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How To Play Ukulele Like a Maniac! #2

teacher avatar Caleb S., Make Your Creations Great!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Be a Maniac on the Ukulele

    • 2. You'll sound like a Pro!

    • 3. Play a Song Like a Maniac!

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About This Class

  • Learn to play an advanced ukulele technique without being an advanced ukulele player.
  • Rad techniques made easy
  • Follow me if you liked it

Meet Your Teacher

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Caleb S.

Make Your Creations Great!



HI everyone, welcome! 


My name is Caleb, I've always been someone who really enjoys learning and mastering new skills. I've been making walking sticks for years now, so I definitely love making woodcrafts. Also, I've mastered others skills like celebrity impressions such as Plankton, Patrick, Squidward, and Spongebob, from Spongebob Squarepants. And other skills like bug photography, advanced ukulele techniques, and harmonica-beatboxing. 

In other words, I really like learning new skills, and I hope my classes will help you feel the same!


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1. Be a Maniac on the Ukulele : - Hello there. My name. Scale up. Welcome to my class. Are you excited? I read a learn. It was called the 10 Finger Technique. Don't know why it's called that. I guess it's because it sounds like you're playing with 10 fingers, right? I think obviously you're not because you have five fingers on one hand, but it sounds like you have 10 figures, so that's really cool, right? That was an advanced technique. But that doesn't mean you have to be advanced to play it, because I'm gonna make it my cats mailing because I'm gonna make it simple for you. It's not that complicated. What takes is knowing the technique and practicing a little and gradually building that speed up. So, yeah, make sure you guys stick around if you want. Learn this. You won't regret if you dio. And also thank you so much for watching again. My name is Caleb, and I hope to see you in the next video by friends 2. You'll sound like a Pro!: Welcome back to my class. My name is Caleb. Thank you for joining me. Are you excited? I'm excited to teach you. You ready? You ready? You ready to do this? All right, let's go. The 10 finger technique. This is what you want to first you want Teoh, Move your wrist. Like almost like you're turning a door knob. Okay. Almost like your train adorn up. Were you moving your wrist down and up, Down and up. You're also good, vigorous, Slightly down like this towards the ukulele strains when you're struggling. All right, now you're gonna You're like, making a wave. Ah, fingers a May away with your fingers It's gonna look like this. All right, So what you're gonna dio if you're going to imagine that all your fingers are tied together with a strain? All your fingers, all five. All right. And so when you move them, they all have to move together. So you're gonna create a wave first, starting to pinky moving up, and then move full by your ring finger and then followed by your middle finger, then followed by your index and then your thumb. All right, and remarry Your fingers are tied together with a strain, so they have to move together and a wave. You see what I'm saying? And away. So where your streaming down? Well, you're waves. Get me moving downward like this. It's good to start with your pinkie moving downward, followed by your ring finger. Because this remember state governor string and once your ring for your starts moving while your middle finger has to move and then your index has to move and then your thumb has to follow that and then the same thing when you struck up, you move your thumb and then you move your pinky and then you have to move your ring finger and bend your middle finger and then your index. I see you're creating a wave. A wave, uh, fingers. See what I'm saying? And they're all connected with the strength, so you have to move all together. Makes sense. That's why I want you to practice. Started your pinky moving them out and then with your pinkie again leading with your thumb leading. Sorry with your thumb leading moving them back in, Move him out, retract him back in, move them out. Retract him back and and also let your shoulder move a little bit up and down. We'll release your hands so freely up and down. All right. You're re streaming down five times, strumming up five times and make sure that you strum all four strings with each finger with all five fingers when you go down and when you go up. Now, um, when you're streaming down, are you gonna do is hit right here on the top of your fingernail with all four fingers. When you're strumming down except for your thumb, you're gonna be streaming right here on the fleshy part. So fingernails, four fingers and then you're the fleshy part of the thumb. And then when you go up, you're going to hang with the top of your thumb now, like that. And then here behave Action with the fleshy part with the rest of your fingers. When you're going up, be maniac at first. Okay, you don't have to be like this fast. I want you to go through the motions of the slowly first. So after turning your wrist down, you're going to flick your pinky across all four strengths, and this could be followed by your ring finger doing the same thing, and then your male finger, your index and then you're Then we're streaming up. You're gonna like your thumb up, followed by your pinky, then your ring. Then you're middle, and then your index finger. So you'll be strumming down five times and then up five times. So do this with me down one to three there. But then up one to three for why? Down one to three or five? Enough. One to three, or by. And so, as you feel more confident with this, I want you to start trying to do this. Someone smooth motion and step doing them or individual fingers going across strings like this. I want to be one smooth, solid motion making your fingers work together. All right, you see what I'm saying? Making it one smooth motion, the more comfortable you get. And you know, if you practice just a couple minutes day, you're gonna get this down really quickly. But remember, have fun. Have fun, have fun, have fun. That's that's what's about right. Playing an instrument is about having fun. So eventually you could just be like this thing. Man, I'm fast. Well, that was awesome. Thank you guys. Similar for watching. I had a lot of fun. I would have so much fun making these. I hope you had fun to. My next video is Give me about doing this with courts. So what you have that to look forward to? Uh, anyway, I hope to see you in the next video by friends. 3. Play a Song Like a Maniac!: that you could join me again. My name is Caleb. And in this video, you're gonna learn to do the 10 finger technique and play chords. So this theme you excited? Well, let's start right now for this. I recommend that you cast that. You're clearly on your leg like this. Just because it's kind of hard to hold up like this when you're using this technique. We're using one court for this song, all right? And that is D minor. Yes. We're gonna be a little sad today. Yeah, with the sad Do you mind record, But it'll be all right. Our technical make it sound less depressing. But how we change the sound is actually gonna be just changing a finger at a time. We're gonna lift a finger off the fretboard, and then we might place one on to the fretboard to change the sound. See, Theo, all I was doing is lifting my index finger on and off of a friend to create that different sound. So the corporate giving using like, a says D minor and to play D minor, you take your index finger, put it your index finger on the second string first fret, and then you take your ring finger and you put it on third string. Second fret. All right. And then with your middle finger on the fourth string, second fret. That's where it goes. And there you go. De Meyer do. Okay, so first get your fingers and the d minor position, Then from there, we're going to strung down five times. Never get strong. Five times. That gets from down five times and not five times by five times. It just mean we're gonna do one roll of fingers down, one rule fingers. All right? And then from there, we're going toe lift our index finger. Sorry. Not left our index finger. We're going to place our pinky onto the second string. Third fret, and we're going to strum Down, down, then up. All right, then we're going to lift our pinky off where it waas and our plane. Just the d minor court again. We're just from down. Once up, once from down, up there were going toe lift the index finger off, and then we're going to strum down, once up, down Next we're going to player. And next thing you're backward. Waas So in the d minor position again. Then we're going to lift up our ring finger. All right, so the string is open now, and then we're going to play that once down, down, and then I think we're going to put our ring finger back where it waas, all right? And then we're going to lift our middle finger off the strings off the strange. Then we're going to struck down once. It's trouble then strung down. Okay, then we're going to put the milk in your backward. Waas ever start all over again? So we're going to strum down once. Run the de Meyer position down. Once, you were gonna strung up once that again, then again. Next, we're gonna put our pinky again on the second string. Third fret. All right, And then we're gonna strum down. We're just trump. There were just drum down. They were guests. Drum up. Then you're just going to simply remove your pinky. All right, then you're gonna play this again, de Mare, that it's so down. Been up, down. Oh, and then you're going treat Move your index from where it waas and then you're going to play down five times up, down and again by five times. I mean, just, you know, just one single finger roll, okay? And then from there you're gonna put your index backward. Waas All right, backward Waas. Then you're going to lift up your ring finger from where it waas. Then you're just from down five times stronger down. Then you're gonna put your ring for your back. All right, So you're in the d Meyer position, then you're gonna lift up your middle finger again. There goes Trump down five times strong. Got five times down. So time for our finale. So get back into your De Meyer position. Said this time we're gonna start with her index finger off. Okay, so this string is open the second string's open. All we're gonna do is struck down once and strung up once. Then we're going to put our finger back on the first, the second string. First fret, and then we're just drunk down. And then and then we're gonna put the pinky on the second string third fret again, and we're gonna strong once down and once up, and then we're gonna repeat that. So again, with your pinkie fine with your index finger off. Strong down. Put your finger back your index finger back down, Trump. Then put your pinky again on the second string. Third fret and strong down from And then lift your pinkie off and then strum one scallop once, simply lift your index finger off. And then I don't really care how many times you strung this. You can stream it as many times as you want for the final Strong. All right, Brie. Awesome. So I didn't actually teach you the entire side play at the intro of this class. But that's because I was improvising. And that's why I want you guys to work on is doing musical improv. Yeah, so just take these techniques. I showed you have fun with it. And again, my name is Caleb. Thank you so much for watching. And I'll see you in the next video by friends.