How To Recover Abandoned Carts | Jayden Petherick | Skillshare

How To Recover Abandoned Carts

Jayden Petherick, CEO & Founder of Gravitate

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    • How to recover abandoned carts


About This Class

In this video, I'll show you how to recover abandoned carts with a simple software solution. Abandoned carts can be a massive pain point for e-commerce companies and if you can just turn some of those customers into paying ones, you'll be able to multiply your stores profitability.

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Jayden Petherick

CEO & Founder of Gravitate

My name is Jayden and I'm the founder and CEO of Gravitate. Our focus is to provide training around eCommerce, marketing and brand building as well as provide state of the art software to make the entire process as simple as possible.

To get started as quickly as possible, I've created a free PDF download of the 40 most profitable eCommerce niches you can use to start your very own store.

Click here to download the 40 most profitable eCommerce niches

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