How To Promote Your Small Business (Without Breaking The Bank) | Ben Hawes | Skillshare

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How To Promote Your Small Business (Without Breaking The Bank)

teacher avatar Ben Hawes, Side Hustle Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class!

    • 2. Mastering the Skill of SEO

    • 3. Leveraging Micro Influencers You Know

    • 4. Texting Blast Marketing Method

    • 5. Getting Intentional About Content Marketing

    • 6. Putting It All Together

    • 7. What's Next?

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About This Class

Welcome to class! In today's session we'll be covering 4 ways you can promote your side hustle or small business without breaking the bank on marketing and advertising. Many business owners are tempted to pay for advertising-- but there are ways you can get publicity and attention for free. 

Take this quick course and take some notes! These 4 ideas may help you get the word out about your side hustle or small business, and give you some great ideas on how you can move forward with spreading your important messages. 

No prior experience is needed-- this course is for everyone. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Hawes

Side Hustle Coach


Hey everyone, it's Ben! Your favorite side hustle coach here to help you leverage your unique skills and talents to find, start and grow your own side hustle. Take my side hustle courses here and follow me on instagram for free tips around side hustles, small business and entrepreneurship. 


Visit my website for 1:1 coaching services:

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1. Welcome to Class!: Are you ready to learn how to market your side, hustle or small business without spending any money at all. Many times when people are starting our growing their businesses, they attempted to pour money into spreading the word and getting their brand known. This can work sometimes, but it's also not always necessary. In this class, we will cover four ways that you can spread the word about your business without spending any money. And I truly mean $0, no advertisement spending, spending on supplies, literally $0 to spread the word about your business. Sounds good, right? Well, let me introduce myself so you know who I am and why I'm teaching this course. My name is Ben and I am a side hustle and Small Business Coach in New York. And I've started and grown many businesses on my own over the last 10 years. I love helping people learn how to get customers to buy from them. And that's why we're here today. You will walk away from this course with four great ideas for free marketing. And my assignment for you is this, choose one of the ideas and let us know how you are going to implement it this week. We know that the sooner we implement the lessons we learned here, the sooner you will see results. And with that, let us get started. I am so excited that you're here and I am so excited to share these tips with you. 2. Mastering the Skill of SEO: One thing that we know to be true is that you can't land paying customers if they can't find you, whether that is in-person or online. If people can't find you, they can't give you their money. To solve this. Something that we should all learn more about as entrepreneurs is search engine optimization or SEO for short. Seo is basically the skill of writing content, building your website and uploading media in a way where your business will show up as close to the first search page on the Internet. When you Google something, how often do you look past the first page? According to the HubSpot blog, 75 percent of Internet users never scroll past the first page of the search results. And this is generally true for other search platforms like Etsy, Amazon, YouTube, Yelp and more. This is why it's so important that you spend some of your time and energy learning how to get on the first page of search wherever you're selling. Of course, you can pay for ads to show up first, but that gets expensive. And our goal here is to spend $0. So the way to get around paying for ads is literally learning how to master the skill. Search engine optimization or SEO. I wanted to get this one out of the way because while it's challenging to learn, it can have the biggest impact on your overall sales and exposure on the Internet and in the world. Seo can help you sell to strangers across the globe. It's worth learning. Let's move on. 3. Leveraging Micro Influencers You Know: Our next strategy is a little bit more creative and original and not is to leverage influencer marketing. And I'm not talking about big celebrities like Simone Biles and Drew Barrymore. I'm talking about the people closest to you in your life. Your friends and family can be your best influencers. How often do you hear in life that it's not what you know, it's who you know. Well, that's saying is true in business and sales to. So here's the idea. Create a post on Instagram or LinkedIn or Facebook or wherever you do your content marketing and ask 20 to 30 of your friends and family to share it for you. What this does is automatically opens up the top of your sales funnel and makes more people aware of who you are and what you sell. If you get 20 people to repost your content, and each of them have 300 followers. That is 6000 potential people who didn't know about your business before. This can be an extremely valuable way to get more exposure on social media and ultimately get you more visits to your website and more sales. Be sure and be authentic and kind as you asked for your friends and family's house and offered to pay them back in some way without further ado. Let's go to idea number three. Hello. 4. Texting Blast Marketing Method: So if you've got a phone, you can take full advantage of this next strategy. You've heard of email marketing, right? Well, I've got something even more direct. One thing that people underestimate when they are trying to increase awareness about their brand and their business is the value of one-on-one sales and connection. Sometimes we're too focused on broad marketing and advertising when we should be more focused on direct sales with our closest contacts. If you have something that you're trying to sell, a great thing to do is send a text message blast where you can send Customize text messages to all of your potential clients. There are plenty of ways that you can do this. First, come up with a coupon code and send it to your contacts and let them know that you're doing a sale and that you wanted them to know first. Alternatively, you could reach out to them and ask them for feedback. Tell them you are thinking about launching a new product. And you want them to choose between option a and option B. Finally, if you want to gain some exposure, you can text your connections and tell them a status update on your business. If you haven't been mailing out orders, it's totally okay to text 25 people and let them know you're back in business. If you're taking a week off, you can let them know that any orders for the next month need to be in by this Friday. The more one-on-one texting conversations you can get going about your business, the more sales that you will ultimately make. So let's hop onto the next section. Hi. 5. Getting Intentional About Content Marketing: Our last strategy here is fairly obvious, but when we're busy, it can fall by the wayside. And this strategy is getting really creative and really intentional with your content marketing. What blog posts can you publish? How can you share more information about your business with a short video on tiktok. If Instagram is your portfolio of work, how can you make sure that it's up-to-date? It doesn't look like it's abandoned. When customers are looking to buy from you. Oftentimes, they will look to your social media and website to content to learn more. If you haven't posted in a few days or in a few weeks or months. Now is the time. The best strategy is to think about something that feels like big news right now. What updates can your business share? What new products have you released? What new relationships or partnerships can you post about, and how can you creatively share those messages with your followers? The truth is, if you're doing the other three tips that I've laid out here, the social media content can be a cherry on top. You don't need a ton of followers to make great sales through social media, you just need high-quality, attention-grabbing content that gets people excited about what you're selling. And there are plenty of classes here on Skillshare to teach you how to elevate your social media strategy. It will always be worth it to stay up-to-date on social media trends and strategies. 6. Putting It All Together : Now that we've talked about all four of these ideas about getting free publicity and free marketing. It's time to put it all together and discuss the overall theme of this class, which is what we call word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing is not only the least expensive form of marketing and advertising, it's also the most effective. So now that you have these ideas on how to get more exposure for your business, I really want you to start to take on the persona of someone who is constantly talking about your business to other people. Whether that is at a party you're attending while you're in line for your favorite burger, or even through texting and social media. The more you actually talk about your business, the more sales you will ultimately make. In business, a lot of us like to hide behind our business and never talk about it out loud. But as entrepreneurs, it is very important that we are able to stand by what we sell and shout it from the rooftops. To be honest with you, the more you talk about it, the better off you'll be. 7. What's Next?: And with that, we have arrived at the end of this course. The hope is that you've identified with at least one or two or these ideas. As a reminder, your class project is to share which strategy you will use in the comments. If you've enjoyed this course and you want to learn more about sales, social media side hustle strategy. I am your guy. My name is Ben Haws and this video is a part of a series of classes about small business success. For one-on-one coaching or feedback about your business, you can always DM me over on Instagram at hustle with Ben. Tell me you came from Skillshare and let me know what questions you have that I can answer. I would love to stay in touch with you and learn more about how I can help until then. I appreciate you taking this class. I hope you have a great day and even better week, and good luck.