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How To Play Ukulele Like a Maniac!

teacher avatar Caleb S., Make Your Creations Great!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Easily Sound Like an Expert

    • 2. Three finger technique

    • 3. Three finger technique with chords + song

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About This Class

  1. I'll teach you this technique slowly, Don't Worry!
  2. Easily master this advanced technique
  3. Play like a MANIAC & shock others!
  4. Follow me to let me know you liked it

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Caleb S.

Make Your Creations Great!



HI everyone, welcome! 


My name is Caleb, I've always been someone who really enjoys learning and mastering new skills. I've been making walking sticks for years now, so I definitely love making woodcrafts. Also, I've mastered others skills like celebrity impressions such as Plankton, Patrick, Squidward, and Spongebob, from Spongebob Squarepants. And other skills like bug photography, advanced ukulele techniques, and harmonica-beatboxing. 

In other words, I really like learning new skills, and I hope my classes will help you feel the same!


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1. Easily Sound Like an Expert: - do you all play ukulele like that? If you dio you're in the right place, aren't you? My name is Caleb. Welcome to my class. You may have guessed what's gonna be about to be about playing Who Clearly? That's a pretty hard thing, I guess. Right. Anyway, I'm gonna teach you how to play you clearly like your maniac, like your professional maniac at it with a very simple court. You excited? Oh, that was actually just a few simple look lately, courts and a simple ukulele strumming technique. But they're just played really, really, really, really fast. See? Pretty awesome, huh? Thank you, guys for watching. I'm killed. If you like that, go and follow me if you don't. Well, don't follow me. Uh, they went to be teaching that technique and a few others in my class, so I hope you're excited. Thank you for watching. Bye bye. 2. Three finger technique : a Welcome back, everyone. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. Are you ready to learn you excited? Let's get started. What you're going to learn today? There's something called the three finger technique. Now you're not actually using three fingers. You're using your index and your thumb. So you're actually just using two fingers. But you're strumming three times and one go like this before you even start. Don't try doing it fast, OK? Do it slow. And don't you worry about adding cords. Yet you can just lay your hand across the ukulele strings and mute it. Or you can play a little bit like this or muted. Like I said, you don't have to be a maniac. You can do it slow because to learn something well, you need to first do it slow and well, and then you can get faster. Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for. I know you've been saying cop get technique already. It's okay. I'm gonna show you right now. Okay? So for the three finger technique, the first thing you're gonna want dio is imagine you're turning a door knob. So you're removing your wrist like this area moving your wrist turn your wrist downward an upward like this. Okay, the next thing you're gonna want Dio is your own. Why turn your wrist a little bit downward towards ukulele like this? So your risk is gonna be, like this slightly bent down and turning down and up. Okay. So once you've got that, what I want you to dio is as your trainer risk down, you're going to flick your index finger downward across all for strengths it. So let's get a closer look at that. So first off, you're gonna be hanging with this part of your index finger. The top part you're now when you strum down, Then after that, we're trigger risk up. You're flicking your thumb up. You're going to hit again with the top part of the surface of your finger down your thumb and involved like that, you're gonna be strumming just the top of the strings with the tip of the fleshy part of your index finger. You're gonna be turning your wrist downward and fleck your index finger across four strings , continue during arrest down and then as your train wrist up, flick up with your thumb and then followed by that is your index finger flicking up again. We're gonna be going down, up, up, down, up, up You do do do do do Down, up, up, down, up, up, down, up Uh, nothing I want you to practice is churning the volume up and down. Play it louder That same speech Turn the volume down, Turn it down, turn up again All the while being consistent with speed and volume All there is to train the volume I lately, up and down It's just paying the strings more gentle, a real gently and we want falling market apart. That's all there is to it. Just practice doing this faster and faster. And don't worry about game too quick too fast. Okay? Just gradual. You know, Stop slow challenger stuff. Go a little faster. If you do is consistently with speed and volume, you're gonna be to here to no time. You're giving to this speed in no time. That's awesome. So just practice this just a few minutes every day, just like five minutes everyday. Practice this or whenever you feel like it. But just practicing a couple minutes day doing this and gradually going up your speed, you're gonna do great. You're gonna do awesome. And then you build playoff some songs like this thing. Okay, so my next year is gonna be on courts by doing that. So, thank you guys somewhat for watching. My name is Caleb, and I hope to see you in the next video by friends. 3. Three finger technique with chords + song: all right. Glad you could join me. So in this video, you're can be combining the three finger technique I taught you with some courts. All right, so the first court that I use is the V chord. So all you're going to dio this taker and next finger made across the first string. Second fret. And also the second string second fret. Okay? And then you could take your middle finger. You're gonna put it on the third string. Third fret, and then the fourth string fourth fret with your ring finger like this and how the cool part ISS is. Yes, we will be playing the baby card and the four other simple chords. All you have to do is learn this one and then move it. Two different threats, I tell you. And then you be Oh, like that courts were going to be playing. It's the be court. And like I said, if you learn the sand position, you won't need to learn another way. You'll just need your move it down the frets. So we're gonna play in the B chord, the C chord, the D chord and the e chord. Same hand position, Super easy, Just different Frets. So the beat court, You're gonna mostly worry about your index finger here. So you're gonna be on this first, the second friend, your inexperience will be on the second fret with B chord. You're just gonna move one front down, which is the sea court, And then you're gonna move to the bet threat with your index finger, and that's gonna be a D chord. And then you move to down from that which is the seventh threat. And so your index finger is going to be on the seventh fret keeping the exact same finger position all the way up, all the way down. Just moving, frets. All I want you to do is just kind practice switching between these courts way using three finger tiny thing I just got play it what chords you like to use. And you know how many times you like to strum on a single court. You could strum on one court a few times, you know, strong, beautiful times with next strung several times in the last. Just play with it. That's really why I want you to dio. But keep in mind as you get faster at this one year switching between courts, you're just gonna be sliding your fingers. And the faster you play, the more consistent pressure you want to have on the straights. You don't want to loosen up too much are also some like this. See how much sound I lost? You want to keep consistent pressure when you switch to each court? Theo didn't do that. Sound muffled, like Theo. You want to have a nice full sounds or just keep in mind? You need to keep the same pressure when you're switching between the courts. Right? And the song plays beginning. I just improvised. Actually, it wasn't really a song. I plan that much. Uh, I just got played it. And that's why I want you guys to do and provides, you know, come up with whatever combination of courts you want. It doesn't have to be the ones I just showed. You do whatever you want. So when you're switching between chords, you don't go too fast. Just do what you can handle. So it sounds smooth in the same speed. Same volume all the way through. Another tip is you know, a lot people just they don't. There get all tense You know it makes it hurt for the plane. They're all ropa tronic Don't get tense Just relax and you'll on your plane Really Have fun Feel what you're playing Don't let your strong hand get too tense to let the ones that are going down the strings get too tense Just relaxing thing Just have fun Just have fun Being tense is one of the worst things that could happen So I'm gonna give you a little tune play here. Um, if you just in case you want it eso why I could be doing I'm your switching from the first The second fret be accord to the e chord on the seventh Fret to the third front the C chord , Okay. And then to the d court on the fifth friend And then back do the B chord, and you're gonna strum each of these six times. So first you're gonna strum, be court six times their go to seven Fred the record and stream it six times. So one to the 456 and then you're going to see called the third Fret, and then you're just wrong it six times again. 123456 And then you're gonna go to the D chord and strum it six times again by six, and then go back to be court instrument nine times. 123456789 Man. Oops, I did 10. You're only supposed to stop at night and fast. It sounds like this theme, right? That's all there is to it. Want to be a little extra stylish that I have. Ah, little. I have a little more for you. I have another trick. So all you're doing for this one is you're playing on the second fret and the third fret That be insists court. I don't know why I couldn't say that. OK, anyway, you'll be switching between these two chords over and over. So first you're going strong. The be court, the second fret six times again. 123456 And then the Sea court. 123456 And that's that. You're just going to switching between these two chords very quickly, Like this theme thing and combined with I What? I just showed you some like this thing three and ballistic UC be a loose goose. All right, you see? You see when you're playing anyway, that's all I have for you. For now, I will be making other tutorials in the future. But for now, stick with that. And it'll be awesome again. My name is Caleb. I hope to see you in the next video by friends.