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How To Pass Tests that women give and increase Attraction.

Kyle J.

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3 Videos (18m)
    • How To Pass Compliance Tests

    • How To Pass Congruence Tests

    • Passing Gender Role Tests


About This Class

If you have been wondering why a woman who seemed so interested in you would suddenly start ignoring you, and if you cant maintain attraction in your relationship. Then this course is meant for you.

A very common question is; Do women always test men?

And the answer is as blunt as it comes, you see women always test men because they simply must do it. As a matter of fact once a woman starts testing a man, then it means that she is getting attracted to him.

Now what this course covers are the following.

1. why women give tests.

2. The Three types of tests women give.

3. How to pass women Tests.

and much more.








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