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How To Read a Balance Sheet

Miguel Hernandez, Founder of Grumo Media

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5 Videos (23m)
    • What is a Balance Sheet

    • Reading a Balance Sheet

    • Balance Sheet Calculator

    • Balance Sheet Examples

    • Your Homework


About This Class

Most business owners despise dealing with anything accounting related.

But if there is just one thing you should learn is at least how to read a balance sheet.

A balance sheet is the most widespread way to understanding the financial health of your business in one snapshot.

In this course I will teach you:

  • What is a balance sheet
  • How to read a balance sheet
  • A simple online tool to test how a balance sheet works
  • 3 balance sheet examples

After taking this class you should be able to understand how to read a balance sheet once and for all!





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Miguel Hernandez

Founder of Grumo Media

Miguel is a passionate online instructor with 19,000 students and the CEO of Grumo Media where he has produced marketing videos for some of the top Silicon Valley startups including clients like Microsoft, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, Reckitt Benckiser, Hipmunk and even Ashton Kutcher. Check his work at

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