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How To Rank Your Youtube Videos & Get Views - 2016

teacher avatar Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How things pick up

    • 3. What Makes a good video

    • 4. Creating Videos

    • 5. Uploading & Optimizing indisplay

    • 6. In display Setup Pt2

    • 7. In display Setup Pt1

    • 8. Keywords indisplay

    • 9. Using Camtasia

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About This Class

In this class, I will reveal my routine to rank Youtube videos, and why it is so effective, yet surprisingly simple.

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Howard Lynch

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Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone! I am a junior internet marketer. I specialize in selling ebooks and producing videos. I wish to share what I have learned and connect with internet marketers. I will answer any questions regarding internet marketing, so ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, welcome to this pretty short but very informative course on how you can get pretty much any YouTube video to rank. Now, I'm not saying Canete absolutely any video to rank. But this is how I do it basically on. And we're also going to cover a bit of what you can promote with these videos, right? So if you already know what, you want to drive traffic to it and you don't need my advice on that. But if you don't know yet, I'm going to give you a couple ideas that's just taken example. I recently reviewed in a video and explained and demonstrated the process off joining a website and makes it easy to create e commerce type website or Facebook stores. Right? And so I targeted the keywords Facebook store. Okay. And if you type that keyword and which is going to be key word, my video actually appears in number four. So I'm not first, but I have noticed because I've checked, you know, the status takes on all these websites, steps off use that I am actually getting more views into the street to street videos combined it, so it's pretty awesome The video has been up, as you can see for quite a while, but very, you know, it had 100 views until a couple days ago. And encounter just jumped because I applied something that I think you're going to find pretty cool. All right, so we're going to All right, so the next day don't go to shoot. So the technique behind this is we're going to create the video will go to optimize the video, which makes full of sense. And then we're going to get it to rank by using very specific advertising. So we're going to use YouTube's inbuilt advertising platform, and it's going to be also extremely cheap. We're going to get pretty much any videos to rank. Okay, I'll see you guys in next video. 2. How things pick up: okay? Yes, Adam. All right. So the strategy we're going to apply here without being particularly complex. So I don't think you figure out that. Assume that zverotic Easy is going to be the phone. We're going to produce a video that's going to be high quality video. Okay, so what I say that I mean, it needs to be used for or reason needs to give people the need to take action on your video. I'm going to show you how you can do that. And we're going to general teas views into into want to traffic into cliques. So I'm going to give you also the best practices to do that. So I'm talking annotations. I'm talking call to actions. I'm talking cause talking all of these angle tree hard to, you know, to funnel views into traffic. And so we're going to buy advertising on you, too. We're going to buy advertising extremely cheap advertising. I'm talking a knave rich of around $5 per video to boost of you. And what exactly does it do? Basically, here's a become like a break down the traffic for one of my videos and I think really encompass what I am trying to say very clearly. So all of these air traffic sources the yellow right here is YouTube advertising. So, as you can see, I purchased around 50 views a day at an average off a penny purview. OK, so a penny per views. That's not even $1. And I ran. I ran it for a couple days and what happened? Waas once d What? I stopped running the ad the couple days later that organic traffic kind of picks up by itself. And as you can see, it's been going up and up, and this video and itself is not getting many views. It's getting like 25 views a day. Buts. It's set up in the in a way that every views very valuable. I'm going to show you the video. It's actually video where I promoting an affiliate program, which actually brings me a lot of money. I'm going to I'm going to show that leader the cause. But if you remove YouTube advertising, you can see on Lee D kind of the organic fuse and you can see it's quite steep increase. And there's actually a science behind having this happened to every video. So why exactly are we going to paint to advertise the video? Well, it's important to pay to advertise civilian, because if you don't, you're not going to get this in their show. Initial increase work is not any time soon. If you don't put any views in it, the ones going to find your video, no one's going to watch it, whereas you can purchase a very small amount of use, like 50 views, 100 views, 500 views of 1000 views all the way up to fight, you know, from 5 to $10. And it's called to guarantee that your video is going to pick up. So without further ado, we're going to just jump into it on. I'm sure you will really enjoy this, because a video that's up and running like this and that keeps building and steam and ranking very well for certain keywords is going to well to guarantee that you get traffic. And if you have multiple videos, then this can really really pile are very, very fast. So what, you're going to learn side. Of course, I'm sure is going to blow your mind, and you're going to look differently. at YouTube from that one. Okay, thanks a lot for watching this video. I'll catch you in the next one. 3. What Makes a good video: So what makes a good video? What makes a good and because we're going to run in a net and then we're going to leave it run as a video. But the way people go to find Davillier, whether it's true, your advertising efforts or true organic traffic is going to be pretty much the same process, so you don't have, you know to change your video over time. You don't. You don't have to do anything. You can just create a good video and just leave it be after Well, so what makes a good video, in my opinion, is a video that has a certain amount of length because, after all, you're trying to get people to do something, even if you look very clear about it, which is probably taking action on a affiliate link or are a link to your website from the description. So you need time to convince them time to give them values. Who needs to have a certain length? I'm sure you guys can prove me wrong by publishing a very effective treatment at video, but I usually go with pretty long videos. I'm going to give you two example First up this one. What happens is I also get value in my video. So what I do is this video is building your first Facebook store without the hassle. And I am promoting a Shopify link, which is, of course, an affiliate link. When people click on that, then they had to dissipate where he can start off retrial. And then everything's good in Delta and if they eventually of grade two D paid membership, which is very cheap, that I get a 200% commission on their first months off payment. Okay, so basically, that's what I do, and that's what I recommend you would do. There are a lot of self towards that. You can demonstrate in the same way. So what I do is I introduced myself. I tell people to Well, I do have, of course, big annotations. I'll show you how to do that later on, but I tell people to click the link in the description and I create an account at the same time is them. This is very powerful. If you say you know, if you say click the link in the description and create an account and then you just keep ahead. Then they might. They probably won't do it right away. But if you say okay, let's do it at the same time. Open darling Conscription. Let's create on account, you know, at least they'll have clicked on the link and it's much more effective. And then what I do for the remainder off the video is I demonstrates the black form. So for 1/4 of an hour straight, I actually showed him how to create a website. This is why I say I give value to people. Okay, so certain lengths and giving value. Another example. I'm going to show you. Is this one really awesome? It's a now work. Plus long course it's been released. Just a couple Couple was ago, two hours ago, I think, and the way it works, and it's already running as an ad, by the way, it's already running us about. I'm going to use this one as the case study What it does. It's a YouTube advertising course has not the one you're watching right now. It's something else. It's a four hours plus cause that's present. Also on amazing dot Come by and what I do is I put in a now also preview off the cause for which already gives people some serious value and that at the end of the calls and throughout the video boats by saying it's right all really and by putting annotations and a core right here, as you can see. Okay, I get people to click on the link, which brings them toe a page, which is a bridge page. And then it actually leads them to the beauty me course, uh, selling that that cost. OK, so I'm going to show you how to do these videos. So what constitutes a video? A good video long gives value, demonstrates something and gives people an incentive to click on the link, because that's very important. 4. Creating Videos: all right. Soon this section and this model, we're going to cover how to create an effective create a good product. We're going to go over this quiet quickly because to be honest, the spot as products are concerned your main ideas to get the right information out there on, we're going to cover two ways. You can do it. I we're going to cover video, and I'm going to show you a paid software that I used to clean my videos. Like the ones you're watching right now in a very high quality. We could audio, etcetera. They do have a free trial, so that's going to be good. I'm going to give you a free alternative. Okay, so we're not talking trials here We're talking about if software that's always going to be free, that covers also audio and recording your screen, and then we're going to tackle e books. Hope to write E books, how to have any book, you know how to have any book outsourced, if that's what you want to do. So responsive software I use is concerned. I use contagious studio. This is the software that's available at tech smith dot com and it comes for both Mac and Windows. Now I do use the Mac version on my previous computer. I used Windows version because I was running Windows and for both options, you get a free trial. So if you're going, take a look at the price. It's quite pricey. But let me tell you, it is Thea absolute best software out there to do that. Let me just show you sort of version is always going to be $300 whether it's for Mac or Windows, but it is absolutely kill. It's, in my opinion, the best enough. Tried all software. Tried every single one of them. What? I was learning how to make videos. But if you go back and click on the free trial, you can actually go ahead, create an account legal next, and download the free trial. I'll go to show you that right now. Okay, And there you go. You can download your frequent Asia trial on Mac or Windows. It's going to be the latest version, and it's actually quite intuitive. Unfortunately, I can't show you how it works because I'm using it to record right now, and as I use it to record. I can't show you the interface because you can't record at the same time that use the interface. But it's so easy you'd be surprising they have a whole bunch of tutorial videos. Okay, the free alternative to this, which is always going to be free, and it's pretty awesome. It's called Screen Cast O Matic, and you can find it at screen cast romantic dot com, and it's Web based. Or you're going to just have to download A I think plug in and you'll be able to record and edit extremely fast in HD. Actually, 7 20 p. Skip, you just have to wait for the launcher, other recorder to launch, and then you do need to download the long troubled to show it. And there you go down. It started, so it's really it goes extremely fast. I can tell you where my is. Okay, So once the installation is running, you can select the free recorder, which is the best for our purposes. And since three and look at how cool this is, you can actually make it bigger, smaller, you can drag it around. And, uh, this is the area of your screen. You're going to record so you can go full screen by selecting by dragging this. Excuse me to the center off your computer. Opening this up obits larger. Basically couldn't recall whatever you want and maximum time. You can change this, but usually 15 minutes. But in four products is just what you need. Size you can select. You can go full screen. I'm just going to let it like this, or some going to end up being confused. Since I'm already recording. Can't Asia a narration? It automatically, um, gets the microphone and my guess. It's using the built in microphone, not the microphone I'm using. But that's okay. You can go with screen. Can go with webcam. Concur with boats you can record your face, you can record your voice etcetera, and as soon as you click on Recall, it's going and there you go, and this is going to be a 10. Excuse me. 7 20 p video That's going Teoh record itself. Once you're done, you can click on the balls here. Once you click on the poles, you can go with done and then you're going to get your video And there you go as you can see. It's actually really good. I mean, I don't know if you can see the quality from here, but it's impeccable and definitely more than enough for basically any in for product. So those are my two recommendations. I would go with a 30 days trial for condition, which would be enough to recall your product. Or else you can go with screen cast O Matic boat Awesome to make videos. 5. Uploading & Optimizing indisplay: All right, let's now upload the ad and we're going to also optimize it a bit. We're going to go back to optimizing your videos to make sure that they get organic traffic organic fuse after random, as ads later down the cause. But you know what? Just come to the basics, so upload sleep to file. Uh, it's right here minus quite heavy. A zit found what should be OK, so that's a low default, which I've put in there, which is linked to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus account. Those don't really matter. Let's go to title. Actually, the title doesn't really title somehow matters but died on that. You interfere or video is not going to be the title that people see when the watch when they are lent. On your ad, I'll explain myself so someone types in something in here and they'll see your video. But the text next to it is a creative made for advertising that video specifically, and it's not the ad. And then once you click on it and end up on the ad which will have the title so that was important to are they affiliate marketing made easy with assignments and that's the title that will be Once you watch the video, the you know, your only goal here is to make your title and the title of your creative you off you add quite similar. They don't have to be absolutely exact matches they could. But Siemer then in the description, it's important that you put in a couple things here. 1st 1 is going to be goto action, so you will have an annotation in your video. You'll have a call to action overly, which I'm going to show you how to set up later on. But it's also important to get people to click in the link in the description because that's where they could come from. Working could be reading description. So if to get the full course quick here but not here, click. And then here you run to your d. You are. Don't forget that in order for the u. R l to be clickable, Okay, you need to include the http. Okay, If you don't include it, people won't be able. They'll be able to see it. They won't be able to click it, so they'll have to copy and paste it in that browser, which most people always be honest. Let's be honest to eat too lazy to do. Okay, So you are. Well, that's your You are later, Del. The description I want you to pace then, uh, one apiece. Excuse me, but rights around 300 words off original contents. Okay. And the reason for that is that's going to help you rank your videos. So before you get started telling me Oh, I can't you know I can't write. It's OK, because none was actually going to read this. Okay, people much broader. Just watched the video, then. Actually, no one reads the description, Okay? Unless you you know, you have something here and there and that you tell people to go and look at it. No one reads it, OK? No one reads it. And so it doesn't. It's just s your purposes. So basically, you don't need for it to be good. You don't even afraid to make sense. It just needs to contain, um, your keywords, Dominque Iwas at least 10 times. Let's see. Okay, So you're going toe to write this in your description, and that's that's it. Now, public. Of course, that makes about sent. If you have a Google plus account, we're going to talk about it again in the optimizing your channel, etcetera. Board of the cause with just, you know, just click on it is just basically mawr more visibility. And you can add a message to your video if you want. No fatigue. Tax tags don't matter nearly as much as people think, but they do matter. So we're going to put this in right here. Um hum Tum Tum affiliate. No kidding. Affiliate more killing. So the entire sentence sentence. But group off those two words. So affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing. Think about it. All right? Course. If you want to rent your name, you can go ahead and Brendel name. So to do. Why not? Um Okay, so that should do it around then, then keywords for the tax sections. Okay, if it accustomed time, they'll just I'd like to tell me all that he made earlier. This one. Okay. And now it's all up for us to wait for this video to be uploaded in the next video. We'll actually go into making the video on that. So we're going to jump in society ad The two we're going to talk it, we're going to get that at up on Browning and then later that, like also going to optimize it and it's going to be awesome. 6. In display Setup Pt2: so Step number two. Now you need to name your ad group. If you want a metaphor or at least a way to kill, make it easy on your head. The campaign is an objective. Okay, So it could be you haven't offered the campaign as bring customers to that offer. Okay? And the ad group is going to be I got a different approaches. So you have your ultimate goal. Get more customers, and then at groups, you can only have one, or you can have a house minority want. Um Well, come. Yeah, the angles. So, what type of videos or are you sending? What can targeting are using. Right. So you can test multiple approaches to get your your final campaigns Go which, you know, you should know by now because you're supposed to set that one up. Okay, so the name against the own reference at group group runs who seems good now, the video ad I speak this one it to to a lot of Donald Trump videos here. Of course, this guy is popping up everywhere. Okay, so let's take this one, please. The coding hip until you get the option and stream all in display. Look, we're going to go within display. You can. You can choose boats, but you're going to have to set them up differently. So in display the first time nail, it's really weird because they're not letting you choose my own Tom nail. That's because I didn't upload when I'm quite stupid. Okay, if you upload a tell nail here once you're uploading your video right to the video ad, it's going to appear here as an option. I forgot to do that. Don't go to go back and do it, but I'll do it off camera because it's a bit boring for you to, uh, to see. Okay, so, headline, this is your creator. Okay, so it's not really it's not. It's not a title of your video. Okay, so when people click on your video, you'll see the title of you know that's a headline. So what's or getting people who want to run more? Well, that's building in Philly and marketing. So affiliate marketing What? Okay to go it. Let's go it like something like this because you need to capture attention. Affiliate marketing is easy, right? People would be like what? Okay, and don't click on the video. So description. This is those two lines that you're going to be filling in. So that's your sh. The title is your shoulders. Get getting attention with your tell me off course and under two lines into descriptions or your shot at getting a click. So description. Oh, it shows you over the shoulder. Oh, he runs. Is the ness's businesses quick because you need to give a call to action? Could be click now Could be click here could be watched now, but click work salts a click like Do Click and People, probably practically at some point. So landing page, my channel picturing YouTube videos which paternity? So if people played due to end up on your channel did end up on the video, I dont know why. Thats by default. I think it's pretty stupid, but the videos watch pages what you want to do, since your funnel clicks from your video to your landing page. Tricky. Do remember that you remember that. So add name going to be video at one that's going to do it. Maximum cost of you know you do see actually may not see let me show you whoops that says typical as full cents. This isn't yours, by the way, but full sets to 60 tree cents. That's not typical. That's Google baiting you to put in a big number. Humor, actually, few counterpoint. One with the targeting or lack thereof that we have. We should be getting just, you know, a knave Ridge customer. You have one sense now to be honest or targeting the entire world. So we're not really being a picky here. If I'd shows United States fight shows only two tier one countries then my views would probably achieve in my custody would probably overall treated four cents. Probably. Let's actually two cents two cents. Excuse me. That's what I remember. At least popular video biz adjustment. Honestly, disregard. It's OK. Just disregard. This is so important. So you're getting This is where we get into the meat and potatoes. If you edit this, you get a whole bunch of options. Now you do need to if you haven't perfect costs. Two main mind. So you know what? Your average customer is? What your average customer wants. You know, if their parents no parents and then you can make an educated decision you know, to unthinking or yeah, take on. Take these boxes. My opinion is, if someone is interested enough to Google about my topic, we should meet type into YouTube, search Paul about my topic, researching a video, finding a video, then they're probably good enough to purchase my products. What? I mean, they're probably interested enough that they might consider purchasing the product. That being said, I'm talking by keywords if you're not or getting by keywords first off, doing a huge mistake, But you can try to target by this. Honestly, it never mattered to me, and I never you know, I never even tried. So I maybe I should. But what I usually do is I just let it run like this. And then I go into the results. And I see if parents or not parents or, you know, mental women convert better. And if mental women can road better, then I'm going to probably remove men or women. The one that doesn't convert on young A and which keyword research like this you get I mean , I get the vast majority of male, so I get 80% views from males and 20% from women. And so my, you know, my conversion show would have meant convert way better. But, you know, I'm not getting a perfect split 50 50 men or women. So you know I need to do my math here, that's where Happy, my handy calculator. He Actually, it's a night for it, you know, doesn't always interests. This is where you can get a bit, you know, a bit more to detail again. That's this human. You know, your market. So you would think that since I'm running a on that for Internet marketing, I would go into business opportunities, etcetera. But I told you, I'm only going to talking by keywords. That's all I do. But if you you know again, if you think you can find something that helps you hear, go ahead. But we think there's not many categories. They all thousands of categories gamers, for example. Let's go into games where we added the entire game, but we want to open the option action game fans, adventure and strategy games fast or hard core gamer. I don't know how they determined is but a whole coal gamer. Maybe people that watch a lot of video games uh, gameplay. I don't know which. Get Adam, you can add them, and that's going to probably change your car's purview. Um, yeah. So apparently this Bayreuth this there's Berg's out a lot. So you know, don't you only use This is a slight indication, but it really bugs about. So, apparently, if you just hard core gamer, we're going to have to increase your bed in order to get, um, you know, to get a spent to get views. And apparently that's not good enough, which is quite stupid. If we put five cents in, then we do end up spending. Look at us. We do end up spending the entire budget. I don't ever just two cents per views. But if we enter two cents per views here are, God forbid, we spend any money. It's this, by the way, Is is awfully bad. Don't just if it's in green, good. If it's in red, doesn't really matter my opinion. I always go with a mess cost per view of one sense, because I know that behind the scenes, YouTube is struggling to sell their add in Venturi and that he will give me just a many views that if I entered Ah, higher number. Okay. So, yeah, go ahead and select if you want. Here. I'm not going to mess with that. Actually, I'm not going to miss one ending. This is an example at narrow your targeting keyword placements were marketing Atomics placements room. We're not Don't talk for remarketing, but placements. We're going to explore that Indy in stream section for key words. And this is where you paste your huge, less off key words that you get from Where was it again? Key. What? The Google cured plants you paste in here after having removed the key words that your nuts that you're not sure about and if this well, I just told it's in our interest story. But if it if it goes too much into the red, add more keywords. Okay? Just find more keywords and stuff them in, and it's going to because, you know, it's going to, ah, to go back to normal here. Thing is nuts. Many people actually search on YouTube. Probably another cures that you're looking for. A lot of stupid keywords, Yes, but not probably not very targeted and, you know, laser tight. He was a George. You'd like to talk it, so just put in long cure here. Don't be too discriminatory. And then just we can say that group and was that stone? Your campaign is going to enter the approval process, and this could take anywhere from from could take anywhere from a Knauer to 24 hours. You know, Max for me has been two hours, I think, but I got really lucky with my approvals. 7. In display Setup Pt1: All right, So now war, in other words, and I'm going to show you how to set up an in stream average score. It's quite interesting. You'll get to enjoy it. So as you click well, as you had to add words, your land on this page is which is the first fatal form page. Just click on add a campaign. So if you don't see this, you should maybe perhaps scroll down on the left board. You should see Google AdWords full video, which is what we're using. So click otherwise right here, click on campaign and had to video, then wait for everything to launch at the load. Excuse me. So no, we need to set up the video as an in stream that so the campaign aimed this is for your own reference. Do keep that in mind. No one's going to drill on drill on that on your customers as well as Google won't be able to see it. While Google will of course, be able to see it. But they don't really care. I think so. This example, at example, at because I'm going to have to remember that it's an example that across I'm going to run it and spend money on it, which is stupid. So type video a lot. It is. Video standard adds drying views, awareness conversions. That's it. You can load existing settings from another campaign if you want. Now, honestly, doesn't really matter. Budget. This is where things get a bit messy. Your headed it got have been messing my the detainee issue Want to put enough money in this To get some data, right? You want to be able to see that you have X number of clicks and whether or not they convert . So now, if you have a high ticket, offers you if you're promoting enough and has a payout of $100 or you're sending your own product has a be out of $100 then you know if you spends less than $100 you get clicks and you'll never know whether or not you would have made a profit if you stop running it before you reach onto Thomas visible. If you make $100 every time you invests, excuse me $100 with your payout, and every time you invest $70 on there but you get a sale. That's a 30% return on your investment. That's not bad. I mean, if you invest $70 every day, you're going to make $2 a day. Pretty cool. But you do need to spend. But, you know, if you go ahead and you spend $50 you don't make a conversion, you you'll never know whether or not you convert. So that's why I like starting with loopy else. Because, for example, if you have enough that things off $2 you run $100 in ads and it doesn't convert that it's time to I dramatically changed something or just drop it, Okay, probably drop it, to be honest. So that's, uh, you know that's going to be up to you. Remember to never put in more here that you can afford to lose, because you should always, even with my good advise, you should always, uh, you should always think that you all going to lose that money. You know, this worst case scenario so honestly, a $10 a day budget is going to work just fine in the beginning on as you keep ramping up, as you see good results, then it's going to be up to you to do that. So, networks Oh, it has just touched on the fermented standard or accidentally, standards. You're going to spend $10 a day accelerated. You're going to spend $10 within the 1st 5 minutes of the work. Okay, so, network, that's going to be YouTube videos. So we know YouTube search. Excuse me. YouTube search and not to you to base. So location. Which location do you want to target or exclude in your campaign? That's going to be again off to youth? No, there's this thing like this technique where you buy a whole bunch of clear international clicks. It will cost anything. Uh, don't be surprised if they mainly come from India someplace like that. Um, but you're going to get a whole bunch of use cheap views. Okay? Another thing is, if you're selling a product, I would recommend you target every country because someone who's going to land on the video , you know, this is an in stream ads, so people are going to be interested to begin a went and they're going to click on it by themselves. Okay? You don't have to force them to what you're really, which is happening with instruments. And so, as people click on your video, should be interested potentially, you know, products. I would start by testing all countries. And if you do get your conversion pixel right, really suggest you do, by the way we're called. Touch on that later. If you get your conversion picks or in the right place and it works, well, then you'll be able to see where the conversions come from. So if you told it all countries and you see that most conversion come from Canada, then maybe try targeted only targeting on the cab. Right? But if you have a CPI it all for or if you really want only the you know top to your countries that United States, New Zealand, Canada, Island, Australia and United Kingdom are going toe work wealthy, so languages. This is not really relevant because if you're going to target English keywords, then you don't even have to change it. And changing is probably going to mess things up. Devices look your as well shown all eligible device by default. So in this course were by default talking about's desktop traffic but mobile traffic can convert to. Usually you have to count a bit. Tweak it around. But mobile traffic works really, really badly with most landing pages. So unless you've specifically tailored your ad to Target Mobile and desktop and Tablet, we're going to discrete the bid by 100%. So that means that you know you're going to bid a certain amount on certain views and then if you are going to decrease that for mobile, so you're not going to get any mobile traffic advanced settings. That's when it had stalled to Tara. If you leave it, blank is going to start soon and it's approved and add delivery. You can right here, choose whether or not you want your ad to be seen multiple times that agency music. If you have a big budget, you might want to leave this blank. If not, we can limit this campaign to. You can limit this campaign to a set number of use per day to unique users. Let's see one view our day to each unique use. So that's it for the port. One off the ad in next video or cover pork to which is going to be the, you know, setting up the Adam to create. That's pretty interesting 8. Keywords indisplay: the example I'm going to use for discourse as far as in display advertising is concerned. Is this ad. So it's in that I create. It's about 15 minutes long. It's a mix of boats point point and not to point point, which would be screen casting. Of course, I'm getting a bit tired. He Excuse me, but I'm going to use this one exact as exact as an example. Jesus. So that means I'm going to upload it. I'm going to optimize its going to run it. I'm going to try keywords right at Sarah. But you need to know what it's all about. Eso It would make sense. Okay, so I'm also going to create the equivalent for in stream at. So you've created in that And in my case, it's going to be an ad showing my results. So my earnings my income relative to one aspect of affiliate marketing, which is email marketing, Okay. And I'm going to upload that one, and I'm going to target people who would like to know more about building a list on the way the ad is going to make me money is when people click on it. I actually showed him a good piece of information. I showed in my income and at the end of the video and actually dropped the video. I encouraged him to click on the link, which is going to bring them to my website, where I'm going to ask them to fill in a form and get their email address, and then I will try to up sell them to the courts. But that's basically the main idea of most that anyways, So we're going to find keywords now. We're going 20 words. Then we're going to later on upload it and targeted Terrible. We're going to thank you. So I want to find keywords for people who would like to know how to build the list. And even though it may seem obvious, actually challenged, and it's it's not. Sometimes the Boesky was. You really don't know what they're going to be like. So let me just open my text later here. I don't usually use text editor, but in this case I am going to do it. So it's just a bit more clear for you, at least. Okay, so a couple ways we're going to do that. The 1st 1 is or actually just just one away. 1st 1 is to just search on youtube dot com. Example for this would include list building. So that's already a healthy list of cures. So list building. And I don't think, unfortunately, I can. Um, yes. How do I get dull those emails without having to type in manually? Everything. See, this is quite annoying, less building tutorial. Then it's the same, followed by tips, training, video profit. How much training, then you. So basically someone looking for a list building training video is going to be delighted by my video because I give out a lot of tips. And I showed that I showed him that I'm an influence on an authority because I've done very well with email marketing the best. And if they want to learn more than he'll have to head to my website, obviously. But you can capture a lot of key words here by tapping this building or list more killing smoking inside, you're think email, marketing, marketing, best practices for beginners, 2015 tips, tips and tricks. It's so you can get get your keywords on here, but another great place is going to be the Google keywords planner, which has changed in the past. But I was 52 years ago. Something keyword planner. They go. So you need to be locked your AdWords accounts. But that shouldn't be a problem. Open it up. Okay, So once your in the Google AdWords planning, you can head to Tim. Tim, Tim, search for new keywords using a phrase website, a category. So click on that, then in here You want to based will not please. What rights deep he was that defined the most and the most common keywords related to your industry. So if I want to, Do you know this building An affiliate marketing it would be a list building, which makes sense. Email marketing just to keywords is going to be just enough to get a healthy list of cures . So time to let me access click on, get ideas and then just keep the group ideas and just go with keyword ideas. Okay, so you're going to get a list of keywords that all celt after. Keep in mind that the key words that people type into YouTube all generally different than the key was that I've been to go it's always going to be more, you know, How can I say tutorial oriented on YouTube? And those are like he was searched for on Google. But I don't know off a two that can help you found keywords for YouTube. If you do, be sure to let me know. But I haven't seen that. And then what you can do is you could click download, open it up on a single drive. That's pretty cool. So those are 800 automatically generated keywords. Take up open fire, which is going to a bullet fighting Google drive. If you don't have a gondola as an Excel sheet, that's going to work also. All right, so all of these key words are going to be for you. Teoh Cell Doubt. The problem is by default. It's not going to be very targeted, especially the high keywords, because the high keywords are usually the most general searches, for example, work from home Off course affiliate marketing is a way to work from home, but you can see why this keyword would perform less than, for example, um, email. More kidding, of course, but that's a pretty broad, que what so you can go ahead and you can paste all of these keywords. Okay, I'm just going to take an example and then just based them in your text editor and manually go ahead and remove those that you don't think or relative related enough to your industry . Soap making email is obviously not going to cut it. Integrated email communication. I don't even know what that there's enough template. More kidding Plan. Could be. But let's not do that. And so you're going to be evil to look at his mass email stuff where marketing your business could also work. You're going to take all of these keywords and you're going to place them, and we're going to pays them in Teoh the advertising, targeting spots, any tube, and then we're going to see which one converts, and we're going to remove the understudy and 9. Using Camtasia: all right, so this video is going to be a bit difference. Perhaps you've noticed it. And the reason for that is I am using screen cast O Matic to record this one. And the reason for that is two things. First off, I want you to be able to see what a video shot with, um, it's contest dramatic in full screen looks like so issue like it's then I know that you can get the same quality for free using a screen cast O Matic The free version. And secondly, I'm going to record myself using Camped Asia. And unfortunately, I cannot recall myself. Uh, you know, using kept Asia with Kim. Teacher doesn't work doesn't work. So first stuff. Let's open up. Come. Tasia is going to appear right here, but it's got start recording. We're going to go with four screen. Okay, Hopefully it doesn't buck things that I mean look, no, it doesn't look like it's bugging up. So what I want to do in these videos, I just want to show you the quality you can expect from a video from Camp Asia how to edit them. I'm not going to go over too much because it's so simple and they have video tutorials. But what I am going to do is I'm going to show you the good export settings because if you fail your export settings, your video is going to look much up here than it. Sure, actually. So Kim seizures right here. I'm actually recording while I'm using confusion, so I could have done it. Thank you. Have that stupid. Okay, so this is the slide videos that you saw in the beginning of the cold, but I'm actually going to stop calling this them because it's a bit It's a bit useless. Okay, So war in this, um, in the editors waas as soon as you've recorded something on Kim Tasia is going to appear anti media section here. That only to do is dragged the media out to this to what is It's called a timeline. Okay. And this is where you actually work on videos. So this is the timeline. Usually when I ends my videos, does a, you know, a late and see between when I stop talking and then I need to actually go ahead and click of Stop recalling. So I'm I always end up the leading something here. Uh, you know, something like 10 seconds of videos, but I already did that. And the way you do that is OK, do we do this is you simply select a port of them of the timeline by keeping the tab, uh, the tab key pushed by pressed and selecting what you want and then just hitting back. But it's going to look different on whether or not you're using condition for Mac or for computer for excuse me for windows. So look, there's a couple things that I always do in my videos, and you're going to recognize them is I always add a cursor effect because the curse is really looks quite small under annual screen And who is just, you know, I want people to be able to see it. Even if someone would look, my video with a you know, half blight person were to watch my videos. I want due to still be able to see my my my moves. OK, so are your effects. Looks. If you have a good microphone, you're not going to use your not going to need any of this honestly. Just doesn't compute with me. I just never use it. Video effect. I never do too, because the reason I don't is I want my videos to the professional. And remember, Does, uh, mix at those videos that you would watch in 2007? People will make them with Windows movie maker, whatever it wants. It looks it doesn't look good. Look, it doesn't look good and none of these actually good, in my opinion, I mean, why would I have to do that right? If you want to remove, an effect is going to be located, right? Aldouri concede the effects of both curves, highlight and CPR. Go to prove that one again by hitting the back. But so what do I think you should know about annotations of pretty cool. So in case you forgot to say something in your video, you can always add, uh, text. Okay. And if you don't want to speak in your video, you may as well at Dex, but you're going to have to add a lot of it. And so that's how you ad your text. You can move it around, Sarah. So right here is the lengths off the annotation. That means it's going to stall that two minutes and one seconds as going to go all the way to two minutes and five seconds and you can make it both bigger. Come on. You can make it bigger. Move it around. Okay, but that's just theory. A medical to actually put that on my video. So a lot of different bubbles. Really? They're all text holders. Okay, so it doesn't really matter which one you use. You can go ahead and point out to something that's important in the video. Uh, yeah. You can do that if you want. I never do it, though. Um, but there's a cool little effects. I mean, I create so many videos. Problem is, I should a least 10 videos a day, so I don't go into what I do. Perhaps I should go up section and those all just hope sees those air just holders here. Okay. So frames that you get to your billions something that I use very often is the blur blur of information. For example, I'm typing in a password or even my email dress. In some cases, I'm going to blow it out with this at this blurry ness for imitation of actual A service called. But basically, if you had to meditation and go to blur, this is it. And it has the same properties as every annotation meanings. You can make it bigger, smaller, etcetera, and you can blur out pretty much anything. So as you can see, you can still see through it. But the idea is to get, you know, to hide text, you know, important information, because that that's pretty much it. But if you haven't, if you've never been, if you've never used continue, excuse me and you're going to use it for the first time, we're going to render your video, and it's not going to look good. And you might wonder, Well, why is that? It's because Camp Asia is by default going to, um, break down. Your screen is going to lower the pixels on the screen, and you're going to see that if you click here or to click on the actual frame. No, I'm 100% when it comes to the skill, but by default you're going hula. By default, you're going to be set at 50%. It's always that way. It's always that way. Yeah, you're going to be set up 50% but you won't even notice it because the canvas is also going to be set to 50%. All right, so this is what you're going to see. And to you, it looks good. It looks awesome. But if you exported, it's going to be ugly. Okay, it is going to be probably is going to be all blurry. You won't even be able to read genetics. What you need to do is to click on this scale up all the way to 100% the rotations in the position, the capacity, etcetera. Just don't touch that unless know what you're doing. And then you continue to adjust the canvas by zooming out. Just canvas in going with YouTube. 10 80 p. That's what I recorded. Now do keep in mind. I have a lot of space. I have hardware's. It's terrible, but I'm here to hotel use. That's there's something quite annoying with which company Asia is, but it is necessary to have really high quality videos. My, my videos, the highest quality. The thing is for this video, which is going to be three minutes, something to file. It's probably going to end up being 1/4 of a gigabyte. So it's big defiance of big their heavy, and I'm going to show you how to make them. Ah, smaller if you want. So in order to export your video, head to the share button here avoids advanced export. Exactly. Don't export is you won't be able to select settings which want to do to think little advance export. Get a first off a couple options if this one is export to MP four, which is what I do. But then you have all of these different, different extensions. But I just always good with people naming it, of course, all right. And then, if you could come option. This is way gets interesting. The frame rate. I always go with the highest because look this. You know, it's not as if they were offering 30 25 15. It's 30 15 10 and 15 looks awful. So don't even go with that key frame every 24 words. I don't know what a key frame is. I really don't. I never touched this in my video. Look, capital. Good. So the quality. Um, Okay, look, It says smaller file size or high quality. I've maxed this out because I want. I don't care if my files you know or heavy, I really don't. So to me it's a problem. But if you want, if you can't afford to have, you know five videos, you know 55 minute videos, and that's to give advice. If you can't really fold that they go, it's more fire size. Do keep in mind if you go with the lowest fire size. Your video is going to be ugly, so high quality, smaller. Find size. Maybe you'll be able to find them. No balance. I just makes it out. And image size is the current image size, so don't mess with that. Just add just a canvas to 10 80 p, and then you will have to selected here. He just can keep current and this click OK, and then once that's done, you can export on. It takes a couple minutes. It's not Silveria