, more subscribers, more income)

While this is a basic guide, it's a great starting point for anyone just writing articles and waiting for traffic to come in.

I'll look for you on the inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sorin Amzu

Digital Marketing Specialist


I've been involved in Digital Marketing for over 10 years. I've majored in Journalism and have written pretty much everything from jokes to stories, screenplays, books and product names.

The thing I'm most proud of is the 1-2-3 method, allowing people to generate great product names FAST. I'm passionate about creating content that empowers people do DO and BE more.

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1. Intro To The Course: Hello and welcome to how to repurpose your content Marketing articles. The Basic guide. In this course, we will learn how to turn your content marketing articles into something else, something that you can't use on other distribution channels, something that you can ask people's email addresses for and something that you will make additional income from. So let's just see what we will learn in this course. Now, the first thing and probably the most basic off repurpose ing processes is turning your content marketing article into a pdf. Now this is something that people can take with them. They can print it out. They can use it as a checklist. You can ask people's email addresses in order to get it, and you can use it on different types. Off distribution channels, such as issue as crib It and Slide share the second course, the second part off these course. The second video will focus on audio. So whether that is actually turning your content marketing article in tow on audio. So maybe people can listen in if they don't have the time to, um, read the entire article or create a podcast based on that specific article, or series of articles, and that is up to you. The furred video in this course will focus on images. Why let a very good content mark content Marketing article goto waste When you can use it as a image, be a maybe as a statistic as an infographic as a Jiff. A graphic As a mean, you will learn how to create additional images for your article and use those on different platforms to get traffic back to your original website or block. The fourth video in this course will focus on how to transform your content marketing article into a video. Now, whether that means to transform it into a file that you want to give away to people or use it to get additional traffic from platforms like Vimeo or YouTube, that is entirely up to you. And most importantly, all of the tools that I will be mentioning are absolutely free. The fifth part off this course, the last video will focus on how to create a online video course based on your article or a Siri's off articles. Now that would mean creating an additional revenue stream. Since courses will be paid, you will be paid for this course. Or you can get additional subscribers for for your email marketing list. Or you will just increase your awareness or your brand. True, these courses. Now the entire course is very easy to follow. There are lots off images and videos. It will be a entertaining time for you to spend with me and I'll see you on the inside. 2. Repurpose Your Article Into A PDF: Welcome to the first video off this course. This is how to repurpose your existent content marketing content. And in our case, it will be a blawg article. So mainly text into something else. And in this video, we will be talking about how to repurpose that you re create your original block article in tow, a presentation or a pdf. So there are three main tools that I use the eye recommend in order to create such pdf sir presentations. All of them are mostly free. So let's get started. The first that I want to talk about these Beacon and Beacon is great is fairly new, and it's created especially for war press blocks. You cannot use it if you don't have a ah war press blawg Technically, and it allows you to convert your existing block posts into great downloadable content. And some people call them lead magnets, and I agree with that assumption. So let's take a look at how they actually look like, as you can see here at the bottom, you have a few examples. They do offer templates, which is great. So this is one of their templates. It does give you a cover, there is a table of contents that you can turn on or off. This is the actual content, and it's taken from your article, and the best part is it does this automatically. Once you have beacon installed and you're actually using it, you can choose which article to transform into such a lead magnet. But you can also input your own contact in there. If you have content, let's say, if it's not on your block, an article that isn't published on your block, you can also input manually like that. There is a call to Action Page, which usually helps you create sort of a preview for the pdf, right. You can have that so you can embed this into your dog and say, Hey, this is what you will be getting. Click here to get the full the full PdF So Beacon is great. It does have a free version that you can use The second to that I want to talk about is Google Slides again free, multi platform, and it's really, really great. It works online. There's nothing that you need to download, and I think you can use Beacon the first let we've talked about free as well. There's no need to Donald anything. You can connect the war press plugging If you are so inclined to Google, Slide is free. All you need is a Google account in Gmail account. And if you've used Microsoft PowerPoint like ever in your life, you know it's similar to that. They do offer ah, full range off templates and that you can use. It does connect with a chromecast. You can share it. You can convert four point files and vice versa. It automatically saves in the cloud. There's collaboration built in, so it's It's just a wonderful, wonderful up, a tool to use. And let me just tell you my little secret because people have known a bubble go slice for a while. That isn't the surprise. The thing that you are coming here for, what I will show you is where I get really, really great templates. So there is this website called Slides Carnival, and if you go and look at these templates, you know that there are free and they're sort of especially created for your Google slides account. There are, or you can also save these as PowerPoint. But there since they live in the cloud, you just say them, import them into your Google slides, accounting your Google drive, and you can use them from there. They were really easy to use and there are a lot of them. There's probably over 100 of them. Let's just open up one that we find interesting. And since it is using Google slides Ah, it does allow you to actually preview the slide. Ah, the slight template. So there we go, and they just look really, really good. They told you what phones they're using. It has different types off, um, slide. So if you want to have a table, if you want to use a map numbers and sure, so you don't really have to think about how to create such a presentation or a Pdf just if you follow these these types off ah, graphics. If you follow the design off the presentation itself, then you shouldn't have any trouble with your where your pdf for presentation. And there are also all off these emojis icons that you can use freely, and you can also use Emojis as a Nikon, and they will look absolutely great in your presentation, and they're also free. I don't need to do is click this use presentation template, and you will then be able to save it in your Google drive. Google Slides Jima Account The last tool that I want to talk about is Can Va and lots of people are talking about it again. Nothing really new here, but it's getting a lot of praise, and people all all people, should be using it because they're you. They're putting in new templates all the time. New types of templates. For example, These are new trifle brochure at the shop icon at the cover photo. The one that I want to focus on is these two. So if you open up the account, feel again, you'll see the documents section, and then you have US leather presentation and so on. So far, uh, depending on what type off pdf you want to use, you can use presentation or 16 by nine or four by three. And let's just look at have opened up the thing that 16 by nine version and, as you can see, as opposed to where you would go and look at a single image here that you would click, and it would just open an image. These ones here in the corner, it shows you how many types off slides you do get with it. So let's try this one, which is free. Presumably all of the images are free. So now it shows you these are the layouts from within that ah, present patient. And so you can add a new page and you can change the template off that page just by clicking over here. And so you could add, you could add all of them. There are 10 in this slide, and again it makes it really easy. You don't really have to think about how to use the presentation. If you just follow these things, they're professionally designed. You can pick and choose which one off works best for you. And then it's a matter of simply replacing the text with your section title, replacing the text here with whatever you have in your article, making sure it will ah look great. Cutting your article down since the presentation isn't meant to be a replacement for the article, it's meant to be something close close to it, something maybe when people are interested in the ARCA, and they would like a different type off presentation. And obviously in the end, you can end which, ah, slide about your experience or something that they can learn and things of that nature. So these are the tree toes that I personally use and recommend in order to repurpose your content marketing articles, your block articles into a PdF or a presentation. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Repurpose Your Article Into An Audio File: welcome back to another video, and this time we are talking about how to repurpose your existing content marketing articles. So you're blogged articles into a new audio. Both cast now. This term is thrown around a lot lately, and there are multiple ways that you can do it. There are multiple ways you can think about things. For me. There are basically two number one. You get the text off your article itself, and then you use a microphone pretty much any Mike phone that you have and that includes the microphone on your headset that you got with your your computer. That might be 5 $10. That includes the microphone on your mobile phone or, hopefully a smartphone, or obviously something like a condenser or dynamic or USB microphone. You can also use the microphone that is inserted into your Web cam if you have one of those , or if you have a laptop with a webcam and the mike and the toys that I'm talking about, his number one, you just read the article, you record it and then you place that audio next to your specific article. Now that alone won't get you additional views won't get you spread around won't get more subscribers. So you need to follow that up with something else. You need to work on your distribution and this is where a podcast comes in and the concept is fairly similar. But the differs in a few of basic ways now getting started with creating an audio podcast is not as difficult as it sounds. This is a topic that has been covered by path leads from a smart, passive income in the past. He has a podcasting tutorial. See Siris on YouTube and he makes it very clear what you need and how you should get started. Now, in terms of equipment, let me just show you an image. And let me assure you that you do not need all of these things, not even if you are getting really professional. You don't need all of these things, since these are mostly things that would be nice toe have. But the difference, at least to a listener, I would say, is minimal. What I recommend having is basically this, but not this specifically, but a microphone, hopefully USB. So that makes it a bit better or a condenser and XLR microphone. If that connects to your trip on five mil Miller, Jack or some other way to your computer or to a smartphone that is good enough. You could get a pair of headphones as well to monitor the audio out. But that isn't required as you grow as you find that you are getting better. This you can invest in a few more things, like a pop filter like a boom arm and other audio interfaces that connect from the mic to the computer. So that juror getting clearer sound and a better overall acoustic experience now in these are the hard will hardware parts. Let's call them that, and you don't really need to spend this. This amount of money The microphone that I'm recording right now was about 50 to $60. A chip for pop Fielder goes for 5 to $10 a boom arm if you are inclined to get one, starts from $10 ing and goes all the way. 201 $150. So if you do not have the money, even for a $50 USB mike and I did not in the beginning, that is fine. You can start with an audio headset, you can start with a cheap Bluetooth headset or the headset that you got for free with your phone. If you're headed for your phones, have a built in mic that is good enough. Now, in terms off software, you only need about two or three things free audio manipulation. Softer is called audacity, and it's free, open source and cross platform. That means it's available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and people are still working on it. So it's a very good deal being free, and it does the job well. I use it pretty much on any audio recording, and moreover, I also use it on specific videos. Since I like to get my audio a bit crisper and add a few effects like bass and treble, and you can add those easily. And there are tutorials around the Internet all over the place Hook. You can make your voice your audio sound even better than you can think about having it so better than it sounds in your head. Now, if you do have other softer for all your If you are on audio guy, then you could even use toes like adobe premiere. Those also have some of them have built in audio audio editing capabilities, and there are also software building when recording your screen. This one, for example, has a very basic audio editor where it can cut specific parts of the audio. It can clean the audio. It can add silence, but that's pretty much hit. Or that city does much more than that. And it does them again for free and fairly quickly. Now, the last piece off software digital need is a sort off element that connects you to a distribution platform. So in our case, that would be war press using this blueberry power press, podcasting, plugging to iTunes, Google Place teacher and so on. So the basic idea is that you create a lot of content in terms off articles. You want that content to be spread around, shared with as many people as possible, and then them coming to your website from those repurposed pieces off content. So once you start creating podcasts, start getting guests. You should start to connect with people. Try getting a guest spot on other people's podcasts, invite people over, create summaries from your articles, talk about what's in the news. Think about improving your overall podcast experience for the listener. And really just make it fun for yourself to create and work with this type off New content it give it a two least 3 to 6 months. Ah, and tried to always improve upon on the previous hep E sold. And in time you will get the recognition recognition that you need. And you will also get the relations, the authority and the traffic coming from this new repurposed piece off content. So this video was all about how to repurpose your content. Marketing article. Your bloke articles into a new audio are on audio podcast. Thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video. 4. Repurpose Your Article Into An Image: all right back with another video, and this time we will be looking at how to create images from your content marketing articles. So how to repurpose your articles into images? For me, there are three or four basic image types that you can create and let's get right into it. The first to it I want to talk about is, Can va If you have not heard about it in the content marketing world or the digital marketing world, you must have been living under some sort of rug because it's everywhere. And obviously there are imitators such as Photo and Pick, Monkey and other Web services off that nature. Other Web toe tools with camera is the O. G. The original, and it keeps getting better and better in terms of social media posts. What I recommend is create images specific to each platform, so specific images for tumblers, Pacific images for instagram and then use those images. Share them around, get them popular, try to get them go viral and then back. Link all of those to your original article to your blogger or to your website. There basically no other reason why you would want to create additional content than to add those back wings so it would get traffic back to you. The next tool that I want to talk about and obviously can. VA is simply gorgeous and easy to use. Dragon Drop is Adobe Spark and being an adobe product. Obviously, it's great there. Templates are pretty much amazing, and they're stunning. It does allow you to create video or images or pages, and using the images section, you get to select different types off templates. You can easily swap out the images with your own are stock images. You can stop up the funds, text everything, and there's no watermark. You can easily download these images, and they are great. Now, the second type off image. The 1st 2 tools are a bit more generalistic. Being able to create lots of different types of images. I recommend using specific, specialized tools. For example, in program for infographics. It's a Frito, but it does have some limitations. It does have paid features. If you want to get more features, or if you feel that you do want to pay for it for more options in four grams is a good option and you can download these infographics, and better still, you can also embed them and allow other people to embed these little infographics, obviously thinking back to your original article as often as you can. Now, the second tool in the ah infographics game is ven gauge, and again it allows you to create beautiful charts and maps and infographics. It's a more a technical tool, but it does work well, and you can download the results for our sharing on social media Now. The next type off image that I like to create for every single content marketing article that I create is this note. No ta graffiti, and it allows you to add ah, quote or a text and then, simply through the magic off templates, you can convert it into these absolutely gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous images. Did you can easily publish share directly from the app or safe as an image for sharing. Later, as you can see at the bottom, there are a lot of them. These are templates, meaning once you select one type, it applies the effects, but going up and down. It preserves that template but switches out the colors of it. So if you enjoy how this looks, but you don't like the color. You can easily change it, and better yet, you can have multiple versions off the same note off the same quote off the same. Next multiple versions for multiple platforms in different colors. Styles, in order to test out which one works better, has always tried to add your link towards your original article, so you do get traffic from it. A. Similar to in that same vein is re site, and this allows you to add a little text here and then using these templates at the bottom . You can't easily create a file and the image that you can share on social media. There are lots of different types, some better than others. Of course, there is a little let's call it watermark at the bottom. But it's pretty small, and most people want notice it or it won't bother them. The last tool in the let's create a text or quotes on images section is Pablo by buffer, and I enjoy. It is probably the most out of all these tools since it's run by buffer. It's a very clean desire. It's easy to use. There are templates, but they're not in your way. You can use stock images you can search. You can shuffle the images. You can upload your own image you can share. In Dollard, you can add logos. Captions. There are different quotes and write within the Web service online tool itself. You can modified the type of filter that gets applied to the back to the image itself. There is no water market can easily donated for yourself and, ah, use it for social media. It tells you what type off size, what's size the image will be. So, Pablo, by buffer again in great great online tour for creation for the creation off text over images. Now the last tool that I want to talk about his jiffy. This is mostly a search engine for, ah, gifts. And, as you can see, ah, right on the home screen on the home page. Once you ho over over an image it plays so you can watch a preview of it. It does have a bags for each one, so you can easily search for whatever you would want to use for your specific article topic . And then once you have these, you can download them, you can embed them. You can share them on social media. And, as always, don't forget to use links to get traffic back to your original content marketing article. So this video was all about how to transform your original block article into on image. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video. 5. Repurpose Your Article Into A Video: all right, So in this video, we will be talking about how to repurpose your content marketing article into a video. So there are lots of tools out there that you can use obviously some better than others, obviously some cheaper than others who will be talking about my favorites. And they happen to be the ones with the lowest price. Now the 1st 1 is any moto, and this is mostly aimed towards people wanting to create slide shows or presentations. But it does output video, and there are teams that you can choose. There are different topics were within. You can create your presentation, your slide shows. So there's business, their social media, others photography, how to birthday realist, they and so on and so forth. There's a AH free trial that you can use and pricing starts at about $8 but that has the an emoto water mark. So I suggest going for the $22 per month a subscription, and you can use your own images. You can use the images with text that you've created earlier you can create. You can use songs that are from from their database, or you can find ah, royalty free or even actually free free songs online. And you can merge all of them together to create a wonderful slice, your presentation that you can use and share around on video and YouTube and other video sharing sites. Of course, linking back to your original content since repurposing content marketing articles is not just about increasing your authority. It's also about increasing your traffic to that specific article and to your overall website or block. Now, the next tool that I want to talk about is one from Microsoft, and you might not know about this one. This one is called Microsoft's Way. It's a free online tools that you can use. Ah, you only need a outlook dot com account, and it's similar to a Gmail that come in that once you use your outlook that come email address, you get access toe. One drive, which is similar to Google Drive and sway, is interesting because it's aimed more towards people who are technical. There are lots of things that you can edit about a specific presentations presentation the way it looks, the way it feels you can add images, you can add audio. You can customize the way certain text looks and feels, and it's pretty, pretty useful and more advanced. Think of it as a more than version off four point or Google slides, and the way I would use it is Ah, you have different types of layouts and I would just use the 2nd 1 and then simply going through all of these slides, you can use these arrows here. You can use the errors on your keyboard, or you can use page up or page down. And I would record the screen using the tool that I will mention at the end of this video a free too. Now the next toe is one from Microsoft, its power point online. And again, you might not be aware of this, since they're not really pushing it, at least not in my region. It's basically PowerPoint. You can do pretty much the same things you can do with the regular desktop version, but you if you don't want to pay for it. If you don't have it already, there are transitions. There are animations. It's the full suite off. Ah, poor point online. Organise the free outlook that come account, you gain access toe One drive, which includes PowerPoint and the note taking APP and ah, were the online Excel online. And if you others, including Sway. Now, how would you use a PowerPoint presentation to create a video? Well, it's basically the same idea. There are three basic steps. Number one. Create the PowerPoint presentation within poor point online, download the presentation and uploaded into Google slides and then presented within the online version. The Google Slide, since it recognizes PowerPoint files and use the free tool that I will mention at the end of this video to record the screen and create a video so I cannot, ah tell you about to create presentations and videos without mentioning Google slides. It's a free tool. All you need is a free Gmail account, and since it recognizes a PowerPoint files, they become creditable within Google slides, and you can view them as presentations online and then using the arrow keys or space or backspace or your mouth, it becomes an interactive presentation. So partly video and recording it using the Frito L mention. At the end of this video, it becomes a video that you can Donald and use on sites such as YouTube and video video at other video sharing sites. Now the last two that I want to mention regarding actually creating videos is Adobe Spark. This is a tool that allows you to create both pages and posts, but also videos. And there are templates. There are examples that you can watch. It's a Frito. The equality is way up there, so I really recommend using it. And you do also get to Donald it right from within the online tool itself. So closing off the video here is the tool that I've mentioned from the beginning. Off this video. It's called I Spring Free Camp, and I'm actually using it toe record this video. Right now, it can easily create screen trust screen casts at the record videos and upload to YouTube. And even though it says no watermark or time limits, the watermark part is right. The time limit, not so much. There isn't a watermark in the free version, but the limit is 10 minutes per video, which isn't that bad, considering you do not want longer videos, since those will bore your client. Tell your audience anyway. Well, you have to do to Donald this is. Enter your email or an email address. It will download, and it's fairly, fairly easy to record. You can record a section you can record full screen or a single window. The best part about it is that it also comes with Ice Spring video editor, and you can cut certain parts of your video. You can adjust the volume, remove noise at silenced stream, audio at fading or fade out for your audio. And then you can save the project if you want to edit later, and you can also save your video and it does 7 20 p, and it does look quite quite sharp. So this was the video all about how to repurpose your existing content marketing article and transform it into a video. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video. 6. Repurpose Your Article Into A Video Course: and we're back with another video. This time we're talking about how to repurpose your content marketing articles into a course. Now course building is the new hot stuff around, right? Everyone's building a course. Everyone knows someone who's building a course. Everyone's creating a platform or using a platform that's already available. So let's get into it now. There are differences between the tools and platforms and system we will be talking about. Ah, and the differences are sure within features, right? The offer. Different features. But they all basically do the same thing, which is you upload content, usually video ah, text and images and then you serve them up to your students. And obviously there are marketplaces. There are websites where you just upload your video content and it just gets organized into a course. And then there are tools such as a teachable where you even though you create your content on their platforms, you get much more customization options. So you do get to have it basically on your custom domain with your own design. But it does come at a price. So teachable is pricing, thus start at $0 per month, and there are transaction fees that you can check out. He does go all the way up to $299. I recommend starting with the free plan and see how it goes from there Now. The advantages off building, of course, right, that there is the question. Why would you want to build the course? You're just maybe we're just starting out. You have just created a condom marketing article. Why would you want to create a course? Well, first off, it establishes you as on authority, since creating a course isn't as simple as adding a few images or creating a podcast AIDS off fairly complex to complex from complex task, It will allow you to show people that you're more than someone who's a blogger or rights content that is the first a benefit off creating. Of course, the 2nd 1 would be that you can earn extra income from your content just by placing your your courses on a large marketplaces and deferred. The for benefit is that you get to connect with fellow minded people and as obvious or not important that may seem to you that will allow you through this repurposing process to find partners who will promote your content, who will give you advice or who white someday give you paid work to do for them. The second tool that I want to talk about is Teacher reap, and this is, Ah, very interesting. Once again, it allows you to modify the design toe pretty much your exact specifications. It does have payment pages. It has, ah, the option to export your customers. It's a very good platform to use and, again the pricing. The pricing is different from all the other tools. They do an interesting job here. You can get the lifetime plan for just $900 and it goes down from there. So there's the force 70 per year or the $49 per month, and you do not, ah, pay them anything else. If you do pay the $900 and there are no transaction fees now, another tool is a lifter. LMS. Here is how it looks like it. It is fairly similar to teachable. Ah, there is not a lot that you can customize here, but it's a free ah tool that you can use with WordPress. And obviously there are up cells there are other plug ins that you can buy for it. For affiliates, for coupons, for up selling and things of that nature. You can start off with the free version and see where that takes you. Now moving on. Think if IQ is another one. Another tool that, ah starts off free, and then the pricing goes on from there. It allows you to have unlimited courses. It provides you with content hosting. It doesn't give you affiliate elements payment pain, but PayPal payments, custom domains. Eso You can start with the free with the free plan and then whether or not you enjoy what it looks like. You can go on from there, and some tools allow you to market. You're, of course, right within their website, right within their marketplace. Others do not offer that option, so you should definitely do your research and see which one you should use. If you're more inclined to do your own marketing, or if not, if you'd like the course a platform to do that for you, then there's another one, which is a lie. A Demi. This is, ah, different. There are free free versions. There's a free version and a premium one and again is different in terms off the content. It gives you the way you structure your content. Ah, and your multimedia files. There is open learning, which is sort of more into using the platform, Ah, to build up your authority and not necessary to make money. Next up there is a path right which isn't free, or at least not for forever. There is a free trial, but it does offer a beautiful, beautiful design. And there are also two DUIs in quizzes and other elements that you can implement in certain and bed within your course to make it more exciting and interesting and engaging for your students, there is open sesame again, a different type off Ah LMS Ah, another type off content platform and you can use it to ah, sell your courses right within the marketplace and you can also promote them for other people to buy them on all of these platforms, you will create an account, a profile, and then you can use your own courses none exclusively on all of these platforms. Basically, distribute your content, distribute your ideas, link back to your original blogger or website or article. So get traffic from your courses. I'm back to where you started. And lastly, there is also offer cell. This is mostly for educational purposes, but its again a good tool that you can use to create a course. So this video was all about how to create how to repurpose your content marketing article into hey course. Thanks for watching.