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How To Promote Your Content Marketing Articles - The 5 Effective Methods

teacher avatar Sorin Amzu, Digital Marketing Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro To The Course

    • 2. Use Twitter To Get Traffic

    • 3. Email Your Subscribers To Get Traffic

    • 4. Email Influencers To Get Traffic

    • 5. Comment On Other Blogs To Get Traffic

    • 6. Use Roundups To Get Traffic

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About This Class

This class will teach the 5 effective methods to promoting your articles. You've been there as well - you've written a great article, but don't know how to get traffic to it.

Use the methods in this course and get traffic today.

See you on the inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sorin Amzu

Digital Marketing Specialist


I've been involved in Digital Marketing for over 10 years. I've majored in Journalism and have written pretty much everything from jokes to stories, screenplays, books and product names.

The thing I'm most proud of is the 1-2-3 method, allowing people to generate great product names FAST. I'm passionate about creating content that empowers people do DO and BE more.

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1. Intro To The Course: welcome to how to promote your content marketing articles, the five effective methods. In this course, we will learn how to properly promote your article that you've worked so hard to write and create. There's been a lot of speculation. There's been a lot off talk. There are guides and tutorials, and I just wanted to create this quick and effective hands on course to show you just how to properly use promotion for your content marketing articles. So let's just have a look at what will be will be learning. The first video in this course will talk about Twitter, and I love Twitter for two reasons. Number one pretty much anyone who's anyone, everyone who's anyone is on Twitter. That means that influences. You can get a hold of influencers on Twitter, and that is fantastic. Number two. It's somewhat riel time you would expect with email, for example, to get a response within hours or within days. With Twitter, you will get unanswered within minutes or hours, and that is that. It's fantastic. We will take a look at a few tools that you can use for free, too. Promote your country marketing articles on Twitter, the second video will focus on a most subscribers how to get them and how to send occasional newsletters to them, just reminding them that you have a new article out. The for video will focus on how to find influencers, email addresses and how to properly pitch them. Your idea and I will be talking about nurturing a relationship, not specifically spamming them with a lot of emails. The fourth video will talk about commenting how to properly comment on people's blog's or other places where they post content. So you get their attention. You can live a link, or you can ask something so you start to connect with that person with the blogger or site owner, and hopefully that will lead to a relationship and additional traffic coming your way. The last video in this course, we're focused on roundups. Now most people think of roundups as just for links, and we will be seeing in this last video that you can have roundups for pretty much anything. Articles, links, social media accounts and so on and so forth. So this is the entire course structure. We will be having a lot of fun and every single video in this course is hands on. Most of the tools that I will be talking about are free, and I will help you along the way. I will be be beside you every step of the way to implement these techniques. So I'll see you on the inside. 2. Use Twitter To Get Traffic: Okay, So in this video, I will talk about the first tool that I use in order to promote my content marketing articles. And this is notify air by content marketer that I owe. And what this tool does is it extracts people from your article, and it gets you there to either handle. Now, why would you want to do that? Well, it's fairly simple. Once you've written about influencers or bloggers or people of that nature, you would want toe tell them that you've actually mentioned them in your articles, so they will share. They will retweet they with lighter tweet. They will send you traffic right since their big influences with large social media followers followings, Then it would only make sense for you to send them a little too it saying you've mentioned them and the way the told us is really simple. Once you've created an account, you just based in your article, and this is an article I've used and you click the start bottom, and what the tool does is it goes through your article and extracts people's Twitter handles. So once it's done for me, at least it's only gotten a few a few Twitter Twitter people. It's not the most perfecto, but it does the job right, and you should be aware off the restrictions. You cannot send more than 10 tweets. A notify itself as the app, but you can send unlimited tweets with the buffer integration if you've integrated Twitter in within a buffer. Now what you can do, though, is you can bundle people up into a specific A specific Twitter. Let me show if you click next, right here at the top of the page, you can see mentions per tweet, and right now it goes through all of these people individually. So, for example, for NATO bury, it says at NATO. Very so it mentions him. We included, or I include you in this post and linked to the post, and you can switch this text upto whatever he wanted to be. And there are templates within the notify air app. So the mentions. If you if there's only one for tweeting, obviously you would only send it one single individual. If you do want more, you can just use a slider here and for example, for me, in this case, there are a maximum off seven. And then there's another six year. So I only had, Ah, 13 extracted Twitter handles, and we only it will only send two tweets on my behalf. But if you want to use, notify air itself or if you don't have, ah, a buffer account. If you're not, don't want to pay for any of these tools and that's fine. You can still do it. Creating a naughty fire account is free. You only get charged when you want to actually send the campaign plan started $9 per month . But what you can do is if you actually go to these people, you can see their to their handles right here. They're being extracted from your article for you. And so you can just simply take these into your favorite Twitter scheduling up or can go into Twitter directly and just used them there. So this is one of the ways that you can use the notify up, but not really actually paying for it. So this was the notify air app for Twitter, and I'll see you in the next video 3. Email Your Subscribers To Get Traffic: Okay, so another way that you can promote your content marketing articles is true email. So there are two basic steps off doing this. Number one is getting subscribers getting people to subscribe to your email newsletter and number two actually sending them sort of a small reminder the email that you've published a new boast. And obviously, if people are engaged, if you also send in different types of newsletters, if you actually write good stuff and if he increase the number of subscribers that you have , then the email that you sent to the subscribers will actually transform into really traffic . So email is a very powerful way of promoting or articles. Let's get into it. I'm about to show you how I actually do that on my own block. One way off doing this. Ah, email subscriber stuff. Getting subscribers in is using a form on your block, and the one that I use is ninja forms and what I like about injure forms His number one. It's free, right? It has paid options, but it's definitely free to use, and it's very simple. Dragon drop interface. It's simple toe integrate into other services. It's just a really good, really easy to use. And if you're a developer, you will enjoy working within your forms since is developer friendly. So that was my tool that I used but in in the past have also used sumo me And this is a very, very popular A package. It has multiple tools within its Once you still sue me, you get a few different tools. List builder is Ah, the one that I recommend using it alleged to create pop ups. It allows you to create ah reminders for people once they try to exit the peso exit notifications, it works on Moammar. It integrates with all these different systems and it's free. You don't have to upgrade to the pro version, although that gets you more teams, more colors and things of that nature. If it works for you, then just use that there's no need toe switch or use any specific one if there if you don't see the need to the next one is male. Munch on and I see this one used ah lot, especially with new are beginning bloggers and this has similar effects and ah, tools as sumo me. So you get your pop up, you got your and better, which means that it doesn't show up like this one. At the top of the page is just waiting your actual page. You can have a slide box, meaning once people go through maybe 50% or 60% of the page they most likely are interested in What your saying? So it's something like this will prop up. Hey, are you interested in this country? Would you like to see more? Here's a special offer or just simply subscribe to this newsletter and get reminders once once a week or once month about new new articles. And it also has the top bar, which means that you get constantly be reminded that you should, or you could be joining the newsletter. So using these street tools, you can increase your email subscribers. And another tool that I want to talk about in this area is content upgrades. Pro. And as you can see here, it's endorsed by Brian Harris, Brian Deane, Michael Hat. So lots of the big people doing amazing marketing and growing their him. Analysts are also using content hombres pro, And what that is is once you've got your article. You can say something here within the article saying, Oh, do you want a PDF article here on the pdf version of this article? Do you want more bonuses? They want additional told that besides those that I've mentioned in the article, you just click the fence box to get a pop up. You enter your email address and then you get a thank you page or it gets sent to your email. And, ah, they actually look like this. There are multiple teams and colors and things of that nature. You can customize most of these, but this has a price tag. It starts at $47 which is a lifetime by it's not per month. But there is a content upgrades, not pro. It's made by the same first night team solo. It's free. You can use it for free. It just has a limited number off options. But that's fine. You can use either of these, and all of these tools will help you increase your number of subscribers. Now for part two. What do you use to actually send the emails right? If you've got, let's say, 111,000 of people in your subscriber's, then you have to send them. Imagine you have to have a system that handles sending them these new article reminders. So elastic email is a service that I recommend mostly mostly because it's free and it just works. And they've had a king great with offer in that now you can send 150 1000 free emails per month. You don't have to pay anything for that, which is by any measure, simply simply amazing. It's simple to use simple to integrate. Great for marketers. Great for the developers. Elastic email is wonderful. The one that I've used so far they wanted I enjoy is Mailer Light. And even though the free plan on Lee goes to ah, 1000 subscribers, that used to be a bit more. Ah, it has automatic, ah, reminders many. It has automation built in. So once people subscribe to your email address to your to your block and they can be sent Ah a Maybe a first welcome email telling them, Hey, here's my top 10 articles on the blogger or here's ah, list off bonuses that you can use things of that nature. So once people subscribe to your Blawg to your newsletter. They can get that email and you can take a clique within, Ah, links in in that email and yet, and you can get traffic that way as well. More threat, right? But if there's one tool in terms of price that I wholly always recommend, it's Sandy. So it costs. Ah, $1 for her 10,000 emails. Let's go ahead and look at maybe 100,000. So it will cost about $10 to send 100,000 emails. And this is all to the magic off the Amazon S. E s servers. I've showed you four tools that you can use to get subscribers and then ah, 103 to actually send those email. So we're going to do because they're free is used them, test them out, integrate them and increase your traffic using ah, email. So this was this video regarding how to use email to promote your content marketing articles. And I'll see you in the next video 4. Email Influencers To Get Traffic: So we've talked about how to use email in order to promote your content marketing article. But more specifically, we've talked about how you can use email to send notifications to your email subscribers. And while that might be a good idea, um, the question is, OK, well, that's all in Good. But how do I do that when I'm nobody? When I'm just starting out my block? I want to get traffic using this technique. I just don't have the subscribers like That's normal. Well, here's part two. Here's another idea. Here's another to let go ahead and get into it. You can also use email to communicate with influencers or bloggers who are higher than you in the blogosphere. Let's say they are in the content marketing space. So in this instance, I've I've got the new Pitta website. Unless pretend I've written on on article and I know knew would would love it and hopefully he would promote it or do something. Quit it so it would send me traffic or I could be seen by Neil as a powerful marketer. So one of one off done here is I've just gone to his ah website, Neil Patel that come and I've gone to the contact section, the contact page and most big bloggers will have a contact page. And as you can see here, there's just a formal at the bottom of the page, so it doesn't really help you for these techniques. Toe work, toe email, influencers. You would like to specifically use your email address and send that because you can track it using a tool that we will look at in a minute. So an email form isn't the best idea. Ah, and in order to get people's email addresses, if again, you do want to do that, and I hardly suggest that you do. You can use a tool called email Hunter. So what have gone ahead and done is I've just entered the domain here for for him. So it's Neil Patel that come no wasted penal. Www. No slash. At the end, it's given me a few a few ideas on what he is. Ah, anymore or one of his emails might be. And as you see here here, you can't actually see that email itself. You have to sign up, but it's free so you can get access to that just by subscribing by signing up to email hunter. Now these email addresses are taken from a few sources, So it's not just trying to brute force or combines Pacific words or our names. In order to get this email address, it goes through, ah, Google or other search engines and tries to get sources that might have found his specific email address. Other way that you can do that is by using ah sidekick, which is a tool from hot Spot, and it's probably changed its name S O much. Now it's probably hot spot contact Hapsburg connector. Something of that nature. But it's the same thing. It's a an extension. I use it all. My chrome browser is probably available for other browsers. It connects, Ah, true Gmail, probably through other email systems. I used Gmail, and when it does, once you enter an email address here, it will try to get sort of verify that the email address and yet the social accounts associated with that email and I would say most of the time the email others that you use ah personally is the one that you would use for your social media accounts. All the time. But most of the time at least us smaller bloggers do that. So if you've entered the email addresses here and if you hit enter, it will go through in just a few seconds, it will find date. If it doesn't find a that, then maybe it's not that specific email address. Another tool that you can use is find any email, and you have to really go ahead and check whether or not this is still available, because these two Thor ough common go. But I've used this successfully, and it's worked wonders for me. Now there is also Norbert. You can also use these, the the stool, and it's sort of way a platform that can also send ah not newsletter butts emails directly from within the APP itself. Now, once you've actually had gotten people's ah, email address. Now what do you do? So going back a tear is once you used the hop spot sales, it's probably called. Now, um, you can get this option to track whether or not the email has bean a red or not, whether or not the link has been clicked or not, and you can also use yes where and a few other tools or extensions for your Gmail or email account, and that tracks whether or not the email has been opened. So you to want to know whether or not people have opened but not, ah, clearly click the link or things of that nature, so you can also send a notification to your email account. Hey, did you get my last team other things of that nature? But before you send the actual the reminder notification, what is a way that you can send the email? What will you say? For example, we've got no Patel. What would I say to him in order to get his attention on and hopefully get him to reply or click the link Orphans of the nature. So for me, there are a few cases where I would send him an email, so Number one would be if the article is interesting enough. If he's writing about content marketing and I've written maybe like an epic to any 1,020,000 word post on content marketing, she probably will be interested in that. I make sure to keep it short. I make sure to use to ah, use a good subject line, and hopefully he'll open it to read it and maybe reply or click the link or whatever. Another instance, where are with the send email to him is where he's written an article, and maybe I'll I have written something similar, but maybe better or with better data or with more media. Let's have added videos. I've created videos after the poor cast are things of the next off sort of improved upon his his article, so he might be interested in working with me or integrating my continent toe his article or simply replying to my to my email and sort of the last case scenario that I use Ah, the influencers, his one where I've been recommended to. For example, maybe I send Ah, 99 10 20 other influencers Ah, a an email with a link to my new article and they all say, Well, this isn't really a right fit for me. I don't usually promote these types off content, or I'm not really interested in this specifically, but you should talk to new Patel and then he some people out of the goodness of their hearts will just cc in the email Neil Patel himself. So you will get you might be able to get his email address. Ah, and you do get a recommendation that way. And once you've gotten these influencers, the great parties, you just create a list. And ah, obviously don't bother them every single time you create an article, but you can mix and match. If you have 100 influencers, you can go ahead and send this Article 10 this article to another 20 and things of that nature. Thanks for watching this Was the video all about how to use email in terms off contacting influencers to promote your content marketing article. I'll see you in the next video. 5. Comment On Other Blogs To Get Traffic: Okay, So another great way off Promoting your content marketing article is true commenting, and I think most people are sort of confused about the term. They mostly think about commenting on blog's and commenting on a lot of them. I've used this technique, and I'm here to share a few tips that I found ah successfully using it to get traffic to your block and your newly written created content marketing article. So one thing that people I don't think I don't think people have really attached to don't really know is that you don't really have to be the person doing the commenting what I mean by that. And as we look at this example here, this is an article that I've written about a content marketing framework. It's not I am not Angeline Veron. Oh, so I haven't written this article, but people seem to really react to that article. They found it useful, and so they sort of connected the two pieces since I did mention the, uh, race marketing framework. And so I sort of used terms in the article itself, similar to other terms used in the industry. So I wasn't really thinking about where I wanted to be that I wanted to promote this year, saying, Hey, look, I wrote something similar. Although you can do that, there's nothing wrong with that. It's just that for this particular article, I did not intend on doing that. So there's 100 person, hopefully a delighted reader who decided to share the article link with other people in the comments section off other bloggers and websites. Now, another thing to know. Let's get back to an article by Neil Patel. As you can see, um, when you comment on Ah, most blog's, you get to choose your name. It had add look comment here, and then you can have a website, and when you hover over your name over people's names, that website will show up. So that's a link to the website. But you can also write the article link in the comment itself. The problem is that most bloggers, or rather top bloggers, have removed the actual link. Ah, element off off that of that section. So even though you will add a specific girl that will not be clickable. So this person he'll Daniel has written about his website native edge. But you cannot click on the link itself. But since it does say that Neil has replied to his comment, it has caught his attention and actually gone through through the website. So it does send you a little bit of traffic from now on. Obviously, in my experience, having a common like this, it is much better if you if the website had tools to up vote comments that that would also be even better. Since people further down the line after this person has commented, will see these common may be at the top of the page or things like that. What you can do. Another tip is once you've found, like started with the big influencers and started commenting There you can start there or you can work your way up there. For example, I've gotten into the a native edge website ID we've seen earlier. So Daniels website on the block, and then we can see that he has a common section so you can sort of use all the connections that you found to promote your contents and go Look, I've also written something like this, or I see you're a big fan of new Patel So am I. I've written something similar toe to see his article. I would be interested to know what you think about it and things of that nature. So don't think Onley in terms off all I learning to go for the big guys because those are the people who will send me traffic. No, you can have lists off people Oh, and, uh, bloggers and websites just by going through, Ah, the usual places that you go for articles or things to read or things to watch it and off that nature. For now, we've only seen ah commenting on blog's Another thing, the people sort of misunderstand our confuses that commenting his strictly on blog's. I don't think that's true on our example. Here is medium, but I could have chosen anything like YouTube or slight share or similar websites. And again, each website has their own policy regarding how they treat your else. Some allow your girls in the comments section and allow you to have a link to it. Others only allow you to have the website show up in as a link to your name and others just remove all holdings, which is pretty bad so you should definitely check out each website each section before you actually do the commenting to know if it's worth it or not. Back on medium, we can see that there's Ah is an article about careers and career pages. And there's this person ah, high trust, which sort of a company profile, if you can call it that. So it's not really a person's the profile of, like a company, and they've written, they've written on, ah comment and they say, Well, look, you can check out our career page link here and you can click it and it takes you to the to the website eso. They're sort of promoting their They're interacting with the article, and but they're also promoting the Rome website page. What I recommend is not to go ahead and speak bam a lot off bloggers and websites like you can do it on core on we cancers and Yahoo answers. And on other sites like that, you can do that, but it will seem very spammy. And if you want to do content marketing for the long run, I suggest having a very sniper like ah targeting. So if you've mentioned like 10 people. 10 influencers in your, um, in your article, make sure you do no more than other No. 100 comments of for that for that article, since it tends to add up. And then if I visit 10 20 blog's or websites per day that I will see your premature your comment, the same comment on multiple websites and then me as a read. Oh, will not want to read your article because I see you as a spammer. So try to have a least of blog's that you're interested in commenting on, but not do, ah, lot off commenting poor article. Allow them to sort of add up, provide the value for people. And, ah, really think about what you are saying in the common section itself. Don't just a spam saying, Oh, I've written a similar article or better article here is the link to it is Think about how you can add value and insert a link there, and things should be should be OK, so thanks for watching this was the video all about how to use commenting as a method to getting traffic to your content marketing article. I'll see you in the next video 6. Use Roundups To Get Traffic: All right, Welcome back. Toe another video and And this one, I will tell you how to use your roundups as a way to promote your content marketing article and get traffic to your bond. What roundups are are is lists basically list of articles, list of links list off blog's And the beauty of this technique is that there isn't one specific way to get featured there. There isn't a specific topic you should be covering on, and there isn't a specific type of content that you should be creating when I mean by that is that there are video round up. There are linger around ups. There are article run up, their social media roundups and so on. So far, so one of the most basic ways off getting into the roundups is basically Googling things like Ling ground up and then your keyword. In my case, it would be content marketings or content marketing, and then think roundup knows that it has this, these symbols here. This What this does is that it adds on exact match for link round up once you use it in Google. It's a Google search formula, and you can also use in your l or entitle, which will make the search even more specific. So once you found these articles, you have to really go to let me think if it's the first time you're using this roundup technique, this method really have to go through the motions off verifying the blog's and the websites and the article that you've seen since you want to create a relationship with that person. It's not as easy as although this is a link round up. I've got a link. I'm just going to spend this person in the comments or email the personal or send some sort off tweets. Oh, are from other form of communication to this person and hopefully they'll mention me. It all starts with your content. If your content is good, your chances drastically increase. Your country will be featured even without you actually mentioning it. So if you're continis good, it usually gets found and usually gets featured on lists like this. Another way to find these articles is using, but sumo, and why I recommend using this is that it also shows you the shares for each specific Arctic. It's pretty hard. Once you started to find articles that are good and related to your niche and see whether or not it's worth it to send them email and create relationships with those people. When you don't know if that the website has any traffic, so using bus UMA will allow you to see that. Oh, look previous articles off this nature off the link round up. Nature had a lot of shares, So you know that people are interested in this type of content and the content gets shared and presumably also gets traffic. So that's another way off. Finding out whether or not it's worth taking the trouble. Taking the time to contact that person now has a mentioned in the past in the link for the roundup. Themselves are not are not limited to link or article roundups. It can also be social, media, round upside, treatable Twitter link roundups and things of that nature. It all starts with your content, as I've mentioned before, and all you need to do is get in front of these bloggers in front of these authors, writers influencers, since most off them publish a roundup of the articles that they've seen as interesting during that week or there in that month. It's it's OK to tell them Hey, look off. I've got this article but I usually do is I don't mention specifically ah that I want to get featured in a specific way. I just tried to reach out to create a relationship. Try try to explain why the content is good, or maybe, why the content is good for that particular influencers audience, and I just hope that they'll they'll use that content in a way that that helps both of us have to realize that it's not just about you obviously want to create your content. You want to have that content be seen by, ah, a lot of people, but you have to. You have to create value, for people have to realize that nobody gives you things for free, even if your con it is really, really good. Having your content promoted means that that person believes that your content is good for for that particular audience. So you have to make sure that you've done your research before you try to submit your articles to around apps or a few more days before I of and this video another way to get in tow around ups is to sort of go through the blog's that you usually read or subscribe to new ones and find opportunities. And what I mean by that is usually people online will actually ask you, Hey, if you've seen any interesting links, send them my way. Oh, are mentioned them in the comments. So this is your chance to promote your article. And obviously, when you're in the beginning of your content marketing or your digital marketing career, it's a good way to get in front of people. No matter what people say. If it's ah spammy or not again trying not to do it with her tens and hundreds of blocks and block posts and block comments Once you've developed a relationship, then you no longer need to sort of go through the ah, these professional channels. You can go through the personal channels, and by that I mean just send the person anemones say, Hey, look, here's my ah, my new article. I think you can squeeze it into your ah link round up or this has a special time limited offer. Do you think you can ah, insert it into the newsletter with the links. The round up for this weekend's on, and so for another tip that I use is replying to newsletters. So more often than not, I get linked roundups as newsletters and with the invention off websites like Review and, uh, other platforms and services that liar together links and they ensure them, Ah, via your website or via newsletter to your subscribers. There are a lot more newsletters just focused on curating content, right, because that's what roundups basically basically is. They are curating content for the consumer, for the customer, for the audience. So I just reply to the newsletter that get and sometimes sometimes I get lucky and its, ah, one of the more personal email addresses and the person just happens to reply and says, Oh, this is a good article. Our keeping in mind all definitely mention it in the next. The next link roundup News with this was all for this video, which was all about how to use roundups to promote your content marketing article. So things for watching