How To Rank YouTube Videos In A Few Seconds Flat | James Canzanella | Skillshare

How To Rank YouTube Videos In A Few Seconds Flat

James Canzanella, Utterly Simple Online Profits

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16 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Meet And Greet

    • 2. How To Find Hot Offers On Clickbank

    • 3. How To Find MORE Hot Offers

    • 4. How To Legally Spy On Competitors

    • 5. Why You Have To Check Backlinks

    • 6. Various Videos

    • 7. Video Tool 1

    • 8. Video Tool 2

    • 9. Video Tool 3

    • 10. Sneaky Tricks To Triple Conversions

    • 11. Sneaky Tricks To Triple Conversions Part 2

    • 12. The #1 Commission Killer

    • 13. How To Rapidly Rank YouTube Videos

    • 14. How To Get 300 High Quality Backlinks For Only $3

    • 15. The Power Of The Thumbnail

    • 16. Congratulations!


About This Class

If you've ever wanted to discover how six-figure marketers are constantly ranking their YouTube videos on the top of both Google and YouTube, without spending a ton of money and without being an expert, then this course is for YOU!

Inside this system, I’ll walk you through 2 lucrative ways for leveraging YouTube to promote your affiliate links: both for Clickbank and any JVZoo or WarriorPlus offer.

The meat of this course is mostly done over the shoulder so you can see exactly what I do, along with a case study that showed how I quickly ranked for a buyer keyword.

Discover How To Create Passive Income By Reviewing Products And Uploading Them To YouTube: 

  • How to promote affiliate offers on YouTube
  • Make commissions even on a shoestring budget
  • Proven & tested strategies to convert viewers into buyers

Contents & Overview

In this training, you’ll discover a quick & easy method to promote affiliate offers by uploading product reviews to YouTube and ranking them in a few seconds flat! 

First, we’ll cover how to identify hot products on marketplaces like ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus. There are literally thousands of offers you can promote, but it’s absolutely imperative you pick the best products!

Next, I’ll show you the exact process to spy on your competitors. This step is important to figure out how easy or hard it will be to outperform your competition.

The core of this method is about creating product reviews that convert in just a few minutes. I’ll show you the best free video creation tool along with proven & tested techniques to skyrocket the conversion rates of your video review. If you are looking to convert thousands of viewers into buyers, then you’ll love the strategies inside section 4.

Last but not least, I’ll walk you through ranking your product reviews high on both YouTube and Google. You’ll discover how to get dirt- cheap backlinks to your videos, how to harness the power of thumbnail pictures to get thousands of clicks as well as what tags & keywords you should use to drastically increase your rankings.

By the time you complete this training, you’ll be equipped with a powerful, actionable and easy-to-implement formula to earn commissions by creating high quality product reviews.

Go ahead and enroll today, you won't regret it!