How To Raise Vibration Instantly To Attract Dream Life

Ruchir Kumar, Learn, learn & learn

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7 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction

    • 1. By Using EO

    • 2. By Eating HV Foods

    • 3. By Listening SS

    • 4. By CB

    • 5. By Watching FYV

    • 6. Conclusion


About This Class

If you want to attract life of your DREAMS, then you need to in
High vibration.You need to feel good for more goodness to flow
in your life.

Unfortunately, due workload or some reason we forget to raise
our vibration & live life by DEFAULT (which is challenging &

This class is about Raising Vibration Instantly, especially for
Busy professionals. Each method discussed is easy, effective &
has instant results.

You will discover -

  1.  How 12 hours working Corporate Professional uses SECRET method to be in HIGH vibes (takes only 5 secs)
  2.  A Daily habit that might be Draining your Lifeforce & resulting into lower vibrations
  3.  How to harness the power of breath for boosting high vibrations in no time.
  4.  How proper use of headphone can change your life (No it is not about listening to favorite music)
  5.  How can Youtube be used for transforming low vibrations to higher ones

This class will help you in raising your vibration for
attracting Life of your dreams.

Click "ENROLL" button for getting started.

See you inside.


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cute and short
I really enjoyed this class - simple every day things to implement in your life to raise your happiness level. Good even for busy people.
I know most of these things but hadn't realised they raise vibration - very informative and helpful! I'm off to eat some raw seeds and raise my chakras whilst diffusing an EO.





Ruchir Kumar

Learn, learn & learn

Hey there! I'm Ruchir. I am an Entrepreneur & Artist. I love learning.

I believe everyone should learn,learn & learn whether you are 7 years old or 90 years old. Life is about learning at every possible moment & improve its quality.

Most of us stop learning after completion of college. In order to achieve something NEW,we have to learn something new. We cannot achieve different result with same strategy.

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