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How To Promote Your Event On Facebook

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Welcome to our training!

    • 2. Meet & Greet

    • 3. What Is A Facebook Event?

    • 4. Introduction To Facebook Event Creation

    • 5. How To Create An Event On Facebook

    • 6. Providing More Details

    • 7. Creating An Event Cover

    • 8. Introduction To Event Promotion

    • 9. Warming Up Your Audience

    • 10. How To Invite Your Friends

    • 11. Sneaky Trick To Share Your Facebook Event For Viral Engagement

    • 12. Promoting Your Event With Paid Facebook Ads - Part I

    • 13. Promoting Your Event With Paid Facebook Ads - Part II

    • 14. Congratulations!

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About This Class

This course will reveal a quick & easy strategy to create and promote an event on Facebook like a professional advertising agency.

You’ll discover step-by-step instructions to set up an event in less than 5 minutes and raise the attendance with cost-effective Facebook ad campaigns.

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in house & Reap the Benefits Of Giving Your Facebook Event More Exposure Instantly:

  • Complete guide to creating an event on Facebook
  • Three amazing resources to get a stunning cover photo designed
  • How to warm up your audience with high-quality content
  • Simple way to create Facebook ads and raise the attendance at your event
  • Best practices to create cost-effective campaigns with a limited budget
  • … and much more!

By the time you complete this class, you’ll be ready to set up an amazing event and raise the attendance instantly with strategies like paid Facebook ads.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Welcome to our training!: Hey there, Patrick. Your and I'd like to welcome you on behalf of my partner, Sandra Kiss, to regret in your training called Facebook Event Mastery. This course will reveal a simple strategy to create and to promote an event on Facebook. Like a professional Facebook marketing agency. You'll discover step by step, how to set up an abandoned lesson five minutes and how to raise the attendance at your event but cost effective Facebook ad campaigns to give your event even more exposure. And besides that, you'll discover things like three amazing resource is to get a stunning event cover photo design. How to warm up your audience with high quality content. A simple way to create Facebook acts to bring with you then best practices to create cost effective campaigns with the limited budget and much, much more. Okay, so if you want to set up an amazing event and give the event more exposure with strategies like paid Facebook ads, then this training is probably perfect for you, Johnny today and I'll see you on the other side 2. Meet & Greet: Hey there, Patrick. Year End. I'd like to welcome you on behalf of my partner. Sandra kissed her brand new training called Facebook Event Mastery. How are you doing today? Here is the thing. Creating events and Facebook can be an effective locust way to market a private or business event. So I'm really, really glad that you took this place. But before we get started, I like to set expectations and tell you what you will learn. So in this course, you will discover how to create and promote the Facebook event and get lots of people to attend it. I'll walk you through the entire process of creating an event how to invite people have to engage with them and how to host contests. You'll also learn ways to promote event with paid Facebook ads and how to encourage your attendees to spread the word about an upcoming occasion. Long story assured. There's a lot of cool stuff waiting for you, so let's take action and I'll see you in the next video 3. What Is A Facebook Event?: The first question that we have to answer is what is actually a fees book event. Well, a Facebook event is a collender based reserves, which can be used to notify users off upcoming occasions. So Facebook event can be sentry a selected group of people, and we'll include information of of the event, the time and the date of the event, and even images related to the event. Something you probably didn't know is that Facebook, the Web's largest social media network, plays host to three million event listings each month. That's right, three million event listings each month. And these are offline events ranging in size, from small friendly get togethers to company picnics to enormous political protests. So an event can be basically anything. It can be a party, a private or republic. One like a birthday party, a wedding, a club party, dinner party, a house party or a reunion can be a charity event. It can be in the education space, like a simple study group or a free or paid workshop. It can be a meeting like a business meeting or a convention, and the music and the arts space. It can be a concert, a festival or an exhibition, and it can be also a sports event. So as you can see, a Facebook event can be virtually anything there a tons of different examples. But these are probably the most common events that take place on Facebook. 4. Introduction To Facebook Event Creation : Welcome to the second section. In the following lessons, you'll discover how to create a Facebook event and some best practices to get it ready for promotion. I'm sure you'll love the next Lasses. Are you ready? Let's go. 5. How To Create An Event On Facebook: great. And this is you don't show you how to create an event on Facebook. The first step is to logging into Facebook account and then click on this tap here on the left hand side. Can you see that? It's as events just click here. They want to click on the create event button over here, just clicking it. Perfect. So the first thing you have to do is to enter a event me. Make sure it's a short and clear name. So my event is called Social Media Day 2000 and 15 then included place or an address. So this one will take place in Berlin. Just enter your full address, which includes the zip coat and the city and the street. Perfect. Next to find the date, just enter when the event will take place. So in this case, it's on the 12th of December. Then you want to specify the time, and if you want, you can even provide an end date. Okay, when the event ends, even the exact hour, then enter a description. It has to be short, but it should tell enough about what the event is going to be about. So in this case, only oldest saying, Social Media Day isn't annual event on December 12 that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes, right? And if you have no idea what to enter your just take a look at what your competitors are doing. Just browse through different events that he plays on Facebook and see what these guys were doing. OK, they want to decide whether it's a private event or a public event. In this case, it can be a public event or just a private event completely pants on what the purpose of that event ISS. And they want to specify whether gas can invite France. In this case, they can. If you don't want that, then just leave this box here unchecked. If you're done, click on Create Perfect. That's how you create an event on Facebook. And in the next video, I'll show you how to provide more information about your event and how to use some of the features that the event dashboard is offering here. But now just take actually and create your first event before moving on to the next video 6. Providing More Details: So, as you can see, this section here represents your event. Well, you can write post just away you would on the fan page on your event wall. You can at photos and videos, great polls. We'll cover all of that later. What to post here before the event starts. But I just want to make sure that you understand that this is the section to share more information about the upcoming event. Then you can invite friends, all of your friends, close friends or members of your families, right? Even people off your groups or people of the events that you attended or events that you host it, right, whatever that. Also later, once we dive deep into the promotion off your event, then you can added your current events. We can change the event name, location, daytime description. You can even delete the entire event on. What's really important is that you can add a co host. So if you're not the only one who's hosting the event, then just at the names of the people who are coasting that event and really important, make sure to show your guest list. Don't leave this box and checked because showing your guest lives is great social proven. Well, if you're if you're hosting a bigger event, right were like dozens. Hundreds of people will attend. This is just really perfect social proof, and it will make sure that more and more people will attend your event, buy tickets for event or eventually even invite their friends. Then, if you click on this option year, you can copy the event. This is great if you're hosting repeat events so you could just basically see the very same event will take place on another date. But still, you can change the details about the event, change the location and the date. So if you're launching, hosting a similar event and future than just go a hat and use this option here and then you can even export the event to your email. Last but not least, you can in. You can message your guest, the ones going the ones may be going in the ones that you have invited. We'll cover that later as well. But these are the main features that you have yet there's something missing right, and that's the event photo. The van further is like the major design element off your event, and it will decide how many people will join your event, no matter whether it's a private birthday party or just big convention. So you want to put some thought and effort into creating a great event for you. And that's what really cover in the very next video. How to get a event through that everybody will fall in love with. 7. Creating An Event Cover: here are three really great resource is to get your Facebook event cover design the first resources called fiber dot com, and you can get a Facebook event cover designed for just like five bucks. So what you have to do is go to search for and look for Facebook cover. Now here's the thing. They're not really gigs for. Facebook event covers all the gates that you're seeing. Here are the regular Facebook timeline cover designs. But here's what you can do. Pick a cellar that you really like, who has, like, tons of positive reviews like this guy over here Okay, has more than 5000. So if you check him out, then you will see that you can book him right away. But what I would you as getting in touch with that senator first and tell him, Hey, I'm interested in ordering a Facebook event photo from you. Can you do that? The reason you should get in touch with the seller first is that the photo size. It's a little bit different, so the Facebook event cover is a little bit smaller than their regular Facebook timeline cover, so you want to contact the seller first, and if he says yet, no problem. I can do that. Then just order the gig from the Southern. Okay, it's really as easy as that. So go to five or pick a person that you like them. I sent him a message. In the 90% of the cases, they will say, like Hey, yep, no problem. Things were getting in touch. Just book a gig and you're done. So fiber is a really great resource. It's really only $5 I think there's no better way. And the cheaper way to get a great design for your event then 99 designs is one of the probably best resources out there to get a really, really high quality and professional design. The only thing that I have to say, though, is there also one of the most expensive ones, right? So their packages started like $39 but they go up to like, several $100. If you're looking for some really super expensive, super high quality time, then cover design, right? So here's what I would do if your event is, like, really important. It's a business convention. People paid like hundreds of dollars for the ticket, then you really want to think about getting something really professional, since the events cover is the only design element. The only real design element off Yuri Van Page Check on 99 designs, and you want to really get the Facebook cover design package from them. It starts it at $39. And, as I said before, the really expensive ones caused a couple of $100. And then there's a free solution, and that free solution is called. Can Vedad come now? If you go to Canada? Outcome. If you open in the county will see that there's an option called Facebook event Cover photo to just click on that and you will see that can vies. Probably the easiest way to create a design yourself, especially if you hate photo shop, So it's a very easy drag and drop style on the left. Inside, you have a bunch of templates that you can choose from their like a thing. Hundreds of different templates, some of them are free. Actually, most of them are free. Some of them costs like a dollar. Then you can pick a template, and at some tax as you can see just really very simple dragon drop styles. You can basically customize every single element. You can select a different background if you want to, and then you can even upload your own images, right, so you can create a great photo in, like 2345 minutes. And if you need some inspiration, just check out similar events on Facebook events that your competitors did right. Just research them, and you will get many great ideas on what including how to design. You recover. So if you don't want to hire a professional who do know exactly what you put on your event cover right. If you don't want to go with fiber, if you don't want to go with 99 designs, then just seriously check out Can vat. I think there's no easier way to get a photo cover designed for, like, free. Okay, so Fiverr 99 designs or can va pick one? Now? Go ahead and create the photo for your event 8. Introduction To Event Promotion : Now that you learned how to create an event, it's time to promote it. And the following videos. You'll discover how to use free strategies as well as paid Facebook at to give your event more exposure instantly. I'll see you in the next video. 9. Warming Up Your Audience : before you actively promote your event, there is one more thing I want you to do if possible, then post photos and videos from your previous event. This will give people a better idea off what they can expect, and it will help you to drastically increase the attendance rate. In case you don't have any videos or pictures, then make sure to take some at your upcoming event. So if you have any footage of past events and go ahead and make a couple of posts now. 10. How To Invite Your Friends: The next step is to invite your friends or people that, you know before promoting your event with paid Facebook ads you want to use to invite button over here to invite a few people that you already know and that might be interested in attending your event. So, as you can see, you can invite your friends close people, right? Facebook breaks down your friends by the city that you'd live in. You can invite people using your email contacts. You can invite friends people from previous events that you host it from events that you have attended, for example, right, and also from groups that you remember off right. So, generally speaking, invite as many people as you can, but only make sure that you invite people who will most likely a tent. So they have to be interested in the subject matter of the event, and they obviously have to live near the event location. If your event takes place in Berlin and it makes absolutely no sense to invite people from California, right first, likely they will not come. Eso generally speaking, invite people that you know people that you're friends with, make sure they're interested in the subject matter. They live near the location and don't be too spammy. You can actually get in trouble with Facebook if you start inviting like everyone. And if you will have a low attendance rate, meaning only a very few people of the ones that he invited will accept your invitation. So be a little bit careful with whom he invite. But now used invite functions. Start inviting a few people. 11. Sneaky Trick To Share Your Facebook Event For Viral Engagement : the first thing you want to do to give your event more exposure is sharing it on your fan page in a Facebook group in case you're an admin and on your personal Facebook profile, this is something you could do virtually always, but still the best way to give your event. Aton of exposure is sharing it on your fan page. So here's how to do it only have to do is to grab the full your l of your event, right, Just copy it, then go through a fan page and make a regular stages update. So just posted here, Boom here it ISS. Now the big question is, what should u. N drink? You're obviously have to write something about this event. Well, the easiest way to make it post is to provide just a little bit information about your event. You could do something like this safe. The date for at Baker's sixth annual Social Media Day 2015 Sear in Berlin. Then you can even enter a link Teoh to your website in case we have a little bit more information about that event on your personal website, right? So make a short post that straight through the point that tells people, Hey, there is an event going on. They can see the date here Social media Day 2015. Just make sure that every person knows right away when it takes place, where it takes peace and what it is about. This is very easy to do. Don't write anything that's like super lunk. Keep it short and straight to the point. You just want to incentivize people to click on your event, to check it out and ultimately to join it. But then there is another way of posting of informing people about an upcoming event, and that is launching a contest. Here's how to do it right, something like this. It's giveaway time. Click like for your chance to win, then enter the price and tell us why we should pick you in the Commons. Winners will be randomly selected at entered a selection date, and their names will be posted on her Facebook page and then the comments of that post, right? So do a contest to a very simple contest and incentivize people to engage with your event to like your post. This will result in a higher organic reach. This will result in free traffic, and so more people will automatically attend your event. Now you could do a like contest, right? This is probably the lowest entry barrier and asking them to come and underneath the post explaining why they should get picked right. Something else you could do is ask them to share the post, but there are two things that you should consider. First of all, the prices that you said like we should be relevant and also something special that gets people excited like a free ticket or maybe even a A V I p package, right? Don't go with something boring like a T shirt. Nobody wants a T shirt. I see that many events were doing that. The offer. A free T shirt of the Web Summit 2015 and Dublin. Well, this is boring, but everyone wants a free ticket, right? Especially if you give the opportunity to save a ton of money. That's just probably the best incentive to click the like button or to share deposed with your friends. Another thing you should consider is offering multiple small prices than one giant one, so it's always better to offer five free standard tickets instead of one giant V I P package and or just a dinner with Tony Robbins. The more likely somebody can win the price, the more likely he will engage with your opposed to. More likely, he will share it and like it. Okay, so, generally speaking off a relevant prices and offer multiple prices instead of one giant one . Just seriously give it a try. You won't see that you won't get much more exposure. If you do that, let's take a short recap. Show your event on your fan page and the group. If you're in admin of a group and on your personal Facebook profile, right, just copy Paste the full Euro l of her event. Share it on your fan page, for example, and then just provided a little bit more information about it. You could just say, Hey, here's an event that takes place. Save the date. I'll be happy to see you there. Or which is a great way to give her event more exposure and to generate free organic traffic is starting a contest offering something like free tickets, Siri event or a really special price. You will see more people will attend that your attendance rate will also go up. So if you can, if you have a little bit of money, laughter, if you can afford to give away a couple of free tickets or anything that special but doesn't constant a lot of money conscious are a great way to give your event more exposure and to get more people to attend it. 12. Promoting Your Event With Paid Facebook Ads - Part I: in this city. I want to show you how to give your event more exposure with paid Facebook ads to get started. Logging, injury, Facebook Ads manager and click on Create at the first step is to choose the objective for your campaign. As you can see, there is a number of different campaign objective to choose one now. There was only one campaign objective that is relevant for promoting your event, and the objective is this one here, raced attendants at your event. Go ahead and click on it, then you want to select event you want you want to promote. You can select from the drop down. Or you can also just enter to full your l off your event right? Perfect. Now it's time to set up or first at her first campaign. The first step is to define the audience right, So Facebook is asking us who we actually want to reach. With our ads, we have to define your audience. You want to serve ads too. Now the first option is to select a custom audience. The custom audience can be email subscribers, your customers or you website visitors. Even your APP users now custom audiences are a really advanced tool, and this course is just a really basic one to promote your event. Now. If you have anemia, listen place. If you have customers already and you have their data like their phone number or their email, or if you have a website in place and you want to work with retargeting and build a website custom audiences. Then here's the deal. We created an entire course and more advanced targeting options, right, so I'll walk you through everything. Custom audiences. I'll walk you through things like retargeting, how to install a retargeting pixel, how to build up retargeting lists, overly all the advanced stuff that only like the top one or heat even 5% of Facebook marketers are doing. If you're interested in that than just reach out and I'll provide the free coupon for you, So you conjoined. That's court that course and take this advanced class. So if you want to work with custom audiences, if you haven't email, listen place. If you have some customers, if you have a website than seriously reach out and all provide of recouping for you so you can take this class. But let's talk about the basic targeting functions that basic targeting options. The first thing you really want to do is to find the location. Now, if your event takes place in the specific city, when you want to do is to enter the city here, right In this case, it's Cologne, for example. And well, then you want to define The Radius is like 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 months. Basically, I would always go for something like 50 months because, as you know, people have a car. 15 months is not a big deal. Um, but well, if if your event is like a party, um, then you wanna narrow the range down for for two, like 10 months because people get drunk and they want to take a cab home. So 50 miles is probably a little bit too much, but if it's like an important meet up or like a business conventional local business convention, go for something like 50 months or maybe even a paid workshop, right? So it really depends on what you try to promote, but you should really consider whether you want to narrow down the range like 10 miles were even less by choosing this custom audience here or whether you want to go for something like 50 months or even more now, what some people also do is to promote it like in an entire country. I could also say that when you reach out to everyone living in Germany, while you should only do that if it's like a ruling important convention that be convention where like it in hundreds, thousands of people take, attend and where the tickets are like really expensive Because, you know, if you're really asking somebody to travel like a couple of 100 miles to your event, it really has to be something very meaningful, important in your industry in terms of age and gender. Well, this is completely industry specific. It's if it's like a yoga convention that is geared towards women than obviously you want toe you on the narrow it down to women, only that you want to target in terms of age. Generally speaking, I would leave this very brought unless you know your customers already the people who will attend your convention. If you know they're typically between 20 and 25 well, then go ahead and narrow the age range to that eighth grip, right? But if you never, ever hosted an event before, it's a very 1st 1 that you organized. Then here's what you should consider if you're selling tickets to your event. Or maybe it maybe workshop Right paid works up about Facebook advertising, for example. Well, you know, it's always a good idea to start out with something like a minimum age of 30 years. You're like 50 55. Here's the reason. If you're asking for money, especially if it's like a couple of $100 chances are they're the ones who are between 20 and 25 30. They don't have so much money to spend, but men and women who are 30 years old. Generally speaking, they have a decent income, so those people have the money they can spend for a ticket. So if you're asking for money, if it's like the ticket isn't cheap than really consider to reach out to people who are at least 30 years old, you will see your your response rate will be a lot higher than if you target the ones between, like aiding 20 at and 30 29 right, so thirties, always and minimum age of them like to go for if I'm asked actually asking for money, languages and more. Demographics are not so important for in there. But what's really important is the interest targeting, right? So you want to define the interests off your target audience. Well, they always recommend is reaching out to your competitors to the audience of your competitors. So instead for going like for for like brought keywords like Fitness, you want to target the audience of specific competitors in the fitness snitch who actually charge their audience for their products and services. So in the social media marketing space time trying to organize a social media convention, I wouldn't go for something like Social Media Marketing. I would go for key words like Social Media examiner or John Bloomer or digital marketer. So in this case, I pretty much know that well, these are big players in the social media. Marketings pays all of them, charge their organs for products and services, and I know that my response right in that case will be a lot higher. So when it comes to interest are getting think about who the biggest players in your niche markets are your competitors, and then just go ahead and try to find them in the interest section. Then another really important section is the A targeting feature called Connection. Now, if you click on the events, there are two things that you should do or the lease to consider. If you have a fan page in place, you wanna reach out to people who like your page like you want to include them in the targeting, but something you should always do. And that's the second thing is to exclude people who have already responded to your event right. If they said the they will attend to revenge where they don't have time, Unfortunately, they can be there. You don't want to reach out to them a second time. Don't waste your money in terms of budget. I would get started with something like five euros of $5 for a first campaign that I would just monitor my campaign very closely. I would keep it running for 48 hours, and after 48 hours I would check how how the campaign is doing. If it's doing pearly, I would probably split this that I would test the different targeting. I would maybe test different pictures a different at tax. And if I see that something is working, then I would scale the budget gradually, like five heroes, 10 euros or dollars, $20.25 dollars and so on to test small and then scale later. 13. Promoting Your Event With Paid Facebook Ads - Part II : last but not least, we have to choose an image for our at, and also we also have to define the at text. Now, in terms of the image, there are two options. As you have. First of all, you can upload your own images. So if you have pictures from the previous event, that's always a good eight year to showcase them, right, that's that's always the best. In case you don't have any pictures yet, make sure to take some at your upcoming events. You can use them later to show can use them on your Facebook event well at all, so you can include them in your campaigns. And the second option is to use free stock images from from shattering stock. So what you should search for is pictures that represent your type off event obviously could go for something generic, like event right if he enter event hearing again, all of these pictures are free. You will find the tongue of great pictures that are probably related, um, to your event, but something that is better ism entering a keyword that defines the type of event. For example, if it's if it's a party than enter the queue work party here. If it's a meet up than enter that were, meet up. If it's a wedding and enter wedding and if it's a convention, then entered the work convention. Now you want you select six pictures Facebook world splittism automatically and pushed. He had that delivers the best results that you want to really select pictures that get your audience really excited. That's not a bad one. That's not a bad one. That's not a bad one again. It really totally depends on on your event type. But what's always a great idea is showcasing the event location and people right? Create some social proof, you know, showcasing a full ballroom like like here in the people attending. Listening to your speaker. These ads perform always the best for for if you're trying to promote a convention or a meet up right, you can go with a generic. You would like event, but it's always better to use keywords that they're related to your event type. Select six different pictures that get your audience excited. If you're done, then just click, and then and then just entering a text, write something that I would do is something like this. Something very simple. Save the date for at Baker six Annual Social Media Day 2015. It's really as easy as that. Don't go too crazy here. Keep it as short as possible. You will see that it will give you the best results, and then just make sure to provide more information on your actual event page in terms of ad placement. Well, we have best of newsfeed ads, mobile newsfeed ads that some right column. I would always exclude deaths of right column and just run your at on desktop newsfeed and mobile news feed. And if you're done, just click on place order. It will take Facebook just a couple of minutes, actually, to review your add. In some cases, it might take a couple of hours and, well, you're done. That's the way to give your event Mawr exposure with paid Facebook ads 14. Congratulations!: Congratulations. You made it until the end of this training things for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit on what you just learn. We covered everything you need to know to harness the power of Facebook events. So just go ahead and take action, create and promote your Facebook event today. And, hey, if if any questions then feel free to reach out, we're here to help you and we'll, Andrew all of your questions. So good luck take action. Do they keep me updated on your progress? Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.