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How To Promote Your Content Marketing Articles - The Other 5 Great Methods

Sorin Amzu, Digital Marketing Specialist

How To Promote Your Content Marketing Articles - The Other 5 Great Methods

Sorin Amzu, Digital Marketing Specialist

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6 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro To The Course

    • 2. Use Guest Posts To Get Traffic

    • 3. Use Podcasts To Get Traffic

    • 4. Use Slideshare To Get Traffic

    • 5. Use YouTube To Get Traffic

    • 6. Use Ads To Get Traffic

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About This Class

This new class will teach another set of 5 great methods to promote your articles or content. You've been there as well - you've written a great article, but don't know how to get traffic to it.

Use these methods and get more traffic today.

See you on the inside!

Meet Your Teacher

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Sorin Amzu

Digital Marketing Specialist


I've been involved in Digital Marketing for over 10 years. I've majored in Journalism and have written pretty much everything from jokes to stories, screenplays, books and product names.

The thing I'm most proud of is the 1-2-3 method, allowing people to generate great product names FAST. I'm passionate about creating content that empowers people do DO and BE more.

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1. Intro To The Course: Well, hello there. And welcome to these cars how to promote your content marketing articles. The other five great methods now have done a course in the past which outlined five effective methods to promote your articles. And I thought, You know what? There are other methods out there, so I decided to create this course for you. So let's just have a look at what we will be learning. The first video. We will be focusing on guest boats and there are two sides of the story here. So number one and the one that people are mostly no an associate guest post with is actually writing an article for someone else. And basically, yes, that is sort of the definition, and that's why you will want toe write your article for someone else to get traffic back to your website. The second part, which I find more interesting after a while after you get a bit of momentum, is allowing other people right, allowing other people to post something post articles on your own website or block. And it all boils down to nurturing a relationship, whether it that's with the influencers, you're tryingto in promote articles to were trying to impress them so you can get traffic from their communities. Or you can get on the side off actually establishing your own brand. Er's your own awareness in the marketing space by allowing other people to promote their articles on your website. The second video focuses on podcasts, and again we will be talking about the two sides off the same coin number one would be to actually appear on podcasts. Whether that's ah, audio or video he recorded or a live. It's a great way to get the word out on your articles on your brand on your book. If you're got a product coming out soon, it's a great way to influence other people's communities. The other side again is to host your own podcast, and you will want to do that because after a while you want more control. You'll want t be seen as the person actually curating that content, and it's a great, great way to get your name out. The fermented is slighter. It's a distribution channel, it's a website. And again, once you get on the home page or you just get a few hundreds of thousands of views, people will see you in a much better light. Since not everyone can create killer slide shares can create really, really awesome PowerPoint or Google slide presentations. They will see you not only as a article writer but also as a competent content creator. The fourth video will focus on YouTube, and if you don't already know it, Google is the number one search engine in the world, and number two belongs to you, too. So it's an opportunity that you shouldn't waste and whether or not you already have videos created, that doesn't matter. Adding stuff on you to get easier and easier with each day. You can just have a pneumonia or and an image. You can just have a new image in certain situations, and you can just add text onto it. It's a great distribution platform that you can optimize, and you can send traffic back to your original article, the fifth video in this course, the last one. We will be focusing on ads, and while most of the other methods were completely free, I decided to add something else in this mix. There is no shame in paying for promotion, and we we will be taking a look at just how to do that. Some tips and tricks for promoting your articles using ads. So this was the structure for the course. I assure you that everything that I will be talking about will be in a easy to follow Ah, fashion. We will be having all the fun. There will be lots of things to learn and hopefully I'll see you on the inside. 2. Use Guest Posts To Get Traffic: Okay, So in this video, I will show you how to use just blogging and guest posting as a way to promote your content marketing article. What is guest posting in water? Some of its benefits. Well, it's clear that you want toe gain back, clings to your website and in time that will transform into traffic. Young people toe look up to you as an expert and you hunt to gain traffic. Hopefully right there and then, but also in the long run. And not just traffic, but targeted traffic and lots of it. If it's possible. Yes, both thing and guest. Blogging is a way where you write on article, but you do not. You do not post it on your own blogger website. So what? You do it, it is you actually posted on someone else's website. Hold on. If you've just recently found out about I guess blogging, then you would say, Well, why do I want to do that? Why would I want to post my article that I worked so hard for on someone else's weapon? Well, someone else probably has more traffic. They knew if you're reaching out to a bigger people, bigger bloggers and influencers in the digital marketing world, so it would make sense to sort of hand them the article, provide value for them and their audience and linked towards your block in your article. And there are a few tips that you can use if you're just starting out. You will not have a least off people that you can contact today any time in order to get opportunities like this. So it's fairly simple to find opportunities. You just search for your keyword and then in Commons guest post baguettes post written by and you can just if you search ah, things of this nature, you will find blog's and websites that do offer guest posting necessarily services but opportunities for you. So once you're young should gather the least you need to do a little bit off digging. If you use the most bar chrome extension or a some other tool, you need to check whether the websites are good enough for you to actually research and take the time to write an article for them. So the way you do that is you look at their page authority in their domain authority. You look at Sochaux social signals. You can use a bus sumo to check out how many shares their recent gets boasts had, and so you really try to make sure that it's a good fit for you. And not only that, but that your article provides enough value for them because, remember, it's not has with anything. When you're partnering up with somebody because that's what you're doing, you want to provide value not just for yourself, not just jailings for yourself. And that's the end of it. You want to be able to provide value for that specific blocks audience, and there are lists off websites that offer these types off guest posting opportunities that you don't really have to search for them. If you actually search for the lists, this can really, really help you out. And in the beginning it's pretty much what you're what you'll be working with, because you won't have those opportunities. Ah, at hand. You won't have those relationships built, but over time what you need to do with guest posting it gives blogging is provide value and create opportunities for other people as well. So for generation ships, with bloggers, even smaller ones they knew there are out there, even though you don't think of it and off for guest posting on your own block. I know it sounds a bit counterintuitive since you're trying to get links from other people . And then you would be offering your blogger website as a platform for other people to gain things. But as with anything in a partnership where you want to get value, you should provide value first. Now, when you're talking about ah, actually talking to people about you doing them, Ah, writing on article for them there are a few things you should keep in mind. Well, number one would be your content should be really, really great. Um, I've seen people talk about how the article for a guest post should be better than the one that you would write on your own longer website. I sort of agree with that. Since you have tow wow, you have tow amaze much. Ah, much more specific audience and people who've who've read and see these types of articles pretty much all day. So if you're just looking at your own audience, maybe who are people? Ah, sort of beginners in the country marketing space you should look further than that. Go a bit longer. Go do Ah, at more media. Just simply create the content that you would like to read and try to create. Really, really, really, really good engagement. Ah, on that topic. So you should have recounting that that people reading that will see you as has an expert, so that is the key and then further down the line. What you can do is once you've managed to secure against posting opportunity, obviously you would want toe link to your blog's or another article, and you can use tools. Lark like market is a tour or other tools that allow you to place a pop up on your website when people come from a certain from certain locations. So let's say you've had a guest block on on Ah, copy blogger. And then once people click on a link saying, I don't know the Seymour off what this person has written here, they will end up on your block, but they will see a pop up, and hopefully you will do a good job at providing a graphics and a text that says how a copy blogger readers Here's a special opportunity or offer for you. So once you have the guest article in place, once you have the pop up on your website, the work is not really done. You will want toe add your ah website. You will want to advertise that you have written a guest post Do paid ads shared on social media do all of the things that you can so that that article it doesn't matter if it's all another persons website. That article does well, you should really ensure that that that article does well because you want to provide traffic for that person, right? Remember, provide value first and you also want to make sure that you will be invited another time to do another guest article. Don't think of it as a one time deal. Think of it as a long term relationship building exercise. So this was this video all about how to use guest posting and guest blogging as a way to promote your content marketing article. I'll see you in the next video 3. Use Podcasts To Get Traffic: Welcome back in this video, I'll talk about how you can use podcasts as a way to promote your content marketing articles, as you've learned along the way, Um, there are numerous method of getting traffic, and what they have in common, at least most of them is. They do rely on creating a relationship with people and providing value upfront and one of the great ways that you can get traffic, create relationships, gain links and increase your authority each to be featured on podcasts. Now there are two basic types. There's the audio podcaster, the video podcast, and it all depends on the country you're in or the country, or targeting and marketing sort of niche or the area you will be talking about, because they there are certain parts where certain areas where people really enjoyed video more than audio. Whereas with the U. S. For example, audio has just blown up. And there are people who just do all your podcasts getting featured on one of these podcasts is in the heart. You do still have to have a name created for yourself. You can't just asked to be on a podcast when you don't even have a blawg or on authority in your field, and the best way to do that is simply go to iTunes. Go to Amazon, search for the people you would like to work with. Search for the podcast you're interested in search for the podcasts are authors. You are currently listening or following, and then look at their connections. Since you will not have, ah, large chance of getting featured on big podcast. Think of ways of getting into the smaller ones, but which are similar to the one that you really want to get on. So this is like a tiered technique, a tiered method, meaning he will want to get on a smaller podcast and use that to live. Use that leverage to get on a bigger one. And finally, when you've done maybe five of them, you can successfully you can, um, go and email the person that you really want to be on that person's podcast and say, Hey, look of than these five people have reacted well to them. They're getting Commons. They're getting downloads. I would like to come on your podcast as well. And once you found these podcasts, the smaller ones in the bigger ones create a list on and sort of try to filter them in terms off. What they're downloads are how popular they are and don't start at the top. Start somewhere in the middle of started at the bottom. You don't have to go straight away from the one and get a $1,000,000 per per episode. So if you've done that already, but you need a little bit more off. Ah, work. If you did need a little bit more of, ah, push. Well, the other side is also quite interesting, and we've talked about this in other videos. It's easy to get on a person's podcasts podcast in terms off. Ah, what it means for you in terms off work, right? You just have to sort of show up and talk about your expertise and answer questions and promote that a specific ah podcast episode. But what is equally interested interesting is creating your own podcast because then you will start to understand how people operate. You'll start to understand what it means to say that you'll be online a specific time killer. What means in terms, off equipment, preparation and things off that nature and getting a protest is actually ah, bit harder, but then, simply being a guest on one. But the good thing is that it's getting simpler and simpler to be to become a podcast creator. Another source for good podcast pockets, ideas on and links is the subreddit a slash R slash podcasts. You can find links and confined tips, and you can, um, promote your podcast here. Obviously, you don't want to be spammy and you want to quit Ah, relationship of conversation with people first and then hopefully drop a link there to your own. Ah, both cast, as we've mentioned before, starting a podcast becomes easier and easier as each day goes by. And Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has a great tutorial, Siris on what it means to create a podcast from scratch. And here's the real deal. He had no idea what a podcast was. Ah, he just started out with his own block. And then he moved on to a podcast, and all his got about three Start writing, writing books. And so he's such a uninspiring, an interesting person, the marketing field, and he has a Siris of videos that show you just step by step. How to create what the what you need for each each step off off the podcast process. My recommendation is to simply get like a cheap $50 a microphone. Eighth. Can't afford that. You can use the microphone on your phone Can use a Bluetooth headset from your phone. You can use a pair of year phones with the mic. You can use it a headphone that connects to your computer pretty much anything that has a mike is good enough to begin with, and then you can get your podcast up and running in a matter of minutes or hours. Audacity is a program that is free used for all your editing, and then you can simply ah, get a war person still somewhere on on on cheap domain. And then, with a few podcasting plug ins, you are ready to go so you can ask people to be on your podcast. You can talk about what you think is interesting. You can transform your articles into a podcast episodes so all of these things you can do to increase your reputation and your expertise and going back to this podcast directory once you have all of all of these put in place. Once you you have, like, five episodes of your podcast. You can simply submit it to submit them to these directories. And so your podcast will become a bit more popular. So that is another way to go about it. If you want to get featured, try to start your own podcast and then mentioned how you're starting to grow. You're starting to learn, and yet you're interested in ah providing value for that specific podcasts, listeners. And what you can also do is not necessarily start with the podcast you're interested in in terms off domain terms, off fields off here, for example. For me, I'm on the conduct marketing field, but also interesting in finance. I'm also interested in music. I'm also interested in YouTube and digital marketing in general. So I might be also looking at podcasts in other fields, but are sort of related to what I'm interested in, ah, things that I can talk about and that would bring me a pleasure to talk about. So this was this video all about how to use a podcast as a way to promote your content marketing articles. So thanks for watching and us you in the next video 4. Use Slideshare To Get Traffic: Welcome back to another video. This time I want to talk about how to use light share to promote your content Marketing Particle. So, in case you don't know, slide share is a website that is now owned by Lincoln, and it's got presentations, infographics documents and a lot more. Their motto is Discover share present. You might know it as that place where you've seen that great presentation, and that's pretty much true. People are usually know it like that. By the end of this video, you'll know how to number one gets traffic from your slight share presentation Number two. How to get massive traffic from your slasher presentation by getting a featured on the home page on the front page of the website. So just taking a look at it at the top. Slide shares right now. This one for the 3000 views. This 1 76,000 views this one it massive ah, 103,000 views. Before we talk about how to rank how to get on the front page, Let's just take a look at a sample slight share, and this is an interesting example. This is a presentation that got 1.3 million views, and it's gotten their using a few that's called them hacks. And one of the elements would be that these presentation has a great design. So let's just have a quick look at the ah presentation. These This is the presentation from the N S A. It was a pretty big deal. The N S A was trying to spy on pretty much everyone. And then this person did not talk about the problem, did not try to offer solutions. Uh, it just made their slides a lot there in terms of design, in terms, off, understanding the content that is there, making that content much easier to lead. So the term that we use for this sort of situation is news jacking. That means you find something that people are talking about, a newsworthy topic, and then you look at it from a different angle. Most of the meat most of media was talking about the NSC's its buying and what else is wrong with the NSA while this person went in a different direction, did not try to find a solution, It just tried to design great slides, and that is a fair, fair situation a good point. Since people are looking for this topic, they will find your presentation. If you've linked to your website. If you've linked to your article, it will get your traffic. So let's have a look at how you can create the presentation. There are tools that you can use and the great parties they're free. Most of them are free. So there's the Microsoft PowerPoint and pretty much nowadays, any new computer comes installed with Windows and the Microsoft Office, which has PowerPoint. There are templates built in. There are free templates online. There is Canada. There is a great website, and it has hundreds, if not thousands, off templates that you can use. Eddie, don't lie American. Download them. There is a keynote. If you're on a Mac, there is Google Slides, which is online, so you can use it from pretty much any operating system. Again, there are templates, and there are free templates available outside of that. And there's also Haiku Deck, which is a presentation application that lives pretty much in the cloud, and there is a free version with that as well. Now, one thing you should remember with slasher presentations and presentations. In general, you cannot rely on just the one. So if you have a in article, let's say about the benefits off sleep, then you shouldn't just create a presentation called that you should be thinking in terms off a CEO. So just like we've talked about the YouTube video, it's a similar situation with the slasher presentation. So don't just think off the slide share as a singular digital entity. Think of it as a connected back link source for your website or your articles thinking in terms of S yo, you should have a basic cure. The primary keyword. Make sure that that keyword is in the title in the U. R L and in the transcript In the description off that slice share, Have your presentation be very clean. Have a link to your content. Marketing article On slight year. You can't have an article after I believe the you can only have it after the four for fifth slide. You cannot have it on the cover, so you should take that in mind. You can also use different types off graphics like arrows pointing to a link, since things are aren't usually as seen as in a website and going back to s yo tactics, you should create more than one presentation for accounting marketing article tried toe tackle the subject that you are talking about from multiple sides. So if you have an article on the benefits off sleep, talk about fellows. Talk about when you should be going to sleep. Talk about meditation. Talk about things that you should be doing before you go to sleep. Talk about the amount of sleep. Talk about how steep was perceived. Talk about the drugs that you can take, the illegal drugs that you can take to fall asleep faster and things of that nature. And now going back to what we've talked about in the beginning, how you can get traffic from a slasher presentation. It all has to do with views, and it's pretty much the same with a YouTube video. A slash A presentation can be ranked in Google, and if you want to get a lot of traffic, your slicer presentation should be on the slide share home page. So just on the front page of the website, how do you get there? There isn't a new algorithm. At least they're not acknowledging that there is an algorithm. People who work it's like your curate the content. It does help that it would have a lot of views in the first few hours or days that you have it on your website. So make sure you share it on every social media to have tried every single method that you know to get traffic to. It mentioned slighter on Twitter told them that you've got the presentation you love maybe too. Be featured on the homepage somewhere and then don't forget toe. Have your link somewhere in the presentation. It helps if it's more than once. It helps if you emphasize it with colors and hours and links. So this was the video all about how to get traffic from slide, share to your content marketing already close, and I'll see you in the next video 5. Use YouTube To Get Traffic: Okay. So in previous videos, we've talked about how to get traffic using different methods that you might have not heard about, like using just boasting or using podcasts. And in his video, I want to talk about how to use YouTube as a platform as a channel to promote your content marketing articles. So if you if you're like me, you really want to be a higher up in Google, you want to rank higher for certain specific keywords because you will then get free organic traffic. And that can mean that you only have to do a little bit off work in the beginning and then get traffic every single day every single month without paying anything. This is just a example to show you why YouTube is pretty good. So I'm just using ah, search. You'll get traffic using YouTube and after all of these things, which aren't just websites at the end. So this is position, then the last one is a YouTube video. And even though it's not specifically about how to use YouTube as a traffic source, it's more about the opposite. How to get traffic to your YouTube channel or videos. It just goes to show that YouTube isn't strictly related to, you know, going on YouTube in searching for something. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it's now integrated within the search results that it provides. That means that each time you will search for something like a tutorial, or even on that or anything, and you search for it on Google there, there's a high chance. There's a hyperbole probability that you will find a Google result for a YouTube video. So once we know that these YouTube videos can rank, and then you can use that to send traffic to your website. And so not only will you have your new you two video in Google, but also willing YouTube's are waiting to major search engines, and they're now considered the top to search engines in or I Google. And then you took its one great way to sense traffic your content marketing guards cause So let me show you. Ah, let me go into a bit more of specifics. This is on Ah, video by rest your from Web risk. As you can see, this is the video's off their title and over here, if we click, show more These are all his social media accounts and obviously right here he links to his agency's website. So this is a YouTube video sending potential traffic right, targeted traffic to his website and the way you actually rank for things. Ah is pretty simple. Actually, he just have to remember that a YouTube video is like a website or a block or a digital instance, right? A generic digital instance. So the things that you would do for a website you would want to do for a you tube video. So in terms off a CEO, you will want to have a good title related to what you are talking about. What you're Nishi's. You want to have a great description. If you are using a tutorial, it's a great idea to have the transcript the written transcript for the video in that YouTube YouTube videos description, since that also gets indexed and further along the way. Other things that you should be looking, getting and doing getting traffic and links to that YouTube video itself. And I know it sounds a bit counterproductive, since you're not really trying to rank just for the YouTube video you want to use that YouTube video toe girl and that used that leverage that to send traffic to your content marketing article. But if you think about it, if you're thinking about from not from a You Tube or a video Stanford with more from way back ling standpoint. So you're building a digital presence on YouTube and you want that toe work alongside you and sense traffic your way. And now there are a few tips that you should are Remember. Obviously, you should also be careful when you're actually naming your specific video file, because that gets also gets honestly indexed. But read by YouTube's bots. You want to use playlists so that you can, um, identify You can help you toes, boats identify what your video is about and think of it as similar as you have a content marketing article. And obviously you will want that to be in a category on your block. You don't just want it to be on Global blast Life Block slash article title, right? You wanted to be in a category. You should remember to use custom thumbnails, and this isn't specifically related toe s you. But once you have your custom thumbnails Then, when this shows up next to other videos related videos, people should have a reason to click on your YouTube video right on on the one that you have alongside other ones. So make sure your thumbnail stands out. You can have an image. You can have text on it, make sure it it really pops. You can also have, um, social media work for you. So thinking in terms off gathering so social signals for this YouTube video itself. So sharing it on accounts that you might on Social Media platform that you might not have accounts for yet so should try building those, say, a tumbler. A Twitter. If you don't have account Pinterest, try sharing it along those lines, getting links from those places so that your YouTube video has more chances off ranking for your specific specific keyword. Also, since your YouTube video lives on a channel page, then you should definitely look into making sure you have completed the description at the links that you have a link to your own website that you have a channel Arc John profile. Make sure that your channel looks as legit as official as good as you can get and then further landline. Let's say you're getting into Gray Hatter Black hat. You can think about getting links from other sources, like other social media, a place platform social bookmarks, doing a few guest blog's guest posts, having a few comments on a few blog's kind of sending the video to people share them, shared via email. Do all that you can do for your YouTube video to rank. And then let's YouTube spots optimized for the key war that you've chosen. And then all you have to do is check out how much traffic that YouTube video has sent you. And once you've seen it work, you can use that strategy again with another key world. For another content marketing article looking. Create a suit off our list of videos for that same A content marketing article. So this was the video all about how to use YouTube to promote your content marketing article. I'll see you in the next video 6. Use Ads To Get Traffic: welcome back to another video, and in this one I want to talk about how to use ads to promote your content marketing articles. As we've seen so far. There are multiple ways of promoting your article without having to pay anything, and that's great. But since there are paid options out there that might bring better results, target the results faster results. Then we should be looking into those as well. Sure a few tips that I've used that I've noticed that I've learned along the way, promoting content marketing articles in a paid wait. The 1st 1 would be to use re marketing. And what that means is you will be placing a pixel unless just call it a Facebook pics. So if you're using Facebook cats, you'll be placing the Facebook picture on your blogged and that will gather data. It will add cookies to people's computers, the people that visit your website and then you'll have, let's say, 1000 people who visited your website in Facebook ads. You can segment those users and say I want to show my add to people who visited my website but haven't seen this particular article that I'm trying to promote right now. Another tip would be to use your existing email subscriber list as a custom audience within Facebook ads and target those people and tell them that you've got a new article up on your website upon your block the way a custom audience like this works is that let's say you have 1000 email subscribers or upload those into Facebook, and it tries to match those email addresses to actual Facebook users profiles. And the match rate usually isn't 100% but you will be getting, I would say, at least 50 to 70% of those 1000 email addresses you will get back in real Facebook user profiles that you can use to target your aunt's. Another tip is, don't wait until the article is finished. You can promote your block, or you can tell people Hey, a new article is coming soon. So pretty much that is a tactic to pre promote your content marketing article. Another thing that you can do is to promote your article using a video, and that is easily done with the tools like Adobe Spark. And even in Bar Point, you can create presentations that you can export as a video and even Facebook ads has a built in slight show creator. And since videos are seen better by Facebook's algorithm and they show up great on Mobile and on the stop, you can use those to promote your content marketing article. Another idea and another tip is to not be limited to a specific social media network. I've talked about Facebook ads a lot since I'm the most familiar with those, and I find that the targeting options are much better than for other social networks. But it really depends on what type of block you have. What type of content marketing article you're trying to promote. Google AdWords is also a great idea, and you can also use Google AdWords features to make your ad show up on YouTube videos and next to YouTube video. You can also use Lincoln and Lincoln has great targeting options. If you're looking for CEOs, presidents of companies, marketing managers and people off that nature you can also use Twitter adds to their ads are useful. If your article is easy, Toe Digest is a bit more technical and appeals to a, uh, early adopter type crowd letter tip is the really focused on your targeting Since you want your ads to be shown to people who will be interested in your article, that means people in a specific country, people who like specific, specific things. In my case, it will be content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing You do not want to waste money. Really? Go head and learn about your targeting options. Think about what you've got, what you've learned about your audience and how you can use that in your targeting within Facebook ads or whatever type of ad you decide to do. And based on the information that you have, you can save your audience. You can create a lookalike audience. Think creatively about the way that you can target your ads so that people who click on your ad actually people who are interested in your article in your niche in your topic. And if you're selling something, your website also think about how you can have a pop up or a welcome bar or something of that nature. Welcoming people from that specific traffic source. So off course there are free ways to promote your content marketing article, but there are also paid ways. Don't be afraid Off. Using adds the sense traffic to your article. So this was the video all about how to use ads to promote your content Marketing article. Thanks for watch.