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How To Promote Your Webinar With Facebook Ads

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Welcome to our training!

    • 2. Meet & Greet

    • 3. Why You Should Research Your Audience

    • 4. How To Create A Customer Avatar

    • 5. How To Research Your Audience With FB Audience Insights - Part I

    • 6. How To Research Your Audience With FB Audience Insights - Part II

    • 7. How To Research Your Audience With FB Audience Insights - Part III

    • 8. Quantcast & SEMRush - Two Great Tools

    • 9. Why You Can’t Live Without Conversion Tracking

    • 10. How To Install A Conversion Tracking Pixel

    • 11. Outsourcing - Let Others Do The Work For You

    • 12. How To Drive Converting Traffic With Paid Facebook Ads

    • 13. How To Select Images That Convert

    • 14. Crafting A Converting Ad Copy

    • 15. Advanced Targeting Strategies - Retargeting

    • 16. How To Install A Retargeting Pixel

    • 17. How To Create A Retargeting List

    • 18. Creating Retargeting Campaigns Like A Pro

    • 19. Congratulations!

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About This Class

How To Promote Your Webinar With Facebook Ads

This course will reveal to you how to promote your webinar and get hundreds of prospects on board with paid Facebook ads!

You’ll learn how to create highly targeted paid traffic campaigns and reach out to potential buyers like a professional Facebook marketing agency!

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Reap the Benefits Of Promoting Your Webinar With Facebook Ads:

  • Gather valuable information about your target audience with FB Audience Insights
  • Work with conversion tracking to measure & optimize your campaigns
  • Step-by-step tutorials to create converting ads in minutes
  • Deploy advanced re-targeting strategies to take your campaigns to the next level

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to harness the power of Facebook ads with advanced strategies to get hundreds of prospects on your webinar – even with a limited budget!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Welcome to our training!: Hey there, Patrick, Your end. I'd like to welcome you only half of my partners send her kids to a red new training called Facebook Web, nor mastery. So this course real reveals to you. How would you promote your weapon or and get hundreds of prospects on board with paid Facebook ads? You learn how to great hiding, targeted pain, traffic and pains and reach out to potential buyers just like a professional Facebook or anything agency. So we'll cover things like how together valuable information about your target audience with Facebook audience insights. It's a great tool will cover. How do you work with conversion tracking to measure and to optimize your campaigns? How do you create converting ads in minutes and also some events? Retargeting strategies to take her campaigns to the next, Now give you a weapon or more exposure today and I'll see you on the other side 2. Meet & Greet : Hey there, Petrie here, and I'd like to welcome you on behalf of my partners. Send her kids to read and training called Facebook webinar mastery. In this training, he will discover how do you effectively promote your weapon or squeeze page with paid Facebook? At my goal is to show you how you can get as many people as possible on U webinar the matter with nature. In you'll discover step by step instructions to research it. Hurry the audience to create ads and to Dr highly targeted traffic, highly converting traffic to your weapon or landing page. And besides that, we will also cover some or advanced strategies like Retargeting you will. Absolutely enough. That's action. So that's what I have to offer. Now let's get started and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Why You Should Research Your Audience: The first step is to define who your target audience is. This is a step that 95% of businesses marketers skip. They just do not research through their target audience is and well, this is one of the reasons why this training is different. We will not skip this step. What we will not do is no taking the old pen and paper approach, just sitting down with pen. You know, a piece of paper and thinking. Brainstorming who are potential client might be the person who will most likely attend your webinar. Well, that is just That's not how performance marketers buildup campaigns. That is not how performance market, Tory's and successful businesses promote a webinar right or build up a list or do whatever what we really use. A solid data and the following videos. L show you how to harness the power of data to really pinpoint who your perfect Klein is, who the person iss world get on you, Avenor and maybe even buying something at the end of the webinar. If that is your goal. Okay, so the falling videos you'll discover how to use data to really dented by your perfect line , the person that you should reach out you and get annual webinar. I'll see you in the next video 4. How To Create A Customer Avatar: Okay, so I hope you're ready to take the first step. You will really like the strategy and the best part about the entire research processes that we will only use one too old that is 100% free. You will not have to pay a single cent for doing this, right? So that's great news at the beginning. So here's the first step. The first step is to well, just do a very basic customer. Avatar. I just want you to open a very simple, you know, text at it on your Mac. Or, you know, you can You can you can just set up a work document or use, um, Google docks or Google sheets. If if you have a Gmail account, whatever. Just a simple text editor, right, and I want you to fill it with of the following information country, right? Just leave that blank here than includes a section about the H D gender, the location than the income, the education, the relationship, occupation interests and the behavior off your target audience. Just really don't feel. And don't Flynn anything here we will do that. That that's how your research eat. Well, look at the end, and that will be the fundament of promoting u webinar. Believe it or not, right so again, a very simple sheet just like this with the following information age, gender, location, income, education, relationship, occupation, interests and last but not least, behavior, Right? Once you've done that, it's time for this second step. And the second step is to, well, basically opening a new text editor in new sheet and well, identifying the 10 biggest players in your niche market. So let's say I want to promote a webinar That's all about social media marketing. Okay, let's say I'm something some really expensive coaching at the end of it or, you know, some product an e book. I don't care what it is. It's just a webinar in the social media marketing space where I will talk for, like 40 55 45 60 minutes about a certain topic, for example, how to set up successful ad campaigns. And at the end of the webinar, I want to sell something well, so the big question is, who are the people who are most likely interested And while attending that webinar well, as we figured out before, what most marketers businesses do is just gassing like Oh, my ideal client. Or the person will most likely attend this 44 years old living in New York. Um, he is working in sales. He's married, he has two kids and he's interested in either baseball and social media marketing, right? Well, this is not the approach that we will take because it's the shortcut to fail and to waste money on Facebook at here's where they want you to do, create and well, basically research the 10 biggest competitors in your market. If you're in the dock food market, then hack your in the dark fruit market. Okay? Just go there and take a look who the 10 biggest players are who also have a certain form of online property, like a website. Okay. Trying to find the 10 biggest blocks. The 10 biggest websites where people gather who are interested in Well, what you try to sell what you're recovering in your webinar. The big question is why are we doing that? Well, I will show you a tool that we will ease to look to take a look at the audience of those, um, competitors. Right? So Let's take a look at social media marketing, the websites and the competitors that I discovered our social media examiner, Jon Loomer. Razor results will on social mouths. Post planner Dustin to foul Excedrin. Any port if you don't. Okay, so I will take a look at the audience behind Soldier Media Examiner, for example. I want to know who these people are, who are interested in social media marketing. Hope that makes sense. So we will legally spy on our competitors or on your competitors. Right? So we'll take a look at who these people are, who are already interested, showing some interest in social media marketing. And, well, if I am for webinar that is just covering the kind of topic that social media examiner recovers. Then guess what? I'll just target those people, right? It's really super super easy off course. We will have to do some testing on, but you know, this is really the re to go. This is how you can really pinpoint who your ideal client might be, and you won't see that we'll get pretty accurate results. You will not have to do a crazy amount of split testing ads because you're getting super accurate right off the bat. Right. So right from the beginning, we reaching out to the right audience. Okay, so again, first of all, please do research he like like that You will feel absolutely great if you do that because it's really the first step off, creating really converting ads and getting a lot of people on board for U webinar and then just research the 10 biggest players in your niche market. Make sure they do something that But what you trying to sell any webinar or what you're covering in your webinar? And while there is also no blueprint to researching your competition, it's pretty assembly. Just go to Google, right? And Google is a really great tool for were researching. It's, you know, it takes a little bit of time. If you don't know who your competitors are, write those down that you know that are like, you know, big, significant players in your market. But if you don't know who they are, eight don't worry about it. Just do a very simple search, enter things like biggest forums in, you know, and then just enter your market, um, like biggest social media marketing forums, biggest social media, marketing blocks, best social media, marketing blocks and so on. So you just have to be a little bit creative here and well, that's what you have to do in the first step, right? And once you've done that, logging into her Facebook ants manager, right, That's how it looks like. And then do you see this betting over here? It's s jewels. This tap click on tools and then select audience insides from the drop down. I just have to wait a second and you're just about to discover my favorite tool when it comes to researching your audience. It's really fascinating. I really love that, too. Oh, I'll show you how it uses in just a moment. So this is Facebook audience insights. Welcome to probably the best tool on Earth that is, you know, totally for basically 100% for free, right? So you're having access to all the information that Facebook and its partners gathers are gathering on a daily basis about well, all the people on this planet, all the people who joined Facebook and we've only use that tool Do you find that all information that is relevant for us and that is necessary to create Really converting adds to get a lot of people on board for our webinar. Right? So we have information about the age and gender live style, relationship status, education level. In case you haven't worked with Facebook audience inside yet, you will absolutely love this tool. In the next video, we will actually cover how to use Facebook audience insides. Also step by step, how to use that tool, how to use the company, your competitors to, well, basically legally spy on their audience. And then we'll just have to take notes on on your on the audience of your competitors. It's really super simple, and it's also really fun. Prose is because you will see that you will get a lot of clarity of that. Who the people in your niche markets are. Okay, so the first thing again I want you to do you set up those two sheets and then logging into her Facebook ads manager and just try playing. Allow around with this tool. I will show you around in the next video, right, But just try to get the feel for Facebook audience inside. Just you know, it's like it's like a playground. Just try experimenting with it. Click on different haps here, tried to get a feel for this tool and, well, announcing the next video, where I will show you how to strategically research the audience off your competitors. 5. How To Research Your Audience With FB Audience Insights - Part I: Okay, let's get started with the research. So the first thing that you have to Andrew is? Well, just pick any capacitor, right? The biggest player in the social media marketing spaces. Social media examiner. Now, since these guys air pretty huge, I'll be able to find him and the in the interests action because they have a fan page. So I would just Andrew Social media examiner, right? Just Andrew the name of your biggest competitor here. Also, by default, you will see the United States and the location section, so just remove the country here. The section should be empty. Now what happened? While magic happens, right? We have all the information about the audience of social media examiner who are active on Facebook. Bright. It's crazy. Yeah, but you have that information for free at its fantastic. So you see, you have information about the demographics about the liberal graphics off that audience age, gender, the lifestyle, relationships, stages, educational level, job title and so on. Right? We have information about pages that social media examiner that the organs of social media examiner likes top categories, pages. You can sort things by relevance, audience size and affinity right. So how likely your audiences to like a given page compared to everyone on Facebook? Then we have information about the location, the top cities, top countries, top languages. It's really crazy than the activity. How active, the or and Facebook, what devices they used to access Facebook and then even information about the household income and the purchase behaviour for the United States. We would have to specify the country here, the access that information. But we'll do that in just a moment. So if you have absolutely no clue who the people are that usual target, then here's thes solution. Click on location. Can you see that? Just click here than clicking tough countries and just click right next to selected audience so you can sort the audience by size. And well, here's what we see 47% off. The folks interested in Socially The Examiner live in the United States, 6% in the U. K. 6% in Canada, 3% in India, 0.9% in Egypt and so on. Right, So, viola. Here's the solution. If I wanted to do a webinar, um, and reach out to the audience of social media examiner. Then I know that well, the majority of my buyers people who will attended webinar and then maybe buying something at the end of that they live in the United States of America, right? 74%. So, um, this is the first thing I would basically take notes on the top five markets. You really want to also focus on buyer markets, right? I mean, seriously, Egypt is really a beautiful country. I love the people there. I've been there multiple times for vacation, but I don't know if they really have the money to spend for, let's say, a $10,000 coaching or a product that's like $300. But I know that the people living in United States of America half the month, So you really want to be clear about the top five countries you want to reach out. You you don't want to reject you Brazil or Australia or Bangladesh of the beginning. Just, you know, just take a look at your competitors and see where there are onions is coming from and take notes and that right, that's the first thing. Then you want to pick the biggest country and that's United States off America. So you want to take a closer look at the audience of social media examiners living in the United States. So we want to get a little bit more precise here. And to do that well, just enter the United States. United States off America. Here they are, just enter the country here. And then we want to take a look at the demographics off. You know, people living in the United States and the ones who are interested in social media examiner . So we want to get more precise results and, well, you will have to fill out a research she they customer avatar for each and every country just like that, right? So what I want you to do is to enter the name of the country that you're checking out. And really, you wanna be really careful. And, um, you want to be really careful when you gather that information because seriously, based on that information, you will start setting up your at's. This is really important. There's a really important exercise, So take a couple of minutes, ideally, one or two hours to do that research you will do it once that you know the more careful and accurate you are at that point, the batter, your your actual perform. I can promise that. So long story short as we see 61% off that audience as female 39% is male. That would take notes in that right. And then we see that the main, the core age is between 25 54 both for for the female and the male audience. Now something I'd like to point out because this is something many marketers and business is totally forget. Now, I don't know what business you're in, but it can happen that this age group here will be the predominant one. Right? It can. It can happen that 40% of your audience is like between 18 and 24. Well, here's the problem with that onions. If you're selling like, kind of expensive products and especially if you try to get them to buy your products online, this can be a problem because I don't know about you. But when I was eating, you know, I didn't have, like, tons of money to spend. And if I wanted to buy something bigger I had to ask my parents, right? Probably you were in the very same situation. So if you're promoting really expensive products, supposed any products that have to be bottom line with a credit card, um, to that age group chances or that this audience will not convert you will have to pay less to reach out for that organs. Facebook knows that this audience is no kind of last valuable then this audience here. But you will also get worse results. So unless your business isn't geared towards like the 18 to 24 year olds like that's, you know by nature of your business, that's not your main demographic that you should be like, you know, kind of careful with that audience, because again, chances are they will not give you money because they don't have that money. And then they will ask. You pair their parents and they will say that Wait until Christmas or until your birthday. And chances are they won't forget about you by that, right? So unless your business isn't geared towards that, H were, Please be careful, especially if you try to sell more expensive items, right. But still, I would just take news, and that and the best age group is still. It's generally speaking, the one that's older than 30 years old. Typically, these folks at the job, you know, they have some disposable income. They have money to spend. So the 30 plus age group is generally speaking, always the best, then lifestyle. Well, I don't like the section so much, you know, they Facebook kind of describes the different age groups here. You can just, you know, sort it by audience size and take a look at that. And then they described, like the predominant target audience of socially The Examiner. Our career builders, right? Career building is made up off young, childless singles. They are a mix of mobile renters and first time homeowners living in condos and single family houses. Well, this might help you to picture your ideal client a little bit better, But still, this information is kind of useless, right? Because it will not help you to say that better rats. In 90% of the cases, I never take a look at that section here. However, the relationship status and education levels very interesting. So it would take notes on that um 56% are married, right? And I also see that my target audience pre educated 70% or have been to college and 17% um , or happen to rats girl, right? And there's also been average. So I know they're pretty much educated, and I assume that they are also earning pretty well. Jump title again. Just let's click here and sort things by audience size. I see that well, most of that. Most of the Facebook users are in management. Some administrative jobs and sales, arts, entertainment, sports and media and production said it would take those in the top five job titles here, right? 6. How To Research Your Audience With FB Audience Insights - Part II : Let's move on. Page likes top categories. You can take a look at that, but what's even more interesting is the sex near the page like section, Right? So you can also click on Seymour and you can get access to you like a ton of pages that that audience likes. So we have socially. The Examiner, of course. Facebook for business Mashable Amy Porterfield Social Media today Hap Spurt Hot suit Entrepreneur Mashable Social Media Inc magazine. Melanie Duncan, Fast company Digital marketer and so on. TechCrunch. Right. So why is this section is so important? Well, you only use this key words to use the interest targeting function on Facebook, which is like one of the most valuable features right that Facebook has to offer. So you can reach up to social media examiner, reach out to that audience. But you can also try reaching out to similar businesses of their like, kind of related. Okay, they do the same on then what social media examiner deaths, right? All of them are kind of related to social media marketing. So I would take notes on these pages here, and you can try to reach out to that. Audiences as well. And besides that, if you're struggling to find great content for your fan page for for your audience hate, just go to these websites to these fan pages and check out what they're doing. Okay, that's also another great way to research competitors and to monitor DeMann to get icon denied years. Just see what they're doing. Other fan pages. User competitors as a case study and then just trying to do something similar, right? So again, Page likes are very important. You really want to take notes on that section here, Right? Let's move on location. We already covered that. I mean, top countries, obviously just the United States, because we're taking a look at that. But still, you can take a look at the top cities. So we have New York L. A Chicago, Um, Phoenix and the every zone that Houston taxes San Diego East are the top cities and United States, where the audience of social media examiner is living in. Let's just take a look at what I did here, right? I gather some information about the main age group gender and also the location. So we have the we have your curie LH, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego and so on. So you really want to take notes on the, um you know, the top cities? You can get really precise with Facebook ads, and this is something I would use First Protest Inc. Things later down the road. Then we have activity, frequency of activities. We see that they that audience likes a lot of pages. They're very active. They come to love the post a lot. The share a lot of posts on the love to click on ATS. Now, first of all, this tells me that they're very active, so strong social media content strategy. It's something I would have to focus on. Anyways, I know we're talking about webinars here, but I'm just telling you that you can extract a lot more information from from the data. So if you see that there really active on Facebook, you should really focus on building up a fan page on, you know, sharing lots of stuff there, maybe even setting up a block, sharing content with them on a regular basis, because if they post a lot of the calmed a lot, if they like many posts and share lots of post. Well, as you know, the more people engaged with opposed the Mawr free traffic you won't get. And this is something that I love in general, if I get people on my page without having to pay a single cent for traffic, right. And besides that, the ads clicked. Well, as you know, there are two different bidding. Models will also cover them for Facebook, Atze CPC, and it's I'm CPM. So he can bit on the per click basis and you can also bet on the purview basis so you can your paper click or per 1000 views. If you see that that audience really loves to click on ants, which it clearly do, then you should consider to split as the CPM model right? The cuffs cost per 1000 impressions later down the road because if that audience loves to click on ads, chances are that you will have to pay less with the CPM model then, but the CPC, the cost per click model. Okay, that just a side note that this is a really valley built section here that can have some strategic implications, And how will you build on how you optimize your Facebook. That's campaign all the devices they're used. It's also pretty interesting. They're active from dust that step in mobile, which is great because, as you know, there are different at placements. Best top use feed ads, right hand column ants and then mobile ads. So in this case, and no reaching out to my target audience on desktop and mobile is a great idea or so. I would also take notes in that because A. That's what you have to do at the end of the date, right? Reaching out your audience, getting them to attend u webinar And if you know they're surfing a lot. And best of and mobile well, these air to at placements, you should consider if you see that virtually nobody is on mobile and that their only hanging out and dashed up well, then you also know that optimizing your weapon or for for removal campaigns is probably used less because maybe you're in the market where people are just hanging out or using an Internet browsing Facebook on their desktop PC's right. This happens just, you know, very rare cases. But maybe that's the case in your markets. Instead of wasting your time and money in trying to optimize your campaigns and your landing pages for a mobile. Don't do that. If you see they're only online on desktop, then forgot sake. Forget about mobile. Now, what's really interesting household income. You want to take notes on how much your target audience earns, right? So this is to implications. First of all, there is a section that we can use, um, really covered that in the during the at at creation process. But you can even target people depending on their income level. Right? So if you see that there is a certain target audience a certain group of people like predominant, for example, the rich kits, right? The rich people on Facebook, then Hey, it might be great that year to trying to reach out to these people. And besides that, it's also really important for surprising off your products. If you see that your target audience has a lot of money to spend, than you should price your products higher. If you see that, you know they're not really earning a lot of money. For example, in the gaming that you will see that the majority of that market earns between 40 or 50. Kate. Well, that's some cash, but probably they will not be able to afford, you know, very expensive products, right? So again, take notes in that because it's really important to be clear about how much money they can spend. And you can also use income targeting to reach out a very specific group of Facebook users , you know, to the ones that are in very well. For example, homeownership. Well, this is not so relevant. Household science, homework and values spending methods. Well, there's just some general information can take a look at it. No, it's not sore 11 for creating a customer avatar. And, well, then the purchase behaviour. You know, if you're if you're operating in the Commerce stores, this section is really pretty pretty interesting for you that it's not the number one section that you really have to focus on. 7. How To Research Your Audience With FB Audience Insights - Part III : now we covered the most important section. If you want to get the more laser targeted, what I did in case off the research heat that I just showed you take a look at it. You see that the data here is slightly different. The reason is I just focused on Avery Specific Age Corp and this is something that I can highly recommend now instead of taking look at everybody. His interest in social media examiner living United States. You really want to focus on the most valuable group of people, and these are typically the ones between Let's see, like 25 to 44 babies in 54. Let's see like 30 to 54. Okay, let's let's go with that so you can filter or narrow down your search a little bit more 3 to 54 and get even more accurate results. Or, if you just want to focus on women, use you say, Okay, I just want to go for a female audience, for God's sake, just go ahead and do that. Then you are getting, like, really super precise or you say you just want toe reach out to to the male audience I don't know. It also depends in your business. But generally speaking, you can get even more laser targeted. And then And this is really what I I recommend to do the site on the country that you wanna reach out you and the most valuable audience, right? Forget about the ones for between 8 18 to 24 also should forget about the ones her older than 65. In case you want to teach him, how do you build a business? Right. Chances are these folks will not byproduct about how do you build an online business? But most likely, these folks will only have the money to spend. Right? So if you're only one that focused on the very specific group, he should really do the research for a dacha group on Lee. A case of thinking information of of the relationship status, education level just green three going through the entire exercise. Right? But you're not gathering they they about, for example, the 18 to 24 year old stack you will not reach out to. Anyways, I hope that makes sense, right? And this is what I did. So that's the process of researching your target against. I hope you're not confused. I tried to make this as clear as possible. That's really important. So if you have any questions than hey, feel free to reach out. That can even update this entire course and include some more videos about this topic. But it's really fun process, and it's super simple. So just try to identify the top 10 competitors, and then you want to go through them one by one and just gather information about your competitors. You can even enter more competitors in here. I'm like. So for me, the Examiner, I could also enter a digital marketer. All the folks that I found out, Let's go with Digital marketer, right? All the folks that I found out I found out about, um, and this sheet here right. I could basically try to find all of them and end for them here. We just did. The exercise of social media examiner do get more precise results, but if you really want to do the fast track, then don't go through each and every competitor one by one, and all of them here, all of the businesses you could find and all of the businesses style are active and visible on Facebook and, well, trying to find out where their target onions is coming from, right, whether it's countries then pick a country. Can the United States, for example, than take a look at the demographics you really want in there, right down to, you know, the most relevant group of people here, and then just set up a very simple customer ever tart for that particular country, right? We've done the exercise for the United States. If I wanted to reach out to the UK than I would have to set up a separate customer avatar for the UK because chances are that there might be some differences. Maybe you know, the audience and in the UK is less educated than the one in the United States may be their arm or younger folks interested in that particular topic than in the Facebook users who are the living in the United States, for example, right, this is a great great strategy, can deploy its 100% free. So just go hat, do the research and really spend some time allocate like one or two hours to do the entire research. It's really important because again, the more you focus on really defining your target audience, the batter your campaigns will perform later, down down the road. There any questions about that? Just reach out. But that's the next action item you have to complete. 8. Quantcast & SEMRush - Two Great Tools: There are two more tools that I wanted to show you. The 1st 1 is Quan. Cast Kwan casters. Feel free as well, so just go to quantcast dot com. If you want to take a look at that great tool, said work similar than Facebook audience inside. The problem with Kwan cast is that well, not every website is listed, right? So I know that social media examiner is, for example, but many other websites like digital marketer dot com, which is also a competitor in the Soldier Media Market. Marketing space. Is it right? So let's just take a look at Quantum Fast social media examiner dot com Just enter to Dio Search. Well, here they are, and well, with Qantas, you're getting similar information like demographics. What the audience is so abuse me is the age of the whether they're their Children in the household, household income, education level, ethnicity right? Probably 90% 95% of the information. You can also find Facebook audience insights, but it's still a pretty great feature, especially because he have information app of the traffic of that website. Right begins like the date range, and you really see how many unique visitors and visits and views your competitors or getting. And they have also loved more information about, like media interests, shopping, interest, business in occupations. So there there's actually more detailed information in case you need that, Then just go ahead and take a look at Quan cast. If you're lucky and your competitors registered on quant cast, you can just spy on them there as well. But it's not too. Must have social media Examiner is is just a great example. And, well, you can see that 90% of the information is also available on Facebook via Facebook. Audience insights. But still, you know, if you want to get like a different angle app socially, The Examiner. If you just want to take a look at the website traffic there, a getting not so much the activity on Facebook. That's probably a good idea. Or to analyze your competitors and quant cast a spell, the other a tool. And that's when that we recently discovered it's called S e M Rashed up come So as the emirate's is primarily a tool that he used to research in the your competitors. When it comes to search engine optimization. So probably every S e o expert knows about it s who is not one of my springs. But I know a few things about cure research. How to do that. And the biggest problem about the entire research is that you really have to create a list of your competitors and then also sort them by relevance. So we talked about Google, which, well, it's just a great way to find your competitors, right. And you will see there, like, bigger or smaller. But chances are that you will not get the full picture, and ECM Rush will help you. So what he should do? It's just taking the biggest competitors, the biggest player in your market. So let's say again, we're talking about the soldier media marketing Spain's. And so for me, the Examiner is a really big player there. So what you should do is opening a SCM rush account right? Then you really want that Enter the name off your competitors here. So just and her www social media examiner dot com Do a search. So here we have loves off S e o related information already, which is not so relevant for you, but If you click on organic reach over here at research, organic research and and then and competitors, can you see that? Just click here then ECM rest will well basically display all the competitors in your niche market, right? All the competitors of Social media examiner chances are that they don't display all of them. But what I like about ECM rushes well, the showcase, the competition level, right, coming, keywords that if you're really struggling to find your competitors that an ECM rush might dwell e really help, right? So you can just take notes on your competitors here. You can also check them out in detail in case you want to play around with that tool. But again, if you're really struggling to find your competitors being a very simple Google search because your market the super complicated or you're just new to your market and you were just in the process of establishing your first business and then hey, don't worry about it, right? Just do that simple search with ECM Rush again. Just enter your competitor here, click on search, then just click on organic research and UN competitors. And you can just, you know, add them to your list to that one over here, right? And you can then just be a very simple search on Facebook. Audience inside and kwon cast and check out the audience behind your top competitors. 9. Why You Can’t Live Without Conversion Tracking : we're just about to create or first at it's time to get people on the Webinar. But there is one more thing we will have to do before and that IHS, including a conversion tracking pixel on your thank you page. Now what is conversion tracking? Why is conversion tracking so important? Why is tracking important in general and how is it related to Facebook ads and getting people to Teoh Attan u webinar? Well, here's a typical scenario, right? You will drive paid traffic Facebook traffic on a page on the Web in the registration page on the squeeze page. Right, you will announce your weapon, or you will ask your squeeze page visitors to subscribe so they will get notified when the webinar is starting. So this is really very straightforward and the very simple process we're sending visitors to squeeze page. You asked him to provide their email address, and they will get notified. They will get an email when the weapon or starting and those visitors provide their email address. If they register for u webinar thing, the then they will get automatically forwarded to something called the thank You Page right there's they hate things for for joining the list. Things were registering for the Web in or see you next Thursday at 4 p.m. Thank you. Think you think right? So you just want to start warming them up a little bit about what's coming next Thursday. So here's to think in a perfect world 100% off your traffic put convert right. All of the people that you would send to you to the weapon or to that squeeze page, they would say Yes, I want to be on board with that webinar But I don't want you to be sad, but it will not happen, right? We have to be realistic about that. Now, if your if your squeeze pages really well optimized, if you really know what you're doing, you will gather conversion rate of 50%. But in most of the time that's it. You will not get a higher conversion rate. Most of the time. It will be lower like 2030% right? Sometimes even 10% of your starting out. Um, And the thing is, we really have to trek. What kind of ads? That what What? At what interest targeting delivers the best results So we really want to find out who the people are, who the ads are that result in registrations. And what are the ads that are just Constance money without any single opt in the Facebook marketing is all about split testing at. And that's also the beauty about Facebook marketing and truth to be told most marketers and there they do not harness the power off the option of the possibility displayed test. I mean, of course, split testing is annoying, right? You have to split this different at combination. But if you decide to work with Facebook outs, you have to do it on the other side. It's safe. See a lot of money now with a newspaper at you just have one shot, right? And that one shelter will cost you well in big newspapers for you. 51,000 bucks if you want to make a webinar townsman, for example, right, so there's no room for testing. You just have one test and but with Facebook and you can even split this 5000 their friend in the at combinations. If you want you, you can split this different weapon or registration pages, different angles And then, if you see that something is working really well a very specific landing page with the very specific ad. Well, then you can just scale that bad boy gradually. Right? If you see that that combination worked with $50 then you scale gradually take the next step. $100.150 dollars a day, $200. And if you see if you're getting these results at a bigger budget, right, that's the beauty of Facebook marketing. And a conversion tracking pixel will help you to determine what ad is really delivering the best results. So I will show you how to install a conversion tracking picks, which is just a very simple snippet, the code snippet of JavaScript code that you post on that you include in your thank you page. So whenever a visitor makes it to your squeeze page and then provides his email address when that person registers for U webinar that visitor, that webinar at Indy will automatically get 4 to 2. Thank you Page and the pixel will get triggered. So this way you can determine what at what at combination What landing page really performed the best so you will see what add the true winner issue can scale that at. And what add the loser is conversion. Tracking is really powerful. I'm creating this video because I know that most of the marketers there were even the ones who, working with Facebook are not tracking their results. And this kind of makes me angry because converting tracking is making everything so much for efficient, but they still do not do it. And it's really simple to include the conversion tracking picks that I will even show me a resource to get it installed. For five bucks on Lee, it will make your life so much easier. And at the end of the day will just make a lot more avenue a lot more money because you really investing your badge it efficiently and you're seeing what's working right. The conversion tracking is one of the biggest gifts that Facebook has for you that will show you how to use it in the APP creation process and well, in the next video, basically show you how to install a conversion. Tracking picks with what the first steps are to generate a pixel code and then what the next steps are to included on your thank you page to trek and optimize your aunts and to get better results with your campaigns. 10. How To Install A Conversion Tracking Pixel : this. Would you want to show you how to install a conversion? Tracking picks? Learn how to set it up to get started logging into her Facebook ads manager than click on this tab. Over here it's called tools and then select pixels from the drop down. No Facebook meat. A little change so far. They're two different pixels. There's the custom audience pixel that you use for things like we targeting. And then there's the traditional conversion tracking pixel that is used to optimize and tracked conversions. For example, opt ends for U webinar, right? So Facebook is giving up that kind of division between these two different types of pixels , so there will be just one pixel. In fact, Facebook already introduced that pixel. It's called unified pixel eso. If you want them just create a unified pixel. However, conversion tracking still works. As you can see, Facebook announced that they were removing the conversion tracking picks on the second half of 2016 from conversion. Tracking, optimization and re marketing used the Facebook pixel so you can just click on Livermore and install the unified pixel. Or if you just don't care about that, just go ahead and install a in a kind of old conversion tracking pixel. In this video, I'll show you have consulted conversion, tracking pixel So it's just really completely up to you now to create the pixel. Just click here on, create pixel, right? That's the first step. Now you have to choose the type of action you want to measure. If you click on this drop down here, you can see there are six different types of actions to trek checkouts. Registrations, elites keep page views, adds to chart and other website conversions. So we're promoting a weapon or writing one people to register for the webinar. You want to get us many attendees as possible. For this reason, select the second option registrations. Right. Then you want to give the pixel name. Let's call it webinar conversion tracking. If you were, then click on Create pixel Perfect. Then let's click on view pixel coat and here it ISS. So what you have to do is to include that pixel on your Web site right on on your thank you page. First, you will find very detailed descriptions and how to do it. If you click on, learn more on this link over here, you will really find step by step instructions that Facebook provides, right? So if you're if you're a taking person, this will be absolutely no problem for you. However, if you have somebody who can take care of this stuff seven technical assistant right there , you can just email him that count to just click on email Pixel coat. Then you can just at his email address here. And well, you can basically send them the instructions to to install the pixel coat on your thank you page in case you don't have a technical assistant and you're not too tacky person at all. Hey, absolutely no problem. In the next video, we'll show you a research that will allow you to get your conversion tracking pixel installed for five bucks on Lee. OK, it's really just a couple of clicks. You just have to place an order. And on there there are a number of people who can do for you for really just five bucks. It's like I guess it is a great deal anyway, So you have to get a tracking pixel install. I don't care how you do it either. We just follow the step by step instructions, or you send that you send the entire tracking pixel J technical assistant, the person who can take care of that. Otherwise, just check out the next video work. I will show you how to outsource the entire process. 11. Outsourcing - Let Others Do The Work For You : If you're not the tacky person, there's a great website you can check out to get your tracking pixel installed for just five bucks. And that website is called fiber. So enter conversion tracking into the search bar and you will see that there's a number of sellers offering that type of service for really just a few dollars like this guy, he says. I will add your re marketing pixel coat to your WordPress website for five donors, and if you check of the get description, he's specifying here I will add your Facebook or Google organs re marketing or conversion tracking pixel code to your WordPress website. So this is exactly what you need. Just find a seller with a decent amount of reviews and then just go ahead and order this cake for just $5. Then you will get an email from him, or he will ask you to you provide the coat and the necessary information so he can access your thank you page, your website and well, this is a really great way to get your pixel installed if you don't want to do to herself and if you're ready to spend $5 too, get it installed by someone else 12. How To Drive Converting Traffic With Paid Facebook Ads : great. Now it's time to create ads into Dr Pay traffic to your webinar squeeze page. Now I'll show you how you can get a ton of people to attend. Your webinar will cover step by step, how to create ads so you can just take action right away. And the great thing about this entire F creation process is that it will be pretty simple to do because we've already done with lots of work, right where he researched or target onions. We know who these people are. We know their age, their gender, what they're interested in, whether they're active on mobile or desktop and so on. Right, So this will be a fun process and that all you have to have ready as this customer avatar that I asked you to prepare. So I'll show you How do you create a Facebook campaign that will convert? Okay. So to get started logging into her Facebook ads account, then click on create At over here. Perfect. The first step in the F creation process is to select the campaign objective. So what do you want to do? Is it to boost your post to promote your page to send people to your website. As you can see, there are many different campaign goals that you can choose from. What we will do is to drive, pay traffic to be a weapon or opt in page. And we want to see conversions. Right? Queen sold a converting tracking picks everyone a track conversion. We want to optimize for conversions, and we want to get as many people as possible to attend or webinar. So this is the campaign objective. You want to go for increased conversions on your website? Perfect. They just want to enter the your L off your off your squeeze page. So just copy pays it here, right Squeeze page, you are l. So that's a place that that's where Page will drive traffic to. Then you want to select a conversion pixel. That's a pixelated if installed, so we can trek conversions, complete registrations. Perfect. That's the first step. If you are done, just click on, said audience and budget. The next step is to define the targeting. So who are the people? You really want to reach out to write custom audiences? That something that we will skip in this lesson once we talk about more advanced strategies you will see and you will understand how to use that section for retargeting purposes. The next important part is the locations. So where does your target audience lift? But many mortgage or student? This is a huge mistake, and that is including a bunch of countries into dumping them into one asset rights of the Great and answer the campaign and reaching out to the United States. The U. K you know, Germany multiple countries at the same time, this is something you shouldn't do include no more than one country per at set. When you've done the research and when you created customer avatars for, you know, 2345 different countries, you will see that there would be some differences, like the distribution between the female and the male OG audience or the H might be different, right? In one case, the age group 25 to 34 might be the predominant one, and in the second country, the age group 35 to 44 might be the predominant one. So you really want to split the country's here and, well, what's the first country and you want to enter Of course it's United States. Right? So just pick the first country. You want to reach out to you? United States. Perfect. Next h. Well, what do you most marketers do? They start to think. Okay, I'll reach out to the ones that are 30 to 35 because I think that this is my target audience. But that is bullshit. We will not do that right. We have data here. We found out that for social media marketing in the United States, the predominant H group is 25 to 44. So I'll just specify that here and well, we also say we don't want to reach out to the younger audience. So let's just go for 33 for 30 to 44. And if the eight range is really baked, like your audiences between 30 and 60 use its plate test the campaign in the at sets, who should create one campaign or ad set for the age group 32 like 45 then one for 6 46 2 to 60. Okay, to get some more accurate results and you should split test on the ad set level here, I hope that makes sense. So if it's brilliant error like that, it's totally fine. Just 15 years. But if you're if the total age ranges 2025 30 years, you should consider split testing gender. Well, who's our audience? Are their mail order are the female? Let's take a look 56% of for audiences. Female 40%. 44% is man. Well, in that case, I would just target both the male and the female audience if there would be some, you know, significant difference. Like one part of my audience, like the male audience, would just make up for 20% and the female audience 80%. Then this is something out splittist. So if you see a big gap between the male and the female audience, then also split us on the at that level. Languages. Well, there's something you should leave blank unless you're let's say you're promoting a webinar that is teaching, um, English businessmen how to learn Japanese in six weeks, and you want to reach out to those who live in Japan, right? So if you would just keep it this way with Andrew Japan here, you would reach out to everybody so particularly to the ones who speak Japanese. But you really want to reach out to the, you know, American or British businessman who live in Japan but don't know yet. How do you speak Japanese? But they speak English. In that case, you could define the language here. Enter English and your Japan hope that makes sense. If there's a really specific reason why you want to reach out to your very specific audience, that speaks a very particular language that is not common in that in that country. Or it's not the official language and go hat. And to find the language here, more demographics. Well, relationship status, education, work, financial income in the ethnic affinity generation, parents, politics, life vans. Do you remember these targeting options here? Exactly. We researched them right again. With most marketers. Would do is guessing here. Isn't my audience single? Are they in the relationship already married? How much money do the ER and what's your profession? Well, you don't have to do any of that because we have data right Income, education, relationship, status, occupation. You can specify that here. Now, if you're running the first test, this is nothing I would do so at the beginning. I would really not work with the more demographic section because it will never down the reach of your campaign Quite a lot. However, once you run the first test, you can use that information here. These you know, the insights that to get about your target audience to split, test your ads right. So you can try to reach out to to your target audience that earns, like more than 100 K or the ones that are in grade school or college or the ones that are married. And then you can see if you get better results. But the married people, then with the single ones, for example. But this is something I was doing those second steps in the first step. I don't really use Seymour demographic section unless there is a reason for that. For example, you're running a webinar to, you know, um, and people working in management only then obviously you would have to specify their work here. Their occupation. But generally speaking, don't use the more demographics action that first step. Once you get first results, create new campaigns, great new ads you have to test quite a lot with Facebook, and then you won't see whether you're getting better results by getting more precise. Right interest this really important. Now we've found the research. This is what their audiences interested then. These are the main competitors and other fan pages that our target audience likes, right, So just go ahead and start typing in your competitors. Social media examiner Amy Porterfield can go for digital markets Her what's really important. You should always month monitor this audience definition bark bar here, so make sure this thing you're is in the middle if you're on the left. If it's too specific, chances are Facebook will not even deliver ATS. If it's too brought, you're targeting is not precise enough, so you should never it down here. So when you start entering interests and they're like really many different interests, really monitor this this bar. Once there are two broad just stop and create a different ad set. So you kind of split testing also on the interests campaign or on the interest level, right? So really monitor Disbarred tried to enter as many as possible here, and if you see you're getting too broad, just stop and create for the remaining interests a separate campaign. So you get more precise results. Behaviours. Well, everything. Things like digital activities, right? So you can, um, Well, you can target people by their primary email domain or by the mobile devices that they use order tablet owners, smartphones. What's your network connection? I mean, this is also something that I was probably used in. Step three, right? So once you run the first test, once you tested the more demographic section, once he played around with things like relationship status, their their occupation education. Once you want to play to run with more specific targeting options, then I would move on and see if I can find something in the behavior section. There's really very niche specific. You just really have to go through through these options here and see if you know there is something that makes sense for your business and for your niche. There is no general rule if you're like in the travel business. Well, it makes. Maybe it makes sense to target frequent travelers only, or only the business travelers. So there are more advanced targeting options here, but really use that behavior section and Step two or three. Keep things simple, start getting data first and split this later. More categories will skip that for a moment, and then we also have the connection steps so you can add a connection. For example, you can Onley reach out your your Facebook fans. If you have a fan page, this is great because then you can just, you know, promote the webinar to your fans. Or, if you have an app, you can reach out to people who used to our app or people who responded to your particular event. 13. How To Select Images That Convert : how much you want to spend. That's the budget, right that we have to define first full. Keep it on daily about it, not lifetime budget. So your budget gets spread out evenly. Start with a small Vagit with, like, 10 years test for 24 hours, see and track and monitor your results. And if you see certain things worked out, then just do more of that. So just keep the ETS running that deliver Great results. Keep the ads. Where were you getting conversion conversions and just paused the rest right? And if you see something is working, then just increased the budget gradually. So starting out with $10 for example, to go for 2050 or $100. But don't go too crazy right away. As we figured out before one of the biggest advantages of Facebook as the ability to split test right, So test small test, different parameters, Um, test. With 10 euros, it's much better to said that 10 campaigns with a 10 year budget, then in the one giant campaign with 100 euro budget, so try to test as much as possible. And if you see something is working, increase the budget. Gradually. Don't go like Matt. If you see some things working for 10 euros and you're getting excited, excited, and you start spending 1000 euros on the campaign, you can do that. But, you know, step by step. See if you're getting the same results. 50 then it with 102 103 104 100 salon dollars. Right. Suit has small in scale. So we get started. Five or $10 is totally fine. Then if you click on advanced option, what's really important? You really want toe optimize your ads for conversion. So leave that to you. The default option here, right? Facebook has a really advanced algorithm and want to start getting traffic on your squeeze page. The algorithm starts to learn. Okay, They will see okay with that audience or with the female audience, you're getting better results. And with the middle audience in the face book already, well, automatically focus on the male audience if you're getting better results there. So this is pretty smart. I mean, you can also enter Emmanuel bits and stuff, but seriously, don't do it unless you're gonna be a Facebook expert. And you know you're working with hundreds of thousands of dollars of budget. Seriously, for very basic promotions of a webinar, the conversions are totally fine. Okay, just optimized for that. So if you're done, then once wants you to find the targeting. Once you find the budget, just click on. Choose at Creative to move onto the next step. Perfect. The next step is to define how you're at will look like So, first of all, you have to select an image, right? You can browse your library, you can at images from your computer. Or you can get access to the free stuck image resource that Facebook provides. Maybe you know that Facebook has an agreement of the shutter stock, so you can use all of footage of shudders stuff for free. Back in the days when we were creating campaigns, we had to pay for shutter stock images, and they're quite expensive and that we have access to kind of millions of great pictures for free. So if you're clicking that button here, but you can't just go with different keywords, right? Let's say I don't know. Maybe you promote the webinar about Let's have a social media just enter a social media or social media marketing here, and you can see you have tons of different pictures to choose from. Right to try to experiment and test with different keywords and select six images. Facebook will split us the images for you automatically, so you don't want to work with one image only select and pick six images because you won't see the images, the primary element of every at. So if your image sex you're at will not convert. And if there is a great image, you will get much better results with that at. So you really want to see what image really performs? Great. So, generally speaking, if you're looking for images, if you're checking out key words, use, Cured said they're relevant to your products and services right to or to the webinar to the topic of u webinar. However, what you should focus on, they're certain, like hacks that you can use Teoh get like, really high conversions. The first hack is to use colorful images like Rhett images or images with the red background green, orange and pink, right? The reason is that the layout of Facebook is white and blue, and if you use images that have lots of white color blue color. Your image will not convert because nobody will notice it. However, if you ever image, that's like but the rat background. Just if you enter the word red here, we can see well read images really stand out on Facebook, right? It doesn't have to be entirely read that really try to focus on images that are very colorful that really stand out that attract eyeballs. So counters are the first thing. Second, you should try to work with people with had shots, right? So try to find images off smiling and naturally looking. People like smiling woman. Let's just enter debt so these images do not stand out so much. This one is standing out a little bit because of the green. That has lots of why to it, but still it's It's not so bad, so you just have to browse a little bit. But you simply cannot ignore a smiler when somebody's looking at you. And if it's like a natural smile, it will know evoke a positive emotion, and your conversion rate off that particular at will be much higher. So if you can go with like smiling women, smiling man who look naturally, people who have a very pleasant smile and I dealing in combination with some you know, like here with the red dress or this one here is also extending. It has a lot of yellow. It's pretty natural. It's not the typical stock photo. Then you will see also higher conversion rates on that one. Right? So cultures are really important on then had shots of people, especially smiling. Women are really important. And then last but not least, I know this will be kind of hard because I told you to find pictures that a kind of relevant to the topping that you try Teoh covering the webinar However something that is always worth great are weird crazy images, right? Even if they're not really related to the topic, This is something you should test. So, for example, you just entered the keywords weird or crazy or shocking, you know, especially their attention grabbing like this guy here with the melon on this hat. This is great because all that you want toe accomplish with the images, just attracting the attention of another person, right? So go with just crazy, Weird images, something that's also working really great or animals, right for animals doing some crazy stuff. If you can use animal semillon, your ab adds, if you find some creating like this, Doc, you're perfect. OK, so these are the four hacks that work really great for finding great images, right? Or hey, here, whether about the selfie with the shark, you're actually we tested this ad ones of this picture one, and we had really great results even though it was a blue background. But as far as I remember, we were running this ad on desktop newsfeed. And what's so outstanding that people just clicked on it like crazy? And I think we even had, like, a 20% converted rate find was wrong, But that was some time ago. So long story short focused on these four things. When you search pictures, colorful images, smiling women or smiling men, then some weird crazy images, shocking images that are just like, really that that just automatically attract eyeballs and then animals doing some fun stuff also works great because it entertains people and Facebook users want to be entertained even if they click on. That's so pick six pictures. If you're done than just click undone and really split us as many pictures as as possible. Get started with six. And if you see you're not doing well, or you can do better than just Klytus six different images, right and see if you're getting better results with a different type of image. 14. Crafting A Converting Ad Copy : perfect. Then we have at placements, right? We have the desktop newsfeed mobile news feed that's a bright column, audience network and instagram ads While Instagram and Organs Network. This is something you should remove virtually always, and you can just use that at placement here, these two at placement for split testing, something that I do also with days ISS removing the best up news feet placement something that I do also know what days is removing the desktop right column placement. I just typical edges work with best of news feed. So the the at will get this plate in the middle and with mobile news feet, right? So if you want, just disable desktop right column as well and also track your results. If you see that you're getting better results with desktop newsfeed, then with mobile news feed Hey, just really go a hat and and split. That's that. And then just you can. You can decide whether you want to go for for mobile users or desktop news feet users. It's totally up to you. Great. Then we can. You can add a call to action, but in which you should do like sign up shop now book. Now there are different call to actions. So you either go with lower and more or what? Sign up. That's what I would do. Let's keep it to other and more. And while the second primary element of a debt is the headline and the text, right. So if you start with headline, first of all started with the question Facebook is a conversational platform, right? It's the social platform. People like to talk. People like to share stuff. So just if you will talkto another person you would never start with a statement, right? You would typically start with the question and the question that you wanna ask is one that is geared towards the problem off your target audience. So if you're if you're promoting a webinar about how to get more traffic with Facebook marketing, for example, then you just ask the question. No traffic and well, if I'm a website owner that I would immediately be like, yeah, I have no traffic. So, um, start with a question, or if you're if you're in the weight loss market struggling to lose weight, right, so you really have to be careful a limit with the language because Facebook is pre strict when it comes to phrasing, headlines and tax can be insulting or de motivating. So it should have some kind of positive feel. But but still, start with the question to find the problem and try to describe it as precise as possible. Because, you know, with the at your attracting eyeballs and then people will go like, Oh, no traffic, then they will be like, Oh, this ad is for me. So keep it short. Keep it straight to the point to find the primary problem that your audience has or that you're trying to solve in the webinar and then just entered the at text, right? So you should include the call to action. Like Join this three. Webinar can even cap capitalize webinar to learn how to and then blink. So what's important about that joined this free webinar. First of all, you have to tell people they get something for free, right, that they don't have to pay for a webinar. Then you should tell them that they should join include the call to action. I mean, you already know that call to action button here that still tell them that you want them to join this webinar, that they should click on your aunt and, well, just get on board and then you should provide them. That's 1/3 element of the attacks. Provide a strong reason why they should attend. So you basically we're asking them for a click and for their time, and you should really tell them what's what's in for them. So you told them they get something for free, but you should really right down the primary benefit that your audience can expect. Learn how to you. And then what's the biggest benefit? A few webinar of the topic you're trying to cover, Just brainstorm a little bit and then just write down. Maybe it's like learning how to get 4000 website visitors within 12 hours with $15 with Facebook Atz OK, we'll learn. How do you learn? £4 in three weeks and two easy steps. So really tell them that the desired outcome that they can expect right benefit how their life will change and just really provide a very strong reason. So again, tell them they should join, call to action, tell him what it is and that they will get it for free, Free revenue are and tell them the benefit they can expect. Always start with how to question or with a how to statement how it works. Always great. Um, and it will also convey a certain sense of practical relevance. And you can also split this. He had land in the attics, of course. Okay, so if you see a picture is working really great, then you can try to play around with different headlines with different attacks and see if you are getting better results. If you're then just click on place, order and, well, that's a basic step off craving ETS of grading campaigns and to promote a webinar really important used the customer avatar. It's includes all information that that you need to create winning campaigns to create winning ads. Then, when it comes to you, you know, selecting pictures, you have to be a little bit creative. I told you the got guidelines. If you really focus on those hate, you will have great results. What's really important is that you get started test small, just invest like 10 $20 into ads. Also acquired the mind so that you're not wasting money. If something doesn't work, you're buying data, right? So you see what breaks but isn't working. And you're constantly learning and improving. And at the end of the day, you'll probably see a conversion rate of 30 40% maybe even 50% of you on u webinar. It just, you know, a matter work, and you just really have to want it. And once you get some data, monitor your ads just really keep your ads running for 24 48 hours. Invest 10 $20 then just trek results analysed results. See what's working test different pictures test different H groups test different, you know, gender combination. In one campaign, you will focus on the female audience and one campaign on the male audience. So always task one parameter at the time and see if you're getting better results. And if you see something is working really well, then just scale that you know that at gradually, and that's really all there is to know about working with interest targeting. And that's all there is to know about setting up at with Facebook. It's just a matter of taking action. We could talk no for 20 more hours about what you could do. But every market is different. That's very basic steps that you have to take each and every time. If you create ads. At the end of the day, it's really all about testing, and it's all about starting out on the right foot. And that is this customer avatar here want to create at you will really see how valuable this sheet is that you created this customer. Avatar probably think like, Oh, Patrick. Now I know my target audience a little bit better. Yeah, you know them. But seriously, you will have really high success rate if you do it this way if we created tons of ads we created, but we worked with tons of clients. And really, the biggest benefit that I've seen over and over again is doing a very detailed research about your target audience. That was probably the biggest game changer for Oliver clients. Also, more event strategies with will cover in the next module like retargeting. But really, knowing your audience is probably the number one reason why some Facebook marketers fail in some succeed, and you will succeed if you do it this way. So again, get together a customer avatar and just start creating at store testing. And you will see that even if you just invest 10 $20 there will be one potential wintering that campaign if you do it based on the customer avatar that you have researched. So go ahead, take action now, and I'll see you in the next module. 15. Advanced Targeting Strategies - Retargeting: great. Now it's time for some more advanced strategies. You will absolutely love this section, I promise. Because you know the strategies that we will cover now are you know, it's it's just a game changer and you will see why in the moment. So the basic model and this is something that we covered ISS interest targeting. Right? So you're sending visitors, too. U webinar opt in page or asking them to opt in to provide their email so they can attend your webinar. The good thing about that is that, well, it's pretty precise, right? So you can enter a bunch of interest. You can target the audience of your competitors and, well, basically, you can't do that with newspaper print ads or many other um, or many other advertising forms. But the problem about interest targeting is that you're reaching out to strangers, right? So chances are that these visitors don't know who you are. It still works, and you will see great results with interest targeting. I can just highly encourage you to get started if you know if you really want to get a lot of people on board for you. Avenor interest targeting is great, but there is something else that you can do. You have to have a website in place to do that. But if that's the case, then you've got to work with the second strategy. That's called Retargeting. So what's the difference between interest targeting and retargeting? Retargeting is all about reengaging with your website visitors. Right? So you're not reaching out to strangers? You're reaching out, you people to Facebook users who have already who have already landed on your website. They know you, they know your brand. And if he invested some time and money into your website, maybe even we have a block and you delivered some great value in advance and they see that you're trustworthy business. Then, while reaching out to those visitors is probably one of the best things that you can do because they know who you are. So what's the process? Your website will get some traffic. Maybe you're getting organic traffic from Google or you're getting some pay traffic with Facebook, at's right, and then you set up an at that is reaching out to the people who already landed on your website, and then you just redirect them to the webinar opt in page, so there's just one more step in between instead of again instead of reaching out to strangers using interest, target and you just reaching out through the people who landed on your website, or maybe to a very specific webpage or two very specific section on your website, you will see later that you can reach into very specific groups and segments of Web site visitors so you can reach out to all of them, but also to very specific website visitors. Right. So again, you're creating an at and you promote the Web in or opt in page to your website visitors. If you have a block if you have a website in place, I can highly encourage you to do that because you won't In 95% of the cases, you won't see just better results higher up and write your elite costs. Your revenue registration costs will be lower and you will make more revenue more profit at the end of the day, and the way to do that is to install a retargeting picks on your website that will get triggered every time a website visitor lands on your website and every time that visitor has a account registered on Facebook. Right? So you can reach out to these website visitors the next time they are browsing their news feet on their mobile phone or on their desktop. And you can tell them Hey, you've been to my website. Thanks. How bout joining this webinar here? And if you have a really strong contents, Reggie in place meaning that you have a block which you should have in any case, right. Blogging is really important because you can blogging. It is just a great medium to get traffic end to create trust, to position yourself as a business who really knows to problems off your target audience and who is capable of providing adequate solutions to to your audience. Rights of blogging is really important. So if you have some really strong content strategy and plays on your website, reaching out to the people who read your block articles is great and then you can just promote the webinar to them. Okay, so that's a concept of retargeting again. Interest hurry, Thing is fantastic. If you don't have a website for got sick work with interest targeting, but if you want to take things to the next step, either by creating a website or maybe you already have a website, especially in combination with the block. Then follow the instructions in the following videos. Because retargeting is probably the biggest revolution and marketing that's going on that at the moment um, you know, Google Waas kind of the first company who adopted Or maybe you can even say invented retargeting. And you know, one of the cornerstones of Facebook is also retargeting. They adopted a little later, but it's a feature that's incredibly powerful. It's not used by many marketers yet I don't know why, but you absolutely should use it. You won't see you will have much, much better results. Okay, so retargeting the saree to go. The first step is to install a pixel on your website so you can re engage with your website visitors. And in the next video, we'll show you how to install that picks on your website and how to create ads to promote your webinar to your website visitors 16. How To Install A Retargeting Pixel: Okay, let's get started with these. Set up off our first retargeting campaign as you remember the first step in the process as to get a retargeting pixel installed. It's a JavaScript code that you will have to paste on your website, and I will show you the first steps off, basically, how to do it. So make sure to logging into her Facebook ads account for demonstration purposes. I have set up a bread new account. So in case you're starting out with Facebook and you've never, ever said that me at before, this is how it would look like. So what you have to do next is to click on tools and select the option audiences. Next, I want you to click on custom audiences, so click here on creating custom onions, and now we have the option to select from three different customs step audiences, so we can either upload their customer list like or e mails from our customers for members , Facebook Eddies. This is what we will not focus in this training, but we'll focus on is this option here website traffic as it says grated list of people who visit your website to review specific Web pages. This is what we want to do. This is the retargeting function inside Facebook, so let's click on this. Well, we will have to accept the terms in conditions. If you want, you can just re threat and it's just click on create custom audience pixel. Okay, so this is a JavaScript code that you will have to pace on your website. Just copy paste this one, and it's really, really easy to do. If you want to learn how to get them and you want to do it herself, click on the help center. We can do that in Just open it and then you tap and Facebook will provide you with all sorts of information. How to do it manually. OK, it's pretty self explanatory. It's pretty easy to do. What you can also do is send the co two website developer so you can just and you hear the email address and then include a personal message like Hey, I ask you to include the custom audience pixel Devery targeting pixel. Um, I want you to pace it into my website in case you don't want to do with yourself. Don't worry about it in the next video, we'll show you wanted May favorite resources to get the custom audience picks of the retargeting pixel included into your website by someone else, and in case you don't want to do it, you will absolutely laugh this resource. 17. How To Create A Retargeting List : Once you have your retargeting pixel installed, it's time to take the next step and that is setting up a retargeting. The list. So it's basically a website custom audience that is gathering information and data about your website visitors, and you can use it retargeting list to create ants and to reach out to those people and get them on your webinar. How to create ads and how to used up retargeting list. That is something that we will cover in the next video. But what we will do now is just a very basic set up off retargeting list, right? Okay, So to get started longing into her Facebook ATS manager than click on tools on audiences, then you want to click on great onions. Can you see that? Just click here and on custom onions, then select the option website traffic. So we want to create a list of people who visit your website Review specific webpages. That's retargeting basically right, Great. And now we just have to customize or retargeting less. The first thing that you will see is the name of your pixel, right, so make sure you're pixel is working Fine that make sure there's a green dot right next to it. If you see a red dot that means that you re targeting pixel is broken. It wasn't installed properly, so you just have to fix it in. The best way to fix it is to install the retargeting pixel again. So just make sure there's a green dot right next it then the probably most important section is the website traffics action. And here you define your retargeting list. So if you click on the drop down, then you see that there are five different options. We forget about the custom combinations here. So basically only four. The 1st 1 is very basic, right? Anyone who visits your website, if you want to promote your web in or to all the website visitors to everybody who lands on your website, then just go ahead and select this option here, right? Pretty intuitive. The first and most basic retargeting option is already pretty specific, but you can get even more specific than that, which is people who visit specific Web pages. So you can say, Hey, I just want to reach out to a group of people who made it to the blocks action on my website or to website visitors who read a particular article. Right. So you just reaching out to a subset off you website visitors. This is super super specific super laser targeted. Then we have people visiting specific webpages but not others. And people who haven't visited in a certain amount of time over promoting Webinars. This is nothing I would really use. Um if you really want to re engage with your website visitors, the really the two options you want to focus on are these here, right? So if you want to do a very basic retargeting list and select just anyone who visits your website than just enter the domain, right this cases at Baker's or if you wanna get a little bit more specific, well, he can just create the list for people who visit specific webpages, right? So you can do something like www dot Let's see, my website is called at baker slash block. Right. In this case of that, see your l If that's, you know, the core, you're LF your entire block section, then just go ahead and enter it here. Right? So when every visitor will make it to your block section, right? Don't know. Maybe you haven't online shop, right? And the your Ellis, your website dot com slash shop. Or if you want to get even more specific and you want to reach out to you know, all the website visitors Who, Rhett a particular article on your website. Well, then just entered the full your l off that article so it can be like block and then had an article want, right, Let's just do anything so you can really play around with, um, you know, with this stash Berg here and you can create different retargeting lists if you're really starting out. And if you're not getting so much traffic, if you don't have a block or anywhere pager, a section that is really, really important on your website, like a shop right or a block. Then just go with this one here. But if you have a block and if you really focus on producing and developing and creating great content, then go ahead and select the second option here again, you can do a very generic retargeting list by just including the block section itself in the u R l or you know the shop. So no matter what kind of article your website visitors read or what kind of items a purchase or view in your shop, everybody will get on that retargeting list, right? I hope that makes sense. If there is anything unclear than just reach out and ask me. Retargeting is pretty complex or police. If you have any questions, ask OK, I can really update the scores. If there is something unclear, I'm here to help me. I want you to work with retargeting. But I really tried to pick this simple and understandable is possible. But in case it wasn't clear enough, feel free to reach out. Ask me what you want to ask and I'll be really happy if I can help you out with retargeting . Okay, so that's a very basic process. To keep things simple, we'll just a very generic retargeting list region and reach out to all the website visitors who make it to at Baker. Okay, then this is the second most important section and you have to define the audience lines of that retargeting list. So in this section here you defined the number of these people will remain in your audience . After they visit your website, people will be removed from your onions after to set time period. Unless the visit your website again. So you can go with a day. You could go with five days and you can even go with 180 days. Right? That's the maximum. In that case, if a website visitor lands on at Baker, he will be included on that retargeting list for 180 date days. Right? So I can promote a webinar in that case for basically six months to him six up to six months after he landed on my website. If I enter five well, I can just do I can just do promotions for five days unless he visits again. So then he will get added to that retargeting list again. Now what should he enter here? If you're getting a lot of traffic right, then you really want to go with something like five or 10 days. So you wanna have a certain degree of recency here? But if you're not getting a ton of traffic, then you can go for something like 30 days, maybe even 60 days. I mean, if you go with for something like 180 days. Chances are that those people totally forget forgot about who you are, right? So the power of retargeting is to re engage with people who already know you. But that implies that they still remember who you are. So if you go for 180 days, chances are you will reach out to people who are kind of not interested anymore in what you're trying to sell or they don't remember that they have been on your website, right. However, if you go for something like five days, obviously reaching out, you less people write, your list will be much smaller. But it will be also more relevant. So it really totally depends on the traffic that you're getting. If you're received lots of traffic. I was really go for something like five or 10 days, maybe even three days. If you're hosting Webinars regularly, other than that, go for 30 days 30 to 60 days. But really try to keep the Web in, or the webinar promotion the retargeting list as reliving this possible. They can also include past website traffic, right, But you should do in case you have the retargeting pixel in stole already or you can just leave this unchecked. If you're making any changes to the structure of your websites brief you just in the just doing something haven't done before. Um, that journaling speaking always include past website traffic. Then you want to give the audience and name tried to be descriptive. It will be webinar retargeting list and then we just enter 30 days at Baker. If you're done, just click on create audience and that's the process of creating a retarded Inglis. Right? So you will just have to wait a little bit until Facebook created that list. Interrelate gathered information like the past website traffic. Other than that, well, you just You will just have to wait a couple of days until Facebook users get added to that retargeting list. In case you have not installed a retargeting pixel on your website yet. And once you got a little bit of traffic and want to get some people on your retargeting list and you can just start creating ads and reaching out to them and promoting your webinar, right? So go ahead, create the retargeting list. Now, if something is unclear. Ask and the next video We'll show you how to use that retargeting this that you created in the acts of the process to reach out to those people to those website visitors that you defined in this section here with that retargeting list and to promote the webinar to that onions. 18. Creating Retargeting Campaigns Like A Pro : in this lesson. I want to show you how to create Facebook ads, how to reject your website visitors and how to get them on your webinar. So I assume you remember this partner. That's one step of the entire at and campaign creation process. We've gone through that already, and the only thing that's changing is this action here, right on the acid level, the audience of targeting. So to reach out to your website visitors just can you see that section your custom audiences click on that field and choose a custom argues that you wanna reach out to you. So that's a retargeting, this of that created in this case and reaching out to all of my website visitors who landed on at Baker. Actually, you're done with the targeting at that point, right? You're already getting pretty specific because we're reaching out to website visitors, people who showed some interest in your business. However, there are three more sections that you should think about on that you should use the 1st 1 was the location section right? Chances are you're getting traffic from all over the world and we talked about that already . Some countries are not so rich like Egypt. If you're promoting a webinar and if you're pitching a really expensive product at the end of it and you want people to buy your product well, it will not work. If you know if you're getting people from Egypt and war to don't have so much money to spend your just kind of wasting your money, um she generate leads and weapon or registrations, which will at the end of they not convert into a sale. So you should use this folder Mannesmn here and really just to find the countries that you really want to reach out you like on the United States, u K and Australia. So you're not creating retargeting ads and reaching out to to, you know, people who don't even speak cure your language or who don't have the money to spend on the product that you try to sell, right? So if it's like the United States, then you would just have to enter Andrew that here or, you know, all the countries that you really want to reach out to use this as a filter. Then h we talked about that as well. If you know that your most valuable age group is between 30 and 50. If that's really the core, the most valuable demographic of your off your entire audience than just go ahead and define that audience here, right? I hope you also remember the part of the 18 to 24 year year old see typically don't have the money to spend on more expensive product. So you should always in the target those folks. Maybe they visit your website to get some free information, especially if you have a block. You will see that there is a certain group, um, off your audience that is just younger. But if it's really about selling products and services that are more expensive, that that are geared, geared towards people with a disposable income, then just defined the the audience here and then in terms of gender, well, if you know that your business is geared towards women anyways, for example, like I don't know, a six week yoga program for for single moms. If there was something like that, it really doesn't make sense to promote the weapon or two men right or the product to man. Maybe there are some man on your website because they're interested in Jurgen again. You have some block for some, you know. Awesome. You got take the X night. I I don't know what you can cover in that subject. So maybe the male audiences consuming your content that they would never buy your products . So again, if u webinar which is geared towards a very specific gender, like the meal or two female audience and just go ahead and specified that here, right, so short week, have the only thing that is changing everything else is just staying the same. Pick the custom audience to retarget Inglis that you created. Then just use this as a full tour to reach out to the countries that you really interested in that u webinar your products are geared towards than defined the H. If there's in a certain group of off your audience who's younger and if you know they will not pay for your products than don't even target them and same about the gender. If your products are geared towards the male or the female audience than just acknowledge the fact and promote that weapon or just two, the actual audience that you really want to reach. So that's how you create a retargeting missed. And that's how you create that list to reach out to your website visitors and to promote your webinar. 19. Congratulations!: Congratulations. You made it until the end of that straining. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit and what you just learned. We covered everything you need to know to harness the power of Facebook ads to promote your webinar. So just go ahead and take action crate ATS today and promote you're webinar Get as many people as possible on u webinar And hey, if you have any questions, then feel free to reach out. We're here to help you and really enter all of your questions. So good luck take action to they keep me updated on your progress. Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.