How To Quickly Find And Post New Instagram Hashtags With All Your Photos | James Canzanella | Skillshare

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How To Quickly Find And Post New Instagram Hashtags With All Your Photos

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How To Quickly Find New Instagram Hashtags

    • 3. How To Quickly Post New Instagram Hashtags

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About This Class

If you're not posting relevant hashtags with your Instagram photos, then you are missing out on a TON of free targeted traffic. In this course, you can watch over my shoulder as I show you not only how to find many new hashtags, but more importantly, how to quickly post them using a neat little trick.

The more often you post on Instagram, the more time this course is going to save you. So make sure you enroll now... as you can thank for me later :)

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, it's James. Cancel. Hello and welcome to my course where I'm going to show you how to quickly find an post new instagram hashtags to all of your photos. Now, this course is actually in two parts. The first part. I'm gonna easily show you how to find new Hashtags. Let me tell you, this is so easy. Even a cave man could do that. But most importantly, in the second part, I'm going to show you how you can quickly post those were literally you conceive anywhere from an average of I don't know 234 maybe even five minutes when it comes to every single post. Now think about that. If you post 100 times and that's saving you around five minutes proposed, that's gonna be around 500 minutes that you can get back in your life, thanks to me and this course you post 1000 times Well, it's just only going to increase. So most importantly, this is about saving you a ton of time using one simple little trick. I guess you could say very easy to do. Anyone can do it. I'm going to show you over the shoulder, literally on my phone. Using instagram. Sounds pretty cool, right? You want to know what it is? Well, you're gonna have to enroll. So go ahead and do that Now, when I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. How To Quickly Find New Instagram Hashtags: Hey, what's up? It's James Kansan all and welcome to my course where I'm going to show you how to quickly find in post new hashtags for all of your instagram photos. So this is going to be a two and one. The first video. I'm going to show you how to actually find them, which is very easy. And the second part is going to be a really big time saver, because when you're posting around up the 30 hashtags, I think it's 30 which is the max around 29 or 30. If you type that in every single time, that's gonna take a lot of times. So not only am I gonna show you how to find them, but quickly post them so you can move on and save yourself a lot of time in the process. So let's begin. Let's open up Instagram and what you want to do here first is search for any type of keywords or not keywords. Excuse me? You want search for authorities in your niche or you want to search for hashtag So I'm gonna stroke with Hashtags. Let's just do surge. Let's do tags. Let's do affiliate marketing. Okay, first. This is the first way of do it. Just for an example. In this, I'm going to do anything affiliate related. So once you type an affiliate right here already, you're gonna have a ton of them that come up. OK, so that's the first way of doing it. And what we want to do here and close this some. Whenever we come up with a hashtag, we're gonna tape it in. So we got in space. Okay, Now let's go back to this, okay? We're going to tap on one. There's gonna be related at the top, OK? These they're gonna be helpful. So let's just say hash tag. Make sure you put that in there. It's very important. And make sure it's all one word. Very important. Okay, let's do another one. Internet mark getting next. We had business. Oops. Not hip up opportunity. Okay, cool. Let's move back. Okay, so now let's go to a few. So let's top on one. And what you want to do is just look for tags that are going to be used within each. Okay, let's check this out. Here we are. So we got online. Business would be helpful. we got online, we got affiliate affiliate marketing network marketing. MLM work from home. Wrong button. Okay, so it's to work from home. Hashtag work from. There's a reason why I'm kind of typing them in here. I'll show you Once we get going, it's going to save you a ton of time. But either way, okay, lets see. Affiliate marketing, Internet marketing success Entrepreneur Those are pretty basic. Go big or go home Millionaire Mindset ffolliott Marketing Sit back. Let's do it this way. Usually, if you look for those quotes, they have more of them with him. Here you go digital marketing and online marketing. So digital marketing, online marketing. Okay, Do you want to make sure they're at least somewhat related? Let's it back that way I can just search for those pictures. It's gonna be much easier that way. I see Business mindset entrepreneur, Unmotivated Philia, marketing wealth, home business, suit, home business, right. And regardless of what your niches, you'll be doing the same exact thing. I just like looking for those, you know, success quotes. Those usually tend tohave a ton of hash tags on them because people want more exposure. Let's see business about dot com. Okay, to keep looking for some more. Nope. And for this one, random ones, Like cash or money. They're just too generic. That could be for anything. You know, someone could come home from their day jobs or return some cans for $20 put cash in their hashtags. So I'm not going for something like that. Needs to be a little bit more targeted. And keep that in mind when you're doing your niche as well. Okay, let's see more. Here we are. Online network marketing, home business. I'm a limb. Could do network marketing, but I'm not big on that. So I'll pass nothing. Here we are through it. Marketing span for spam. There's a good one. See more. No herbal life here. Can is gonna look for about a minute or two more. You get the idea here. It's to marketing. Hate my job. There's a good one marketing, but you're killing me. Okay, so maybe that was the last time. Let's go back up to the top. Okay? Entrepreneurship will do that. Oh, no. Then I got actually spell that out in front of you. Not happening. I always butcher that word. Ah, would have a lot here. Anything that's more than, like, 10,000. Let's do. It's to affiliate. Awesome. Okay, so what I would do here, I would create groups of these Hashtags I'd say between like, 25 29 or so, and do a bunch of them. Okay, so now that I have these, it's gonna get done, so it saves. That's the first part of the video. Now you're gonna see what I'm actually going to do with ease. When this video finishes, I'm just gonna add a few more just to show you what it's all about so I can get more of them. All right. But that's video number one. Very easy to do in terms of finding Hashtags. What you want to do is just type in one that's related. Normally, if you're in, like weight loss, it's gonna be insane. Not whatever I just spelled. Okay. It's gonna be like, a 1,000,025 million. 10 million is gonna be so much easier to find them. But affiliate marketing is a little bit more niche down. So either way, go through that, find a bunch of hashtags, put them in groups in terms of between 25 30 maybe 29. You'll always have a ton of them. And in the next video, we'll show you how to use them. All right, See you there. 3. How To Quickly Post New Instagram Hashtags: Hey, what's up? It's James. Ken's null and I am back. And, as you can see, have a few more hashtags all written down. So what I want to do with these is I'm just going to kind of tap and hold on the screen. A copy. I'm gonna drag all of this. Okay to the end. Hoops. That's not the end and hit. Copy. That's it. Ok, now let's go back to Instagram. What I'm going to do is find a photo to post and I'll see you in one second. Okay, So here's a photo I picked up just for random use. Let's find something that looks a little better. That'll do. Let's hit next. Okay, Normally, I just like adding my two cents to it, but Ah, I don't know this. Let's see. Do this. Sure. Now all I need to do is tap on that and hit paste. And just like that, they're all there. Ok, do you see what I did now? Normally, what you're gonna do what probably assume a lot of people do, is they type and you know, a Then they gotta do affiliate. They might do a again for affiliate marketing than affiliates, and they got a type all that out. OK, do you see what I did there? Especially if you're posting a lot? It's just hit share. Okay. And just like that. Now what you can do sometimes if you don't want to open up No pad. You could just go to edit and just select Dragged that all the way down, dragged this over hoops. Let's get that hash tag in there. Okay? Finals copied all. Whatever. Okay. And then any time I want toe, you know, paste those in. I just got a hit paste. OK? Do you see how much time that can save you? Especially when you're doing more Hashtags? Let's say you're doing, like, 25 typing all of those in there. I used to do manually for a long time, okay? And that's that wasted so much time. Then I realized, you know, why don't I just paste them in there? Okay. Made my life so much easier. And that's what I was talking about. If you do specific groups, let's say you're in a niche. We have ton of them. I'm sure there's a lot more than I'm showing you, but what I would do is I would start doing different hashtag so this would be one okay. And then I would do another one. Was this hashtag? Okay, whatever this is, let's say I do about I don't know, 20 more, But all these in the bottom, we're going to be different from the top, so you can always rotate around. And all you gotta do is like I said before to select it and copy it. Okay, let's say there was 20 year would copy this. Then I would post the picture, post my two cents my thought and then paste in the hashtag. That's it. All right. So instead of typing all of them out, all those new hashtags you got, this is going to save you a ton of time. All right? Just because I used to do it this way where I was typing in that I go, you know, why don't I just paste these s So with that being said, very simple stuff, but it will save you a lot of time. That's the end of the course. If you learned anything new, if you got at least one golden nugget out of it, go ahead. Give it a thumb's up. Give it a five star to the stars on here. 12345 There we go. There's the five star rating we could give it. The thumbs up to right was the thumbs up. There it is. Give it the five or give it this one. I cracked myself up. Either way, that's the course I am James Skins and Ella. Thank you for watching, and I'll talk to you soon.